tagNonHumanThey Walk Among Us Ch. 11

They Walk Among Us Ch. 11


For the record, this IS the final Chapter. I really hope everyone enjoyed reading it, as much as I did writing it. After 316 pages and 137,125 words, I think it's time to give my friend Kevin a break. Thanks to Dawn, Jaz, Tanja, and Misty for all your help with the novel. You are all truly gifted and it's an honor to call you my friends. Now let's find out if true love really exists.

Adam was looking over the touch ups on the team's evaluations. Looking down at his watch, he saw it was nearly noon. He put his paperwork down and picked up the phone. There was no answer at Kristine's office, so he tried the house.

'She probably fell back asleep. It's a good thing that Neal likes her.'

When there was no answer at her house, he put the phone down and walked out to the duty office. He knew that if anyone had seen her, it would be the watch stander. It only took a few moments to arrive at the only entrance to the compound's administrative building.

"How you doing there Petty Officer Rodriquez, have you seen Miss Duka today?" Adam asked the athletically trim SEAL.

"No Sir. I came on at 0800 so she might have come in before my watch, but I'll keep an eye out for her. Should I tell her you need to see her?"

"I'm gonna head out for lunch, but if she happens to show up while I'm gone, just give me a page."

"Aye, Aye Sir. I'm due to be relieved in thirty minutes, but I'll pass the message on for you L-tee."

"Thanks." Adam walked out and headed for his car. He figured he might as well head over there and drag her sorry ass in.

It didn't take long for Adam Dawson to reach her house. He figured he could get her up, and at the same time, grab something to eat while he was there. He took his house key and inserted it into the lock. When he turned the key, he found that the front door was unlocked.

'That's not like her to leave the house unlocked, and I know I locked it when I left this morning.'

Adam walked in and shut the door behind him. "Hey Kristine, come on it's time to get up," he yelled and walked towards the stairs.

"It's about time you came back to check on your girlfriend."

Adam heard the male voice coming from the living room and a gambit of emotions ran through his body. As he entered the room, he saw a brown haired man sitting on the couch. Fearing the worst, he moved quickly towards him. Suddenly Rudolf raised his silenced weapon and pointed it at Adam's chest.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. Why don't you take a seat Mr. Dawson, before you do something stupid, like grow a brain," Rudolf said as he pointed the 9mm towards the chair.

Adam stood there and glared at the intruder. "You can sit down like I told you, or you can fall down on the floor, it's your choice," he said as he cocked the hammer back.

Adam reluctantly sat down and tried to figure out his options. He had no weapon on him, and the .45 was in the desk drawer next to the intruder.

"Where's Kristine?"

"Safe -- for now at least, and she will stay that way as long as you cooperate."

Adam sat back in the chair. "I'm assuming that you're working for Martina Kordic. How's the bitch doing?"

Rudolf smiled at Adam as he lowered his pistol. "She's doing very well actually, but I don't work for her."

"Oh I see, you work for her daughter. What's her name again?"

"I didn't give you a name Mr. Dawson. You SEALs really do your homework."

"We have our moments. Enough with the chit chat. Where's Kristine?"

"She is someplace safe, but that will only remain if you follow our directions," he told him as he tossed a piece of paper over to him.

"Those are the coordinates of the house she is located at. Now you're a smart fellow, so I don't need to tell you that this is a private affair. Just you and Mr. Dvorska are to show up. If there is any indication, and I do mean any, that others are involved she dies."

"Yeah, I get the whole don't tell the cops routine. What assurances do I have that she's alive or that she'll even be there?"

"You don't Mr. Dawson. I guess you and Mr. Dvorska will have to go on faith. You have until this time tomorrow to reach the house. After that, well let's just say, it won't be pleasant."

"If you hurt one..."

"Let's make something perfectly clear here. We are in control now, not you. You're a military man so you are accustomed to following orders. You fuck this up and I will personally send her back to you in small boxes."

"It's going to be hard for Dvorska and me to be gone. People are going to wonder," Adam lied.

"That's your problem. Deal with it as you must, but make no mistake Mr. Dawson, she dies if you're careless."

"Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?"

"Not at all."

"Do you think after you kill all of us, that you'll be safe from every SEAL in the Navy?"

Rudolf Berks stood up and walked towards Adam. He had him covered so Adam made no aggressive move.

