tagIncest/TabooThe Women in My Life Ch. 02

The Women in My Life Ch. 02


When I woke up, the room was completely dark. It's not like I woke up out of nowhere, as I couldn't help but softly groan. Someone had crawled beneath the sheets and was then softly wrapping her hungry lips around my cock. With each bump of her head, she took a bigger part of my thick shaft inside her mouth. I could feel the presence of another body laying right next to me, probably still asleep after what was a quite intense night. I moved my hands up to her, and bumped against a great pair of breasts. As I felt them, I could tell the woman lying next to me was my girlfriend Brandi. This would mean however that the girl giving me an awesome blowjob right then was my daughter Ellie.

I smiled to myself as I recalled what happened the night before. After catching my girlfriend licking the sweet pussy of my 18-years old daughter, I joined in. The initial plan was to just fuck Brandi while she continued pleasing Ellie, but I ended up cumming down my daughter's throat. I thought she just got in the moment, but then I woke up to this kind of pleasure.

By the time I was properly awake - I've always been an early bird - Ellie had managed to take most of my cock down her throat, and it didn't seem like she did any more efforts to take all of it. Not even thinking about complaining about that, my eyes closed again as I fully enjoyed the treatment I was receiving. While one of my hands kept playing with Brandi's orbs, my other went down to gently rest onto Ellie's head. I didn't really push or pull onto her head, as I just wanted to tell her to keep going.

My eyes opened when I heard a soft moan coming from right next to me. "Mhm, good morning." Brandi whispered, and then the lamp next to our bed went on. I looked at the face of my girlfriend as a smirk formed onto it, and she immediately pulled the covers down to expose my cock getting buried down my daughter's throat over and over again. Ellie's eyes glanced up at me - her father - and her beautiful stepmother. "Looks like the princess is secretly a little slut." Brandi giggled before sliding down the mattress to join my daughter by my cock.

Like the night before, when I committed my first deed of incest, Brandi started sucking onto my ballsack while my daughter was sucking my cock. I didn't know about any past boyfriends, but at that moment I had to realize Ellie must have had some experience. She took my cock way too good down her throat. "L-Let's share." The youngest of the girls spoke up after letting my shaft pop out of her mouth. Brandi smiled, which turned into a giggle of them both before they pressed their lips against the sides of my cock.

Their tongues simultaneously started licking up and down, covering the thick piece of meat in a layer of saliva. Both my hands went down, softly grabbing the back of their heads as I started to lead them up and down, more or less synchronizing their movements. I wasn't as close as last time, so I wasn't worried about cumming at all. After a moment of their lips sliding up and down against my cock, I felt how Brandi tried repositioning herself so I moved my hand away. She took my cock into her mouth, starting to bump onto the first few inches while Ellie continued licking the remaining parts.

She didn't blow me very long, though. After taking my entire cock down her throat, she pulled back off it and looked up at me. "I bet you'd love to fuck your daughter." The half-Asian woman said with a naughty smirk. She was clearly turned on by all of this, and I smirked. "I'm not going to deny that." I managed to bring out as Ellie released another gush of spit onto my cock.

"She told me she never had sex with a guy before, though." Brandi continued, her eyes shining with excitement and lust. I had to admit I was rather surprised when I heard that, but that was a question for later. "So take it easy on her." She said as both girls pulled their heads away from my manhood. Ellie was blushing heavily as she stood up, before squatting above my cock. Brandi helped her to get into position, and soon my cockhead was rubbing against her pussylips.

I couldn't hear what Brandi was whispering to my daughter, so I just waited in anticipation. Although it probably wasn't, it felt like I had to wait quite a bit before Brandi's hand slid down the cock as she was holding it up for Ellie. At the same time, Ellie pressed her own body down slowly. A loud gasp escaped her mouth as the tip of my cock spread her folds before entering her.

She was unbelievably tight, her pussy firmly wrapped around my cock as she took more of it inside of her bit by bit. She kept moving down until she got onto her knees, and then started slowly bouncing up and down onto my cock. Both of us groaned as she did, and Brandi was intensely watching. I reached out to play with her moist slit, letting my index and middle finger trail up and down over her pussylips while rubbing her clit with my thumb. Soon, she was moaning as well while I tried to please both girls as good as possible.

