tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Witch and the Dragon Ch. 15

The Witch and the Dragon Ch. 15


Chapter Fifteen

The feel of a hot tongue sliding up her neck had her stirring from sleep. Alluna stretched her sore body and blinked open surprised eyes when she discovered her limbs bound tight. As Zak continued to lick her throat and breasts, she wiggled her fingers and toes with a frown. He'd cuffed her arms over her head and her legs spread-eagled.

A flash of gold had her gasping. Shimmering gold dragon's wings spread behind Zak's back as another snarl tore from his lips.


He raised his head.

Alluna stared into inhuman eyes, the sapphire taking up all of the whites and slit pupils widening out to black ovals. The bones of his face were more pronounced, and the beginnings of horns peeped from with the wealth of blond spilling down his back.

Alluna's heart sped up, a shiver of fear skipping through her.

Zak's clawed hands caressed down her torso. She felt the sharps tips of his talons leave bumps of awareness in their wake. His smoldering dragon eyes followed his claws.

"Mine." His voice was like heavy gravel, more demonic than human.

"Yes, Master," she whimpered arching as much as the restraints allowed. "I'm yours."

What had come over him? He looked absolutely terrifying... but beautiful too. Alluna cocked her head and studied her Master. He looked like a blue-eyed, golden devil.

Zak sat up straighter between her legs, spreading his wings wider. He licked his lips with another snarl, showing fangs at her.

Alluna grew wet. The sounds he made had her aching with want.

Her eyes lowered to his belly. His cock looked bigger, and the once rounded head ended in a pointed tip.

"Master, fuck me, please," she whispered.

His eyes narrowed to slits and he snarled at her again.

Alluna bit her lip with a sigh. Master really did not like being told what to do. She needed to switch her tactics.

"I'm sorry, Master," she said with a little hitch to her voice, letting her eyes well up and her lip quiver. "I just want you so much..." she sniffled and batted her eyes at him with a pout, "I hurt down there for you. Pleeeease."

At least he'd stopped snarling and growling. His eyes softened and Alluna had to bite her cheeks not to grin when a purr rumbled from his chest.

"My... girl," he said burrowing his face between her breasts.

Alluna smiled. His voice sounded a bit more normal.

When he suddenly dove between her spread thighs, she squeaked in surprise. Master had developed an addiction to the taste of her pussy. She shuddered and pulled at her restraints in desperation. The feel of his hot tongue lashing her cunt mercilessly was driving her insane.

Alluna felt swollen with need, and thrashed her head from side to side. His tongue slid deep within her, driving repeatedly within her clenching center. She couldn't take the pleasure. Rapture approached, coiling the erotic agony in her sweating body to the breaking point.

But Master would ease off whenever she felt ready to tilt over the edge of sexual oblivion. And then he would start the harsh tongue thrusts again, until she was shaking and screaming...begging him to let her cum.

Just when Alluna thought she would lose her mind, Master reared up and snarled, fangs bared. "Now, you will cum for me."

His cock should have ripped her in two when he stabbed into her, but she felt only sublime pleasure. Alluna screamed as she came... and came... and came.

It was too much. Her voice grew raw from her long wail of completion. He fucked her mercilessly, tension making his arms and chest bulge. Blond locks covered her face, spilling into her mouth, but she was beyond caring. Spots of bright color filled her vision as climaxes rolled into each other. Her internal muscles clamped down on the thick cock ramming into her, until all he could do was thrust in small jerks.

Zak threw his head back and roared. Every vein and muscle stood out on his glorious body. Alluna felt the hot spurts within her, filling her womb with his seed. His wings trembled, the quivering echoing out to the rest of his body, until with a groan he crumpled on top of her. Somehow, he managed to keep most of his weight on his arms and legs, but for the most part, Alluna found herself buried under a passion-spent male. Her male. Her magnificent Master.

She passed out with a smile on her lips.


Fuck, Zak, snap out of it already.

Zak snarled, stirring from his deep slumber. The hairs at the back of his neck stood in fury as another masculine voice invaded his thoughts again.

Zachariel, you've been cloistered in your rooms for three days with Alluna. If you don't come out, we're going in. Is she okay? Neither of you have eaten. What the fuck is wrong with you?

A measure of sanity trickled into his mind. Devon. His commander was reaching to him telepathically.

Zak felt weak when he sat up. His half-erect cock slipped from Alluna's lips. Briefly, he remembered feeding her his cum. She'd nursed from him like a babe as he gripped her hair and pumped his throbbing flesh between her plump lips.