"My dear Mr. Dawson, I have read all the stories about your so called elite force. Frankly I am not impressed, and if you make it through all this, maybe you and I will have some one on one time."

"Oh I will definitely look forward to that," Adam said with a smile.

Rudolf walked out of the house as Adam looked at the paper. It had an address and a set of coordinates on it. He got up and went to the table by the couch. When he opened the drawer, he pulled the .45 out and moved to the front door.

Adam Dawson scanned the area. There was no sign of his girlfriend's abductor. He slipped the weapon behind his back and got in the car. He ran over the options he had facing him. What risk was he willing to take with Kristine's life? Navy SEALs knew the dangers of the job, but it never involved a part of the family.

'If I get the chance, I'm going to end this once and for all.'


Neal Hawkins sat at his desk with his hands behind his head. He was thinking of the current Intel that Dawson and Kristine had discovered. He had seen so many things as a Navy SEAL, but nothing compared to this.

'At what fucking point does justice take a back seat?'

Adam Dawson interrupted his skipper's thoughts when he opened the door. As he sat down, Adam pulled the .45 out from behind his back and placed it on Neal's desk. Neal stared at the weapon and then leaned forward.

"We have a problem Neal," Adam said bluntly.

"I can see that Adam. Is that loaded?"

"Good news and bad news Neal, I found out where Martina is."

"Thank God, finally. What's the bad news?"

"She has Kristine."

Neal Hawkins placed his head in his hands and shook his head. "This bitch is on my last nerve."

"Alright Adam fill me in," Neal said as he leaned back in his chair.

Adam Dawson went over everything that had happened. He intentionally left out the part about staying the night with her. That bit of information could cost him his career. "This guy said just you and Dvorska? I have a feeling he doesn't know what a SEAL is."

"He didn't seem very intimidated by that fact."

"Get your team together, and then go get your girlfriend back."

Adam grabbed the .45 and headed for the door. "She's not my girlfriend Neal."

"Adam, wait a minute. Sit down, I think it's time you and I had a quick chat."

"Neal, really it's not what you think it is," Dawson replied as he sat back down.

"I'm an old man Adam, not a stupid one. I can see you have a thing for her. Now I don't know what happened between you two when you were at Predjama castle. Frankly, I don't really care."

"Neil, you know as well as I do, fraternization with..."

"Oh Christ Adam, you think you're the first guy to fuck around and fall in love with someone they work with? You've met my wife Misty, haven't you?"

"Yeah, sweetest lady I've ever met, why?"

"She was my secretary you dumb fuck."

Adam wanted to drop his jaw down in astonishment as his Commanding Officer revealed his secret.

"Now the reason I told you that piece of information, is so you can get it through that thick skull of yours that guys like us -- can -- have a life and be a SEAL at the same time."

"Did it ever occur to you Neal that maybe I want to spare her the heartache when I don't come back?"

Neal Hawkins stood up. "You moron, that's her choice not yours. Now get your guys together and get your girlfriend back, dismissed."

Adam walked towards the door, but before he left, Hawkins stopped him. "Do me a favor Adam."

"Anything Neal."

"What ever happens, this ends hear and now. Do you understand what I've just told you?"

"Aye, aye Sir. I understand fully."

Adam Dawson sat at the head of the table, as he briefed his team on the details of the mission. As he explained each role, he constantly kept on eye on Kevin. He could tell his point man was concerned about something, and it wasn't Kristine Duka.

"You don't agree with my OP plan Dvorska?"

"It's not that L-tee. Don't you find it strange that ever since that girl Laura showed up, weird shit has happened?"

"Maybe, maybe not, right now my concern is getting our CIA Liaison back in one piece. All right people we get started at 0500. Everyone go over the maps of the area and get your gear together."

"Aye, aye Sir."

"Bob did you get anything on the info I gave you?"

"Not much Adam. Her town checks out but she grew up in an orphanage. That's the only thing there is on her. Hate to put it this way, but she's a ghost."

Adam knew the term well. They used the term when a person had little to no background.

"Dvorska, I want you to hunt down that chick and bring her in for questioning. If she gives you a problem, use your imagination."

"I'll be right back," Kevin said as he quickly headed for the door.


The Enlisted Club was busy with the remnants of the lunch crowd. Kevin stepped in and quickly scanned the bar for Laura. When he didn't see her, he strode up to the bar and got the woman's attention.

