tagChain StoriesThe Worst Chain Story Ever Ch. 03

The Worst Chain Story Ever Ch. 03


Magdalena Shaw sat at her computer later that night searching through internet chat rooms as the sperm leaked out of her well used ass and pussy. Her husband was still futilely trying to make his limp dick hard when she stumbled into a BDSM room. Immediately she started receiving instant messages from Master's swarming to her like fresh meat. Really the swarm was like a fly on shit but that's not an analogy we want to picture in porn stories.

Magdalena settled on the one who had the biggest cock picture in his profile and lived the closest and asked if he would like some submissive pussy and ass for the night.

"Yeah bitch," Master Poonhound replied, "get your slutty ass over here so I can beat it and fuck you now!"

He gave her his address and Magdalena rushed out to her car after telling her limp dick husband she was going out to fuck another real man while he struggled to get hard.

Barnt chickee barnt bern, the cheesy porn music blared on the other side of the door as Magdalena prepared to knock. Suddenly she felt a thump on her ass and turned only to feel a slap across the face.

"Get down on your knees and worship my big cock slut!" Master P ordered.

"Oh yes, big master," Magdalena cooed as she dropped to her knees and grabbed his cock through his black leather pants and started to stroke it as she opened his pants with her free hand. At once his big thick cock sprung out of his pants as the zipper came down and smacked her right in the forehead. It was an amazing piece of man meat she thought as she struggled to get both hands around it. She leaned forward licking her lips and looking up at him as she tongued his cock and sucked up all the precum leaking copiously from its gargantuan head.

"Yeah, suck it like a pro whore and deep throat it like all you bitches can."

Magdalena did just that she opened her mouth and took him to the hilt in her tight little mouth and throat on the first attempt, never gagging and making it feel so good for her Master. She bobbed her head licking his balls every time she came down to his base. She reached behind him and shoved a finger in his ass as she sucked on him massaging his prostrate and forcing him to cum right then deep in her throat.

"Oh fuck me you silly slut, you really know how to get a master off and shoving a finger up my ass yum, you are a kinky whore." He grabbed her by the hair then and led her inside and down into his dungeon and cuffed her to the wall as he attached nipple clamps and one to her clit. The porn music in the background just managed to turn her on enough that she enjoyed the pain as he tugged the little chain connecting all three hoops real hard.

"Yes, Master Poonhound, tug those chains and make your little slut cum hard before you fuck her with that monster cock."

Master P, grabbed her chain and yanked it hard bringing her nipples and clit erect with a single tug. He then turned her around and stared whipping her ass with his flogger and made her ass beet red, "You really like that slut don't you," he asked as he slipped a finger in her soaked snatch from behind to see just how much she was enjoying herself. Then he did what she knew he would and grabbed her ass and pushed his big mammoth cock into her from behind as he pushed her up against the wall. Her erect nipples pushing into the concrete and she loved it as she got pounded from behind.

Master Poonhound grabbed her hair and yanked it hard and slapped her face lightly as he railed her from behind forcing her to take all his cock in only a plunge. Her wet pussy easily accommodated his huge prick since she was soaked and he knew that she was just a filthy whore needing a little abuse and domination to make her wet. He reached down and slipped a finger in her tight asshole and it easily slipped in with little pressure, probably because she was such a good slut and enjoyed getting banged in the ass regularly he figured.

Magdalena told him to fuck her ass then, she said she could take him all back there in her tight little poopshoot if he wanted.. "Hell yes, I'll fuck your ass you silly little slut, you know us master's love fucking tight little newbie assholes."

With that he spit on his hand slapped her ass and drove his cock in past her tight little sphincter in one hard push, with Magdalena being the slut that she was though it slipped right in and didn't hurt too much.

"Yeah big master, oh god it hurts so good," she screamed, "fuck my tight little ass and cum in or on me whenever and wherever you want, I'm only here to serve your please sir."

Master Poonhound, drove deep in her ass and felt his balls tighten and started shooting ropes after ropes of cum, as he did he leaned over her and handcuffed her to the bed and then pulled out as his super huge cock unloaded stream after stream of cum all over her back and dribbled back down to her asshole and pussy. Soon enough he was hard again and started the process all over.

"Your mine now slut, at least until the sun comes up in the morning," he told her as he stuffed his prick back inside her dripping wet snatch.

Magdalena was definitely getting the fucking tonight she had been looking for even if it wasn't coming from her limp dick husband. "Spank me some more sir and make it hurt this time master."

Magdalena left hours later caked with the nights cum on her inner thighs and asshole, she felt well used and headed home to see if her husband had finally managed to get it up.

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