tagLoving WivesThe Young Man Next Door Ch. 04

The Young Man Next Door Ch. 04


Afternoon Delights

He texted late Saturday morning. "How soon can I come over?"

She replied immediately, her hands shaking with excitement: "Husband leaving now. Wait five minutes. You can see when he leaves."

They were prepared. Her husband was ready to leave on a moment's notice. He kissed her, long and lovingly, then said, "Have fun, baby. I'll see you when you're done." With that, he patted her ass fondly and went out to the garage.

He got right into his truck and left. He had acted stoic, showing little of his excitement and none of his doubts. He would not spoil it. He'd fantasized about such things for years, had shared those fantasies with his wife. It excited her and spiced up their sex life. Now, finally, unexpectedly, here was the real thing happening. He knew that he had to see it through, regardless of any reservations he might have. This situation was very much his own doing and he would let it play out, at least under the conditions he had already specified. Ultimately, he had to benefit from her affair, or it had to end. She understood that and accepted it. He was her husband and she loved him and treasured their marriage above all things. Still, this was fun! The trick was to have fun and not screw things up.

They had agreed, and then he acted calm and accepting, even eager. Truly, though, he was awash in a sea of emotion, battered by jealousy, foundering in anxiety, buoyed by visions of his wife having sex, wantonly feeding her carnal desires, the lusts he'd helped unleash, but not with him, with her new, young lover. He envisioned her face as she fucked, that look she gets when most excited, lost in her passion, focused intently on satisfying her sexual needs. It was that excitement in her that most excited him when they made love, that pushed him to please her as much as he could, fuck her long and slow, to heighten her lusts and then, when she was fully primed, satisfy them with vigor. It was why he was playing along now, why he even helped her arrange things. He wanted to see that look in her eyes, to see her have that intense pleasure, that deep sexual satisfaction. To him, giving her such thrills was necessary to his own satisfaction. This was a new way to give to her and he was a giving man.

By the time he'd driven a few blocks, he knew that they were already there in the house together, that she was showing her body to him, offering herself to him, taking advantage of him, teaching him, and, yes, using him. She was showing him how to make love to her, how to satisfy a woman's needs, how to give her the greatest sexual pleasure. She would show him many things he'd never known. That was one lucky young man, getting fucked all day by a very sexy, highly experienced woman.

They would be at it all afternoon, he figured, doing it over and over, upstairs in his house, trashing and soiling his very own bed. Yes, he was jealous, but he was also aroused almost beyond his own imagining. He was hard and his juices flowed, and he knew he had to stop fantasizing or he would soak his pants through. It would not be easy, knowing that they were back there, maybe fucking already, launching a marathon of sex, raw unrestrained sex. Mouths and genitals, all of it, wet, lascivious, indulgent. He could see them. She would open herself to the young man and let him have her. She would take command of his penis, use it for her own pleasure, pump it dry over and over, taking it, all of it, for her own.

He'd seen the video, the huge ropes of cum the young man had spewed onto his abdomen from his impressive manhood. Big, creamy gobs of seminal fluid. He would pump that into her now, again and again; and she would receive it greedily.

They would record it all for him to see when he returned home later in the day, after they were finished. That was the deal. She could have all day to fuck if she wanted. She could do anything she wanted to do, any position, any orifice. But he had to see. If the young man did not agree to be recorded as they romped on the bed, then she could fuck him but once more and then he had to go. The affair would end.

He hoped, though, that in just a few hours—long, slow hours—he could watch the video, see her having sex, see her wantonness, see her indulge herself and take those loads of semen. He could picture her used bottom, gaping open, her hair matted, oozing his cum. He could watch her take him, watch her fuck her brains out, pleasure herself and give herself away to this young man. He could hardly wait to see it.

But he had to wait. He had to kill the next few hours. He entered the expressway and pointed north toward Milwaukee. Ninety minutes up and ninety minutes back. That should about do it. To distract himself, he turned the radio on and cranked up the volume. He sang along, "So come on and let me know, should I stay or should I go?"

