tagMind ControlThere's An App For That

There's An App For That


Chapter 1 - A New User

"Get out of the damn way!"

The woman looks up from her phone with a snarl on her face. "Excuse me, sir, I don't appreciate being yelled at."

"Really?" I open my door and approach the woman in the crosswalk. I know I am holding up traffic now, but this is important. "I almost hit you!" Then I hear a chime from her phone and glance at it. "Holy shit! Are you playing Creature Quest Mobile Adventure? That is why you can't pay attention to what the hell is going on?"

"Hey buddy," A cab driver yells from behind me. "She's dumb, I get it, but I have places to be!"

I shoot another glare at the woman as she finally moves and get back in my car. The rest of the day is a blur as I can not get the rage of that moment out of my mind. On my way out of the office, I hear a familiar sound and look over to see a handful of my Co-workers playing fucking Creature Quest. I roll my eyes and walk out as Lucy from accounting yells out that she has caught an Aqua Snake.

Creature Quest started out as a simple card trading game 21 years ago. since that time it has expanded into video games, TV, and movies. The latest addition to the franchise is a mobile app that allows users to walk around in the real world and catch creatures from the series that show up on their screen as animated images that appear to be in a real location. Street corner, park bench and so on. I do not blame the creators for the mass number of people's lack of focus and awareness while playing. People have had their nose stuck in their phones for years. But, CQ Go takes that issue to the max.

After parking in the garage below my building, I walk back up to street level and grab a turkey club on rye from the deli next door. As I wait for the elevator in the lobby of my building I hear that damn sound again. I turn to see two college-age girls near the entrance.

"I saw it come in here. Try to locate it, that one is rare."

The girls spread out and search for their creature as the elevator finally arrives. I step in and just before the doors close a hand stops it. It is one of the girls. She looks at me, then at her phone, then at the floor of the elevator through her phone. "I got it sally. it is on the floor of the elevator." She presses buttons on her device and before I can utter a word a few chimes sound off and she walks away. "I got it, I got it!"

A few minutes later I enter my apartment and set my club on the table. I take off my jacket and search the fridge for the last beer I know is still in there. "The people that play that game are getting dumber and ruder by the second," I say aloud to myself as I locate the brew.

While eating my club and swigging my beer I decide to post a comment online about my discontent for the users of CQ GO. It is not the first and will not be the last mean-spirited comment I leave on the subject. In fact, my comments about the app have gotten me 37 new followers in the last week alone and 75 since I started commenting on it. I don't just rant and rave, though, there is plenty of that. I also offer ideas and suggestions to make the users more aware of their surroundings while playing the game using alerts and the like to warn of traffic etc. The rudeness I can not help, that is just human nature and it blows. As I post my final comment for the night, a message pops up for me.

"@JamesStar80. I love your posts concerning the Creature Quest application CQ GO. I too have run into many rude and unaware people playing the game. I also follow your other posts on Fetishworld.com. For starters, it would be a good idea to use a different user name for that site. Second, there is an app being beta tested that brings both worlds together. The app is only being sent to a select number of testers and you have made the cut. If interested please follow the link below. and enter the promo code JS80."

I go to the site and after entering the code I am taken aback. There are silhouettes of women in different sexy outfits that phase into images of real women in the same outfits. A video sits in the middle of the images with a title caption of "Welcome & Instruction." I press play and the video opens with a naked silhouette of a woman turning 360 degrees in the midst of a virtual lightning storm with light blue bolts striking all around the female image. A digitally altered male voice begins to speak.

"Welcome and congratulations on being selected for the beta test of Fantasy Bots. This application is similar to the popular game CQ GO in regard to tracking and capturing targets with the smart phone app. In Fantasy Bots you will not be catching and enslaving cartoon creatures. Your prey will be real women who will be transformed into a Fantasy Bot. I'm sure you have many questions, so, take a minute to absorb what you've been told, then continue watching."

The video stopped automatically and I stood up. "This can't be real," I say aloud in disbelief, "It has to be an elaborate ad for a new site or something. maybe an online game that catches virtual women. But, not real women."

I sit back down and press play. The image changes from the woman turning in the lightning storm to the silhouette turning 360 degrees with a metallic light blue background behind her and a number of option links similar to creation modes in video games. The voice then chimed back in to explain things.

