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Three in a Bed


My wife, Rebecca, and I began seeing each other in college. She was one of the most gorgeous women I had ever seen. She had flame red hair, close cropped which made her features look kind of boyish. Her body, on the other hand, was anything but boyish. She had the womanliest curves of anyone at the college. I often heard friends of mine whisper to each other how they would love to get their hands on her tits and her ass.

We've been married for six years now and rarely see much of our old college friends. My closest friend there had been Jimmy, who dropped out during our final year to travel the world. We kept in touch by writing letters to each other and, more recently, via e-mail. When he told me that he was coming home in the summer for a short visit I quickly invited him to stay at our place. We didn't have much room but most of his relatives were dead and those who were alive he didn't much care for. If I didn't invite him to stay with us he would have ended up at a hotel. That night, as we lay in bed, I told Rebecca that Jimmy would be coming over for a few days.

"Okay, Rob. But where's he going to sleep?" she asked.

We were both of us still paying off student debts and had to get by living in a small rented studio apartment. We probably could have found somewhere more spacious within our price range if we had moved out to the suburbs, but Rebecca loved living in the heart of the city. Apart from the large bedroom there was only a kitchen and a bathroom.

"He can sleep over there, on the sofa," I said, pointing to where it lay, opposite the bed.

"And what about when we want to make love?" Rebecca said, a coy smile on her face.

I suddenly grinned and put my arms around her. Somehow I had forgotten all about that, about what had happened before, back at college. Jimmy was my room mate in our college dormitory when I first began seeing Rebecca. At the time she was living in a young Christian's group hostel which had very strict rules about allowing men in the girls' rooms. Neither of us had a car or any place else to go, so we used to always make love in my room. Jimmy was usually very accommodating and always left when we wanted to be alone. There were a few times, however, when Rebecca slept over, sharing my bed while Jimmy slept in his own just a few feet away.

This was in the first few months of our relationship and we were really hot for each other. The first time it happened was after we had indulged in a marathon sex session in my bed. Jimmy wasn't due back until midnight but we had fallen asleep in each other's arms, and I didn't wake up until after he had returned and gone to sleep in his own bed. I rubbed my eyes and looked over to see the back of his head laying against the pillow. I had woken with a raging hard on and pressed it up against Rebecca's ass. She moaned gently and began to stir, reaching her hand around to feel my cock through my shorts. I quickly pulled them down so that she could play with my shaft then I gently eased down her panties. Within seconds I was inside her, gently thrusting against her as we lay side by side. She was on the edge of the bed, furthest away from Jimmy. She had no idea that he was in the room with us. At one point she tried to move her head to face me but I stopped her and continued humping her from behind.

After I had cum inside her she moaned gently and turned to kiss me. It was then that she saw Jimmy lying in his bed. Her eyes grew wide with shock and her mouth fell open. I turned to look at him. He was facing our direction but his eyes were closed and he seemed to be asleep. She whispered angrily at me that I shouldn't have done it to her, not while he was in the room. I calmed her down, pretending that I didn't know he was there myself and anyway, there was no harm done. He had slept through it.

After Rebecca left in the morning I began to wonder whether Jimmy had really been sleeping after all. He hadn't been facing our bed when I had woken up. Did he stir in his sleep or had he actually been awake and watching us and listening to us, only closing his eyes when we had finished. The idea that he might have known what had happened made my dick go hard again. Rebecca always gave the impression of being slightly prim and proper and Jimmy would probably have trouble believing she would allow me to fuck her right in front of him. For one thing she was a catholic girl and came from a convent school and also she sometimes acted a little prudish.

One time we were at a party at some guy's house and he turned on a porn video. All the other girls stayed and watched along with the guys but Rebecca walked out in disgust. Another time we were at a party and a girl suddenly got down her knees and unzipped her boyfriend, giving him a blowjob right there in front of us all. Everyone was cheering her on. Everyone except Rebecca who looked down in revulsion at what was happening. Then there was the time that one girl bragged about pulling a train for her high school basketball team. We all listened avidly to her describing the experience. Even the girls were hung up on her every word. All except Rebecca, who said it was repulsive and asked how any girl could do a thing like that. She soon got the reputation for being a prude but the fact was that on all those occasions as soon as we were alone she suddenly became even more horny than usual and wanted sex right away. I discovered that she was as dirty minded as the rest of us, only she didn't like everyone to know about it.

