tagIncest/TabooThink Mom's Sexy Now?

Think Mom's Sexy Now?


Author's note: Welcome to my latest story. This is a simple and fun little piece that I wrote loosely based on a video clip by popular 'mom' porn star Jodie West. Of course being me I had to add quite a bit to the simple premise, but that's the fun of writing. Enjoy, LC68.


"Hey Mom, you sleeping?" I asked outside her bedroom door.

Ronnie's had been slow and Rich had asked anyone if they wanted to knock off a couple hours early. Full time classes and five nights there had been taking its toll and I gladly bolted at nine.

I'd been surprised not to see my mother in her usual place, stretched out on the couch watching TV. That was pretty much all she had done since my father had left almost a year ago, breaking mom's heart and leaving me to do the best I could as man of the house because he wanted to fuck his secretary.

Not that I'd had much more of a life lately. When my asshole father had screwed on us, moving out of state and taking little miss thing with him, I'd been dating Alicia, but a few weeks later had broken up over arguing about how little time I had for her.

I'd been upset, Alicia was cute and a lot of fun, but if she couldn't understand I now had to work full time in addition to college to help my mother pay the bills, then good riddance. But although she was shallow, Alicia was pretty hot in bed and if not missing her, I was missing the sex.

But I had no time and even though a couple of girls at school, and Mary at work, seemed interested, I didn't bother. School, studying for school and work left little time for dating and as horny as I was I didn't want a onetime thing or just getting together for hook ups.

That's something mom had instilled in me not to do. I was a gentleman with girls and had been told that many times, but right now I was a gentleman who was jerking off every night before I went to sleep.

"Mom?" This time I knocked lightly.

I knew she was home because her car was in the driveway. With most single women it would be a possibility she had gone out with a girlfriend, which I would be all for at this point, but I knew that wasn't true.

Mom's friends had all tried, everything from wanting her to come out for a girl's night to a club to trying to set her up on blind dates. She turned it all down, with the "I'm not ready" excuse which was pretty damn old close to a year later and seeing she did nothing wrong, it was all on my dog of a father.

Besides she would have sent me a text if she wasn't going to be home. Not that she needed to, but the one benefit from dad leaving is mom and I had become close. At this point we seemed as much like friends and roommates as mother and son.

We shared the chores, worked on the budget together, watched movies and talked about pretty much everything except why she wouldn't date. When I pushed she either got upset and told me to drop it or threw it back at me, why wasn't I dating?

My last response of I was only nineteen and had plenty of time to play, but she was older and should start enjoying now hadn't been the best thing to say. She'd asked if I thought she looked old and that's why dad had left and although I had assured her that wasn't true, she'd ended up in tears.

There was no answer to my knock and I shrugged, it was only nine o'clock, way too early for her to be sleeping. Turning from the door I had the sudden thought maybe mom was doing what I did before I went to bed every night.

After all she was a healthy forty two year old woman and hadn't been with anyone since dad left, and she'd told me the two of them hadn't in a long time because dad said he wasn't attracted to her anymore.

I thought that was a cruel line and a cop out because my mother was an attractive woman for her age, well most likely any age I supposed, but she was my mother so I tended not to check her out too closely.

I headed to my bedroom to grab a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to change into after I took a shower. But maybe take care of a little something else first. Thinking of my mother had led to the thought of other people's mothers and my recent obsession with milfs.

I'd stumbled on a site featuring videos of older women and for the hell of it watched one called my friend's hot mom. I was totally blown away; the milf porn star had been surprisingly hot. She was obviously older, but her body was amazing and she showed a hell of a lot more lust and desire than the young girls in the other movies.

I'd been watching nothing but milf porn for months now and had gotten to the point I was staring at the sexy older women in the restaurant far more than girls my age. There was just something about them. Any girl my age could be hot, they were young, they should look pretty good. But for women my mother's age and older to still look so good was even sexier.

And their sex drive! Porn stars were paid for what they do, but in real life there were lots of older women chasing guys my age and from what I heard from a couple of friends lucky enough to have been with one, they fuck your brains out and look for more.

