The Xmas Party


This is the story of the awakening of Betty and how she found out she like to show off. It also is the beginning of the end for Mary. Terry's jealousy will bring that part of the relation ship to an end soon!

Terry, Mary and Betty had just set down to dinner on Friday night after a long week. We were about half way through with our meal when I told them about the Xmas party the office girls at my company had planed.

"Well ladies I have a party next Saturday night. It's my Xmas party and we can all go if you want."

I looked at all three of them. "Well I can't go. I have to be in Denver for a work conference." Mary said.

"Terry was shaking her head, "I can't go either. Remember I have to take your mom to the mall that night for her sale thing."

My hopes were fading fast as I turned to Betty, "Well Sam I am sorry, but I just guess you will just have to take me out by my self!" she looked at Terry, "Will you help me get ready?"

"Sure I would love to. These things are fun and it is good to get to dress all up and now and then plus we get to go shopping!"

The week whipped by and Mary left on Thursday for her work thing leaving us alone. Terry and Betty had been out shopping at least three times and finally on Friday they came in all smiles.

"Well young man I can tell you that you are going to love her dress!" Terry said as they walked past me to the bedroom.

"Let me see it!" I called.

"No way! You are just going to have to wait!" Betty called back.

Then next day Betty left to get her hair done as Terry left to take my mom to do her thing. Terry came to me kissing me softly. "I think we will be late so I probably will just stay the night at your moms. You enjoy your self."

"Would you have spent the night at moms if Mary was going?" I asked.

"You know the answer to that! There is no way I would let you go out with her by your self!" she came up to me griping my cock through my pants, "Look I am staying at your moms hoping you and Betty fuck your brains out. I love her and am more than willing to let her have you but Mary will never get the chance to have you with out me there to let her know this is mine!" She rubbed my cock harder. "Betty all ready knows this is mine and that she can use it." she kissed me, "She also knows that little wet slit between her legs belongs to me to!" With that she kissed me again and walked out the door. "See you about noon to marrow. I love you!"

I was in the shower when Betty came home from getting he hair done. She stuck her head in the bathroom. "I need about a half hour. Is that ok?"

"That should be just right." I called to her.

I dressed in my suit and tie and was setting at the kitchen bar when Betty walked in. Her hair was piled up high on her head. Her make up was perfect and her eyes sparkled with fire as she looked at me. Her dress was black with a high halter type collar around her neck. It had a tear drop shaped opening between her breasts that was so wide open I thought I could see some of her dark nipple. It was also cut very narrow along the side so that a large amount of her tits was exposed on the sides. It was floor length hugging her hips and thighs as she moved. She turned slowly around giving me the whole show and when she turned her back to me I almost came in my pants! The back was open from the collar down to the top of her butt exposing just the start of the crack in her ass! I knew there was no way she could have on any panties and then I realized as she turned moving to me I that was seeing her dark nipples and the milky whiteness of her breast through the dark material of he dress! I stopped her as she came close to me looking at her in the light. God I could even just make out the out line of her little landing strip bush! I realized she was completely nude under her dress and that any one looking would be able to see her!

"Is it to much?" she asked as I turned her again.

"No way! Betty I have never seen you look better! But before we go I have to ask, you do know just how much I can see, right?"

"Yes I do but I think it will be dark enough where we go to make it ok." She looked at me; "I can change if you want me to."

"No way lady!" I kissed her softly, "Let's go!" I took her hand and as we walked out to my truck I asked, "Did you know Terry thinks your pussy belongs to her?"

I looked at her as the late sunshine lit up her nude body under her thin dress. "Well she is right I guess in a way. I like it when she kisses it but I think it belongs to you to because I sure like what you do to it to!" She kissed me as she slipped into my truck and I closed the door.

We drove hand in hand to the party and as I pulled into the parking lot I asked her, "Last chance to change your mind."

"Stop the truck right here!" she said and I did. She pulled my hand up to her lips kissing my fingers. "You have always liked it when Terry and I have flashed or shown off for you. To night is for you, I bought this dress for you knowing it would turn you on, umm, I know how it turns you on knowing how many people might see me and knowing they can't have me! I knew it; it would make you happy. I know that these people work for you and if it is to much we can go home!" She gave me a long look, "Or we can go in there and have a good time and make them all wonder just what you have going on!"

My dick was rock hard and I put her hand on it. "I just wanted to give you the chance to change your mind. I love you Betty and I want you happy to."

It just slipped out and her eyes grew large when I said it and her eyes got moist. "I have waited a long time to hear that. I love you to!" she kissed me, "Now lets go to the party!"