I looked back over at my daughter as she was riding my cock, noticing how her big breasts were starting to bounce along with her thrusts. My free hand moved up to playfully slap one of them, watching how it moved even more before I reached down to hold her ass, kneading one of the round cheeks. "T-That's so good, d-daddy.." Ellie moaned out, and I couldn't help but letting my head fall back.

The pace picked up, as Ellie started slamming down onto my cock faster and harder. I straightened my fingers, sliding them into Brandi's pussy as I began fucking them both. My hips rocked up against my daughter while my fingers worked my girlfriend's pussy as well. My daughter suddenly leaned forward, locking her lips onto Brandi's.

As I watched my two girls make out, my body kept clapping against Ellie's as I drove my dick deep inside of her again and again. My fingers were basically slamming into Brandi's tight pussy, and the three of us were getting closer to an orgasm. I tried thinking of something else to last until both of them came, but it didn't really help. As soon as Brandi tightened up around my fingers while reaching her climax, I couldn't hold back. I exploded deep into my daughter's pussy, filling her with multiple thick streams of cum. The feeling of being filled with semen must've caused Ellie to reach her own orgasm, as she tightened up and squirted all over me. I felt how her juices wet my inner thighs and my stomach. "Damn." Brandi said with a soft smirk as she leaned down. I felt how her tongue slid over my stomach all the way to Ellie's pussy, getting a taste of her sweet juices.

Ellie fell down onto the bed, snuggling up with Brandi after my softening dick popped out of her messy pussy. I looked at them for a few seconds before getting up, leaning back down to kiss both of them. I hesitated a bit, but then decided to fully kiss Ellie on the lips as well. She seemed pleased with this, and I playfully slid my hands over her pussy. "Better get cleaned up, huh." Brandi smirked as she watched some of my semen drip out of her stepdaughter.

The rest of the weekend was filled with the usual stuff. Ellie went off to hang out with a friend, and only arrived home late as she went to a party after volleyball practice. Brandi and I went out to different car dealerships as we talked about getting a new car. We didn't decide on anything yet by the time the dealerships closed, so we went out to get dinner. The rest of the day went by pretty normal, and nothing sexual happened until Sunday afternoon.


The days were pretty warm around that time, so the pool we installed about a year ago turned out to be a great investment. It wasn't completely our idea, but we shared the costs with our neighbors. We basically had two gardens, one of them being our own, private garden, and the other one - the one with the pool - belonged to ourselves and the neighbors.

The girls and I decided we should go out for a swim, as we didn't really have plans anyhow. The three of us went upstairs, where Ellie separated from myself and Brandi. Apparently she still wanted her privacy. I got a pair of swimming trunks out of the closet and started undressing, turning around to face Brandi. She was looking the other way, so I got to get another glance at her awesome ass. I couldn't get enough of it, I thought to myself, as I admired the curves of her bottom.

She caught me staring when she turned around, which caused her to smile brightly. "Careful now.." She purred at me as she walked closer, slowly sliding the nail of her index finger over my revealed cock. "Your daughter might be waiting for us." She whispered as she pecked a sweet kiss onto my lips. By the time her finger reached the tip of my cock, she managed to bring it to life entirely. "You tease." I smirked as she then walked away again, putting on her swimming suit. She wore a dark-blue one-piece, which accentuated her legs, thighs and ass. She just giggled at my comment as she left the room, only giving me a few seconds to admire the sensual sway in her hips.

As I quickly put on my trunks as well, trying to position my cock so it wouldn't be as noticeable, I went outside to find both girls already sitting on the edge of the pool. Their legs were dangling into the water while they were softly talking to each other. I took a moment to check out my daughter - since I fucked her I didn't care about these kinds of actions that much - as she was wearing a really skimpy bikini. I didn't even know she had such kind of slutty outfits, but apparently she did, and I wondered what else was hidden in her closet. The bikini top barely contained her breasts, and I could imagine the bottom didn't hide anything more of her ass.

