tagBDSMThe Weekend Visit Ch. 02

The Weekend Visit Ch. 02


It was around 3 in the morning when He woke up with His cock hard, pressing against her back. He automatically reached out for her and pulled her soft warm body closer to His. Murmuring in her sleep but not waking she pushed her arse into Him and snuggled tighter. He watched her, admiring what was His, feeling His cock grow even harder at the thought of her submission to Him, that she belonged to Him, was there for His pleasure only. He allowed His hands to trace a line over her entire body and began to kiss her neck and shoulders, reaching around to squeeze a large, creamy, soft breast in His hand, owning it.

He heard her moan in her sleep and she parted her legs unconsciously. He smiled as He knew that He was causing her to become aroused in her sleep that she was no doubt dreaming of submitting to His sexual desires and loving it. His hand reached down to her smooth, hair free pussy, glistening with her juices already, ready for Him as she should be. He felt his balls swell and hurt from the fullness and His cock was now rock hard. He reached down to the bag on the floor beside the bed and pulled out some rubber straps with buckles, very gently He let go of her body guiding her onto her back, not being able to resist a moment to sucking her nipple which was now hard as she moaned underneath Him, grinding her hips, trying to seek Him out as her legs opened even more.

He reached across her and carefully wrapped one strap around her left wrist and secured it with the buckle to the bed post. He then did the same to her right wrist, again kissing her nipples and sucking on them as His hands trailed down her stomach to the silky wetness between her pussy lips, swollen now and throbbing but still she slept. He reached down into the bag again and pulled out a blindfold that he secured around her eyes, kissing her lips before applying some tape across them as a gag. He looked down at His work so far, admiring her naked body, the top half bound and helpless the bottom open to Him, almost begging instinctively to be taken.

He watches as she starts to moan again and try to move in her sleep, half waking then falling back into her dream. He reaches down one last time and pulls out two more rubber straps with buckles and some rope. He ties the straps around each thigh a little above each knee. These straps have D rings on them and He threads the two pieces of rope, one through each of the rings and pulls her thighs high, when they are high enough he wraps the rope around the corresponding breast, binding it tight before them leading the rest of the rope to her wrists and securing it. The rope is now holding her thighs up high, her knees almost to her breasts, which are tightly bound, pulled tighter by the weight of her thighs and the pressure of the rope tied to her wrists.

He is so ready now He almost cums at the sight of her, bound and helpless, still seeping, her soaking wet pussy open to Him, she is His completely, His to be taken, His to take pleasure from. He positions Himself at her pussy and lets His hard cock lube itself among her juices before entering her in one long thrust, He can feel her tightness grip His cock and it just makes Him push harder, not caring now if she wakes, He rams His cock in and out of her hot, tight pussy, feels His pre cum dripping into her and her juices running down His balls and the cheeks of her arse.

She starts to stir and He can see her try and pull against her binds of her wrists, see the look of slight pain on her face when she tries to move her legs causing the rope to pull tighter on her now purple and swollen breasts, the look of realisation as she wakes more fully and understands what is happening, understands that she gets only pleasure if she refrains from moving her legs. He pounds her, leaning forward to nip at her nipples, He feels her body tense and He knows that she is close to orgasm. He slows down and drives into her using a powerful slow force instead, whispering to her that she is His and reminding her that she does not have permission to cum.

He sees her face, contorting in concentration trying not to cum, after a few more minutes, He feels Himself about to burst due to the feeling it gives Him of having her submit to Him so, of having total control over her and feeling her pussy muscles clench and grip His cock. He starts to speed up again, fucking her hard, forcing her legs onto His shoulders as he pushes them up even further than they are tied, feeling himself about to burst and knowing that she won't be able to hold back much longer He tells her that she may cum, tells her to cum now for Him, His seed bursting into her as He feels the first spasm of her orgasm grip His cock, pulling it into her pussy deeper, squirting her juices down His shaft and balls, mixing with His own cum. He continues to shoot more into her as her body tenses again before they both start to come down.

He collapses onto her body, His head on her bound breasts, heaving hard from her breathing now and takes a few minutes to recover. Once He is ready He starts to kiss her body as He unties her binds from her breasts and her thighs, sucking life back into her breasts with His mouth as the blood returns, rubbing her thighs as He releases them, then kissing her mouth as He removes the gag. When he gets to her wrists He unbuckles them from the headboard but instead of releasing them, He re-binds her wrists at the front, He leaves on the blindfold too and then turning her on her side wraps His arms and legs around His bound toy and they fall back to sleep, both contented sexually and emotionally. He in the empowering feeling that she gives Him by offering herself so willing and her in the safe, trust that she feels wrapped securely in His arms.

When they awake again, He removes her blindfold and instructs her to run a bath and get in. Moving quickly to the bathroom, still bound at the wrists, she runs a hot bath again filled with his favourite bath oils and gets in. He comes to the bathroom, still naked himself and tells her to get onto her knees. Once she does this, He slips into the bath behind her and reaching around to her front places a large ball gag in her mouth, securing it tightly at the back of her head. He leans into her now being able to kiss the back and sides of her neck and her shoulder, using a forceful grasp of her hair to move her head to where He wants it to be. He leans in and whispers for her to hold her bound hands high above her head and not move.

