tagLoving WivesThree Steps

Three Steps


Eddie had taken Sasha's class for several years. Every Tuesday night he spent an enjoyable hour sweating with her, Lisa, and Tanya to Sasha's playlists and her evil cycling routines. The four of them were a constant, others came and went but they were there week in and week out aside from a sick kid or a business trip. Over the years he had managed to turn back the hands of time and lose some of that stubborn weight that father time have deposited around his midsection, thanks in large part to Sasha's encouragement. Over the years they gravitated towards each other and became friends.

Sasha was an extremely high energy blonde, with a hot cyclist body and legs to die for, Lisa was a short brunet who wore thick black librarian style glasses, and Tanya was a curvaceous red head with huge natural tits. All four of them were forty somethings getting ready to become empty nesters. Eddie would be a liar if he didn't make a Tuesday night or two sole to enjoy the sight of Lisa's ass pumping out of the saddle, checking out Sasha's cleavage during a hover, or Tanya sweat soaked shirt clinging to those huge tits as they talked after class.

But all that changed, one horrible October night when Eddie's wife told him now that the kids had left home, she was leaving him too. The divorce was civil and business like, she had been more and more distant the last few years and obviously had been planning her exit strategy for several years. She was fair, she said she was sorry, and that they both deserved better. But having your life's possessions and memories tallied up, evaluated and divided up just made him feel worthless. They signed the papers and she kissed him goodbye, "You will be fine, I always will hold a place in my heart for you."

While those were wonderful words, why was she throwing away 25 years of their lives? Eddie felt lower than he ever did before. He was fairly successful, but far from rich, they had a nice suburban home, and two beautiful boys who were almost done with college. He had transformed himself and gotten back into shape to try and relight the spark that had been missing, but it wasn't good enough. He wasn't enough of a man to keep her, and he started thinking about ending it all.

It is always darkest before the dawn. Fortunately his friends from Tuesday night decided it was time for some intervention. After seeing their friend walking around in a haze for the last several months they knew he needed something to jolt him back into the real world and help him move on.

Eddie still came to his Tuesday night classes since the girls were about the only thing that could even bring a hint of a smile to his face. But even that relief wasn't helping to clear dark feelings that clouded his head. But this Tuesday, the cycling studio was strangely empty, Eddie came in early to warm up with Sasha. They exchanged some small talk about Sasha's son who was a senior this year. Finally, she looked up and handed him an invitation. "The Y is sponsoring a counseling group tomorrow night. Dealing with divorce. I want you to be there!"

He looked at the invitation. The class was to be held at the Hampton Inn and featured Sasha as the seminar leader. "If not for you, you can at least help a friend deal with speaking in public." He agreed to come.

That night he noticed that Lisa had ditched her baggy sweats and was wearing a sports skirt. Since she was the bike in front of him, he finally noticed that when they hovered, he could look right up that skirt and see her hard ass. Sasha seemed to spend more time than normal in the hover, flashing that cleavage. Between Lisa's ass and Sasha's tits, Eddie was starting to get turned on. He looked to his right and saw Tanya was looking approvingly at the bulge in his shorts, had a grin and winked at Sasha who seductively licked her lips. At the end of class Lisa asked, "Like the view baby!" Eddie blushed. "Don't be embarrassed! I've been flashing you the last three weeks. Glad you finally noticed!"

Tanya seized the moment as well, "Don't worry baby, he noticed and he's got a very nice package for you!" As she whispered those words to them she rubbed those big tits against him. Soon he was very aroused again, the first time in months.

Sasha joined them whispering, "Hey girls, that package is mine too! He spent the whole class looking down my shirt. Oooh! looks like he has enough there for all of us."

Then they were back to normal, as Sasha made small talk with the other folks there for the class and Eddie tried to regain his composer as he packed up his stuff and wiped down his bike. Tanya and Lisa walked out giggling like a couple of schoolgirls. Finally, it was just Sasha and him and she was all business as she said, "I'll see you tomorrow night, right?"

