tagIncest/TabooThe Wounded Hawthorne Family

The Wounded Hawthorne Family

byCardinal Singh©

I wrote this as a sort of therapy in trying to get over my own love affair with my bother. It's totally perverse, but harmless. Please PLEASE dont come on to anyone you are related to -- the pleasure is NOT worth the pain.

* * * * * *

Elizabeth came in to the den and just stood there staring silently at the TV screen.

"What are you doing still up?" I asked

"I was online. Now I'm just bored. Where's Mom?"

"She went to bed."

"Anything good on?" She asked yawning.

"Nah. Stupid movie. I was just about to go to bed"

My daughter yawned again and stretched making her purple T-shirt rise to expose her white belly and the panties underneath. At eighteen Lizzie is beautiful, with blue eyes, milky white skin, long strawberry blonde hair and still just a hint of baby fat

"Snuggle." she said simply.

I moved deeper into the big, plush sofa to give her room, lying back into the comfortable cushions and Lizzie snuggled in to lie with me so that I was spooning her. Soon we were both comfortable, snuggled up close together and watching that stupid movie. After a few moments, Lizzie reached for the remote and began to flip through the stations as I lay behind her not really watching anymore.

A bit of time passed and I must have faded a little.

"Mmmm....that's nice." my daughter cooed, bringing me back to full consciousness

Only then did I realize I'd been moving my hand up and down her front -- rubbing her tummy broadly under her purple T-shirt, moving up to just under the swell of her breasts and then down to the hem of her panties. I did this absentmindedly, but much more like I might have done with my wife had she been there in the same position.

Thinking nothing more of it, I moved her luxurious hair aside and pressed a kiss on the soft nape of her neck, just below her ear. She uttered another "mmm," and wriggled her behind around to settle in and get more comfortable. I started to smile too, then froze for a moment when I felt the beginnings of an erection, pressed as I was beneath my daughter's bottom.

"Mmmm," she murmured again, "That 's really nice."

She was smiling and though it felt somewhat sexual, it also still seemed very innocent and all perfectly ordinary. We were not doing anything we had never done. I planted another little kiss on her neck and again she purred quietly. Now I was beginning to steadily stiffen, so I gently tried to shift my position to relieve the pressure. Lizzie squirmed and moved with me however, adjusting to my new position, so that in the end there was no change and my now nearly fully erect phallus, was nestled snugly between the cheeks of my daughter's behind. I tried paying attention to the TV in an effort to lose the erection, but Elizabeth squirmed again.

"Daddy? You're hard!" she exclaimed suddenly.

I chuckled nervously, smiled sheepishly, totally embarrassed, but to my surprise, she squirmed around some more -- as though to feel it out more thoroughly.

"Doesn't it hurt?" said asked, turning her head so that her big blue eyes peered curiously into mine, so close I could feel her breath on my face.

"No, I'm ok. It doesn't hurt." I said, trying to sound nonchalant

Then there were multitudes of butterflies in my stomach as she turned back, let out the tiniest of laughs, and began to subtly and slowly move her bottom my now fully erect penis.

"What are you doing Lizzie?" I asked, a little breathless

"Nothing." she stated in a kind of matter of fact way.

Temporarily dumbfounded by this response and not wanting to sound accusatory, I rested my hand on her tummy, gently rubbing it broadly once more, while she wiggled subtly on my hardness.

Now something changed.

Nothing was said, but I could feel it in the air; a certain seriousness. We both now knew that we were somewhere where we shouldn't be. Her movements became noticeably more pronounced. I was afraid to touch her, but still I touched her and she touched me. I rubbed her smooth belly with my left hand and held her from underneath with my right as she rode her beautiful ass up and down my hardness -- I didn't dare let my hands go anywhere else, but allowed my pelvis to move in a slow, natural rhythm as my beautiful daughter moved with me.

Lizzie's breathing became uneven as she moved her ass on me. Then without warning, she turned on her side in my embrace, and pressed a sweet kiss on my lips before jumping up and heading down the dark hallway to her bedroom.

I lay there for a while shaking off the effects of this event before rising and switching off the TV. I stopped by the bathroom and after a pee, began to grasp and stroke myself to a renewed hardness. After a few moments however, I chided and shamed myself for the thoughts that had suddenly popped into my brain and headed to bed.

Julie woke up lazily when I crawled in next to her.