I knew that Jimmy had the same impression about her as everyone else. I wasn't one to kiss and tell about my experiences, even to my best friend. Even if I was that sort, I knew that Rebecca would be very angry if she found out that I talked about our sex life. She used to say that what a couple did together should be private between themselves. For all Jimmy knew, when Rebecca and I were alone together we merely engaged in heavy petting. I rather liked the idea that Jimmy might know differently now.

When I met Rebecca later that day in the college cafeteria she acted like she was still angry with me for fucking her while Jimmy was in the room. I told her not to make such a big deal out of it, that I hadn't known he was there, and that he was asleep anyway, so what difference did it make. I told her that Jimmy was a real deep sleeper and that we would have had to break the bed before he would have woken up. This wasn't really true but Rebecca believed me and shrugged and said okay.

A couple of weeks later Rebecca stayed over at my place again. She had come out for a meal at a restaurant with a few friends of ours to celebrate someone's birthday. I remember the way she looked even now. She wore a very chic backless dress with stockings and high heels. I had never seen her look so sexy before. Certainly it was the first time I could remember that she had been out in public without a bra to support her full, heavy breasts. After the meal we all got very merry on the house wine and by the time we left it was too late for her to go back home. Her hostel had strict curfews and no-one was allowed in after midnight. I asked Jimmy if he minded if she spent the night at our place and he quickly replied that it was fine. Rebecca seemed a little uncertain but gave in when she realised she had little choice in the matter.

When we got back to the room we all sat around a little uncomfortably until I said maybe it was time for bed. Rebecca looked away while Jimmy peeled down to his shorts and climbed into bed. I did the same and waited for Rebecca to join me. She then asked if she could borrow one of my shirts as she didn't want to spoil her dress. I had been hoping that she would sleep in just her panties so that I could snuggle up to her bare tits all night but I threw her a shirt from my drawer anyway.

"Can you turn the light off while I get changed?" she asked.

"It's okay," Jimmy said. "I've seen naked ladies before, you know."

"I'm sure you have," Rebecca smiled. "But not this one."

I turned off the light switch and climbed back into bed. There was still plenty of light in the room. The moon was full and we had no curtains in the bedroom. Rebecca didn't seem to notice, or care. She sat down on my bed, facing towards Jimmy, who I could see was watching her intently. She kicked off her high heels and slowly lifted her dress to take her pull-up stockings and glide them down her thighs. Then she stood up, turning her back on Jimmy and lifted her dress high over her head. The moonlight shone brilliantly over her body, completely naked but for her panties. I could see that her nipples were pointing up and I was sure that she liked the idea of stripping off in front of Jimmy, even if he didn't have a full frontal view, like I did. Rebecca then pulled my shirt on over her so that it just covered her ass and she climbed into bed. The strip show had lasted no longer than a couple of seconds but to my mind it had seemed like minutes.

Rebecca said goodnight to Jimmy and lay down with her back to me. I pulled her close, my hands enveloping her breasts, my cock pressing against her ass.

"Hold on tiger," she whispered. "Wait until he's asleep."

"Really?" I asked, disbelieving that she would let me fuck her while Jimmy was there.

"Why not? You said he never wakes up."

I nodded and held her tighter, my hands roaming up and down her body. After about ten minutes we heard snoring. I had never heard Jimmy snore before. He was obviously faking sleep so that he could surreptitiously spy on us. I didn't mind one little bit.

"He'll be out for the count now," I whispered to Rebecca. "Especially as he's had a skinful of booze."

"Good," she giggled, grabbing my hand to place it between her legs.

I could feel how wet her panties were, how aroused she was by all this, the idea of doing it in front of Jimmy again. It might have been the alcohol which made her relaxed enough to do it now, but the thought struck me that she may have been thinking about it ever since that night, wanting to do it again.