"You bet I'll be there!"

"Good boy." She kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear, "You'll enjoy it, I promise!"

Eddie was absolutely in shock, walking out of the Y. Did that really happen? Did three of his fantasy girls really just throw themselves at him? God he felt like a man again. He barely was able to keep his mind focused on the ride home. The vision of Lisa's ass, Sasha's tits, and Tanya's sexy voice and hot breath in his ear nearly caused him to drive off the road. He was searching for a reason to go on, he found he had three that were with him the whole time.

The seminar the next evening was very helpful. Turns out Sasha was an excellent facilitator and led the group discussion about how each member dealt with their personal loss. Eddie found he wasn't alone in and the others had felt the same way and that things weren't quite as hopeless as they seemed. He just needed to let his ex wife go and take the first steps to getting his life back. At the end of the evening he was getting ready to go out with a better outlook.

Sasha asked him how he liked the seminar, and if he wouldn't mind helping her drop off some supplies back at the Y. Eddie thanked her for getting him out there and followed her back to the Y. The Y was dark and empty as Sasha unlocked the doors and they carried the two boxes upstairs to the cycle room. They brought the supplies into the back room and put them on the shelf.

"So tell me, did you like what you saw Tuesday night, baby?" Sasha suddenly purred as she flipped the switch.

"Oh yes! I've enjoyed sneaking a peak for years." Eddie replied.

"Well," Sasha had slid out of her blazer and was seductively unbuttoning her blouse, "what if I offered you a bit more than a peak?" She pulled her blouse off and wrapped it around Eddie's head pulling his head into her cleavage.

Eddie didn't need any encouragement as he reached around her and unhooked her bra in one smooth motion. "Oh Eddie! You little stud!" He hungerly sucked on her full tits, first left then right. His hands went to work on unzipping and pulling off her skirt. Sasha pulled him up to his feet and planted the hottest wettest kiss on his mouth, as her hands started to remove his shirt and then dove inside his pants rub his hard cock. They broke their embrace as Eddie ripped off his pants and Sasha peeled of her soaking wet panties. She dove to her knees and took his massive cock in her mouth. Her mouth felt so good as her tongue worked his cock and she took him deep as she could as he grabbed her head and fucked her mouth.

Sasha pulled him out of her mouth and then breathlessly shouted, "My god!! Girls you better get in here quick or I'm not going to share!"

Lisa and Tanya, sexily strolled in hand in hand. "Sounds like you need some help with that monster."

Tanya joined Sasha on her knees and started a double header as Lisa slowly stripped off Tanya's bra and panties for her. She presented Eddie with Tanya's panties, but Eddie said he wanted hers. Tanya and Sasha alternately sucked on his head and balls and Lisa slowly stripped and then turned around bent over and slid off her panties and showed him her spectacular ass. "Bet you want some of this booty, don't you baby!"

Lisa directed the party to a stack of mats on the floor, then straddled Eddie's head and joined the girls on Eddie's cock. Eddie was in absolute heaven as Tanya and Lisa licked his shaft and Sasha sucked on his balls while Lisa's hot box was grinding against his face. He thrust his tongue into Lisa's sweet pussy and tried to maintain his composure as he felt those hot mouths working him.

Sasha finally decided it was time to take charge and feed her hungry pussy. She mounted Eddies cock and slowly guided it into her dripping wet hole. Lisa held her position on Eddies face and continued to lick Eddie's shaft as it slid inside Sasha. Then she alternated between licking Sasha's clit and Eddie's cock as Sasha started riding his cock. Tanya took a seat behind Eddie's head and impatiently waited her turn while fingering her red haired pussy, as Eddie continued to lick Lisa's snatch.

Tanya decided it was her turn to go for a ride and changed places with Sasha. Eddie could barely contain himself as Tanya's hungry snatch devoured his cock and she squeezed him tight with her well defined muscles. She rocked hard as Lisa went to work on her friend's clit.