When her husband left, she changed quickly as she could. She stripped naked then put on her sexy boy shorts and tank top and then mentally prepared herself to greet her lover. She was nervous, but experienced. She was in command, she reminded herself.

Another text: "I saw him leave. Sure it's OK now?"

Reply: "Yes. The back gate is unlocked. Come through there." Oh God!

"OK," he replied. Her heart raced with anticipation of finally having him, taking him to their bed and seducing him again. Her vagina was wet and receptive and yearned to be filled by him, to be used, to be sated.

Seconds later, she could see him out the back window. She waited for him at the back door, naked but for the sheer tank and silky shorts. He smiled and waved when he saw her through the glass. His smile broadened perceptibly when he saw how she was dressed. He wore his usual tee shirt and shorts. He was a kid, after all. He was no suave romancer who had seduced her. It was a kid, and she had seduced him. She had taken advantage of him and his youthful body, using it for her own pleasure. Oh, he got benefits beyond most kids' experience, but the advantage hers was she knew.

She opened the door for him and stepped back to let him in. He closed the door behind him without taking his eyes off her. He just stared her engorged nipples and smiled at her for several moments. Those nipples hardened still more under his intense stare, and she felt her bottom lubricating itself, practically dripping now, preparing itself for him.

She looked even hotter in person than she had on the video of her masturbating which he'd now watched many times. He was already hard for her, she observed happily, as she spread her arms open to him. He came to her and they embraced, then she started kissing him passionately and thrust her hips forward, pressing her bottom against him, rubbing his erection against her wetness. He pressed back hard pnis against her, desperately wanting her, and she gasped and panted eagerly. The intensity of her desire was almost too much to handle. She was tempted to do him right there on the back porch, but she had other plans and she aimed to stick to them. She forced herself to slow down.

One passionate fuck would not do. She'd made a deal with her husband. He would stay away as long as she needed him to, and she would persuade her lover to let her make a video of them having sex. So, she forced herself to brake off the kiss, took him by the hand, and led him into the living room for a little talk.

She had made some tea and offered him a cup. He accepted it politely, but he had waited so long already to be with her again and did not really want to spend time sipping tea. Nevertheless, he sipped the tea and waited respectfully.

She was anxious as well, but she also meant to spend most of the afternoon with him and did not want to rush, despite her long-delayed desire for his presence, his attention, his sex. At his age, he could probably fuck all day, but she knew her limits and wanted to get all the pleasure she could within those limits, which meant pacing herself and savoring their fun.

She turned toward him on the couch. He gaped at her breasts which shown clearly through the sheer fabric—much better than they had done in the video.

"How long can you stay?"

"Maybe three hours. When is your husband coming back?"

"When I call him and tell him to," she said bluntly, studying his expression for signs of understanding. He looked bewildered, so she continued, "He knows you are here." She let that sink in. "He wants you and me to have fun," she said, setting her tea aside. "Lots of fun," she emphasized. She let that sink in too. He looked nervous. She took his hand into hers. "The idea of you and me having sex together turns him on," she continued slowly, letting him absorb all the information. "He actually wants to watch us, but I did not think either you or I would be comfortable with that, so I told him that he'd get his reward when he comes home. Meanwhile, you and I have three hours," she went on happily. She leaned toward him, closed her eyes, and parted her lips, inviting him to kiss her.

His lips met hers and they kissed each other deeply, their passion again carrying them away quickly. She caressed his bare thigh and ran her hand up under his shorts to feel the delicious hardness extending from his groin. He cupped her breast and squeezed it hard, impatiently, like an over-excited boy. "Easy," she admonished him, and he relented a little.

They kissed and groped each other passionately, and soon she was lying atop him with her legs apart, rubbing her vagina against his raging boner. In awhile she broke off the kiss and whispered into his ear. She thought she had him set up. It was time. "Can we make a video?"

He was not sure he actually wanted that, but he did not want to stop making love, so he just agreed, "If you want."

"OK," she said, rolling off him and taking his hand. She led him up the stairs. There in the bedroom was a brand new video recorder her husband had bought for the occasion, sitting atop a tripod, aimed at the bed from the corner. The angle was intentional. Her husband wanted to see them copulating, to see him enter her, to see her vagina receive him, but he also wanted to see her face. This was the best angle he could manage.