"There are many rules, regulations, and instructions that come with this app and it's capabilities. You will have a chance to read through all of them when this video ends. There will also be a tutorial option on the application to help as you go. So, here we will go over the basic functions to get you started on your road to becoming a Fantasy Bot user.

To start you must know about Nano Waves. Nano Waves are microscopic robots that travel through electronic waves similar to TV and Cell Phone signals. They travel from your device to your subject and will lock onto your selected target and attach to her within moments of being released from your device. Be close and avoid people getting between you and the target during the wave transfer. The waves will not turn a person who is not targeted but if the stream is disrupted the Nano Waves will disburse and be lost. They are shown on your screen with the NW logo next to them and a number next to that which shows you how many waves you have to use. The app comes with 250 waves to start. This number is directly linked to the will power levels of a subject shown on your screen with a WP next to the reading. The will power of a woman must be equal to or less than your NW levels. You may use all your Nano Wave points for conversion but be warned. If your app hits 0 NW points it will be auto-deleted from your phone and any Fantasy Bots you made will revert back to their old selves 2 hours after deletion. You will be banned from using the app in the future, to avoid this, please be wise with your NW points. Now, take a minute to process this and press play when you are ready to continue."

The video stops and I get up and go to the fridge. I reach for a beer before remembering I drank the last one with my club. I throw on my jacket and leave to get more. When I get in the lobby the girls from before are back and have friends. One other girl and 2 guys. All 5 of them are scanning around with their phones looking for CQ GO targets. "Hey," I say in a calm yet stern tone, "I know this lobby is open to the public. But, that is only because the super wanted to give folks a place to get out of the weather while waiting for the bus. He did not open up this lobby so idiots like you can play stupid games on their phone. It is getting late and though I can't hear you on my floor, people on the next floor up probably can and it is rude to keep them awake."

One of the guys, a cliche blonde jock smirks and takes a step towards me. "Like you said bro, we have the right to be here. So, shut up and get out of the way. there is a Vine Toad right behind you and I need one of those."

I want to hit this asshole, but, I shake my head and continue out the door. I walk two blocks to the convenience store, grab a twelve pack of my brand and head back. The idiots are leaving as I get close to the door. "Look, guys," blonde asshole says as he points at me, "This loser got us some beer."

"I smile and look this moron dead in the eye, "I am not a violent man, but, call me a name again and try to take my beer and things will end very badly for you."

The jock backs down and sneers. "Have your beer loser, we got better things to do."

They walk away and I go back to my apartment. I put the case in the fridge and pull one out to drink. "Warm or not, I need a buzz." I close the fridge and sit back down to continue the video. I push play and the voice begins to speak again.

"Choosing a subject—The very first and most important rule for choosing a subject is that she is wearing some form of hosiery/nylons. Pantyhose, stockings, tights or fishnets. Fibers found in hosiery along with their skin tight placement when worn allow the Nano Waves to attract and attach to a subject properly. This is a limitation we are working to fix in future editions of the application but for now, it stays a requirement to make things function. Once attached to the nylon, the Nano Bots that reside in the waves can spread into the female's body and mind.

Another thing to keep in mind is attire. Certain attires lend themselves to multiple options for a Fantasy Bot's Mode. For example, a woman wearing a business/professional skirt or dress suit can be altered into a number of modes like Sexy Secretary, Naughty Teacher, Lusty Lawyer etc. The Nano Waves can only alter attire within certain degrees of the base clothing. The number of Bot Modes available based on attire will come on your screen. The screen at that time will only tell you the number of options available. The mode choices will appear later in the customization process. A side note, dress up parties and holidays like Halloween provide more exotic mode options.

The second rule when choosing a subject is her will power. This will come onto your screen as WP Level. We covered Will power earlier so as a recap, the WP can not exceed the NW. There is no conversion rate. 1 NW is equal to 1 WP.

