tagMind ControlTherapist Ch. 03

Therapist Ch. 03


After a quick review of his patient's complaints, Leroy Haggis slowly walked from behind his desk. Yes, he was now sure what this woman needed, in fact it was the treatment he thought she might need the first moment he saw her and noticed her tight little ass. Looking over at the chair, he admired the woman, her long blonde hair hanging down from her head, her perky breasts pointing downward and her ass completely ready for him to grab from behind.

He walked over behind the naked woman, slipped his hand up between her legs and confirmed her pussy was still wet from the orgasm. Impressed she could come so quickly with just the use of his fingers, he couldn't wait to slide his cock into her pussy. Standing behind her he moved his hands to her hips and just stood for a moment taking in the sight.

Before moving forward to her he said, "Now remember, when we finish here we will talk for a few moments and then I will close that door over there. When you hear the lock click you will forget everything that happened after I first showed you the disc. Do you understand?"

"Yes doctor," she replied.

"I'm not a doctor, just a therapist, but it really doesn't matter now," he said moving up behind her and guiding his cock into her pussy.

He pushed his hips forward slowly letting the sensation of her wet softness slide over him. Feeling his balls gently bounce off her clit, he slowly backed up until he nearly slipped out of her before pushing into her again. He continued slowly until about his fourth thrust when he felt her push back against him.

He began quickening his pace then sliding out and then quickly sliding back into her until his pubis banged against her ass. Moving faster and faster he soon could hear the loud slap of their bodies as he shoved himself into her. Looking along her side he watched her breasts swing back and forth with each thrust, quivering each time their bodies slapped together.

Feeling an odd tickling by his balls, he noticed she had reached up under herself and was diddling her clit while he continued slamming himself into her. She suddenly moaned and he could feel her body shudder as she came. Shoving himself into her up to the hilt, he paused, letting her pussy pulsate over his hard cock. After a few moments the pulsations subsided and he began withdrawing and thrusting again.

Giving himself completely into the sensation he held her hips firmly in his hands and pulled her back as he pushed. As their bodies slapped together his balls would bounce off of the woman. He thrust again and again, feeling the pressure building inside him, feeling the pleasure course through the length of his cock.

Completely oblivious to everything but the sensations in his cock he kept pushing into her, feeling her wetness, her softness, her warmth as it yielded to his cock again and again. He felt himself getting closer and closer...

Suddenly, bright lights flashed on and there were flashes and shouting. A man screamed, "This is the Police, let go of her, back away." He looked over and saw a man holding a gun. He immediately released the woman and backed away.

Two men tackled him and jerked his hands behind him. From the ground he saw someone put a jacket on the woman and help her up from the chair. He watched as someone slowly closed the door at the back of his office and he heard the lock click loudly. Gasping for breath, he closed his eyes, remaining motionless as the commotion in the room settled down.

After a few minutes the police officers helped him to stand up and then unfastened his handcuffs to let him get dressed. His patient had already been moved into another room when the police asked him, "What were you doing to her?"

"I was treating her, hypno-therapy, I am a therapist," he replied.

"Okay, Doctor Haggis..."

"I am not a doctor, just a therapist."

"Okay, therapist Haggis, we are going to take you into the station now."

"Am I under arrest?"

"Yes, you are under arrest. You have the right..." the police officer started. Haggis tried to listen but too much was happening around him to pay attention. After the man stopped talking they walked him out of his office and into the waiting room. He could see the police disconnecting his computers and noticed his receptionist sitting in her chair crying.

He wanted to say something to her, but the police officer led him out of the waiting room and walked to toward a police car. Looking into the distance he thought he saw another patient. "Wait, wait, there is another patient, she can tell you how I helped her."

"Tell it to your lawyer therapist Haggis."


"Watch your head," Haggis heard the policeman say as he pushed him into the car. The door closed and in a few moments he felt the car begin to move.

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