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The Werewolf


The reporter and his camera man stood just outside the yellow crime scene tape encircling the grassy clearing. Police and members of the forensic team roamed it and the surrounding woods searching for clues to the missing girl's whereabouts. Numbered cones and multi colored flags dotted the area near the center of the clearing. The reporter reviewed his notes when the camera man signaled him it was time to go on the air. He straightened his hair and looked into the lens as the camera man counted down on his fingers then pointed to the newsman...

Twelve hours earlier...

The forest was alive that night as Liz lay naked in the soft grass of the clearing. Crickets chirped, frogs peeped and the occasional hoot of an owl could be heard but the close set trees seemed to muffle the sounds. A slight breeze rustled the branches high above while Liz gazed at the full moon stalking across the autumn sky, hoping tonight would be the night her fantasy would come true. A fantasy that if realized could mean the end of her life. She had often dreamed of encounters with mythical creatures such as elves, fairies and the like but to meet a true lycanthrope had captivated her imagination for as long as she could remember. And now in her early twenties the fantasy has taken on a new twist with her hope of a sexual encounter.

Her nipples stood erect on her amble breasts but was it the cool night air making them so agonizingly hard or the anticipation of a possible sexual encounter with a werewolf. Liz's hands caressed the soft flesh of her C cup boobs, making her tremble. She moved her right hand down to another area that needed attention, her aching clit. A quiet gasp escaped her lips at the first light touch of her throbbing bud as the warm wetness seeped from her damp sex. Liz could smell her own arousal so she knew her mythical lover would have no trouble finding her in the clearing if he truly existed. Her pale skin and russet hair glowed in the moon light, making her stand out from the subdued back ground like a candle in a dark room. Her middle finger parted her wet folds and sank into her fiery hole. Liz needed him to find her soon or she'd go crazy with desire.

A distant howl made her freeze. Its subtle undulations were like music to her ears. Her heart began to race as the seconds turned to minutes. She strained to hear the faintest sound but only the scraping of branches could be heard, the other nocturnal creatures had gone silent. Adrenaline coursed through her veins as the excitement and fear grew within her. Liz scanned the tree line searching for the predator that prowled the forest but all she could see was blackness. A twig snapped to her right and Liz turned toward the sound, her heart pounding in her ears. Her mind began drawing images of the creature she knew was just beyond her sight, terror and lust filling her very core. Liz didn't know if she'd be the next meal of a savage beast or its mate. How could she know? Werewolves didn't really exist, they were just monsters of legend and myth brought to life in books and movies but Liz wanted to believe otherwise.

She could see a light, no two lights dimly glowing in the blackness, set close together. Eyes watched her from just within the trees, hovering a foot or two off the ground. 'Could it be a wolf or coyote looking for an easy kill or maybe a feral dog?' she thought. Liz began to doubt herself and the decision to seek out the illusive creature that had perpetrated the vicious attacks on lone hikers over the years. 'Was it actually just a known animal,' she wondered as she sat starring into the darkness, then the eyes began to rise up until they were more than six feet in the air. She knew now it was no normal canine and her stomach fluttered with a renewed excitement yet fear lingered with the unknown intentions of the beast watching her.

A black form materialized from the shadows, slowing approaching the vulnerable woman. Liz could see powerful legs beneath a narrow waist and muscular arms attached to broad shoulders on this yet unidentified creature. Long boney fingers armed with sharp claws and the fearsome maw filled with jagged teeth could also be seen. Liz felt a powerful urge to run as the hairy hulking beast continued to advance on her but she knew she wouldn't make it twenty feet before her would be on her, rending her flesh to ribbons.

Liz controlled her fear and put the next part of her plan into motion, hoping that if she appealed to the creature's base instincts to mate, she might not be eaten. She got onto her hands and knees with her ass in the air and her upper body pressed into the grass, offering her dripping pussy to the beast. The werewolf crouched preparing to give chase to his fleeing prey but when she didn't attempt to escape, he looked at her warily. His sensitive nose picked up the scent of her aroused sex, giving him pause. He paced a few feet away from the young woman trying to assess the situation before committing to action. His desire to mate with her was over riding his malevolent urge for blood. He suddenly leapt forward, landing on all fours beside Liz, snarling menacingly with his dagger like fangs inches from her face. Liz didn't move, trying to keep her fear in check.