As I walked up to them, I cleared my throat to obviously get their attention. "Ellie, I didn't raise you to dress like a little slut, did I?" I said, hoping the playful tone in my voice was clear enough. The girls looked at me, and I watched as my daughter pressed her own boobs together which almost caused the top to slip off of them. "I'm sorry, daddy.." She said with the cutest giggle. "I'll get rid of it." She added while sliding her hands down to let the fabric of the tiny top slip below her breasts.

"I imagine that's better." Brandi smirked as her hand roamed over Ellie's thigh, nodding at the tent appearing in my trunks again. "We'll let you off with a warning, princess." My gorgeous girlfriend said before slowly letting herself drop into the water. The last part she just let herself fall down, disappearing below the surface. When she got back up, she let out a satisfied moan. "I'm so glad we got this pool." She concluded while Ellie joined her in the water. I smiled as I looked at my daughter and my girlfriend starting to swim around before diving in the pool as well.

When I got up, I grinned as Ellie and Brandi already had their bodies pressed against the other. They seemed to be really into each other, which made me wonder how long they had been fooling around together. Their lips met each other into a deep, passionate kiss, and I quickly glanced around. My neighbors were home, so there was a chance they'd walk into us, but the girls didn't seem to care. I, however, was a bit more anxious to be seen - imagine the rumors going around town - but I soon was turned on enough to not think about what might happen any further.

When I got closer to them, I laid my hands onto their two asses, softly pressing my body against their sides to get a front row seat onto the make-out session between the most important women in my life at that moment. Their butts were different, yet both of them were awesome in their own way. Ellie's behind was smaller, however more firm and toned while Brandi's phat ass was naturally curvy and softer. As I playfully spanked my girlfriend, a soft moan escaped the two pairs of lips, followed by another moan of my daughter as I smacked her ass as well. "Mhm, daddy." She brought out as her hand reached down to grab my crotch. "You don't know how much I've been wanting this yesterday." She admitted, before turning her head to kiss me.

I hungrily kissed back, my tongue immediately slipping forward to meet up with hers as they started dancing. I could feel Brandi's hand joining onto my crotch, massaging the shaft through the fabric of my blue swimming trunks. Our bodies shifted until I was into a full embrace with Ellie, deeply kissing her as I felt her tits pressing against my chest. Her legs eventually moved up to wrap around my waist, and my hands went down to hold her ass. She started grinding into me, making me even harder than I already was.

I started carrying her towards the edge of the pool, putting her on there. Brandi pulled herself next to my daughter, as the girls got into a similar position as barely 5 minutes before. Their lips locked again this time, and I looked over at my target.

I just had to taste my daughter, so I tugged onto her bikini bottoms while kissing her thigh. I was still in the pool - it wasn't that deep on that side, so my face was on the same height as the girls' crotches. Ellie lifted her hips so I could pull down the tiny bottoms, and then I went back to kissing her smooth skin, slowly finding my way up her thighs. She slowly opened her legs, until one of them was laying into Brandi's lap. They were spread perfectly for me, and I dove in to get the first scent of my daughter.

Her pussylips were thin, and honestly looked delicious. I didn't waste any time, as I used two fingers to spread the folds. My tongue found its way in, as I started eating her out. I followed the same routine I usually did to Brandi, and soon my daughter's soft moans were the only thing sounding around the pool area. I glanced up as I swirled my tongue around slowly, and smiled at the sight. Ellie was leaning backwards as Brandi had her lips wrapped around one of her breasts, tenderly sucking and probably even softly biting onto her nipple, while I ate her out. Her sensitive areas were getting pleasured, and we were clearly building up the pace. Ellie's moans became louder and quicker, and I could tell she was getting close to an orgasm after only a minute.

My daughter really got pushed over the edge when Brandi started rubbing her clit as well, and I soon was drenched in juices. I already found out Ellie was a squirter, but I didn't expect it to be this intense every time. "She needs your cock again, baby." Brandi said in her usual tone, and I couldn't even think about denying the request. I pulled myself out of the pool, and within seconds I was on top of my daughter, ready to fuck her another time.

Driven by lust, I positioned my cock against her pussy and slid my cock inside of her with one hard thrust, causing her to squeal. It was the first thrust of many as I started pounding my daughter, our bodies pressed together as we eagerly started kissing each other. Brandi seemed satisfied with watching for now, as she was rubbing her own drenched cunt. Most of our groans were muffled, but some managed to escape our mouths, adding to the risk of getting caught.