They'd both eaten. Alluna's belly was full of his semen and he still had the sweet taste of her pussy in his own mouth.

The sight of her dark nipples drew his attention, reminding him of the other little surprise they'd discovered the night before.

Zak pursed his lips around her nipple and suckled. Sweet milk filled his mouth and he swallowed ravenously.

Oh-shit—Remien snickered making Zak snarl again. Congratulations, Goliath. Looks like you're gonna be a daddy. Welcome to the club.

Stay away—he growled at them telepathically.

The voices continued, angering Zak further. Alluna began to stir and he gathered her in his arms. His gaze darted about the dim room as he continued to snarl threateningly.

He wanted to be left alone. Why were they intruding?

Remi, what the fuck is wrong with him?—Devon demanded.

Zak snorted. There was nothing wrong with him. I just want to be left alone—he insisted.

Alluna must've gone into heat. He's been mating her—quite successfully I might add—Remien finished with a chuckle.

Alluna whimpered in her sleep, shifting in his arms again.


"Shhh. It's alright, baby."

Zak—Devon called to him again.

He would ignore them. That's what he'd do. Again, he took Alluna's breast and fed. He needed to keep his strength. Her fingers came up to stroke his hair as she murmured sweet, sleepy, little noises to him. His hand covered her still concave abdomen and a feeling of fierce protectiveness made his body tense.

The scent of ocean and wind filled his nostrils and Zak's fury had no limit. Pain slashed down his back and he turned with a rabid snarl, dragons wings stretching out behind him.

Releasing Alluna, Zak rose and took a threatening step toward the intruder. "Out," he snarled.

Devon's glowing blue eyes widened. "Easy, Blondie, it's just us."


Zak snapped around just in time to see Remi gathering Alluna in his arms. Green-gold eyes stared into his with a mischievous grin before disappearing in a flash of red-gold fire.

Zak roared, jumping onto the bed and ripping the bedding.

He took her. Remien Fyre took his female.

His skin ignited and everything grew smaller around him.

"Zak, the enviro-level," Devon shouted, his hands held out. "Go get her."

Everything swirled around him. By the time the enviro-level appeared before him, he was panting in rage.


Alluna's head spun. One minute she'd felt content and blissful as her Master nursed from her tender breasts, and then she was being jostled about.

When she blinked open her eyes, a confusion of colors had her ready to vomit. Her hands gripped strong biceps, but they weren't Master's bulging, rock-hard muscles

The kaleidoscope of colors finally stopped swirling around her and she found herself staring up into Remi's face.

"I don't have much time," he blurted. "Are you okay, sweetness?"

"Uh—y-yes," Alluna stuttered. Her breasts hurt and she cupped them, her face flushing when she realized she was stark naked in Remi's arms.

A roar shook the ground beneath their feet.

They were in the enviro-level.

Remi's eyes narrowed. "I swear to you I will not kill Zak, nor will I let him kill me."

Alluna stared at him in horror. "Why are you saying that to me?"

"Zak isn't himself. He's stuck in a half shift. I'm going to help him tip the shift completely. Just don't get scared. Don't use your powers either. Just sit tight and stay out of the way. If you get too scared..." Remi took a deep breath, "...just close your eyes, Luna. Can you do that for me, baby?"

She opened her mouth, unsure what to answer, and another roar rent the air around them. Remi kissed her forehead and disappeared—vanished into thin air, leaving her alone and terrified.

Trees crashed in the distance and a flash of fire exploded before her. Alluna turned her face with a shriek, expecting the heat to turn her into ashes, but nothing happened except another roar shook the ground. This one sounded higher pitched than the first two.

Shadows passed overhead and she had to shield her eyes to look up into the bright holographic sky.

"No," she cried out when she saw two dragons circling each other.

The gold snapped sharp teeth at the red's tail as it swooped across the sky. Had she not known it was her Master and Remi, she would have fainted at the sheer beauty of the two creatures flying across the pale blue heavens. Remi's red scales shimmered with iridescence and Zak's golden ones reflected the sunlight, making him seem like a star himself.

Alluna bit her fist when her Master's maw closed around the tip of Remi's tail. The red bellowed in anger and spun around to snap at Zak. His teeth locked on a claw, and Zak retaliated by snapping his tail across the red dragon's snout.

They tangled into a red and gold ball and plummeted into the lake in the center of the enviro-level.

Alluna screamed and would have run into the water but Seth gripped her arms and held her back.