I pulled down her panties and whipped off my shorts. Then I turned her over onto her back and rolled on top of her. She quickly glanced in Jimmy's direction and so did I. He was facing towards us. His eyes were closed, but I was sure he was awake. Rebecca seemed to hesitate for a moment but then she suddenly placed her hands on my buttocks and guided me inside her. I slid in her sopping wet pussy in one smooth motion. Her face was still directed at Jimmy so I placed my arms by the pillow, blocking her view. I didn't want her to realise he was awake in case she put a stop to our lovemaking.

I began with slow gentle strokes, listening to her little moans of pleasure growing louder and louder. I glanced briefly at Jimmy and saw his eyes blink shut. So he was definitely awake and watching us. Rebecca gasped as she felt my cock grow even bigger inside her. I moved one hand down her body and began to lift up her shirt. She tried to stop me at first but eventually gave in and I pulled it up over her neck. The covers were now down around our waists and I knew that Jimmy could see her big, firm tits and erect nipples. I began squeezing and fondling them with one hand while I used the other to obstruct Rebecca's view of Jimmy. I avoided looking his way now. I wanted him to watch it all without fear of being caught.

Now that Jimmy could see her naked from the waist up I began pounding into her harder and faster, making her lovely tits jiggle about in the moonlight. She looked up into my eyes, letting me know that she was nearly there, encouraging me to finish her off. Her hips met mine as we thrust together, her heavy breathing subsiding into moans of ecstasy as we came together. I groaned loudly as I emptied my balls inside her with the most powerful orgasm I had ever had. As soon as I moved my hand Rebecca quickly turned to face Jimmy again but his eyes were closed once more. She kissed me passionately and pulled the shirt back on over her and went to sleep in my arms.

The next morning Jimmy never said a word to me about it but I knew he had seen and heard what was going on. Rebecca never let on but I was sure that she enjoyed the sex more like this than when we were alone. When we talked about it the next day she made out that it was no different, that Jimmy was asleep, like he wasn't even there, but I knew that it had really excited her. It wasn't long after this that Jimmy dropped out of college and began travelling. The term was nearly over and I spent the rest of it without a roommate, although Rebecca now slept over most nights. The following term we moved in together and we got married soon after.

All this happened seven years ago now, and while I sometimes think about it, Rebecca and I had never discussed it before. As soon as she made the comment about us making love while Jimmy was staying with us I saw my opening to talk about it.

"You remember that, do you?" I asked.

"Of course I do," she replied. "How often do you think I've had sex in front of other men?"

"I don't know? Twelve times?"

"Shut up, Rob!" she said, giving me a playful slap. "You know that's the only time. I shouldn't have let it happen then either."

"Which time do you mean? The first or the second?"

"Well, I didn't even know he was there the first time, did I?"

"No, I guess not. You definitely did the second time though."

"I was drunk," she said defensively.

"You don't remember it fondly then? As I seem to recall you were pretty damn horny when it happened."

Rebecca shook her head then burrowed her face in my shoulder, reaching her hand down my belly until she came to my cock. She began manipulating it deftly with her fingers, giving me an instant hard on.

"Do you think he knew what we were doing?"

"Was he awake, you mean?"

"Yeah. He might have been, mightn't he?"

"Yeah," I said. "Maybe. Maybe he watched it all. Maybe he watched me groping your tits while I fucked you."

"Oh God," she moaned heavily. "Do you think so?"

"He could have."

"Do you think he went all hard like this?" she asked, running her fist up and down my shaft.

"Yeah. If he saw you like that, he must have done."

"Do you think he might have jerked off while he watched?"

"Probably," I said, reaching my hand between her legs. She was sopping wet.

"Do you think...do you think he wanted to join in?"

"I bet he did. Yeah."

"Oh Rob," she moaned. "Do it to me now."

I climbed on top of her and jammed my cock inside her pussy. She was wet and wild, clutching me with abandon as we indulged in a ferocious bout of love making. I hadn't seen her this horny in years. It was the same story every night for the next two weeks before Jimmy arrived. We were both incredibly excited about his arrival and even though it was left unspoken I think we both already planned to make the most of his visit and have sex together while he was in the same room.