"I remember you, Guinness right?"

"Not right now thanks. Um -- I was looking for Laura."

"Join the club buddy. She was supposed to be here at ten this morning. If you see her tell her to get her ass in, or she can find another job."

"Thanks, I'll pass the message on," Kevin told her and then walked out.

It only took ten minutes to reach Laura's apartment. He was glad she wasn't at work. It would prove to be more difficult to force her back to the compound. He walked up and knocked on the door. He waited a few moments and then knocked again.

Kevin tried the doorknob and found it was unlocked. He looked around behind him, and then entered the darkened apartment.

"Hey Laura, it's me Kevin. Um -- work is a little worried about you. I thought I'd stop by. Laura, you around?" Kevin said loudly.

Kevin searched the apartment and found no sign of Laura. He reached out and turned on one of the lamps. From what he could tell, she didn't have many personal items. There were some college books and some notebooks.

He went into the kitchen and checked the refrigerator. Some water and very little food, actually it looked like she didn't spend much time here at all. Kevin went back into the other room and turned off the light. When he cracked the front door open he scanned the area and then walked out.


Kristina Duka raised her head slowly. Her vision was blurred and she blinked rapidly trying to clear it. Looking around, she realized she was in someone's living room, but had no idea where. With her hands bound behind her, she struggled in the chair to no avail. Kristine suddenly became aware of the fact that her robe was open and draped to the sides of her body.

"It's about time you woke up Miss Duka," a female voice said behind her.

She turned her head to see who it was and found herself staring at Martina Kordic. "Do you have any idea what Adam and Kevin are going to do to you when they find you?"

"Well my dear, if they have any brains at all, they'll do exactly as I suspect." Martina walked around and stood directly in front of the restrained woman.

"Hmmm, so this is what Adam Dawson's been playing with. Nice, very nice indeed."

"Fuck you Martina."

Martina knelt down between Kristine's legs, and then quickly grabbed her hair. As her head jerked backwards, Kristine tried not to cry out. She was determined not to give her the satisfaction.

"Do you have any idea what happens at that CIA detention center?" Martina asked as she slowly ran her free hand up Kristine's sleek body.

"What ever they did to you, you deserved every minute of it -- bitch."

Martine grabbed Kristine's nipple and pulled it out away from her body slowly. Kristine bit her lip, trying to keep from screaming. In just a few moments, the pain was too much and Kristine screamed out.

"That's a small sample of what it's like. You can see why you deserve a long painful death. First though, we're going to have a little fun with your SEAL boyfriend."

"Kevin's gonna rip your head off!" she screamed as her head bent painfully backwards.

"I have a little surprise for young Kevin. This is his entire fault anyway. If he would have just died like he was supposed to, none of this would be necessary."

Martina pulled her head forward and looked into Kristine's eyes. "You know, if the circumstances were different, I'd love to show you what a woman can do to another woman. You'd never go back to cock again."

"You're sick you know that, both you and your daughter."

Martina quickly pressed her lips against Kristine's and tried forcing her lips apart. Kristine fought against the act as she thrashed wildly. Finally, Martina relented and released her hair. As she stood up, Martina looked down and laughed at her.

"Oh yes Miss Duka, go ahead, fight. After we get rid of those murderous SEALs, Franz and I are going to have a lot of fun with you."

Kristine glared at her captive. She leaned forward as far as she could and spit in Martina's face. Martina was startled for just a brief moment, and then she backhanded the lovely CIA Liaison across her cheek.

Just then, Lorna entered the front door. She had a bag of groceries, along with Franz who followed her in. When she saw Kristine was awake, she turned and handed her bag to Franz.

"Take this one to the kitchen for me Franz, I want to say hello to our guest."

Lorna Kordic walked over to her captive and smiled at her. When Kristine looked into her face, she gasped in shock.

"By the look on your face, you seem a bit surprised. To be perfectly honest with you Kristine, I was a bit taken back also," Lorna said as she played with her blond wig.

"You -- you look..."

"I know, uncanny isn't it? Franz, be a dear and bring in our other guest."

Kristina was speechless when she turned her head to see the brown haired man dragging a bound and gagged Laura into the living room. Franz placed her next to Lorna. He too was amazed at the resemblance.

