tagNovels and NovellasThe Widow Ch. 21

The Widow Ch. 21

byD.C. Roi©

Passion in James County XII

The Widow

By D.C. Roi

Chapter twenty-one

Gail awakened snuggled spoon-fashion against John. His arm lay over her and one of his hands was wrapped around one of her breasts. His fingers were teasing the nipple into tingling rigidity. His penis, hot and stiff, was trying to probe between her luscious buttocks. A shudder of elation swept through.

"You never stop being horny, do you?" she murmured.

"I guess not," John replied. He kissed her softly on the neck, then nibbled her ear and she giggled. "I had no idea how horny I was until you and I got together," he added. "Ever since then, I've got this thing all the time." He moved his hips.

The action caused his penis to slide into the cleft between Gail's buttocks. She was startled to discover that having his erection sliding between her buttocks was almost as stimulating as having it sliding in and out of her vagina.

John found what he was doing just as exciting as his partner did. He shifted position a little and his next thrust caused the tip of his engorged wand to slide between her labia, fanning the fires of passion flaming inside her, causing her to quiver. Her hips rocked involuntarily in response to what John was doing.

John pulled Gail's leg back over his, opening her to him. Then he dropped his hand to her middle and, when he thrust forward again, he guided the head of his cock into her and continued pressing forward until he was all the way in her and her lovely bottom was pressed snugly against his loins.

"Oh, Lord, John!" Gail whispered, "That feels so wonderful!"

"It sure does, doesn't it?" John responded. He began moving his hips more and more urgently as the wonderful warmth surrounding his plunging cock sent him whirling toward an explosion of pleasure.

Gail was ecstatic. John was such a wonderful lover. Making love with him was far better than she ever imagined making love could be. She slid her hand over her belly, to her vagina, and could feel his cock actually sliding in and out of her. His indomitable organ continued to cause her nerves to crackle and snap with excitement.

Keeping her hand at the point where their bodies joined, Gail began caressing her own clit. Her self-manipulation added to the extraordinary excitement John's rapid thrusting was causing. She felt herself ascending toward a raging peak of need. Then, suddenly, she burst over the top.

"Nowwwwww!!!!" she cried, as her orgasm burst, "Ohhhhh!!! John!!! John!!! That's ittttt!!! That's itttttt!!!! Oh, yesssssss!!!! Oh, yessssss!!!! I'm therrrrreeeeee!!! Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

"Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!" John groaned as he exploded into her. "Oh, yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!"

After they finished making love, they snuggled a while, they got up, showered and dressed, and went downstairs to have breakfast with Greg and Abby.

Greg had his uniform on and was finishing a cup of coffee when John and Gail emerged from the stairwell. "The office called, Uncle John," he explained, setting the empty coffee cup on the kitchen counter. "I've got a domestic disturbance call I have to respond to. I should be back before too long."

"Don't forget to be damn careful," John said. "I don't want you getting hurt now." He knew from personal experience that domestic disturbance calls were the most dangerous calls police officers got.

Greg smiled. "You know I'm always careful, Uncle John," he replied. "I'll see you in a while."

Abby walked out just then, wearing her nursing uniform. "The hospital called," she said. "One of the other nurses called in sick and they're short-handed in the E.R. today, so I have to go in. I'm really sorry to go running off on you like this."

"No problem," John said, "we'll manage to get the work done without you."

Abby ate breakfast with Gail and John, then left for the hospital. John helped Gail clear the dishes off the table and put them in the dishwasher. They'd just about finished cleaning up after breakfast when Larry and Joanne showed up.

"Greg and Abby had to go to work," John told them, "The four of us will just have to work a little harder, I guess."

"I think we can manage, don't you, Joanne?" Larry said.

"I'm sure we can," Joanne replied. "This has really been fun. I had no idea carpentry was such good exercise."

Ten miles away, Jimmy and Bruno sat in the cab of Jimmy's rusted old pickup truck, fuming. "Do you believe that asshole actually had the balls to fire us?" Jimmy grumbled. "Just because we had a couple of beers when we was workin'."

"Fuck him and the horse he rode in on!" Bruno replied. "He'll get his one of these days."

"What are we gonna do now, Bruno?" Jimmy asked.

"I don't know," Bruno said. "One thing sure, I ain't gonna worry about it today. Let's go get us some beer. It's party time!"

"Yeah!" Jimmy said, grinning, showing a gap-toothed smile. He started his truck's engine and headed for the closest store.

Later that morning, back at the lake, John emerged from Greg's garage. "I can't find any bolts the right size in there, either," he said. "Looks like I'll have to go and get some." He looked at Larry. "Where's the closest hardware store?"

"I guess the closest one is in Harrisville," Larry said. "Why don't I go along with you, Uncle John? I know where the store is."

"Sounds like a plan," John said. He looked at Gail. "Will you ladies be able to survive if we men aren't here?"

"I think we can manage just fine," Gail replied. "Don't you, Joanne?"

"I'm sure we can find something to keep us busy," Joanne said.

"Come on, kid," John said, "the sooner we get going, the sooner we'll be back and this job will be finished." He and Larry got in Larry's car and left.

"I bought some excellent gourmet coffee yesterday," Joanne told Gail once the men had departed. "Would you like to try it?"

"I'd love to," Gail said.

"Come on," Joanne said, starting for Fran's cabin.

Jimmy and Bruno, having consumed several six-packs of beer, were driving up the road which led toward the lake's entrance. They'd decided the tree company owed them something, like a chain saw, for firing them and were planning to go in and take one from the truck left in at the lake. A car went by them. "Hey! Ain't that the kid who's been screwing that woman we been watchin'?" Bruno asked.

"Yeah," Jimmy replied, "I think it was. An' that old guy from next door was with him."

"That means that chick's in there all alone, don't it?" Jimmy said, his bleary eyes brightening.

"Yeah, it sure does," Bruno agreed. "You think, maybe, she'd be happy to see us seein' as how the kid's taken off?"

"We can find out, can't we?" Jimmy said. He turned onto the lake access road.

"This coffee is delicious," Gail commented after taking a sip.

"It is, isn't it?" Joanne agreed. "The vanilla flavoring really does make it taste richer." She sipped some of her coffee. "Are you going to Arizona with John?" she asked.

Gail looked thoughtful, then nodded. "I called and gave my boss notice already. I know it probably sounds impulsive, I mean, John and I haven't even been together a week, but I don't think I could stand it if he went to Arizona without me."

"I don't think it sounds impulsive," Joanne said, smiling. "I feel exactly the same way about Larry and I think he and I have been together about as long as you and John have." She took another sip of her coffee. "And besides, you've known John a long time. I just met Larry."

"Whadda ya think the chick's gonna say when we show up?" Jimmy asked his friend. He drove by the main lodge and on up the road toward Fran's house.

"I don't give a fuck what she says," Bruno snorted. "It's what she's gonna do I'm interested in."

"Yeah, I like the way that sounds," Jimmy said, turning into Fran's driveway. "Here we go, buddy."

"I thought I heard a car, did you?" Joanne asked.

Gail nodded. "Yes, I did, do you think the men are back already?"

"I wouldn't think they'd be back already," Joanne said, "Maybe they forgot something."

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