Finally Eddie had to speak up, "I think its Lisa's turn." Eddie pulled himself out of Tanya, let his cock slide up between Lisa's tits and past her wet folds as he pulled himself up to take her from behind. Tanya held her spot offering Lisa her pussy as Eddie grabbed Lisa's hips and slammed his cock into her. Sasha stood up behind him and rubbed her sex against his ass and reach around to cup his balls.

Sasha was sucking on his earlobe and whispering, "Oh yes! Fuck her hard! Fuck that pussy good, you know you always wanted some of that booty. Harder! Fill that sweet pussy full of your hot come!"

"Come inside my pussy baby, please shoot your hot load into me," Lisa shouted. With that Eddie stiffened up and exploded 4 months of bent up frustration into Lisa's with load after load of his boiling seed until he just collapsed on top of her. Sasha rolled him off Lisa and then greedily ate Eddie's cum out of Lisa's throbbing pussy.

Tanya came over and cleaned up Eddie's semi hard cock sucking it deep into her throat. Then she looked up, "Anyone need a shower? Care for a tour of the woman's locker room stud?" She led Eddie downstairs leaving Sasha to finish her midnight snack as Lisa began to howl at the moon.

Tanya led him into the women's locker room, and fired up several of the showers. The room was soon engulphed in steam. Tanya grabbed some shampoo from her locker and sexily lathered both of them up. "Oh baby, let momma clean the scent of those filthy little whores off you," Tanya teased as she soaped up Eddie's once again rock hard cock. She used her amble breasts to scrub his cock clean. "Oh you like it when momma, gets you clean don't you." Then like Sybil, Tanya changed personalities, "Bet you always dreamed of slamming your hard cock between these big old titties. I know you loved to stare at them every week, hoping I wouldn't notice. Well here they are, wrapped around your big hard prick. Bet you never been titty fucked so good."

Eddie responded with a grunt and then started thrusting hard between those soapy hooters. After a couple of heavenly minutes between those tits, Eddie stood her up and spun her around. "Ohhh yeah baby ride me hard! How many years have you stared at this ass saying, God I want to hit that! Do it baby!" Eddie grabbed her hips and slammed his hard cock into her filling her to the hilt then rode her like a bucking bronco. He alternated between grabbing those huge tits and spanking her ass.

Eddie almost jumped out of his skin when Lisa's and Sasha's hands found his back. They took up positions on each side of him, played with his nipples and alternated kissing him as they grinded their wet pussies against him. The girls encouraged him, "Give it to her baby, fuck that big red pussy! Make those big old titties bounce! Yes that's it! Fuck her harder, faster yes, yes, yes!"

Tanya burst into screaming orgasm and throbbed and squeezed Eddies cock pushing him over the edge. "Oh yes! Come with me baby! Oh yeah!" For the second time Eddie emptied his balls into one of his fantasy girl's pussy. He could barely stand as Lisa lead him out of the shower room and plopped him down in a chair before cleaning up his cock and sucking the last drops of cum out. Sasha stayed with Tanya and enjoyed some dessert.

Lisa and Tanya got dressed and kissed Eddie goodbye, and headed home from their 'Girls Night Out.' They giggled like a couple of schoolgirls, whispering that they had to make sure their hubbies got some tonight.

Eddie helped Sasha, clean everything up in the locker room and cycling center and escorted her out to her car. "So I hope you found our counseling session to be worthwhile."

"Oh yes it was quite a session." Eddie smiled.

"The first step is to make you realize you are not alone. Then next is to make you realize you aren't less of a man just because your wife divorced you. And third is to make sure you have something to live for so you can look forward and start to move on with your life."

"Well you've done an excellent job counselor."

Sasha seductively turned and ran a finger down his chest, "Oh we have only begun, separation counseling is a LOOOOONG term process."

As she drove off, Eddie sat in the parking lot. Wow he really had a lot to live for!

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