"Where've you been?" she asked sleepily, her eyes still closed.

"Watching TV with Lizzie," I said.

"MmmK." Julie stretched languorously, then raising her knees, she slowly and absentmindedly began to run her hands up and down her own naked body. My wife is also very beautiful, with clear white skin, naturally auburn hair, and piercing blue eyes. After twenty-six years of marriage, I can honestly say that she still turns me on like no other (recent events not withstanding). Julie has also always had quite an appetite for sex. Even in her half conscious state, her hips began to rock gently as her fingers ever so slowly, moved around her womanhood, lost in the auburn thicket of her bush.

Yet another small wave of guilt washed over me and I suddenly felt the need to tell her what had just happened between Lizzie and me.

"Lizzie laid with me on the couch while we watched TV," I said cautiously and somewhat slowly, somehow expecting a reaction to this perfectly ordinary sentence.

There was of course no reaction and my wife continued to casually and sleepily play with herself.

"I got an erection Julie ... with her lying there."

There was a pause, and her hand stopped

"She's a beautiful girl." my wife offered plainly.


My wife's fingers became busier now as she pleasured herself. I knew that now she was aiming at getting me interested, but my mind was still consumed with guilt.

"There's more," I said simply.

Once again her fingers stopped, remaining stationary at the top of her sex. "Did you two do anything?" she asked.

"Well... she kind of... I mean we kind of rubbed against one another for a little while."

Julie sighed dismissively. "Oh Honey. You always worry."

There was a pause and then she told me something that I had never known.

"I'll tell you a secret." she whispered conspiratorially, "I had intense fantasies about my father when I was her age and I seem to remember a particularly exciting slow dance that we had one night."

"You're kidding."

"No, really." she admitted with a smile. "I rubbed myself all over him, then went back to my bedroom and masturbated like crazy."

"Damn." I replied, my heart quickening a bit.

At that moment, I wanted Julie to tell me all of her fantasies over her father. I wanted to know how far she thought she could have let herself go with him. Instead, I let the questions go unasked, too afraid to reveal even to myself how much further I could have wanted things to go between Elizabeth and me.

My thoughts then went back to Lizzie in her room. Was she in there at that moment, furiously masturbating and dreaming of me? All of this was wicked and erotic and wrong and outrageous and I was once again hard as a rock. But even as I was shamefully aroused, the whole thing still seemed quite innocent and harmless somehow. It was after all completely in the realm of fantasy -- almost completely. It even made sense now in a crazy kind of way as I thought back to some of the strong fantasies and sessions of masturbation that I myself had had over my mother and especially my older sister.

"So do you think what happened is.... is a normal thing?" I asked, my mouth dry

My wife smiled, a slow, knowing, wicked smile "I don't know," she said coyly, "Let's see."

Julie rolled over, took my hardness into her hand and bent to bring it to her lips. I groaned as she flicked out her tongue and teased me, licking slowly around the tip, then sucking only the head into her mouth. Julie is really very good and I was almost immediately moving toward orgasm. It turns Julie on immensely when I explode in her mouth. She says it makes her feel powerful. But tonight Julie didn't want power. She wanted to abandon herself. After a few moments, my beautiful wife slowed her expert sucking and began kissing lightly at the throbbing erection before her.

"Be my Daddy," she said, looking up, her cool blue eyes drilling into my own. "Be my Daddy tonight and fuck me."

The sex that followed was some of the most fantastic of our entire marriage.


Morning came and I was determined to do nothing at all but rest. Julie, our son Chris and our eldest daughter Gwendolyn had left early to go to the local superstore to look for gardening supplies and other stuff before the crowds got too big, leaving me and Elizabeth alone in the house to sleep in. I had risen with my wife, had a small breakfast with her, showered and shaved, then returned to bed to just languish and forget all of my worries existed.

"Daddy........? Daaaaddy....?"

I must have fallen asleep again. I opened my eyes to see Lizzie smiling down at me.

"Hey...." I groaned sleepily

"Morning Daddy, just gonna take a bath ok?"

"Yeah....sure." Why couldn't she use one of the other bathrooms?

"Thanks, Daddy," she chirped, pulling a fresh, white towel from the closet and disappearing into the bathroom.

