The Yard


It's Friday my husband has already left for work, the sun is shining and my heart is still racing from my adventures yesterday exposing myself to my next door neighbor. After having a shower I slipped on my sexiest bra and panties, very revealing, my husband's favorites. From my bedroom window upstairs I scanned the neighboring back yards, there were a few people out in their yards I must admit that I was hoping someone would look up and see me standing there in my underwear, no such luck.

After building up a little courage and slipping on a pair of sandals I headed out into the yard still wearing only my bra and panties. The sun beat down on my bare skin and felt great. My pulse raced at the rush of my almost nakedness but I knew all too well that this would soon not be enough. My nipples were hard pressing against my sheer bra and I could feel my crotch getting damp, I was almost in heaven. I could hear voices in the neighboring yards and couldn't help but wonder if anyone had noticed me yet.

For the next half hour or so I did some cleaning in the yard, as I did I could feel my heart rate settling down and knew that it was time to go a little farther. Walking over toward the back door I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra sliding it down my arms and placing it on a chair on the patio. The hot sun on my bare breasts felt great and I couldn't help but to raise my hands to them and massage my sensitive nipples. My tits stood proudly in the morning sun fully exposed to anyone who might glace into my backyard.

My new semi nudity was a great sensation but still not enough. Every now and then as I walked around the yard my fingers would slip under the elastic of my tiny panties inching the down just a little at a time until finally after I built up enough confidence I pushed them down to my knees then stepped out of them. I continued to do a little gardening only now I was totally naked and imagining that I was being watched, I was so excited.

After a few minutes of total nudity I happened to notice a movement in one of my neighbor's upper windows it was from Linda and Chuck's house. They were relatively new neighbors having moved in last fall, being in their early twenties I assumed that they must be newlyweds. After a few minutes of casual glancing back at the window I saw Chuck's image in the window watching me doing my naked gardening. He soon left the window and seconds later I heard his back door open and close.

Our yards were divided by a wooden fence the boards were fairly close together obstructing most of the view, most but not all. Chuck positioned himself so that he could get an unobstructed view of most of my body while I pretended to clear the weeds. I could feel his eyes exploring my nakedness It took all my strength to keep from thrusting my fingers deep within my sopping wet cunt. I deliberately moved closer and closer to the area of the fence that hid Chuck, the closer that I got the hornier I got. With my legs slightly spread I knew that I was giving him a clear view of my well trimmed pussy, I wonder if he has any idea just how wet it is.

I wanted to lay down on the lounge and pleasure myself but Chuck would not be able to see me over there, would it be too obvious if I moved the lounge? I was much too hot to worry about being obvious and slid the lounge over close to the fence in an area that I knew that Chuck would have a great view. Lying down on my back with my legs spread and my cunt pointed directly at my neighbor I slid my hand down my stomach to my eager cunt. My body flinched as I passed my clit and inserted two fingers deep within my wet lips. My other hand made its way to my breast and began massaging it, occasionally pinching my swollen nipple. My passion was beginning to grow. Chuck was about to watch me have an orgasm. As my passion began to grow I could feel his eyes on me and heard him stir as I began to moan with passion. The eruption of my orgasm came suddenly, my body humping with desire. The passion surged through my body at this point I didn't care who was watching I was lost in pleasure.

After what seemed liked quite a while my orgasm ebbed and I just laid there naked to the stare of my young neighbor. After a few minutes I got up collected my underwear and headed into the house. After taking a shower I got dressed into a tee shirt and some tight shorts, I needed to go for a jog to burn off some of this energy. While jogging through the neighborhood I couldn't help but wish that I could be doing this naked.

Arriving home I was greeted by Chuck standing on his front lawn, I stopped to say hello. His eyes explored my sweaty body as we chatted I noticed that my tee shirt was clinging tightly to my wet tits not like he hadn't seen more than that an hour earlier. I couldn't help but notice the nice swell in the front of his jeans. It was nice to see that I can have that effect on him.

That evening after dinner I shared a bottle of wine with Jim my husband while I told him about my days adventures. Just before bed time Jim stripped me naked and removed all of his clothes, lead me out into the backyard and made wild passionate love to me under the stars.

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