tagInterracial LoveThose Eyes Alone Ch. 01

Those Eyes Alone Ch. 01


Hey everyone I'm back and hopefully better at writing. These events are based on a similar situation but this is fictional. For all anon commenter's if you don't like it don't read and go write your own story and stay off of mine. I did write it in the characters pov so I hope you guys don't get confused, I try to identify them. It might be a little short but I'm seeing how you like it so far. I hope you all enjoy.

Chapter One

Her: I've always fantasized about different sexual situations, but always opted against them being old fashioned, saving myself for marriage. I would read different stories and wish those things would happen to me. I was once told to be careful about what I wished for because it could possibly come true and boy were they right! I couldn't believe some of the things that were happening were actually real. All of the different sexual situations I had read about had happened to me.

Four months ago, I was working with my aunt cooking lunch and dinner for this organization of the community we lived in. I was working with her because it was summer time and I had opted against taking summer courses for my major since things were going to go by in one month. It was hard to find a job and I was grateful for what little work I could do. While we provided lunch, my aunt liked to in on the meetings and I would be bored and stuck listening to them talk about the community and new building projects and trust me I was not interested in that kind of stuff. Don't give me wrong I have nothing against the people in the community or the meeting, most of them were powerful or had good community jobs, but the problem I had with them was age. Most of them were 35 and up and very few were younger. They laughed at things I didn't find amusing and even though I was a 21 college student, I was still uninterested in all of that, but I dealt with it because I wanted to make some money and that was the only way.

One day I was cleaning up and I noticed that someone was watching me. I discreetly looked up and saw HIM. Our eyes met and I quickly looked away and kept working. I had never really paid much attention to the people, but there were a few I had gotten to know personally by accident. Thinking he was just curious, I pretended to scan the room and he was still staring at me. His eyes were literally following my every move, but I kept working. After a minute or so, I just couldn't take it anymore; I walked off to the supply room and tried to shake off the jitters. He was dissecting me, atom from atom. He could've probably told the very anatomy of my DNA if they asked him. I didn't know what to think.

'Was I doing something wrong? Is there something on my face?' I thought, but nothing was there. What was his problem?


Him: I hadn't really paid much attention to her until she walked out of the kitchen. She was beautiful. I had the opportunity to see her face in an up close view this time. If I wanted to, I could've touched her and there really wasn't much she could do about it. She worked for us and she was being paid to serve us, but the moment I saw her face, my eyes were glued. She had the prettiest eyes I'd ever seen. She had in different color contacts, but beyond that, her eyes were friendly and inviting. Behind them lay a mask of seduction and lust. In her eyes I saw her need for release. She needed someone to touch her, to please her. I'm not a psychologist but she couldn't hide that look behind the friendliness and happiness. She had delicious looking lips and a cute button nose behind her chubby face. Those eyes alone drew my attention. I knew she could feel my eyes on her because she looked up and our eyes met and she quickly looked away trying to hide the lust behind her eyes.

I surveyed the rest of her body, she was short, very short, and chubby, but she carried herself very well. She had silky black hair that fell past her brown shoulders. She kept her nails done and always wore a touch of lip gloss and eye shadow to enhance her look even though she really didn't need it. She had at least DD cup breasts and a nice squeezable ass to follow. On top of that she had the prettiest chocolate skin I had ever laid eyes on. It was smooth and had a hint of caramel to it and she had a glow and she made me wish she could be my dessert.

I was fixated, but then again, were my attractions normal? Was this acceptable? Would she even go for me? How was I going to approach her? I was hit floods of questions and negative thoughts, but the look in her eyes had me so intrigued, there was no turning back. How was I supposed impress her, get her attention? I was determined to at least talk to her. That night I went home and the only thing that crossed my mind was her. My girlfriend had constantly been talking to me about her day, not once asking about mine.

When she saw that I was zoned out, she would nudge me and say "Are you listening to me?"

After the 20th time of her asking, she finally asked, "What is wrong with you today? You're usually so tentative."

"Nothing, I just...my mind is swamped. I'm sorry." I answered.

"Well maybe you should try and relax; I'll make you a drink." She said bouncing off to the kitchen.

My girlfriend Keaton was my night and day. Once we move in together, hell came on wheels. She released a side of herself that I had never expected. She was lazy, she was a slob, she was always jealous, she always wanted her way, and she only wanted to shop. I tried to love her continuously and train her to be different. How many nights did I come home from work expecting a meal, but having to go right back out to buy fast food only to have her nag and whine about how greasy it was and how many calories it obtained and what it would do to her figure? Gosh I was getting annoyed every single day. The only home cooked meal I got was the lunch I got every Wednesday, and I didn't want to seem greedy, but those women were feeding me like I needed to be fed.

Keaton was a total opposite of the beauty I had seen. She had very beautiful long blond hair, and nice lips. She was a beautiful woman and had the body of a goddess, but she was so spoiled and vain her parents were happy to give her to anyone who would take her off of their hands. I guess I was that idiot anyway, I hadn't been happy for a while, not even sexually, but all of that would change soon. Fuck if I only knew her name.

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