Through slitted eyes, I noticed that Lizzie had left the bathroom door slightly ajar. Through the gap I heard the bathtub begin to fill, saw her purple T-shirt fall to the floor followed by her panties on top of the shirt. I drifted for a while back and forth between sleep and wakefulness. The next time I opened my eyes it seemed, Lizzie was there again, standing on her mother's side of the bed, wrapped in the white fluffy towel. Her hair, which had been a tangled morning mess, now hung damp, clean and freshly brushed. "Can we talk, Daddy?"

"Sure sweetheart, what about?"

She didn't speak. Instead, she crawled into bed with me and assumed the same position she had taken the night before on the couch, her towel covered body pressed against me, her head resting back on my shoulder.

She turned her face up toward mine, smiled a mischievous smile, and said "Nothing!" I gave her a squeeze and wrapped my arms around her. .

"Mmmm," she purred, still smiling. "This is what I really wanted."

I smiled too and held her close, enjoying the warm glow her closeness had always provided me.

"Daddy?" she asked in a few moments, breaking the silence.


"Kiss my neck again like you did last night." her voice still had that mischievous quality to it. It all made me just a little bit wary.

"Ok." I replied simply

I kissed her neck gently just below her ear and then again a little lower. Lizzie purred contentedly in response to my kisses stretching out her arms and arching her back. She was of course freshly bathed, so smooth and scented and nice and it all felt too good. I stopped kissing her neck at that moment, but she immediately objected.

"Kiss my neck Daddy." she half complained, half demanded.

"Oh Honey," I started to object. I had good reason to object, we were in bed, with me only in my boxers and her clad only in that fluffy white towel. I was kissing her neck as she moved sensuously against me. An objection was the right thing.

Elizabeth however brushed away this objection with a little harrumph. "Oh Daddy, just kiss my neck."

Her back still to me, I again pressed my lips against the back of her neck. With each of my kisses came a soft, feminine "Mmmm" from my baby girl -- and with each of those, God help me, came a new stirring in my cock, which was beginning to harden uncontrollably. Once again, I was terrified, but this time, there was no doubt in my mind that her goal was to make me hard and this knowledge made my heart pound furiously. Then, as we moved together in our embrace, my once again full hardness pushed at her, this time at the towel covering her naked behind.

"Daddy, you're hard again." She stated with a kind of breathless accomplishment in her voice. And then, again she was rubbing her now freshly bathed towel-covered nakedness against my raging hardness. I know that I should have objected, but instead I again allowed my hips to move with her until once more, my daughter turned her head to look back into my eyes. I expected a smile, a quick kiss and then to have her escape again and go back to her own room. But she just stared at me, a long, terribly serious stare.

She moved forward and slowly pressed her lips against mine and kissed me closed mouth to closed mouth for a few long moments, then moved back and stared into my eyes again, that same serious expression on her face.

There was a moment of silence and she was moving in for another kiss, only this time her eyes were closed and I automatically knew that she was aiming for a far deeper kiss.

"Wait." I said firmly, my heart positively lurching in my chest, "What are we doing?"

Elizabeth said nothing. She opened her eyes for a moment to stare into mine once more. Her gaze was both strong and serious, as if it was intended to communicate some silent message. Then she closed her eyes again and once more began moving toward the kiss that would plunge us both into some wicked abyss.

I still had a little resolve left in me.

I grasped her upper arms firmly and kissed her hard but still with my mouth emphatically closed, then turned her body toward me to tell her that we had gone too far and could go no further.

"Look," I said, "I realize that people have fantasies, but some fantasies are not..."

Lizzie stopped my sermon quickly with her full lips on mine so softly. God, so soft.

"Be quiet Daddy," she whispered, her breath on my face. "Be with me."

Again my daughter's full, pliant and demonically soft lips touched mine and I found myself not resisting.

We were kissing and then really kissing.

I was kissing my own daughter deeply, intimately and the sheer gripping intensity of that kiss was like nothing I had ever experienced in my life up to that point. I was literally shaking with both doubt and desire. My entire psyche was overwhelmed by the contradiction of fatherly love and the animal lust that suddenly coursed through my veins. I was, in equal parts, filled with shame and the joyful feeling of our true affection, a lover's tenderness and an oppressive guilt. As we kissed, Lizzie gently gripped my wrist and placed my hand against the towel covering her left breast. I jerked it back automatically, but my daughter gently and patiently grasped it once more and placed it back on the warm, slightly moist towel. She leaned forward arching her back, pushing her breast into my hand. I stared dumbly down at the offending hand as it trembled against the towel covering her.