"Capturing the target—Once you have selected a target press the AIM button on the screen. The display will go away for a moment and the screen will operate like a camera. Make sure your target's entire body is in the frame. Once she is where you want her, click the take picture button on the phone. The Nano Waves required will then release from your device and attach to the woman's hosiery. the time this takes will depend on how far from the target you are. If all goes well the Nanos will spread through her body and put her in a basic trance. This process should not take more than a minute after attachment. If it takes longer consider hitting the abort button which will stay on screen until she enters the trance. If you abort, the Nano waves used will be lost. The margin of error is small with the app. Using 3 or 4 extra NW Points is a good practice to have to avoid an abort being needed. Remember, use caution, this is, after all, a beta test. There may be some bugs in the program."

I pause the video swap my empty beer for a full one. I am getting a decent buzz going but still comprehend the video. Though, I still think it is an elaborate ad. There is no way this shit would work in the real world. Beer in hand, I press play again.

"Customization—Once your subject is in the basic trance; lead her to a private area to complete the process. You will have 30 minutes from the start of the trance to begin the customization process. If you do not meet this time line she will fall out of the trance and probably be very angry. Nano Waves used on her will be lost and you will have to get away or be in big trouble with her and any authorities she may call. To assist our users, we have leased small apartments and spaces across the city for you to use as safe havens for conversions and battles which will be explained and discussed after you have built a stable of at least 3 women. Once in a safe place, hit the customize button and all the options available for attire and mode will pop onto your screen. The only physical aspect you can change on your subject is hair color.

The reason for this is so that red flags are not raised when your Fantasy Bot is in Cover Mode, AKA her real life. Some women can be kept in Bot Mode all the time and not be missed in their normal life. But, women without connections are rare so the app comes with a Cover Mode that allows the subject to use retained memory etc to operate in her normal life when needed. Colored hair is easy to explain away. Other changes can be with a plastic surgery cover but those are more elaborate. Thus, the application only allows hair, makeup and attire changes.

This concludes the introduction video. Further information, rules, and regulations can be found in the ASK section of the website or the tutorial that comes with the app. Good luck, and have fun."

I nose around the Ask area for a couple hours while knocking down half the case of beer I just got. I go to the order page and since I do not own a smart phone I click the Get A Phone link. I pick out a metallic royal blue G Series phone with black trim. I type in my address info and hit order. Soon after, a confirmation pops up.

"Thank you JS80. Your phone with the Fantasy Bot application already downloaded will arrive within 24 hours. Instructions enclosed will walk you through the process of transferring your current phone service plan or getting a new one. The app will not operate without a service plan being on the phone. Our phones will operate your plan through other carriers with them being none the wiser about the fantasy Bot app. But, we suggest using our plan to keep things in-house."

I shut down my computer and head to bed. I wake the next day thankful it is Saturday. The buzz from the night before has led to a hangover. I take a leak and flop back into bed. I sleep through most of the day and wake up around 4:00 in the afternoon. I drag myself into the kitchen and make a cup of coffee to help with the lingering hangover.

As I sip on a cup of straight black a knock comes at my door. I open it and see a delivery man with a package. He and I exchange a few pleasantries as I sign and he goes away. I set the box down on the kitchen table and open it. The phone looks great. the metallic blue really catches the eye. A card in the box has 2 sets of instructions. One to transfer my current plan, another to get a new one. "Hmm, well their plan seems cheaper and it did say the app will run better with it. So, what the hell, it won't be hard to give a new number to the few people who have my old one. At this point, I still think the app is a virtual game of some kind but still want to use it. I follow the instructions and set up my new plan. The company is obviously not called Fetishworld.com. The company, which I assume is a front for the fetish site goes by the name Vera Tech. I finish off my coffee and get dressed. I then slide on my jacket, grab the phone and head out to get a bite to eat.

The late October evening is a bit brisk but still nice so I decide to walk. I go left, deciding to check out an area I rarely visit. The neighborhood isn't bad. It is just that my work and regular hang outs lie in the other direction. I walk a few blocks and spot a nice looking diner. I take a seat inside and wait for the waitress.

"Hello," the waitress says with a big smile as she approaches my table. She looks to be college age or just over. "I'm Amber and will be serving you this evening. Our special is the chicken fried steak dinner for $10.99."

"What does the dinner include?"

"Well," she replies, "Along with the fried steak you get a choice of 2 sides, a dinner roll and a slice of apple, pumpkin or cherry pie. Any drink you order will be extra."

