The Workout Program

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Shalendris goes to the gym, fucks a huge futa.
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"Ugh, where'd this come from?"

Shalendris frowned, grabbing the small bit of fat that had accumulated around her midsection. Looking at herself in the mirror, it seemed as though all of her had filled out. Her curves were quite nearly exploding out of the tight lacy bra and panties she wore. Of course, the night elf had always been extremely blessed in that department, but the last few months of peace following the Legion's defeat had allowed her more rest than she was accustomed to.

And food. Oh, she had sampled a few too many of Stormwind's baked goods, that was now evident.

She wasn't fat by any stretch of the imagination, but there was an added bit of padding there that she was somewhat uncomfortable with.

There's nothing wrong with being a little... larger... she told herself reassuringly, turning around and inspecting her ass in the mirror. But I'd like it if I didn't have to change my entire wardrobe.

And while the druidess was known for her form changing after exposure to various types of magical energy, such situations were rarely permanent.

Due to the elf's ever-changing physiology, Shalendris had managed to get her hands on a few articles of clothing that would adapt to her growing and shrinking curves. Yet, these were expensive, and the rate at which she changed sizes was quite taxing on the enchantments woven into the cloth's fibers.

She sighed, then turned back to face the mirror, inspecting herself once more. "I suppose," she said to no one in particular, "it could be worse."

Shalendris unhooked her bra, sighing in satisfaction as she felt the restrictive garment loosen. Tossing it aside, she looked down at her enormous chest. Even the word seemed like an understatement given the sheer size of those mountainous orbs, those fat fucking titties, those gigantic elven milkers. They did bring her a sense of pride, and she enjoyed their size, even if they did restrict her somewhat in the activities she could accomplish.

The elf reached up, cupping them both together in her hands, squeezing gently. They jiggled under her touch, the abundant flesh overflowing from between her fingers. She lifted them up, parting them to get a look at her stomach from another angle, frowning at the sight of the fat that had accumulated there.

Without bothering to put her bra on again, she let her massive melons fall free, slapping heavily against her ribcage and stomach before settling once more.

Shalendris sighed again, knowing full well how much work it would take to get rid of that fat. She much preferred the quiet of her living room and the warmth of a cup of tea to the sweat and effort of working out. But she knew she needed to get in shape. Ever since the Kaldorei had lost their immortality, small signs of that truth had begun popping up here and there. She was not yet old enough to die of natural causes and even the oldest of her people did not appear much older than 40 or 50 now, but... The thought frightened her. She would age slowly, but she would. And if she wanted to do so gracefully, then a bit of effort would do her good.

Not like there was much else to do these days.

⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️

A new construction, the gym was quite large, dominating many of Lakeshire's surrounding structures.

"Durgrim's Dumbbells..." Shalendris mouthed, looking up at the enormous mechanically animated sign picturing a dwarf lifting a massive weight, his arm slowly going up and down in rhythm with some ominous creaking and whirring. "Eye-catching, for sure."

She walked inside, scanning the interior quickly. It was a single large room, with a number of gnomish treadmills and exercise machines lined along the walls. Most surprising of all, however, was how utterly empty the place was.

I suppose their investment isn't paying off yet Shalendris thought, eyeing the three other people she could see. There were sounds of heavy iron machines being used further back, of which she could not see the source.

A single human man slept behind the reception desk, snoring loudly with his mouth wide open. Shalendris stared at him for a brief moment, hoping he would wake up.


His snoring got louder.



"Excuse me?!" she said, raising her tone more than she was ever comfortable with.

The young man, probably in his late teens or early twenties, nearly fell out of his chair, fumbling for something, anything to make it appear as though he was actually busy with work. "Ah, uh, yes, Durgrim's Dumbbells, how may I-"

He lost his words when his eyes landed upon Shalendris or, more precisely, her gigantic rack which overflowed from the décolletage of her exercise clothes. The elf had decided to wear gym clothes which were entirely too small for her (mostly due to the fact that she could find none that actually fit), and her curves, in a stunning display of excessive femininity, spilled every which way out of her clothing. Her sports bra seemed as though it would explode if she sneezed too hard, and her gym shorts dug into her thighs, creating slight indentations in that delectable thickness.