The guy parking cars opened her door and almost broke his neck doing a double take as she slipped out of the truck. The lights from the restaurant let him get a good long look at her as she stood waiting for me. I walked around giving the guy my keys smiling as he tore his eyes away from Betty.

"Well that was a little brighter than I thought it would be!" she said in a little shaky voice as we walked away.

"Well I bet he won't for get tonight for a long time!" I said as I took her hand. "You know I just realized most of these people know Terry. This should be fun! I wonder how long it will be before some one will tell her about me bringing you to this thing!"

Betty was laughing as we walked into the room and right into my secretary! Her eyes run over Betty as I did the introductions and slipped us off to our table. It was not quit as dark in the place as we thought it would be and as we got close to people there head turned to watch us.

We ate our meal and had a few glasses of wine and Betty began to relax. She had to pee and I watched as she glided over to the bathroom and then when she came back I witched at the light played off he body. She might as well have been naked as she came to me and every eye in the place was on her! Betty sat back down with me smiling from ear to ear.

"I had no idea I would enjoy this as much as I am. It is a turn on knowing they are looking at me and wondering about us!"

Dinner was over and we moved into the ballroom where it was a little darker but that just made it so that shadows of her breasts and bush could be seen as she moved. When she turned her back to me I could just make out the darker line of her soft little ass crack! That made it even hotter not knowing what they were seeing. We had a constant line of people coming up to us to meet her as she stood next to me and she seemed to swell with pride as there eyes would drop to her breasts or lower to her dark bush.

The band began to play and she sat down her wine to pull me onto the dance floor. I pulled her up to me letting my hand drop over her bottom. We were the only ones on the floor and all eyes were on us as I turned Betty around the ballroom. She slipped up on her tiptoes mashing her tits into my chest! My dick had not gotten soft all evening and I pushed it into her belly as she leaned into me.

"My God Sam! I didn't know I would get so hot knowing people could see me, or that men would want to get a good look at me! I am so wet my stocking tops are wet!" she rubbed her tummy on my dick, "And did I do that to you?"

"Yes you did, and I think I will bust soon!" I cupped her ass in my hand as we turned.

"Do you want to fuck me?" She asked.

"Yes very badly!"

She leaned back looking into my eyes. "Do you want to lick my nipples?"

"Yes! I want to have them between my teeth nipping on them!"

"Did you mean what you said?"

"Yes I did! I have been in love with you for a long time."

She slipped her head into my neck and as I turned her we passed a mirror that I could see us in. By me pulling her dress tight across her ass her it had become almost shear! Her cheeks could be seen flexing with each step as we danced. I looked around to see a lot of eyes on us as we turned.

"I'm going to turn us past a mirror and I want you to look at your self." I whispered to her. She looked up at me and then as I turned her past the mirror I could feel it as she caught her breath.

She looked up at me smiling, "Well, if they hadn't figured out that I'm not wearing any panties before they know it now don't they!" she looked at her self again as I turned her, "they must all think I'm a hooker or something!"

I pulled her tighter to me, "I will make sure they all know who you are on Monday but now, now I want to pull your dress up and stick my tong deep into you! I want to drink those fluids that are leaking out of you! I want to lick you until you beg me to stop!"

"Then will you fuck me?"

"Yes long and hard!"

"If I told you I loved you and wanted you to take my virginity what would you think?"

Knowing she had been married to Charley for a lot of years and the fact that we had made love many times I knew she was no virgin but I could play along. "I will take what ever you have to offer me!" I said.

The music had stopped and we were walking over to our drinks. It was about nine PM by this time and as she sipped her wine looking at me over the top of her glass. She sat it down, "I think you need to take me home now!"

I took her by the hand pulling her to the door. I watched as all eyes were on us with the men snickering and the ladies in shock. The guy got our truck and stood by the door after he opened it. Betty watched me as she pulled her dress up over her thighs to just below her hairless pussy lips and she slipped in. I knew from where he was standing that she had just let him see her naked pussy!

"When you get to the drive way back in."

I did as she asked and watched as she slipped out of the truck. I walked around to her as she slipped her hands up behind her neck. She let the button loose holding her halter-top and let her dress fall to the ground. I looked around at the houses around us wondering if any one was looking as Betty wearing nothing but her high heals walked to the back of the truck and opened the tailgate. She bent over at the hips resting her arms on the truck as she spread her legs shoulder width apart. Her tits hung down to the point they were rubbing the tailgate and the cold metal made them grow even harder.