"We could pass as twins, couldn't we?"

"But -- but why bring..."

"It seems that you're not very bright for someone with the CIA. My original plan was to get close to Kevin Dvorska. I was in that club the day he first met sweet little Laura here. When I saw his reaction to her, I decided on a different tactic."

"She has nothing to do with any of this."

"Yes, regrettably so, but Kevin killed my father. I can't think of anything better than for Kevin to know he caused the death of someone so innocent," she said as she brushed the back of her hand on Laura's tear stained face.

Lorna pulled the tape off Laura's mouth quickly. The young woman sobbed softly as Lorna pulled her blond wig off. She shook her black hair free and looked at Kristine.

"You two catch up with each other. I'm sure she has many questions for you."

"If you hurt her, Kevin will make sure you don't take another breath."

"Oh please, save your petty threats. My father taught me how to handle someone like Kevin Dvorska if the need arose. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to make Mother something to eat."

When they left the two bound women alone, Laura turned and looked at her new friend.

"I don't -- I don't understand Kristine. Why are they doing this? Why do they want to hurt Kevin?" Laura asked as she tried to control her tears.

"It's a long story Laura, but don't worry honey, it'll be ok. Just try to stay calm. Adam and the rest of the team will get us out.

"Team -- what team?"

"Laura, we didn't know who you were. Adam and Kevin are really Navy SEALs. They'll come get us out. Believe me, they're very good at their job," Kristine admitted to her.

While Laura sobbed quietly, Kristine looked up at the ceiling.

'Come on Adam, save my ass again sweetheart.'


Dawson and V-man were in the map room going over aerial photos of a large Victorian home on the outskirts of Obertilliach, Austria. Adam was pointing something out when Kevin walked into the room.

"Nice to see you again Dvorska, did you bring in Laura?"

"No where to be found L-tee. Seems somewhat strange that Martina grabs Kristine and Laura vanishes like a fart in the wind. I tried to tell you about her, but no, you wanted..."

"If you're done lecturing me Kevin, you can come over here and go over these photos."

"Sorry Sir, I was just pointing out the obvious." Dawson gave him a nasty stare.

The three SEALs went over all the documentation they could find on the area. With the plan laid out, Adam got the rest of the team and Neal Hawkins together for the final touches. With everything complete, the team broke up and V-man went down the hall with Neal Hawkins.

It was a long night for Adam Dawson. He wanted to run out and get Kristine at that very moment, but he knew that was the wrong choice. The clown at Kristine's house told Adam to come alone, just him and Kevin. He was sure that was the message, but Martina knew he'd bring the team.

If this was a normal op, he could take a small amount of risk with the prisoner. That option was out because it was Kristine. Martina would be ready for a quick assault so that wasn't an option.

He was tired of dealing with this woman. Ever since arriving in Italy, she has been toying with his team. He had to follow normal rules of engagement, because he swore an oath. Adam closed his eyes and tried to rest, even for just a brief moment.

'Rules or no rules, if she's hurt a hair on Kristine's head, I'll see to it that even her dentist won't be able to recognize her.'

Heavily wooded area, 5 miles south of Obertilliach, Austria.

Adam and Kevin drove the dark green sedan along the winding road. The two SEALs have been on the road for just under two hours, and they talked very little during that time. When they came up to a bend in the road, they saw a parked black car in the middle of the road.

"This is what we figured on Kevin, time to put on your game face."

"I've had it since yesterday L-tee."

Adam slowed the vehicle and came to a stop about fifteen yards from the other car. A muscular man stepped out and moved towards them. He was holding an AK-47 assault rifle, and had it pointed right at the two SEALs.

As he got closer, Adam recognized him as the one who was at Kristine's house.

"Well Mr. Dawson, good to see you again. Please step out of the car and place your hands on the hood," Rudolf said as he held the AK-47 on them.

Adam and Kevin got out and assumed the position. Rudolf pulled open the nylon green flight jacket Adam had on and patted him down. When he found nothing, he moved onto Kevin. After finishing with him, he stepped back.

"You were smart not to bring a weapon Mr. Dawson."

"I won't need one to kill Martina and anyone else who gets in my way."

"You Americans are all the same. Everyone wants to be like your hero, John Wayne."

"If you're done irritating us, can we be on our way? I have a meeting to get to."

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