"Um, hey," Shalendris said, trying to offer him a smile, which he never noticed due to him being unable to tear his gaze away from her overgrown knockers. "I heard you opened up recently? I'd like to get a membership?"

When Shalendris thought all hope was lost for the young man, some divine intervention allowed him to look up at her to speak in complete sentences.

"Oh, um. Sorry... I'm new here. Memberships start at five gold a month for the basic package with the premium packages going for a hundred gold a month," he said, pointing to a sign above him which detailed all the different packages along with their advantages.

The elf blinked, staring at the sign and trying to decide which option best suited her. "I don't actually know much about all this... Do you have any training programs? Instructors?"

"Uh, yeah. We do," the man replied, still looking at Shalendris' chest. He finally looked up again, clearing his throat and forcing himself to look at her face. "We also have a few trainers who can help you with your specific needs and we hired a few new ones recently, too. Which is why we require our members to fill out a form before they begin their training. It helps us find out what kind of workout regimen will be most effective for them."

Shalendris took the clipboard from him and started filling it out. Her enormous tits wobbled about within her bra with the movement of her arm as she scribbled down far more information than was strictly necessary.

Why do they need to know my favourite brand of mana potion?

"Thank you," he said, looking over the information on the clipboard for a few minutes.

"According to this information, our Super Deluxe Platinum Turbo subscription might be a good fit for you. It comes with every perk, including access to a personal trainer and exclusive gym access."

"That sounds perfect," Shalendris answered, smiling broadly. Though completely inexperienced with such things, she wanted to appear as though she knew what she was doing.

She paid up the thousand gold needed for yearly access, wondering why she even needed exclusive gym access considering the place seemed almost empty anyway.

The paperwork took all of five minutes to complete and Shalendris slowly made her way to the rather intimidating machines.

"You can get started, get a feel for the place and we'll be sending your trainer over. Just need to send an arcane missive her way."

Shalendris nodded politely and began to walk around the gym, taking in all there was to see. She dropped her bag to the ground and pulled a towel from it.

There were a few people already working out, but no one really gave her much attention. A sea of all kinds of contraptions stretched out before her, from complex-looking machines to simple weights to anything in between. Her eye naturally went to the simplest-looking of them all, an Lshaped mechanical thing, with buttons and levers near chest-level and a long, flat bed. A row of about a dozen of them had been set up near some windows.

Quite a few of those. Must be popular, she reasoned, moving towards them. Luckily for her, a small sign had been set up near the machines.

"Please turn off the treadmills when you have completed your workout," it read.

"Treadmill, huh? Dwarves and gnomes always come up with the goofiest names," she chuckled to herself.

She moved onto one of the so-called treadmills, staring for a moment at all the levers and buttons there. She'd never seen such a device before but could quite well guess its purpose. Gnomish engineering wasn't always known for its ease of use but after a few moments of pushing buttons and pulling on random levers, the machine began making whirring and clanking noises to indicate that it had begun working.

Slowly, she started walking as the moving surface moved beneath her. In the window's reflection, she could see herself and just how inadequate her choice of clothing seemed. Every step brought with it a quaking of her gigantic tits, the amount of flesh overflowing from the top of her sports bra must have itself dwarfed the chests of most women in Lakeshire, she thought.

It didn't take long for Shalendris to become bored with the exercise. Walking through the woods was a far more enjoyable affair than walking in a single spot... She looked down at the clock on the machine.

A whole two minutes. Not bad, girl! she smirked proudly.

After a few minutes of walking on that treadmill, not even knowing that it had multiple speed settings, she jumped off, nearly causing her tremendous bust to bounce out of her undersized sports bra. With both hands holding those mountainous orbs to calm their incessant quaking, the woman made her way to another machine.

This one seemed far more difficult to figure out, with a seat and two handles near where one's head should be when sitting. It seemed of an appropriate size for her, though it was hard to tell, as there seemed to be machines to accommodate the smallest and largest races of the Alliance.

Shalendris sat down, placing her hands on the handles and looking around to make sure no one was looking at her. She tried pulling on them, to no avail. The thing wouldn't budge, no matter how hard she tried.