The camera was in place. The covers were turned down. The curtains closed. All was ready.

She hit the "record" button on her way past, pulling him eagerly behind her. She pushed him down onto the bed and practically jumped atop him, resuming their passionate kissing and humping. After several lingering kisses, she had to break away briefly to catch her breath and regain control of the situation.

She was ready to move things along, but at her pace. She kissed him on the forehead, then on the cheek. She breathed into his ear, and he shuddered. She then resumed kissing him on the mouth, this time more softly, teasing him. He tried to kiss her harder but she pulled back to deny him, then she bit his lip. He did not know pain could be so erotic. "Oh," she cooed, "did I hurt you? Sorry," she lied, "Let me make it better," and she kissed the bite mark lightly. She kissed the tip of his nose and his cheek again, then, brushing lightly over his lips with hers, she dropped down and kissed his chin then his neck. She bit his neck lightly, causing butterflies in his stomach which flew right down to the tip of his penis. Precum flowed out of it.

She paused briefly to pull his shirt off him and toss it to the floor. She ran her hands over his muscular chest and rippled abdomen. "Mmmm," she said, and bent down to kiss his mouth again, then she stuck her tongue into his ear, again causing him to shudder. He grabbed her ass in both hands and pulled their groins firmly together. He ground himself against her, attempting to take charge. "Easy, baby. You wanna fuck, don't ya?" she teased, even as she pushed back against his hands, easing the pressure between their groins. He moaned, but she reassured him. "Soon, baby. Real soon. We're gonna fuck all afternoon," she said with all the vixen she could put into her voice.

"All afternoon," she repeated, breathlessly, as she ran her tongue down across his cheek and on to his throat, then back up over his chin, and then she plunged it back into his mouth. He sucked on her tongue awhile, then plunged his own tongue into her mouth and she sucked his in turn, then she broke off the kiss and licked his chin again, trailing her tongue back down to his throat. Her vagina pressed and rubbed gently against his hard cock the whole while, teasing them both, delaying their satisfaction, allowing the sexual tension to build almost beyond their tolerance.

He was beginning to groan with lust and she rose up off him a bit and slowed her pace to keep him from losing control. She began to tease his chest with her lips and tongue, kissing his breasts and sucking gently on nipples for awhile. He responded with gasps and writhed on the bed under her ministrations.

Now it was time to go down on him. She made her way down his stomach, advancing slowly toward his manhood. She paused briefly to pull his shorts down out of her way. He hiked up his hips, and she pulled them down to his knees, then she began to tease him some more, slowly working her tongue across his lower abdomen, hovering just above the head of his hungry penis. He began to moan aloud, anticipating what she would do. She would not disappoint him. She took his cock in one hand and, her smoky eyes briefly fixing on the camera lens, closed her mouth around the tip of it and sucked hard, making lewd slurping sounds. She sucked for several seconds, then pulled her mouth off the end of his penis with a loud pop that made her giggle. But she was all business and went right back to work on him. She licked around the head of his penis several times, lapping up is oozing pre-cum, then licked the shaft down to his testicles. She licked his balls lightly, and gently sucked one, then the other, into her mouth, licking them languidly. He clutched the sheets vigorously, trying to maintain control.

She made her way slowly back up the shaft and then took him into her mouth again, this time as far as she could get him. She began to pump her face up and down on his cock while she stroked the lower half of it with her hand. He pulled hard on the sheets, nearly tearing the fabric as he struggled to hold on. Sensing that he was ready, she paused briefly, and he groaned in dismay until he heard her say, huskily, "I want you to cum in my mouth now, baby. Feed momma me your cum." The she immediately took him back into her mouth and jacked him off hard. Now he was groaning happily, with passion, wanting nothing more than to accede to her demand. And then, suddenly, his body stiffened and he exploded into her mouth. She was ready for it, even for the powerful blasts that came. She simply swallowed each wad of jism as it shot out of him until she had sucked him dry.

