tagBDSMThree Parts of Punishment

Three Parts of Punishment


Last night was a late night out with the guys. I was pretty tired and could not wait to take a nap. We had been busy cleaning the house all day. I knew my wife had some errands to run so I waited for her to leave. I wanted to lay down for at least an hour or so and catch up on my sleep.

She took off about twenty minutes later. I wasn't sure how long she would be gone but I knew I better get to sleep and back up before her return. I couldn't stand it when she would call me out on partying too much. I only made it out once or twice a month, but I would always hear about it from her.

I kicked off my shoes, took off my shirt and closed the bedroom blinds. I barely remember falling asleep. I must of done a face plant on the pillow and went right to sleep, because the next thing I know my wife is pulling my arms behind my back and slapping on some cold metal handcuffs.

I thought I was dreaming until I heard her voice say, "Wake up party boy, you've got some explaining to do."

With that, I rolled a bit to my side and truly felt the restriction of the cuffs on my wrist. They were cold and heavy and kept my arms uncomfortably behind my back. I looked up at her and asked, "What the heckfire is going on?", still groggy from the nap.

"Stand up and I will tell you.", she replied.

I rolled off the bed and fiddled with the cuffs hoping she had not locked them. Wrong! They were locked and I started to feel a little vulnerable. I knew she was pissed about last night. I was suppose to come home at a reasonable hour so we could spend some time together making love, but I lost track of time and did not arrive home till after 3 am.

She pointed to the floor at the foot of the bed, "Come stand here in front of me.", she stated firmly. She moved herself into a sitting position on the edge of the bed.

I did as I was told knowing full well I would regret it. But what choice did I have. I had to take my medicine and be more careful next time. As I moved into position in front of her, I felt myself getting a little aroused. We would sometimes roleplay and I enjoyed the position of submission as much as I enjoyed the position of power. But something told me this would be more about punishment then pleasure.

She said, "I am sick and tired of you putting me second on your list when the weekend comes. You know damn well we were suppose to spend some time together last night, but you chose to stay out late. When you were not here by 1 am, I was not even surprised. That is how long this has gone on." She was looking me straight in the eye and continued, "But now I thinks its time for you to learn a lesson, the hard way!"

I was waiting for her to continue the lecture when she grabbed for the button on my shorts. She undid it and followed with the zipper. She pulled the opening apart and they quickly fell to my ankles. She immediately went for the waistband of my boxers and pulled them down to my ankles. "Step out!", she commanded. As I complied, she pulled them off the floor and threw them across the room.

My first instinct was to grab my cock and cover it up, but the cuffs prevented that. I was standing in front of her completely naked, except for my ankle socks. I think she decided to leave them on my feet to make me feel even more foolish.

I was even more embarrassed by the fact that blood kept flowing to my dick, making it point practically straight-ahead towards her. She stood up and spun me around by the shoulders. The mirror on our dresser was directly behind us and she stopped as I faced my naked body in the mirror.

"Look at this pathetic piece of flesh you call a cock. Do you really think that I like having that thing inside of me?". Her voice was condescending as she reached around my body and took my prick in her hand.

The touch or her hand felt good even amidst the belittling lecture. I watched as she held my cock in her hand, like it was a piece of spoiled fruit she wanted to throw out. "To tell you the truth, I don't think its even that big. And you are not quite the lover that you claim to be." She continued with a sarcastic tone and shook my fairly erect prick in the mirror for me to see.

She turned back and grabbed something off the bed and said, "Now its time for your punishment to begin." She wrapped a bandana around my eyes and tightened it so I could not see a thing. This was getting worse than I expected and I wasn't sure if she was really pissed or if she was just having fun at my expense. I had a sinking feeling it was the former.

She spun me back around so that I was facing the bed once again. She said, "I'll be right back. Don't move or you just make it worse for yourself."

I heard the door open and she left the bedroom. My cock was hard and pointed straight ahead as I wondered what she could be doing. I felt uncomfortable standing there like this, but I think that is what she had in mind.

She returned about five minutes later and I heard the sounds of different items being placed on the bed. I thought I even heard the sound of ice cubes clanking inside a glass of liquid, but I assumed it was a cocktail for her to enjoy as she doled out my suffering.

"Your punishment will consist of three phases. The first is called "icy-hot" and you will not be aloud to scream or say "ouch" or make any more noise than a grunt or a gasp. If you do make any unnecessary grumbles, the punishment will be extended. Do you understand?", she asked harshly.

