tagMind ControlTherapist Ch. 02

Therapist Ch. 02


Leroy Haggis walked into his office, said, "Good Morning," to his receptionist and then went back into his private office. He took off his sport jacket, hung it in the closet and then sat down at his desk. Just a few minutes later there was a knock on his door and the receptionist carried in a cup of coffee and put it on his desk in front of him. As she turned and walked out of the office, he watched the way her ass swayed from side to side.

Feeling his cock begin to twitch a bit he called to the receptionist on the intercom and asked, "Who do we have scheduled today?"

"Well, you have a new patient in about thirty minutes and then at eleven you have the follow up with Sarah."

"Ah Sarah," he thought to himself, Sarah was his crowning achievement. Not only did she completely respond to his treatment, once he brought her out of hypnosis there were no residual memories for any of the sessions. Sarah had simply come in, did exactly what he told her to do and whenever she began to show any awareness of the sexual contact, the closing door would make a loud click and she would forget everything.

Some of his other patients had been equally as easy to wipe the memory of the sessions from their minds, but there were a number that had to be hypnotized a second or third time before he got them completely back to normal. Other than Sarah, he also had a new patient coming in, a new patient always excited him, so many possibilities. Remembering the one the with the huge breasts he saw the day before he felt his cock stiffen some as he pictured it sliding through the soft flesh between the breasts. Oh and how his cum splashed onto her face.

His receptionist buzzed in on the intercom to announce his first patient had arrived. He instructed the receptionist to give her the standard paperwork and then moved over to where he could look into the waiting area through the one way glass. The woman was very attractive with long blonde hair, some nice, perky breasts and a very tight little ass.

Moving back into his office he thought that his one would be a nice change from the bigger ladies he had recently seen. Thinking of her tiny ass, he figured she needed to be taken from behind, that would be the proper treatment for her problem. All he had to do was wait as she filled out the paperwork.

He arranged the patient's chair so the woman could climb onto all fours on it and he could comfortably stand behind her. Once he arranged the chair, he set up the light and moved his stool into position. When the receptionist buzzed in and said the paperwork was finished, he moved to his desk and told her to show the patient in.

Sitting at his desk he watched the woman enter the room and, with the help of the receptionist, sit down in the patient's chair. Haggis then said, "Good morning Julia, I hope you are doing well today."

"Pretty good doctor," she replied.

"Now as you understand, I'll want to examine you while in a hypnotic state, do you understand?"

She nodded.

"Okay, I'll need you to sign this waiver if you would," he said, handing her a clipboard with a printed form on it. As she tried to read it he said, "Yes, the text is so small, it's some official medical document I have to use. It simply gives me permission to talk to you when you are in the hypnotic state."

"Just talk?"

"Just talk," he replied.

Nodding, she picked up the pen and signed the paper. Handing it back to him she asked, "Okay, what do I do now."

Putting the clipboard away, he sat in the stool near her and then spun his gold disc in the light. "Just watch the sparkling disc and when you are ready I'll tell you what to do next."

In just a few moments he put the disc in his pocket and asked her to undress. While watching her, he quickly pulled off his clothing and then instructed her to kneel on the chair. When she finished he had her put her hands on the chair as he moved behind her. Without another word, he took his hand and put it up between her legs.

Sliding two finger into her pussy, he got them coated in her juices and then slid up to her clit where he slowly began circling. The woman began moving her hips, pushing against his fingers as he moved faster and faster. Finally she moaned loudly and as she came he pushed his fingers deep into her pussy and felt her pussy walls squeeze around him as she came.

Licking his fingers, he went back to the paperwork she filled out and glanced quickly over her history. As she came out of the trance he'd need to be able to refer to at least a few of the things she mentioned. Working out a strategy, he placed the notes back on his desk and looked back at the beautiful woman still kneeling for him.

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