My cock was already swelling just thinking about all the movies I had bookmarked on my lap top and while approaching my room, I thought of who I wanted to watch. Nikki Nice was my fav, a smoking hot blonde with some sweet curves, perfect tits and sucked cock like no other.

But there were so many others and I swore I fell in love with each and every one of them when I watched them. I reached my room and saw my door was closed. That was odd, I usually left it open to keep it cool during the summer.

I opened the door, walked in and stopped dead in my tracks.

The scene before me was so unreal I blinked my eyes and shook my head, thinking I had to be seeing things.

My mother was sitting at my desk in front of my lap top. That wasn't what was unusual as her printer had broken and until she could afford a new one she had been using mine to print what she needed.

What was wrong was I could see the screen over her shoulder and she was watching porn! In front of her was my dream woman Nikki Nice, on her knees getting fucked by a guy half her age. He had her by her full hips and was pounding her pussy as she faced the camera, her blue eyes wide and her mouth open as she moaned and cried out.

"Fuck me! Oh, God that cock feels so fucking good! Give it to me, baby, give your mommy's best friend that big fucking dick!"

Worse than what she was watching was what she was doing. Mom's legs were spread open and her bare feet were on my desk. I couldn't see anything from behind, but the way her arm was moving it was obvious where her hand was.

I heard a woman's moans that did not belong to Nikki Nice and mom let her head fall back on my chair, her long sandy brown hair hanging off the back of it.

"Oh, oh." Those little noises were hers, not the movies and I took another step back, trying to ease out of the room.

Not that I'd be able to forget what I saw, but I sure as hell didn't need mom knowing I'd seen her doing this. On the lap top the young guy was on his back and Nikki was between his legs sucking his long thick cock like it was the best thing she'd ever tasted.

"Suck it! Suck his cock!" Mom moaned and I couldn't believe I was hearing those words coming from her.

The guy moaned and Nikki squealed as his cock erupted in her face, sending long streams of cum across her cheeks and into her wide open mouth. She pushed it out with her tongue, down her chin and onto her tits.

"Oh yes!" Mom moaned, then startled me with a loud cry of pleasure that could rival Nikki's. Except my mother's was real. Taking in everything in front of me as if it were a dream I saw her red painted toes curl and she pushed against the desk as she squirmed in my chair.

I knew I should get out and quietly close the door, but the scene before me had a sort of train wreck fascination. I'd never once thought of my mother in a sexual sense, and still wasn't as in I wasn't in a mom/son movie and now wanted her, but to see her in this way was a revelation.

Mom sighed and put her hand on the mouse. I reached behind me to find the door handle so I could pull it closed behind me, but stopped when instead of getting up she had gone to the main page of "My hot step mom" and was scrolling through the list of videos, she was looking for another one!

But with her attention on the lap top, I turned quickly, a little too quickly. My foot caught on the edge of the door and I lost my balance. I fell against the door and with nothing behind it, it swung into the room and I went with it, banging into my bureau.

Mom dropped her feet to the floor and went for the mouse to shut the screen off so fast she knocked it off the desk. She grabbed the lap top and closed it, then remained sitting where she was, her head lowered.

I could see she was breathing heavy, but I'm sure it wasn't for the reason it had been a couple of minutes ago.

"Um, hey mom." I tried to sound casual, "Didn't mean to scare you. I got out early." She didn't respond right away and I continued to sound like nothing was amiss, "You printing some stuff for work?"

Mom lifted her head and spun my office chair around so she was facing me.

"Thank you for trying not to embarrass me, but I know you saw that, Bryan." She said softly.

Her normally fair skin was flushed and I wondered how much was from being embarrassed and how much was from...I stopped my mind from going that far as much for my sake as hers.

"Saw what?" I walked closer to her and shrugged, "I just walked in."

"And saw your mother" She sighed, "You're nineteen, not nine, you know what I was doing."

Wow talk about fucking awkward. "It's okay, Mom, I mean you're a woman, right?"

"In her son's room, watching his porn." She stood up quickly and my eyes widened.

She was still dressed from work with a red blouse and a black skirt. The blouse was unbuttoned halfway down and the tops of her breasts were out and looked squished. She must have had her bra down and yanked it up quickly when she heard me.