He loves the control over her that she eagerly gives to Him and runs His hands over her breasts and down her stomach and over her arse. He uses a soap in his hands to wash her body, enjoying how soft it feels while all wet and slippery. He slips his fingers down the crack of her arse and soaps it, letting his finger slide to the very tight hole there, playing with it as the soap adds lubrication. He moans as she does but decides that this moment is not the time to take her virgin arse, that He will save that pleasure for Himself for later over the weekend.

He reaches up to her bound wrists and unbuckles them, He instructs her to turn around to face him and she does, her huge breasts glistening and heaving up and down with anticipation oozing from her wet skin. Taking hold of her hands he places each one on the handles at the sides of the bathtub and re-secures her wrist binds to them, holding her in place. Sliding His body between her legs He tells her to wrap her legs behind his waist and lower herself onto His cock carefully. As she does this he starts to suck and tug at her nipples, kiss her gagged face and grab her arse cheeks squeezing them and kneading them hard.

Moaning through her gag at His touch, her excitement more than obvious she carefully holds the weight of her body and lowers herself onto His semi hard cock. As she starts to move her hips and grind her pussy deep into His groin she can feel His cock start to grow and get hard inside of her. He takes hold of her hips and takes control of how she rides His now hard cock, moaning Himself at the pleasurable sensations, feelings the tip of His cock head hit her cervix, His balls rubbing against her arse, her tits in His face, His to suck on.

He starts to meet her rhythm and thrust upwards into her, she moves quicker almost bouncing up and down His cock, gurgling noise of pleasure coming from her gagged mouth, drool now freely dripping down her chin as she finds it hard to swallow, her huge tits bouncing wildly, close to finishing now He tells her that she can cum freely and she screams louder through the gag, her body going into spasms and jerking forward, her wrists straining against her binds, she cums loudly with her head thrown back and her tits thrust forward, her tight pussy clenching onto His cock, not wanting to let it go.

He puts His arms underneath hers to grab onto her shoulders and pull her close and down onto Him further as he rams His cock in harder and shoots His hot cum deep into her, the feeling making her own orgasm return and she jerks into Him once more, immediately sorry for cuming a second time without permission but not having had control of her body. He smiles as His own orgasm comes to an end and leaning in whispers to her that she will need to be punished for that later. Thanking Him she relaxes her body as they recover.

Once He unties her and they get out of the bath, she dries His body and He dresses, instructing her to remain naked and with the use of some black rubber, he wraps it around each breast over and over until each breast is standing out then buckles the rubber around her back. He instructs her to step forward and open her legs wide and He places the vibrating egg back into her vagina resting against her clit. Holding it in place He places a wide rubber strap under her pussy and instructs her to hold her legs closed tight together so that it does not fall. While she does this He places another rubber strip around her waist and attaches the strap between her legs to it front and back. It looks like a chastity belt but one with a twist as this will give pleasure at His command via the remote control for the vibrating egg.

Standing back to admire His work His flicks the switch on the remote control to test it, the sensation makes her gasp with pleasure, the egg not only pleasuring her clit but the vibrations running up her arse also along the rubber strap.

He instructs her that these will be her underwear for today and that will dress in a light summer dress and heels, hair down with a little make up and that He has decided that they are going out for breakfast and will be out for most of the day.

The excitement from her is palpable as He watches her dress and they then leave the house. Once in the car he tells her to lean forward and binds her wrists behind her back for the car journey. He leans over her and puts her seat belt in place, using the opportunity to have His hands pass over her bound breasts, His excitement also becoming obvious.

He drives them to a cafe, the whole journey spent flicking the switch to the egg on and off and rubbing His hands over her smooth creamy white thighs and body. Once they arrive He unbinds her wrists before she gets out of the car. She is soaking wet and so aroused she can barely walk and he comes around to place His strong arm around her waist and on her hips to steady her. Grateful she thanks Him and smiles up to His face.

He order them both poached egg on toast with coffee and juice and plays with the switch while they wait and chat, enjoying watching her go to the edge of orgasm before turning the switch off again and leaning in to kiss her deeply on the mouth. They chat and eat breakfast and He kisses her again. He then leads her back to the car and binds her wrists and places on her seat belt once more. When bound and strapped in He leans in and kisses her passionately, His own arousal now starting to hurt against the strain of His trousers as His cock grows hard.

He drives her to a remote cinema, when they park He releases her seat belt and then unties and reties her hands at the front, fondling her still bound breasts through the thin material of her dress, He helps her out of the car and places her cardigan over her wrists to hide the binds. He places His hand on her elbow to guide her and leads her into the theatre and instructs her to wait while he purchases two tickets for an unpopular over 18 film.

He makes His way back to her and again guides her bound and under His control to the theatre, choosing seats at the back center of the as yet empty theatre. He unties her hands and re-ties them behind her back, just looking to anyone passing by that she is choosing to sit that way, instead of the reality of the rubber belt, breasts bound and hands tied. His hands reach into His pocket and flick the switch of the egg. She lets out a gasp, she had almost forgotten about the egg and it pushes her almost over the edge.