"Ooh, this is going to be a challenge," she mused aloud.

She pulled harder, grunting and groaning as she did so. After a few minutes of struggling, she felt the handle move slightly before snapping back into place.

Shalendris let out a yelp of surprise, standing up to inspect the machine, wondering if, perhaps, she needed to press on some button or pull some lever to get it to work, as she had done with the gnomish treadmill. The thing didn't seem to have any, though she did realize that a huge stack of iron plates near the back of the machine had a pin in it.

Perhaps if I...

She pulled the pin from the stack. Reading the numbers on the iron plates, she soon realized that she had accidentally tried lifting a thousand pounds. She blushed, glad that no one was there to judge her ineptitude or lack of strength.

She was already covered in a thin layer of sweat and she could feel it running down her forehead.

By Elune... I've barely been here fifteen minutes...

She decided to try again, this time pressing down on the handle and giving it a good tug. It moved forward a tiny bit before snapping back into place yet again. Even with a tenth of the weight, she struggled. But she persisted, groaning, jaw clenched, as she pushed and pushed. The machine gave, and her arms moved forward.

She could feel her arms shaking, struggling from the effort. As she pushed, she could feel the strain in her pectoral muscles, and her arms soon pressed against her enormous elven tits, mashing them together and causing her already mile-long cleavage to deepen further. She struggled and struggled, trying to complete at least one repetition of the exercise, but her tits had gotten in the way and she could not push any harder, as those mountainous things blocked and further movement.

She slowly released the machine, feeling the weights settle back into place on the stack.

"Fudge..." she groaned, leaning her head back and closing her eyes.

"I can help with that," she heard a familiar voice come from behind her.

A great, horizontal weight slapped across the shelf of her fat, wobbling elf-tits. She opened her eyes, surprised by the heft of the thing being pressed to her breasts, those shining silver orbs being greeted by the sight of a gigantic, purple, vein-covered cock. Thicker than her calves, the enormous thing lurched visibly, long enough that her peripheral vision couldn't see from one end of the thing to the other.

Shalendris turned her head, looking upwards at the owner of said cock. Her heart nearly jumped out of her chest in joy when she recognized Isstra, the gigantic Draenei warrior, staring down at her with a cocky grin. "Isstra!" she cried, wanting nothing more than to jump up and give the other woman a tight hug, though the weight of the Draenei's massive prick prevented her from doing so.

"You've grown bigger since last I saw you." Isstra grinned, the Draenei's thick cock still firmly planted atop her boobs. She grabbed her dick by the root and gave Shalendris's tits a few smacks.

Shalendris gave a few furtive glances around the gym, wondering if anyone was seeing what was going on.

Isstra chuckled, the enormous, purple-skinned woman winking down at Shalendris. "Closed the gym for a bit. When they told me a new customer had come in and I saw your name... I told Tim to take the rest of the day off."

Shalendris blushed. "I didn't know you worked here."

"Well, you know, after the Legion's fall, I had to find employment somehow. Got tired of fightin'." "But... why?"

Isstra shrugged. "Got bored? Needed something to do? Don't matter now, does it?"

Shalendris nodded slowly with the slightest hint of a blush. She always got a little shy around Isstra, which was surprising considering the amount of raunchy sex the two women had enjoyed together. But the tall, muscular woman had a personality as large as she was, and the night elf had often found herself on the receiving end in their encounters, both socially and physically. She didn't mind, however. It was nice being desired, she thought, and she found it hard to resist the horned warrior.

"So, uhm..." Shalendris began, her cheeks burning slightly. "What are we doing today, Mrs. Trainer?" she said with a teasing smirk.

Isstra smiled back at her, a wicked glint in her eyes. "Well, we've got to do some stretching, first. Now, judging by how you've been using that machine, I'd wager you don't have much experience with the whole working out thing, aye?"

The druidess shook her head. "No," she replied softly, a nervous twinge running through her.

"Well, then... let's start off easy, shall we?" said the Draenei, slowly lifting her gargantuan fuckpole from Shalendris's tits, allowing her to stand properly.