Her skirt was down, but I saw her black panties on the floor at her feet where she removed them. I figured best not to say anything and at some point I would just toss them in her hamper.

"Oh," Mom turned as red as the blouse and pulled it closed. "Thank you for not l...Oh God."

I glanced up at her to she had followed my gaze and spotted her panties. She quickly picked them up and hurried past me to leave the room.

"Hey, mom." I caught her arm, "It's no big deal, really."

"Yes it is! I feel like such an idiot! A pathetic idiot!"

She pulled her arm from me and began to cry. "I'm sorry, Bryan! I'm so sorry."

I began to tell her not to be, but she ran from the room as if it were on fire. I heard her running down the hall and her bedroom door slam shut.

"Didn't see that one coming." I said and closing my door, walked over to my desk

I lifted the lap top and letting curiosity get the better of me, checked the history. I hadn't done anything but check e-mails before I left at eight this morning so anything would be hers.

"Well then." I whispered at the six videos listed in the history.

They were all only ten minute clips, but damn, she had been watching porn for an hour. I read the titles and saw they were all things I had bookmarked; she had gone through my porn stash! All were milfs, mostly 'straight up' but a couple of step mom scenes.

I was still disturbed by catching her doing it, but in an odd way it was sort of exciting, maybe not in a sexual sense, but just the fact I'd discovered my mom was getting off to porn. One thing was for sure, I thought, she had good taste!


I looked up from my political science book and rubbed at my eyes. It was only nine, but I was pretty beat. Another full day of classes and a five hour shift on my feet at Ronnie's. I'd already showered and as pathetic as it was, I closed the book, put it on the nightstand and shut my reading lamp off, I was done for the night.

I lay there with my eyes closed and allowing my thoughts to drift and found I was thinking of last night's incident with my mother. Mom's embarrassment had carried over into the morning. Usually mom was pretty talkative as it's the most time we say each other during the week.

This morning, she had gotten downstairs early, made me breakfast and left me a note saying it was keeping warm in the oven. While I ate, she came back down, dressed for work and with not much more than 'have a good day' she hurried out the door. She had made no eye contact with me and not even given me the usual kiss on the cheek goodbye.

I felt bad for her, I could just imagine how I would feel if she had caught me spanking it. It was probably worse for her, because she figured she was the parent. My thoughts focused back on last night and the way she'd had her panties on the floor, feet on the desk and her hand between her legs.

I had to admit, had that been any other woman it would have been goddamn sexy. As it was, I was a little unnerved to find I did still find it hot in a way. Maybe it was just seeing her as a woman, rather than my mother. If nothing else it told me how badly she needed to get her ass out there and have some fun, with something other than porn and her hand.

I could stand to use that advice myself I thought as I glanced at my lap top. I watched porn every fucking night which is something I never did when I was getting sex with Alicia. Tonight I'd popped a rod at work while watching two hot milfs sitting at the bar.

They'd been dressed to kill and I'd noticed they were blowing off guys around their age, but flirting away with any kid my age. I'd hoped they might still be around when I'd gotten off, but they left a little bit before. Not that I was sure I would have the nerve to approach them, but I could dream, couldn't I?

Well, dreaming was all I was doing these days, and seeing I hadn't bothered jacking off tonight to take the edge off, my dreams would be of the x-rated variety. I turned my head towards my desk, dimly visible in the dark room.

It was hard to believe my mother had gotten off there and further exploration of my history revealed she had been doing it for at least the last couple of weeks! Why not in her room, with her lap top and in her bed?

My eyes flew open at the sound of a knock, and Mom calling out softly, "Bryan, you up?"

"Yeah, come in." I pulled the covers up over my waist as I was just in my boxers.

The door opened and leaning over, I turned the lamp back on. Mom came over to the bed and I was surprised to see she was still dressed from work, no, that wasn't what she was wearing this morning.

Mom had on a simple red sundress that I hadn't seen on her before. It was a little on the shorter side, not a mini, but short for my mother's normally conservative mode of dress. I couldn't help notice it was a low cut, showing more than a little cleavage, something else she rarely showed.