She reached up to the front of the towel and let it loose so that it fell off everywhere but from around my hand. I moved my hand away and the towel collapsed next to her prone form, silently exposing much of her nude body.

Unbelievable. The perfect flower of feminine youth. Wrong. Irresistible.

This time my hand moved of it's own volition. It rose up and I felt it close on her naked breast, cupping the impossible softness. Her nipple was hard and felt hot under my palm and my daughter gasped audibly as my thumb slipped over it.

"Oh my baby," I heard myself groan, lost in fog.

Lizzie reached down and took my face in her hands guiding me to kiss her deeply once more. I held her in one strong arm, while my other hand still moving as if apart from me, slid down over her breasts, down over soft, clean skin, over her belly to the gap between her milky thighs. I cupped her mound and squeezed, then gasped and shuddered in the sudden and total shock of finding her far, far more wet than I could have possibly imagined. My fingers kneaded her soaking wet sex as our tongues slid together with growing passion. She breathed harder and heavier, then began to gasp and moan as she ground herself on my hand. She sucked in a quick breath as I allowed a single finger to pierce her, cleaving the folds of her labia and sliding up into her incredible wetness and heat. She gasped again and thrust against it. I was astonished at her excitement as she pushed against my finger and I allowed a second to enter her. My daughter laid her head back against my arm forcefully and sighed loudly as I delved into her garden, then moaned deliciously as I bent to lick and suckle at her pretty nipple.

"Daddy!" she gasped. "Oooh! Oohhhh! Unhhhhh!"

"You like that, baby?" I breathed, hardly recognizing it as my own voice.


I thrust my fingers up to the knuckles inside her as she ground against them, then caught her clitoris between two fingers and rolled it rapidly back and forth. Elizabeth cried out in pleasure, arching her back and rolling her hips. Then she was thrashing and shaking as I held her with one hand and pushed her toward orgasm with the other. She gasped and panted and whined and pulsated, for several long moments, pushing her head back hard into my chest and shoulder.

When it was over, my lovely, naked daughter panted heavily against me, catching her breath

"Oh, God.... Daddy," she whispered finally, still panting. "Oh, Daddy. That was amazing"

I had no words.

"God, That was good. Thank you."

"Your welcome." I said automatically.

My heart took another life-threatening leap then as Elizabeth fixed her eyes on mine and smiled a purposeful and completely sexual smile. She moved onto her knees on the bed in front of me to grasp and pull at the elastic hem of my boxers.

"God...." she groaned when my hardness was exposed. Immediately she moved down and gently took it into her hand. I watched her in amazement as she touched the tip of her tongue to its underside. I groaned as she licked all around it, then down the sides of my shaft, and back up to the head again. She parted her lips and moved forward to take me in.

There was a noise from the kitchen.

"Hellooo. Were home...."

Father and daughter scrambled like their lives depended on it.

"Paul?....Lizzie?.... "

When Julie walked into our bedroom she saw her husband sitting up in bed with the covers over him and her freshly showered daughter in a loosely tied towel sitting next to him. I don't think she saw the breathlessness I was desperately trying to conceal, but there was still something about the scene that bothered her.

"What have you two been up to?" my wife asked, a hint of suspicion in her voice

"Just talking." I offered a little too quickly.

"Yeah Mom. Just talking."

My wife's eyes narrowed, "Ok then. Lizzie, go off to your room now. Dad and I have to talk ok?"

"Ok Mom." Elizabeth agreed. She lifted herself off the bed, glanced back to give me a short, secret little smile, and was gone.

My wife looked back at me, "Ok, what happened this time?" Julie asked, Her tone was no nonsense, but calm. She was clearly suspicious but also, I perceived, intrigued somehow.

I attempted to feign ignorance and was immediately sorry "What?"

"Don't you dare lie to me Paul." she said calmly "Don't you dare."

"Alright, ok, what do you want to know?"

"She was nearly naked Paul. Now what happened?"

"Well..." I began. It felt more than a little strange to try to explain to my wife how our daughter and I had just had sex "She came in here and crawled into bed with me. She had just bathed and was dressed just the way you saw her. She snuggled up against me and asked me to kiss her neck the way I did last night. Before I knew it, I was hard again and we were rubbing against one another like we did last night."

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