Looking over her shoulder at me with a smile, "Well you said you wanted to taste me! Here is your chance!"

I moved behind her dropping to my knees. I put my hands on her ass cheeks spreading them open. I could see how wet she was as her juices glistened in the soft light from the street lamps. I moved closer to her looking at her tight ass hole. The smell of sex was strong on her as I stuck out my tong and ran it slowly up her thigh. I came to the crease in her bottom and let my tong dip down to her dark brown back hole and licked it tasting it. She tasted like sex!

Slowly I slipped my tong lower until I was at her pussy opening. I pulled her lips apart with my hands as I stuck my tong deep into her. I could feel her start to push back on my face trying to pull me in as deep as she could. I fucked her with my tong for a long time drinking in her fluids as she began to shake. I pulled her even tighter to my face holding her by the hips. I pushed my nose into her pucker hole then down and into her pussy. I slipped down to her clit and pulled it into my mouth sucking it like a little dick and with a grunt she came!


I sucked her until she relaxed trembling from her cum. She turned as I stood up taking her in my arms. I held her to me cupping her ass in my hands.

"I want you there! Take me into the house! I want you in my virgin ass Sam!"

I picked her up and carried her into the house. We went down the hall and I set her on the bed. She got onto her knees on the edge of the bed with her legs open wide. I could see her white fluids as they leaked from her vagina dripping onto the bed cover! I had never seen her this wet and it turned me on even more knowing how worked up she was!

"Make this slippery and do me in the ass! Please Sam don't hurt me but I want you there, now!"

I took some KY from the bedside drawer and coated her bottom with it. By now I had my pants around my ankles and I moved up to her open pussy. I pushed into her open wet hole as I worked my thumb deep into her ass.

"UMM, Yes! Easy, easy, that's it but go slow with me!" I pushed it deeper, "Hoooo!" Came from her.

I worked two fingers into her bottom as I slid my cock slowly in and out of her pussy. She had relaxed her bottom to the point I thought she could take me so I pulled put of her pussy and as I slipped my fingers out of her ass I slipped my dick back in!

"OH EAS, EASY! Go oh go slow!" I adjusted my angel and slipped past her tight pucker ring!

"OHHHHHHH Stop! Let me res, rest! Ohhh god!"

She was shaking as I held her by her hips. I watched her tits hanging down in the mirror.

"Look to the side sweet hart! Look at us as I fuck you in the ass! Think about all the people looking at you to night and how the men wanted to touch you! Oh God Betty watch me fucking you!"

She had turned her head to the side and watched me sink balls deep into her ass while I talked to her. It had taken her mind off of the fact that I was pushing deeper and deeper into her soft tight bottom!

I started a slow easy movement in her backside. Her eyes never left the reflection of us.

"They did think I looked pretty didn't they Sam?"

I pulled out until we could see I had just the tip of my dick in her, "Yes and they wanted to touch you!"

"OH umm did they want to hold me wide open?"

"Yes! They wanted to see you holding you're self-open! They wanted to look at my cock sliding deep into your bottom!"

"Sam I can feel you getting bigger in me! So slow, you are fucking me so slow! Oh god! Do you want me to let other PE, people see me?"

I pushed deep into her, I was very close to cuming in her ass! "Do you want to show off more? Do you want to let people look at your pussy Betty?"

"Ho God fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck yes I want to let the hole world look at me!" She started to shake and pound back into me as she came! "Oaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yes fuck me hard! Fuck my ass hard while I watch you do it you slut Fucker! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooo YESSSSSSS!"

It pushed me over the top and I started pumping cum up into her belly! Rope after rope of white hot cum went into her ass! "Ho Betty I love you! Hoodoo godddddd!"

I slumped over her back as I came holding my self as deep into her bottom as I could. We stayed that way for a long time as my cock softened and slipped out of her. She pulled away from me lying on her side as I slipped down to hold her up tight to my chest. Her tits mashed into me as I kissed her lips softly and then moved to her neck kissing her all over it as I cupped her breast's. We held each other for some time with out saying any thing. Just kissing and holding each other.

"Come on lets shower." I said.

"Wait!" she said. I left my dress out by the truck. With that we got up and she went out the door as naked as the day she was born. She walked out to the truck picked up her dress and closed the tailgate. She came back smiling at me.

"You might have a hard time keeping cloths on me now my love!"

"Well let's get that shower and then go out and have a snack on the patio and I will serve you as long as you stay naked!"

She smiled at me as we went to the shower "You have a deal!"

"I think I am going to love this new side of you Betty!"

She just smiled at me!

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