I shook my head yes and felt a smack on my thigh. "You will answer with a "Yes Mam" and nothing else, is that understood?" Her voice was very formidable.

"Yes mam!", I said clearly. I did not want to get smacked again. The sting from that first slap was just starting to disappear.

"That's better.", she said. "Now step forward and spread your legs about should width apart.

I did as I was told and I heard a sound like a cap being removed from a bottle or tube. "Take a whiff", she said.

I could tell she was holding something near my nose so I took a good sniff. Wow! What a harsh smell. It smelled like Ben-Gay or some kind of pain-reliever for muscles. I wanted to ask her what she was doing with it, but I knew better than to open my mouth.

Before I finished my thought, I felt her rubbing the cream onto my right nipple with a generous proportion. She rubbed it deeply and used a pinching motion to make sure it penetrated my skin quickly. I felt a warm sensation begin to grow beneath my nipple as she moved on to the other one.

Suddenly, I put two and two together and figured out the "icy-hot" treatment. I remembered seeing a tube of icy-hot in the bathroom drawer some time ago. I had used it before and I thought this would not be so bad, but I had never applied to an area quite as sensitive as my nipple.

The heat and pain became a little more intense as she finished up the other nipple. It was getting hotter and it did not feel like it was leveling off. I heard her sit down on the bed which must of been a foot or two in front of me.

The pain increased a little more and if started to feel like someone was pinching my right nipple. I thought I might just be numb and could not tell that she was pinching me. But I soon realized it was just the icy-hot doing its job when I felt her one hand lift up my ball sack. I then felt her apply a long stroke of cream across the backside of my balls with one of her fingers.

Its application was felt immediately, almost as if she had applied hot oil. I let out a short cringing gasp, knowing my nuts were about to begin searing.

"Let's just let that medicine go work while I enjoy your discomfort. Does it burn, are your nut muscles starting to relax yet?" Her tone was cruel and teasing.

My nuts were burning not relaxing. I could not believe how hot they were getting. I was thankful that she did not apply it to my whole sack. My nipples were also hurting. It really felt like someone was pinching them harshly and rubbing them unmercifully to generate the heat. I tried to reach between my legs from behind and wipe some of it off my balls, but I could not reach.

She let me marinate in pain for about seven or eight minutes. The whole time my cock was still rigid. I was surprised I was still aroused under these discomforting circumstances.

I heard the ice cubes in the glass clanking once again. She must of been enjoying her drink while I suffered. I felt her take my cock in her hand. "Finally", I thought, "she will give me some pleasure and I can be relieved of this pain."

She stroked me gently with one hand and fondled my balls with other. The burning was slowing down on my nipples but my nuts continued to burn and ache. Her stroking helped it to fade a bit. She stroked me a little firmer and then let go of my balls with the other hand. I gave a small groan of pleasure to let her know I was enjoying this.

That may of been the wrong thing to do, because in the next instant I heard the clank of the ice cubes then felt my nuts become completely submerged in freezing cold water. I gasped and went right up to my tippy-toes to get away from the cold, but she moved the glass right along with me.

"Don't say a word! Just take it like a man!", was all she said.

She was still stroking me, but my nuts were so tight that her strokes were no longer giving me pleasure. It felt like I was having a case of the "blue balls". I was wondering how she could known the kind of pain this would cause me. My nuts began to really hurt, you know that pain you feel when you hold something that is freezing cold and it starts to hurt really bad before it goes numb.

She let go of my stiff rod but kept the glass of icy water around my package. It was finally starting to go numb, but the tightness was very uncomfortable. I could feel the skin of my sack condensing and becoming thicker to prevent my gonads from getting any colder, but it was no use they were almost completely frozen.

She removed the glass after another couple minutes. "This completes the first part of your punishment. I hope next time you will think about the "icy" and the "hot" before you blow me off for another beer with your buddies."

She continued, "Lets start the second part. It is called "Male Swating" and I think you will really feel this one." She started to chuckle at this comment and my confusion grew as I tried to figure out what she had in store for me next. "I am going to give you five swats and after each one is administered you will count out loud to keep track. If you mess up the count, hesitate or cry out in pain, we will begin all over again. Do you understand?", she waited for my reply.

"Yes mam, I understand", I said.

Whack! I felt a fierce pain across the tip of my cock. "Ahhhhh, fuck! What the hell was that?", I asked leaning forward to stop the pain that shot down the shaft of my cock and into my whole groin.

"Looks like we have to start again. You are not to ask questions, just count a loud", she replied. "But if you must know it is only a fly-swatter. It can't hurt that bad."