I ponder for a moment, then notice what she is wearing. I also wonder how I missed it earlier. She is dressed in a black 50's era waitress outfit with pink and white trim. Her brunette hair is in high loose pigtails held by black ties with pink accents. She completes the look with black Mary Jane shoes with pink bows and white ankle socks. Under the socks, she wears light tan, almost nude hose. I look back up from the menu and smile.

"So, is this a regular look for this diner or something special?" She looks confused for a moment but then I motion to her outfit.

"Oh," Amber says with a laugh, "no, this is for Halloween. It's not until next Saturday but the boss had us start dressing up last week to push business up a bit."

"Well," I say with a smile, "you look great." She blushes and I place my order. "I will have the special with the classic mashed potatoes and country gravy. For a second side, I will do the corn."

"Good choice," she says still blushing a bit, "What kind of pie do you want with the special?"

"I'll do pumpkin pie and add a cup of black coffee."

She writes down my order and walks to the back. I then feel a vibration in my pants. I reach into my pocket and pull out my silenced phone. An alert from the Fantasy Bot app has flashed onto the screen.

The alert says, "Possible subject in the area. Click to review assessment."

I look up to make sure no one is near and click. The screen flashes up a silhouette of my waitress and a collection of number ratings.

Age Range—20-25

Body—Average proportion with above average tone


Attire Mode Options—4

WP Level—80

I am baffled, "is this actually real," I ask myself quietly. I hear the sound of Amber's shoes on the floor and put the phone away. "Here it is," she says with a smile, "hot and ready." She sets the food down and asks, "is there anything else you need right now?"

"I am good, thank you," I reply with a smile of my own.

She nods and heads off to attend another table. Between bites, I look over the readout on the phone which I have set in the booth beside me to avoid prying eyes. She is well inside of my WP to NW margin and 4 options for mode are pretty good. My mind wanders at what they could be. A Sexy Waitress is, of course, going to be one of them but the other 3 have me intrigued. I finish off the main course and seeing this my waitress brings me the pie.

"Thank you," I say as she sets it down, "Hey, this is a shot in the dark. You have been so super nice all while dealing with your boss's dress up week. I was wondering if you would like to grab a drink after your shift. I'm sure a lot of guys ask you out, but, figured I would give it a shot."

Amber blushes as the biggest grin I have ever seen appears on her face. "I.. I could use a drink. Sure, I'm off at 11:00."

I nod and she walks away to attend her other customers.

I hang around drinking coffee until she is off. Amber clocks out and slips on a jacket. "I know a good bar not far from here," I say.

"Cool," I really need a stiff one after that shift. The only good part was you."

We turn a corner and I notice the street is abandoned. "Hey," I say as I point to a street lamp adorned with a city Halloween banner. "Stand there so I can snap a pic of a cute waitress I met."

Once again, Amber blushes and she smiles from ear to ear. She stands and strikes a pose as I pull out my new phone. The screen shows her numbers again and the AIM button. I press it, line her up in the frame and snap the pic. I use 85 Nano Wave's just to be on the safe side.

As I lower the phone I see her stumble a bit as if dizzy. "Are you alright?"

"I. I. feel strange," she replies. I am about to address her again when she snaps into an attention pose and her eyes glass over.

"Amber, can you hear me?"


I look at my watch to start timing the 30 minutes before the trance ends. My place is not far away. So, I lead my entranced subject the few blocks to my building. We walk through the door and I flip on the lights with 19 minutes left. I position Amber in the center of my living room, pull out the phone and hit the button to start customization. The screen flips back to her silhouette and stat page before changing to a complete life-like image of her on the phone as she stands in my living room. The stats fade away as well and are replaced by customization options. Only the hair color, hair style, and mode selection option are unlocked. I open the mode one and see my options based on Amber's attire. Of course, Sexy Waitress is there but has added sub-options of Sexy Sock Hop or Sexy Modern Classic or Sexy Wing House. There are 3 other options Sexy Maid with sub options of European Beer or Classic French, Sexy Health Aid, with sub-options Candy Striper or Classic Nurse and finally Fantasy Doll with 3 sub options of Classic Rag, Modern Blonde or Modern Pink Plush.

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