Mom was pretty big on top and for whatever reason seemed to go out of her way to cover them up, never mind show them off.

"Hey, you going out?" I asked.

"No, why?" She sat down on the edge of my bed next to me.

"That dress, you don't normally wear things like that." I smiled at her, "Thought maybe you were going out with the girls or something."

"No, no girls, no something." She looked down at the dress, "Like it?"

"Yeah, it looks cute on you." I told her and wasn't kidding; she did look good in the dress.

"Cute." She didn't seem happy with that word. "Just cute?"

"Umm, playful?" I tried, "It's a fun look."

"Playful is better, I guess." She sighed.

She put her hand up to push her hair out of her eyes and I'd been so busy looking at the dress I hadn't noticed she had her hair down. Mom's hair was medium length, going down a few inches past her shoulders, but she still usually wore it pinned up. Tonight it was down and she'd styled it making it so there were long curls framing her face.

"So, what's up, mom?"

"Honey, last night, I can't tell you how bad I feel about it."

"I told you don't worry about it." I shrugged, "I won't say it wasn't awkward, but you don't have to be sorry."

"I do. I was in your room, on your lap top," She lowered her head

"You know," I knew I should keep playing it off, but was curious. "I was wondering why you were here with my computer."

She sighed, "I found the porn by accident. I printed some things from google, then realized a page was missing so I went into history to reprint it and saw the videos there. I was curious and started watching."

"You could have e-mailed yourself the links." Why was I pushing it? Maybe because I really wanted to know because something did seem wrong with this and seeing she wanted to bring it up, why not?"

"You're right." She nodded, keeping her head down, she reminded me of myself when she would lecture me. "But I take my lap top to work a lot for meetings and traveling and was afraid I'd get pop ups or accidently click on something."

"I guess."

"And you had so many on there. I'm sorry and it won't happen again."

"You sound like me." I laughed.

"You wouldn't have done that in my room." She pointed out, then asked, "Would you?"

"What kind of question is that?"

"I...well, I'm sure not recently, but sometimes when boys are younger and they haven't been with a girl yet, they you know."

"I don't know." I shook my head.

Mom frowned, "You mean you never?"

"I don't know, mom. You won't tell me what you think I did."

"You've never gone into my room and done things with my," She paused, then looked away as she finished, "Panties or stockings?"

"Done things?" I raised my eyebrows, but then it dawned on me what she meant, "Hell no!" I told her, "Why the hell would I? You're my mom."

"I know." She was blushing as she was last night, "But I know sometimes boys do things like that with their mom's or sister's things because they're curious."

"Okay, honestly?" I grinned, "You won't say a word?"

"Promise." Mom raised her gaze to mine, "What is it, what did you do?"

"Exactly what you were asking me about, but with Jimmy's mom." I sighed, "God, she would wear those hot little outfits and you could tell she only wore thongs and one day when he was busy on the phone I went in her room and looked in her drawers."

I laughed, "I smuggled a red thong out of his house in my pocket and man did I," I stopped remembering who I was talking to. "You know."

"So you would say Mary was hot?"

"Really hot."

"So she's a milf?" Mom prodded.

"Damn straight she is. When we were juniors in high school we voted her hottest milf."

"Anyone vote for me?" She asked with a hopeful look on her face.

"Nah, it was unanimous."

"Oh." She seemed upset and when she remained silent, I asked.

"Mom's what's up? Something you want to talk about?"

"Kind of." She looked down at her hands where they fidgeted in her lap. "Little awkward though."

"Hey, you're always the one saying we can talk about anything." I reminded her, "We're friends right?" I winked, "Roomies too."

"Right." She smiled, "So we could make this one of our friend conversations?"


"Okay, well back to those videos. The reason I watched them at first when I saw them was the whole milf thing. I'd heard of it, but really didn't think there were many young men who liked women my age; I thought it was a joke."

"Oh, it's real and not just movies." I nodded, "Me and my friends look at women your age all the time."



"Yes because I kind of want to know."

"Know what?" Jeez, normally if mom had something to say, she said it, but this was like pulling teeth tonight.

"Honey, do you think I'm a milf?"

"You're my mother." I put my hands out, "What kind of question is that?"

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