Isstra led Shalendris to a nearby bench, where she sat with her legs spread wide, her enormous, half-hard prick taking up much of that bench. "Now, I want you to get comfortable, relax," she said, watching the elf's monumental udders bouncing within the confines of her sports bra. Her cock throbbed visibly as it filled with blood.

Considering Isstra's ogling of her chest, it was only natural that she'd return the favor and ogle the warrior's titanic elf-wrecker, too.

Elune's moons thought Shalendris. It keeps getting bigger and fatter.

"Relax your shoulders, now. Let out a big breath," instructed Isstra, her eyes fixed on Shalendris's huge melons.

Shalendris did so, and Isstra watched as her nipples hardened beneath the fabric of her bra. "Good girl," she cooed, reaching forward to run her fingers along Shalendris's massive mammaries, feeling the softness of her skin.

"Good, now roll your neck around like this," said Isstra, rolling her own neck. Shalendris copied her, and Isstra continued to run her hands over the elf's bust, making sure to cup her giant orbs in her palms.

"You're doing great, darling."

Shalendris blushed. "Thank you," she replied shyly.

Isstra leaned back on the bench, giving Shalendris a perfect view of her gigantic cock. "Now, grab your ankles and give your legs a real good stretch," the Draenei said, and Shalendris obeyed.

"That's it, nice and deep. Now, hold it there for a moment," instructed Isstra, and Shalendris held her position.

"Other leg..." ordered the Draenei, and Shalendris did as commanded, stretching her left leg out behind her. She felt Isstra's hands on her thighs, gently massaging the flesh.

It felt great, there was no denying it, and Shalendris could feel herself becoming extremely turned on by the other woman's touch.

"Good," said Isstra, continuing to massage Shalendris's thighs. "Now, let's try something else," she added.

Isstra stood up from the bench, and Shalendris's eyes followed as the bedicked woman stuffed her gigantic cock back into her leggings, the fat tube of meat stretching the garment obscenely. "I'm going to put my hands on your waist," said Isstra, and Shalendris nodded, as though the Draenei even needed permission to touch her.

She found it cute, nonetheless.

"Now I want you to reach down and touch your toes," the Draenei said, watching as Shalendris tried her best but, once more, the size of the elf's chest was such that certain movements were made difficult and she soon found her face pressed into her own cleavage. While elves were known for their flexibility, there were limits to what they could achieve.

With a groan, Shalendris straightened, once more glancing down to the enormous length running down Isstra's thigh.

There was a sexual tension in the air, and both women could feel it, but they nonetheless kept up the little game, knowing full well that sooner or later, the dam would break and Shalendris would find herself impaled upon Isstra's dick as she had so many times before.

"That's it," said the Draenei, "you're doing very well."

Shalendris blushed, unable to look away from that thick shaft.

"Now, we're just going to give your waist a nice stretch..." the Draenei said, and Shalendris couldn't help but bite her lip at the way Isstra said the word stretch. There was an inherent sexuality to her tone, which made the elf gush internally.

She was starting to get wet already, and she knew that if Isstra kept talking like that, she would be soaking through her panties in no time.

"Raise your arms like this and rotate your upper body, like this," Isstra said, demonstrating the exercise. Shalendris copied her, feeling the muscles in her back tense. It was almost painful, but she didn't complain as Isstra continued to instruct her.

That horizontal rotating motion, however, caused Shalendris' bust to bounce and wobble about lewdly, much to Isstra's delight and her cock lurched once more approvingly.

"Very good," said Isstra, "keep going."

Shalendris did as she was told, those obscene fuckpillows bouncing around to such a degree that for a brief instant, the elf feared she might knock herself out. Her bra, it seemed, was wholly inadequate for the strains she was putting it through.

"Okay, now let's try something a little different," said Isstra, stepping back slightly and moving to what appeared to be a horizontal bar about nine or so feet in the air. Tall enough that Shalendris had to reach to grab onto the thing but low enough that Isstra's head was three feet higher than it. "Can you manage one pull-up?" the toned woman asked, grinning.

"Um... I don't know," Shalendris admitted, looking up at the bar. She'd never, in all her years, attempted this kind of exercise.