"Wow!" was the first word Jimmy uttered when he arrived at our doorstep and saw Rebecca again for the first time in seven years. "You haven't changed a bit."

My wife grinned in pleasure and complimented him likewise.

"What about me?" I asked.

"Well," he said. "You're losing your hair, but I guess you're okay. You've managed to keep hold of this beauty anyway, so I suppose you're doing something right."

We hugged each other and sat down with a beer to discuss what we had been doing over the years. Jimmy seemed different now, much more self-confident. He always had a way with the ladies, but I could tell that now he was really charming the pants off my wife. She was attentive to his every word. She looked really disappointed to discover that he was only staying for two nights before heading for the coast.

That evening we went out to a restaurant and Rebecca really got herself dolled up. She looked absolutely stunning in a low cut top and short skirt. She had lost none of her figure over the years and seemed determined that Jimmy should notice it. It was well after midnight when we returned home, and we were all the worse for wear after several bottles of wine. We had a couple more drinks at home then decided to turn in. Rebecca prepared a bed for Jimmy on the sofa and then went into the bathroom while Jimmy undressed down to his shorts and got underneath the covers on the sofa.

When Rebecca returned she had changed herself. She was now wearing her black see-through teddy, one that she only wore on special occasions. She wore a thong underneath but the rest of her body was completely visible. Her nipples were standing to attention, implying an arousal I was sure was genuine. As I lay in bed I saw Jimmy eyeing her up from head to toe. She pretended not to notice it but it was obvious that she was enjoying his attentions. Eventually she said goodnight to Jimmy, turned off the light and got into bed with me. I placed my hand between her legs and felt how wet she was. It was very clear what she was after. She wanted to have sex with an audience again, just like all those years ago.

I pulled down my shorts and pressed my cock up against her thigh.

"What are you doing?" she whispered frantically. "Not yet. Wait 'til he's asleep."

I ignored her protests and slowly eased down her panties until they were around her knees. Then I pushed the head of my cock up against her entrance from behind, teasing her with it, making her wetter and wetter. The moment I plunged my dick inside her she gasped once and gave up all protests, moaning softly as I gently pushed it to her up to the hilt. I grabbed hold of her tits from behind and leaned over to look at her face. She was biting her lip, trying not to make any noise as I pushed my cock in and out of her.

After a few minutes my thrusts became more forceful and Rebecca couldn't hold out any longer. She opened her mouth and began to moan excitedly. I began to speed up my movements and before long she came, screaming loudly in pleasure. The thought that Jimmy could hear every slutty sound coming from her throat made me cum instantly. The bedsprings started creaking as I jammed my cock deep inside her, filling her up with my jism while I rocked back and forth against her.

Both our hearts were beating rapidly as we fought hard to resist the urge to look over at our captive audience just a few yards away. I cradled Rebecca in my arms and we lay there for a long time in silence before eventually falling asleep. We both had to leave early the next morning for work so we left Jimmy lying on the couch. I had given him a spare key and told him that we would meet him back home at about 6 o'clock and go out for a meal again. As I drove Rebecca to her office she began to berate me for doing it to her while Jimmy was awake.

"Oh come on," I said. "Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it."

"That's not the point. He couldn't have fallen asleep that early. He must have heard everything."

"Heard how much you enjoyed yourself, you mean?"

"Well, yes. He must think I'm some kind of slut."

"Because you enjoy sex?"

"No. Because it must have looked like we did it deliberately, that we wanted him to listen."

"I kind of thought we did. I know I did."

"Okay. Yeah. I did too, but I didn't want him to know that."

"You liked it though, didn't you. I know you got a big kick out of it."

She looked at me for a few moments then suddenly grinned.

"God, yes," she said. "It was amazing, really exciting."

"So are we going to do it again tonight?"

"I suppose we could do," she said with a false air of indifference. "But we have to wait until he's asleep this time."

"Why bother? If he thinks last night was deliberate, what difference does it make if he hears it again?"

"Well, I don't know. I just think it's really naughty. Of course, I couldn't stop you last night so if you tried it again tonight then I guess..."

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