"They'll kill each other," she shrieked. "Let me go."

"Calm down," he said giving her arms a gentle squeeze. "Devon's watching over them. He won't let anything happen.

Alluna looked toward the bank of the lake to see Devon standing at the edge, his focus on the center of the lake.

The water boiled and rippled until finally, her Master flew out with Remi in human form in one claw.

The golden dragon descended with a spray of water on the banks of the lake. Killing rage filled his eyes as he held Remi up, opening his maw to bare sharp teeth.

Alluna realized in that moment her Master was going to eat Remien.

"No," Alluna cried out, resuming her struggle to escape Seth.

He paused, with Remien's wriggling body half way to his snout.

"Don't kill him, I implore you," she begged twisting in Seth's iron grip.

Zak snarled, fiery dragon's eyes peering at Remi through slits of fury.

"Zak, it's me dude. Put me down," Remi panted, kicking his naked legs. "Come-on, Goliath. One of your talons is jabbing my left nut."

The golden dragon roared, fire spewing in Remi's face.

Remien only fanned the flames away with a little cough. "Aw, fuck, man. You're going to make me sing the song, Zak?"

The golden dragon opened his maw again to toss the red-haired weredragon into it, but Remi began to sing the Dragon's Lullaby.

"For too long now...there were secrets in my mind... For too long now... there were things I should've said..."

His voice, clear and melodious, wove a spell around all who listened, including Zak. The dragon's eyes widened and his maw slowly closed. A deep breath had his chest expanding, only to be released with a half growl, half rumbling purr.

Alluna held her breath.

"Waiting for the winter sun... and the cold light of day... the misty ghosts of childhood fears... the pressure is building... and I can't stay away..."

Slowly, the golden dragon's form began to shimmer and glow, and finally shrink until Zak remained standing before Remi, his hand curled around his waist. Zak blinked in confusion and swayed, a bit unsteady on his feet. Remi stopped singing and gripped his shoulders.

"Zak? You okay?"

Zak just stared, blinking, until he finally lifted his hand and touched Remi's cheek. "You're bleeding."

Remi grinned. "Just a little scratch." He lifted Zak's arm. "You're bleeding too."

Zak stared at his forearm, dazed, before lifting his eyes to Remien's face.

Alluna felt Seth wince when Zak threw his arms around Remi in a tight hug.

"I almost killed you didn't I, asshole?"

"Ew, Zak, dude," Remi protested, struggling in the other man's embrace. "We're butt naked. Please. Leave the man-love for another time, yuk."

Alluna pulled her arm free from Seth and ran toward them.

"Master," she cried out.

Zak stiffened and turned toward her. She ran right into his arms, reveling in their strength and warmth. "I'm so glad neither of you got hurt."

"Luna," he sighed, nuzzling her hair.

"Zak?" Devon drew closer cautiously. Alluna felt Zak stiffen. "Rem, is he okay now."

"Sort of," Remi replied. "Just give him a little breathing room. Golds tend to be possessive of their new mates."

Alluna tried to look at the men from the circle of Zak's arms, but he held her too tight, keeping her face pressed against his chest.

"Easy Zak."

"Why did you take her?" her Master suddenly snapped, making Alluna grow nervous again.

"Just wanted to help you focus, Goliath. That's all," Remi replied. "We'll go at your pace now. We're your family, Zak. Remember."

"Family," he echoed. "Yes."

"We're not going to take Luna from you. She's part of the family too."

"No." Zak shook his head, his arms tightening around her. "She's mine."

"We're yours too, Zak." Devon spoke now. Through the corner of her eye, Alluna saw him coming nearer. "I belong to you and you belong to us. We're one, Zachariel. You disconnected yourself from us. We miss you. I miss you."

She felt her Master press his face against the crown of her head.

"I..." He puffed out a ragged breath. "I feel confused."

"Agitated?" Remi asked.

Zak answered with a soft growl.

"Listen to me, Zak," Remi began. "What you feel is normal. Part of over-coming it is understanding it and then reasoning it out. You still with me?"

Master turned his head to look at Remi, but remained silent. Alluna managed to move her head enough to peer up at him. Master was scowling at Remi.

"Alluna is in heat. Arborian females secrete pheromones that act like Liquid X to ensure their males stick around long enough to impregnate them and care for them while they are gestating."

"Liquid X? That's ridiculous. I've studied all about Arborians and—"

"You're not going to find that little fact in any database, buddy. If others knew about the Arborian females little secret, the planet would be swamped with slavers and hunters. They'd wipe out the entire race by stealing all the females."