After fucking my daughter for a while, making her squirt all over my cock another time, Brandi got tired of just playing with herself. "Sit up, babe." She asked sweetly, and I did what she wanted. I moved up to my knees, still thrusting although in a slower pace. My girlfriend got into my previous position, laying on top of Ellie as she took over kissing her for me. Her pussy was now basically pressed against Ellie's. "I need some too." She said with a naughty giggle, and I immediately gave her what she wanted. I pulled my cock out of my daughter's tight slit, and aimed a little bit higher.

I swung my hips forward, slamming my cock into Brandi's eager cunt. I had never fucked her as hard as I did then, roughly pounding her right of the start as my balls slapped against Ellie's pussy. Thanks to the wetness of the girls, filthy wet noises were soon being heard as my manhood hit the extreme moisture of them both. My hands held Brandi's hips for support, thrusting even harder and faster as I pulled her into me as well, making the thrusts deeper.

And then I noticed them. In the corner of my eye, the gate to our neighbor's gate had opened. They were both standing in the opening, and it was clear to me what they were doing. My neighbors were an outgoing couple, and although I had to admit Sarah was a gorgeous woman, I never really thought of her in a sexual way. Her husband, Thomas, was a good-looking guy as well, and nobody would ever deny that. They were both in their forties already, but it was clear they kept in shape. Thomas had a fit body, a clean haircut and he usually wore a suit. He was a typical businessman, and I had never seen him that way before. His swimming trunks were pulled down to his ankles, as he was obviously fucking his gorgeous wife. Being a housewife, she was a typical image as well. She had straight blonde hair, a creamy white skin and a body which she perfected with the aid of surgery. Her breasts must've been at least double D's, and her ass was pretty gigantic compared to her slender body type. I had to give it to her, she still looked awesome, even after having multiple kids.

Sarah's eyes locked with mine as I caught them watching us, and I knew Thomas knew as well. Her legs were slightly parted, allowing access to her husband as he was fucking her from behind. They clearly got turned on by watching us, and didn't want to stop doing so yet they wanted to fuck. Thomas' hand was covering his wife's mouth, and he was biting his own lip to not make any noise. His grimace was pretty intense, and I could tell he wouldn't last much longer. I smirked and shook my head in disbelief - never thought the innocent couple next-doors had a naughty side like that - as I kept thrusting my cock into Brandi's cock. She wasn't aware of the other couple nearby, and Ellie wasn't either. I watched my own action for a while, as my cock disappeared over and over again into the soaking wet pussy of my girlfriend, and then looked over at my neighbors again.

Thomas closed his eyes tightly, probably trying to think of something else to stay into this moment, while his wife was getting pounded with deep thrusts, her huge breasts swinging back and forth as they were pulled out of the bikini top she was wearing. I realized watching them must've been turning me on as much as it turned on the other couple, as I quickly approached my own orgasm, my cock starting to throb inside of Brandi.

Being watched must be playing a part in it too, as both Thomas and Sarah had their eyes glued onto Brandi and Ellie making out while I fucked the oldest of the two. My hands roamed over her big ass, while Thomas' thighs clapped against his wife's even bigger ass. I could tell he was cumming as I looked over at them, and got confirmed as he pulled his cock out of Sarah's pussy to spray the last few streams over her pussy. She reached between her own legs, picked up some of the semen as it was leaking down and then raised her fingers to her own mouth. As she licked them clean, providing a show for me, I got forced over the edge and groaned loudly.

I reached down and pulled my cock out, wanting to get a similar ending as Thomas. I came hard, covering the pussies of both Ellie and Brandi with my sticky seed. By the time I looked back up, Thomas and Sarah were gone. I smirked to myself, thinking about my next step. While the area was previously filled with the sounds of sex, it was then getting relatively quiet. Brandi was panting heavily after receiving a rough pounding, cuddling up with my pretty daughter. Another smack came off as I couldn't resist spanking my girlfriend, before I stood up. I pulled my swimming trunks back up, and then collected the bikini pieces before going inside by my own. Leaving the girls to lay right next to the pool, their naked bodies covered in semen, juices and sweat.

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