She held the last mouthful his cum long enough to raise her head and show his thick cream to the camera before she closed her mouth and swallowed it. She opened her mouth again to show her husband that she had swallowed it all, and then she grinned triumphantly at the camera. After that, she reached up and hit the "stop" button, and then lay back down beside her young lover, kissing his cheek softly, patiently waiting until he was ready for the next round.


In awhile he began to stir. She just lay there patiently beside him and waited. Somehow, making him cum had calmed her. She was able to wait, let him revive.

Soon his breathing became soft and relaxed. Then he sat up briefly and removed his shorts and underwear the rest of the way, tossing them to the floor. He lay back down beside her, expectant. He waited quietly for her to make the next move, not really sure what else to do.

She simply rested her right hand on his still limp penis and kissed him softly on the lips until she could feel him hardening under her touch. Then she sat up and turned the camera back on. Now, she would take him and meet her own needs as well as his.

She swung her leg over and straddled his thighs and then pulled her tank top up over her head and cast it aside. She scooted forward, her bottom hovering just above his fully recovered erection and her heavy breasts swayed above his eyes. He admired them, then and reached up to touch them softly. Lesson learned.

She allowed him to fondle her for a few moments, then she bent down to his face and kissed him wetly, and suddenly they were back to making out passionately, as before. When she felt they were both ready, she grasped his penis and guided it through the fly of her boy shorts and into her vagina and then sat on him, grinding her bottom against his lower abdomen, massaging her engorged clitoris against him, rocking back and forth, feeling his cock sliding around and up and down inside her. She kept him deeply up in her, wanting the entire length of his shaft, wanting to be filled with him. She could sense her orgasm approaching and she bent down to whisper into his ear, "Ready to cum again, baby?"

"Yes," he whispered urgently. She kissed him again and began to rock harder and harder, her passion mounting rapidly, that look coming into her eyes, she turned her face toward the camera so her husband could see her wantonness, and then her vagina began to spasm around the long, hard shaft. When she came, she literally gushed warm liquid from her vagina, soaking her pants and even his stomach and thighs, and, feeling the warm wetness, he heaved himself hard up into her bottom and spewed his second load of the day into her with a loud, triumphant grunt.

She stayed atop him for several minutes after their climax, her eyes tightly shut, savoring the satisfaction of this long awaited orgasm. He slowly went limp inside her, though, and she turned back to the camera and switched it off again. Then she got up off him and lay beside him on her stomach, her face resting on her pillow. She dozed there contentedly for a good long while and he lay quietly, gazing at the ceiling, thinking how happy he was, and wondering how long this could last.

After awhile she awoke and rolled up onto her side. "Mmmmmm," she said softly. "I guess I fell asleep. You OK?"

"Yes," he replied. "I'm fine. You?"

"Oh, yes" she said happily. "I am very fine."

She placed her hand on his chest and began to massage him idly. Nearly half of their time had passed now. She was wondering how many times they could actually have sex in one afternoon. She wasn't sore yet, but expected to be before it was all over. She allowed her hand to roam over his abdomen, feeling his muscles. She wondered when, if at all, he would be hard again. She stole a peek and was delighted to see that he was already erect, if not fully hard yet. God he was young! It was time.

She rolled onto her back, hiked up her hips, and pulled the boy shorts off. They were soaked with her juices and the cum that had drained out of her as she slept. She looked at her bottom and observed that it was matted with dried fluids. She turned the camera back on, and spread her legs so it could record the mess between her legs. She knew that her husband would like to see that.

She lay back and whispered to her young lover, "You ready do momma again, baby?"

He responded by rolling over, lying half atop her and half on the mattress, and started kissing her again. Again, it took almost no time at all for them to be tonguing each other deeply. Their faces were wet with each other's saliva. Their mouths and tongues worked furiously as their passion for each other again soared. They were a picture of wanton sexuality unleashed.

He massaged one of her breasts with his hand and she squeezed his taught, naked butt with one of hers, then she grasped his ass with both hands and pulled him fully atop her. She opened her legs, hiked up her knees, and closed her eyes. He promptly entered her again. The camera was perfectly focused on this blatant invasion of her husband's domain.

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