Master looked down at her with a little frown.

"Think about it, Zak," Remi continued, "You're acting weird, dude. I can understand wanting to take some alone time to indulge in a little..." Remi chuckled and humped his hips. "But, for fuck's sake, man, let the girl at least eat."

"Eat?" Zak echoed.

"Zak." Devon spoke now. "You've been cloistered in your rooms for three days. Neither of you have come down for food nor have you teleported anything up." Devon's gaze fell on Alluna for a few seconds before looking back at Zak. "That's fucking extreme, even for you."

Alluna frowned. Had three days really gone by. She knew it felt as if time had no meaning in her Master's arms... but three days?

"I..." Zak huffed out a frustrated breath. "I can't help myself. Just thinking of anyone else so much as talking to her right now—"

"Doctor Quinn thinks he can help."

Her Master bared his teeth and snarled at Devon. "Did you not hear what I just said?"

Devon lifted his hands. "Wait. Let me finish. All he needs is for you to swirl this little glass tube... uh... inside her, and give us a sample of your blood. We can touch you, right?"

Zak took a deep breath, and then held out his hand. The slender tube Devon held up disappeared and then reappeared in Zak's hand.

"Take the sample." Devon instructed. "We'll be waiting for you in Quinn's lab. Leave Alluna with Angel and Rowie."

He stiffened, his arms gripping Alluna tighter again.

"Zak, she'll be safe with the women. You won't become aggressive with them, so don't worry. We'll be with you, okay?" Remien assured.

After a moment's hesitation, he nodded slowly.


He left her with Angel and Rowie, but his hands shook when he cupped her face to kiss her softly.

"I'll be fine, Master."

"Zak," he whispered correcting her. "We'll play later, baby, when I'm in better control of myself. I'm not much f a Dom if can't control myself."

She pouted up at him, but nodded. She enjoyed calling him Master, but he was very tense at the moment and didn't want to stress him any further.

He traced a finger down the curve of her cheek before vanishing into thin air.

Rowie had given her a soft black robe to cover up. Zak had forbidden her to use the hygiene unit without him. He needed her to have his scent on herself, because he feared he'd go insane if she stripped it off.

Alluna wasn't about to argue with him. She agreed he was not being himself at the moment.

"Alluna, come into the bedroom," Rowie called from the doorway. "We've got snacks to eat."

Her stomach rumbled for the first time in a long time. Alluna was suddenly ravenous.

Angel lay curled up on the pillows near the headboard of the bed. Trays of food were in the center drawing Alluna's attention for a moment before she looked at Angel again.

The girl looked pale, and dark circles sat beneath her big blue eyes.

Alluna walked over to her, on an impulse, and placed her hand over her rounded belly.

The vision seized her, blinding her sight to all reality. A being of pure light stood before her, wings of fire spread out behind its back.

Jazriel—an angelic voice whispered into her mind.

Alluna snatched her hand away, stunned.

"How did you know my baby's name?"

Alluna blinked at Angel, confused. "Huh?"

"You said Jazriel. That's his name."

Alluna swallowed. "How did you come by that name?"

Angel remained looking at her a moment. "I had a vision before I got pregnant. Something that looked like a divine angel told me that would be my baby's name."

"A being made of pure energy?"

Angel nodded. "You saw it too, didn't you?"

Alluna took a deep breath. "Yes. Just now when I touched you."

Angel closed her eyes and made a little gasp of pain.

Rowie was on the bed next to her in a flash. "What? What is it? Are you okay? What happened? Angel?"

Angel gave her a slightly annoyed look. "It's just a little contraction."

Alluna looked around. "Where's Anniel?"

"She's back in her funk," Rowie huffed. "Hasn't wanted to see or talk to anyone since we all got back from Haddasha."

Alluna bit her lower lip, wondering. What was the strange concoction Remi had given to Anniel and the big scary reaper... and did it have anything to do with Anniel's mood right now.

"So..." Rowie began. "Are you really... pregnant?"

Alluna looked down and pressed her hands over her flat stomach. "How should I know?" She looked back up at both females. "What I know about conception and pregnancy is what I learned from that strange cap Remi put on my head. I'm still trying to make sense of most of the things flitting about in my brain."

Again, her stomach growled.

"Well, you better eat up, woman," Rowie said nudging a tray closer to her. "Just in case you're eating for two... or three, like me." She grimaced before snatching up a big round red fruit.

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