The werewolf circled her, growling and sniffing the air, sizing up this tiny woman. He stuck his muzzle into the cleft of her ass and ran his long tongue up her wet valley. She gasped, causing him to leap backward, snarling once again. When he realized there was no threat he resumed licking her pussy and then circling again. As he passed beside Liz, she could see his erect penis protruding from its sheath. She slowly reached out for it and was met by a threatening growl but it didn't stop her. Her fingers closed around the thick hard shaft and she felt the intense heat coming from it. It looked like a cross between a human penis and a canine one. The head was similar to that of a man but the shaft had the bulging taper of a dog. The growling stopped and the werewolf didn't move as Liz slowly stroked the creature's massive cock. He craned his neck around and his tongue found her pulsating pussy once more, snaking its way deep inside her. She moaned in pure ecstasy as a powerful orgasm grew within her. Her grip tightened on the werewolf's cock, causing him to hump the air. His tongue ran up her wet cleft again and again from clit to ass hole, unleashing her pent up orgasm. She released his cock to keep from toppling over as her body trembled violently.

The creature moved behind Liz, his tongue never leaving her spasming pussy. She quickly came again, this time nearly passing out as the waves of pleasure crashed over her. She felt his giant hands close around her waist, the long clawed fingers over lapping on her abdomen. She was panting, trying to regain her breath when the werewolf removed his tongue and positioned his dripping cock at her opening. He stabbed it in, painfully stretching her tight pussy. Her nails dug into the soft soil as she clenched her teeth. She expected him to begin the jack hammering thrusts common with canines but instead he drove into her with long measured strokes. Liz's body eventually accommodated his massive girth and she began to enjoy his rhythmic fucking of her. It was then she felt his knot hitting her labia and the fear of being torn open by it flashed in her mind. The next time his knot pressed against her flared lips, the beast pulled her backward onto his swelling bulge.

Liz screamed as the knot pushed passed her tightly stretched opening, ballooning to unimaginable size inside her. The sounds of her animalistic grunts and ragged gasps for air filled the otherwise quiet clearing. She felt as if a cantaloupe had been shoved inside her attached to the business end of a Louisville slugger. A thunderous howl split the air when the werewolf began to cum. Boiling hot sperm gushed into Liz with incredible force, adding to the bitter sweet pain and pleasure she was experiencing. She was about to orgasm again when the creature's arms encircled her torso and she was lifted from the ground. Liz's sweat soaked and matted red hair hung in her face and her feet dangled above the ground while he made erratic thrusts. Liz could feel her orgasm enveloping her as a primal scream was wrenched from her lungs. Again and again the guttural cry rent the air until her hoarse voice began to give out.

Liz looked down at herself, impaled on the beast's gargantuan cock. Her breasts shook and streaks of blood ran from scratches on her belly and hips from his sharp claws. There was a building pressure in her abdomen from the enormous amount of cum being pumped into her womb; her stomach bulging as if she were several months pregnant. Her mind was clouded with the mixture of pain and pleasure when the werewolf let out a long undulating howl. A second voice joined his and as the blackness closed in on her, Liz realized it was her that was howling.

Looking into the camera, the newsman began his report.

"Elizabeth O'Donnell's car was found abandoned on Highway 80 approximately a mile and a half from here. Behind me, police officers and CSI techs are scouring the clearing for any evidence of what happened to her. No body has been located but there are signs of a struggle and clothes, blood and hair were found that are assumed to be hers. There are also tracks from two large animals, believed to be wolves, leaving the clearing. It's also believed that her body was carried off but it has yet to be found. A local rancher reported seeing two wolves running north, one black and a lighter one with a reddish tint to its fur..."

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