I knew she was trying to get me angry as she patronized me, but it stung like a bastard. She must be smacking the head of my prick just like there was a fly on the end of it. I did not think I could take five more hits. I thought she may have broken the skin open on the head of my prick, but I was still blindfolded and could only imagine how red and sore my cock must of looked.

"Stand up straight and stick your dick out. We are not finished with this part yet and you need to start acting like a man." Her voice was stern and I complied. I clenched my teeth waiting for the next crack of the swatter across my throbbing prick. I heard the wisp of it in the air and felt the sharp pain shoot across the head of my cock and down the shaft.

"One", I said with the anger of pain in my voice. It took all my strength to stand there and not fall over in pain. I knew there was another one coming and I just wanted to get it over with. Crack! It came without much hesitation. "Fuck", I said inside head. That one felt like a hammer not a fly-swatter. I felt some kind of welt or bruise begin to form on the tip of my penis.

"Two", I blurted out, wanting to spit on her and curse her out for this evil punishment. I heard that damn wisp again and the pain exploded once more at the head of my cock. She was hitting me fast and hard. I felt my body flush with heat and a sweat broke out on my forehead. The pain was getting to me and my body was letting her know it.

"Three", I shot out quickly through my clenched teeth. My legs began to shake, probably from the realization that this really hurt.

She must of noticed the agony she had caused because the said, "Good boy, I think that will be enough for now. But remember this pain is for real and I can really make you hurt if you cross me again."

"Thank God!", I said to myself. I probably would of passed out after another couple of whacks. I heard her stand up and felt her untying the blindfold. It fell down around my neck as she finished removing it. It was good to get my sense of sight back, at least now I could see what else she had coming for me.

She walk around me and climbed on the bed on her hands and knees. She was wearing a bra and a thong and my prick immediately regained some hardness at the sight. She stopped in the middle of the bed and turned her head back towards me. She then reached for the thong strap between her ass cheeks and pulled it towards the side. "The last part of your punishment will be the frustrated fuck. I am going to stay here and if you can get your cock in my you can fuck me. But it might be a little challenging with your hands cuffed behind your back. I promise I won't move, but I won't give you any help either. Do you understand?"

"Yes mam!", I said with a renewed excitement. My cock definitely sore from the swats but it still felt as hard as a piece of steel. Looking at her open slit with her sexy ass in the air was all the motivation I needed. I climbed on the bed and walked the couple of feet on my knees to get my prick near her opening.

She adjusted her legs farther apart to give me full access to her cunt from behind. I moved in slow and guided as best as I could the head of my prick near her entrance. I pushed forward with my hips but my cock was too low. It just pressed against her crotch instead of the opening. I pushed harder hoping it would get nudged up higher and slip in, but it slipped under her belly and I felt her pubic hairs tickling the tip of my penis.

She reached inbetween her legs and fondled my balls. "Come on, push it inside me and fuck me.", her voice was sexy and full of desire. And her hands on my balls in that position always drove me crazy. She knew that and was frustrating me even further.

I tried again with a firm thrust of my pelvis. No good, my cock hit the side of her crotch and bent with the force of my thrust. I pulled back and tried again. This time it slipped up between her ass. She was wet and sweaty and my cock felt good between her cheeks. After all this teasing and torture, I felt close to exploding and I knew it wouldn't take long once I was inside her. I pulled back enough for it to fall from her ass and as soon as it did I pushed forward hoping to get inside her. It pressed against her lips but just wasn't quite the right angle to slip in.

She was right about a frustrated fuck. I could not believe it was this hard to get you dick in a snatch from behind without using some assistance. I was hot and harder than a mother fucker and I was going to fuck her if it was the last thing I did. I thrust again only to end up between her ass cheeks. I started to move back and forth between her ass. At least I was getting some gratification.

"Fuck it", I thought. "I am going to get off just like this. I can't wait any longer." I saw her look over her shoulder. She must of sensed my growing frustration as I humped away at her ass. She did not say a word. She just watched me for a minute before reaching between her legs again and grabbing my sack. The warmth of her hand was too much. I felt my nuts begin to release my load. I pushed up hard on her ass as I shot cum across her back and into her hair. The next load came out with the same velocity and layered another coat on her back. I came again and again. My loins were so desperate from the foreplay, I felt like an eighteen year old virgin shooting my load for the first time.

I sat back breathing heavily, spent from the intense experience. I watched her lay down on her stomach with out so much as a word. Next time, I will definitely come home early.

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