She tells Him how much she loves to be under His control, how much she loves to belong to Him and begs Him to allow her release and to cum. He chuckles and tells her soon and increases the vibrations of the egg as His hand rubs and squeezes her thighs beneath her dress.

He waits until it goes dark and the film starts and looks around to see that only three other people have joined, a man sitting in the side aisle to their left and a couple sitting much further down in front of them. He then instructs her to stand and shift onto His lap, as He does so he adjusts her dress to cover them both and releases His pulsating cock from His trousers. He reaches up and adjusts the rubber strap so that the entrance to her pussy is open while the egg remains.

With one hand on her hip and one on her bound wrists behind her back He guides her onto His waiting cock and pulls her down deeply onto Him as He pushes His entire cock into her wanton, wet pussy. He lets the egg run as He starts to fuck her, riding Him like she hadn't had sex in years as the egg and the binds had got her that aroused.

He looks around Him to the man across the way and sees him watching them. The man has his dick in his hands and is focusing more on them than the movie. He smiles and rams into her harder, tugging on her bound wrist with one hand and squeezing her bound breasts with the other which has slipped under the thin straps of her dress.

He reaches into His pocket and pulls out a gag that he stuffs into her mouth as he senses her close to cuming to muffle any noise, whispering to her to act normal. He feels her clench her pussy around His cock and it is too much for Him, He whispers for her to cum and He explodes His cum into her, thrust after thrust of hot cum shooting deep inside her, her body goes into spasms and He has to catch her to support her balance.

He holds her close to Him for a while a longer before releasing her and they tidy themselves up and He holds her hand while she snuggles into Him for the rest of the film, occasionally glancing towards the man to the left and smiling.

They spend the rest of the day shopping for toys and having lunch, He kept her ready for Him and needing Him with the egg, switching it on when she was least expecting it and switching off as she got close to the edge.

They ate and drank and enjoyed the day, loving knowing she was bound and His underneath her clothes and no one knew what they were up to. He told her that this all day torture was her punishment for cuming without permission in the bath that morning, that due to her being such a good girl while out that He decided to be lenient with her punishment for that but that He had a good idea of how she could make up for it when they got back. Smiling up at Him, she trusted Him implicitly and knew that she would be in for a good evening.

When they returned He pulled her into Him and instructed her to strip down to her rubber 'underwear'. Doing so without hesitation she stripped and then got on her knees before Him, even though He hadn't requested her to. Presenting herself she offered up her submission to Him once more, offering her body for His pleasure.

He accepted her gift to Him and told her to stand, He led her to the bedroom and asked her to stand as still as a statue. He fetched a number of rubber straps. A ball gag and a hood, carefully, starting at her ankle, He buckled a strap around her body, one after the other, all with the buckles lining up perfectly to the right side of her body, not a speck of skin showing in-between each strap. He does this trapping her arms by her sides, the only body allowed free are her breasts already still bound in the same rubber, standing out proudly.

Once He reached her neck, He adorned it with the collar He had made for her, before kissing her mouth and replacing His lips with a ball gag. Over the gag He placed a rubber hood with holes for her nose. He stared at His work, a masterpiece; she looked like a mummy in black rubber. He flicked the switch for the egg and saw her jolt a little as she fought to keep her balance and her breathing became harder. He supported her to fall backwards onto the bed and pushed her to slide along the sheets by her feet until she was lying fully on the bed on her back wrapped in leather.

Never had He thought her more vulnerable or submissive than now. He took His camera and started to take photographs. He then removed the hood but kept the gag in place and took more photos of her at different angles.

Finally, feeling His arousal become strong He placed a rubber blindfold over her eyes and then pulled her across the bed until her head was hanging over the edge. He removed her ball gag and kissed her upside down.

Then before she knew it he replaced His lips with His hard cock, slowly at first until most of it was safely in her warm wet mouth before thrusting with more urgency, she sucked Him with passion, lubing His cock with her tongue, he pushes into her until she is taking all of Him and He can feel the tip of His head brush against the soft flesh of her throat. He lets out a loud groan and holds her tightly by her hair as He pounds her throat, fucking her mouth deeply, His ball bouncing off of the rubber eye mask, His cock sliding down her throat more easily, He grabs her bound breasts and declares them as His before moaning loudly and cumming in her throat. Shooting His hot liquid into her as she tries to swallow every last drop, He holds His cock deep inside her throat while the last of His cum spurts out and trails down her throat.

When He is spent, he replaces her ball gag and lies besides her for a while and holds her mummified form in His arms, whispering to her about what a good girl she is and kissing her face. After a while of this he starts to unbind her, starting at her neck and working all the way down to her feet, finally he removes the ball gag and blindfold and allows her to shower as she has gotten very hot in the rubber encasing. When she returns, He instructs her to climb into bed and he holds her, stroking her back and hair again until she falls asleep in, safe in His arms, dreaming of what their final day together will bring....

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