tagBDSMThree Tasks

Three Tasks


"In order to be released," Morgan said, "you'll need to complete three tasks for me. Do you understand?"

Sharon nodded. She couldn't speak, because of the gag in her mouth. Her hands were pinned over her head, chained to the bedframe by a pair of pink handcuffs. They weren't painfully tight, but they were snug enough that she wouldn't be going anywhere without being released by Morgan.

She wore only her bra and panties at this point. Morgan had suggested taking off her clothes before they started. She'd agreed. It did make her feel more vulnerable in this position to not be dressed. He was still wearing jeans and an Oxford button down, but he wouldn't have to battle the handcuffs to get out of his clothes.

Morgan dipped his hand into the bag of tasks that she'd created for them. He'd said that the sub could suggest the tasks so long as he approved of them. The approved tasks were all in a bag so that he could pick randomly from them, keeping the game different each time they played.

Morgan had actually been the one to suggest this. He'd caught Sharon reading 50 Shades on her eReader. She'd just wanted to see what all the fuss was about, but Morgan thought that it had been a critique of his love-making. He offered to try something new in the bedroom, and Sharon had taken him up on it.

They'd been dating two years, and the sex had become a bit dull. Morgan had the right equipment, more than enough equipment, but seemed awkward about using it at times. They had seemed to have fallen into a rut, managing two to three times a week, but always the same moves each time.

Sharon got the feeling that he wanted to shake things up, but didn't know how to broach it. She was surprised that he'd wanted the dominant role, but she was fine with being handcuffed - as long as it didn't leave marks.

She eyed him now as he was rummaging through the bag. If she hadn't been gagged, she would have suggested that he had marked one of the notes so that he could find it for their play. He finally pulled out a note and read it. "Don't make a sound while your partner uses toys on you."

Morgan untied her gag for this one, but he placed it over her eyes as soon as he'd removed it from her mouth. She'd just traded the loss of one sense for the other. It would be more difficult to not react without being able to see what he was doing.

"Be back in a second," Morgan said, leaving her handcuffed and blindfolded. It wasn't like she could go anywhere even if she wanted to.

She could hear him return, but he didn't say a word. Sharon bit her lip now, worried about shouting out when he did something to her. There was a long moment when she could hear him breathing, but nothing happened. He was being more competitive and creative about this than she'd expected.

Suddenly she felt something cold on her skin. She shivered but didn't squeak at the sudden sensation. He must have an ice cube, she thought. The sensation went ran along her neck and then down her throat. He slid the cube inside of her bra, and she felt the sudden hardness of her nipples. He was better at this than she suspected.

The cube went down her abs, past her navel and then between her legs. He didn't go into her panties, but he ran the cubes over her inner thighs, raising goosebumps on them. She felt drops of water run between her legs, and she realized that the cube must be melting. In a few seconds, the sensation stopped.

It was only a second before she felt the brush of something soft against her. She didn't make a noise, focusing on what it could be. The touch was light, gentle, caressing. It had to be a feather she thought as it grazed her legs. The sensation was intoxicating, and she felt desire warm her. She was enjoying this.

Morgan stopped after about a minute. He moved again and put something on her leg. The sensation was slithering and cool to the touch. She puzzled over it, wondering what it could be. The sensation moved up her leg, sliding between her legs and back up to stomach. She panicked when she realized that it had to be the neighbor's snake. Morgan was playing this game to win. She didn't like the snake, which had now moved to between her breasts. She was about to call out her safe word, when Morgan removed it and left the room again.

The sensation had frightened her, but also aroused her. She thought of the snake between Morgan's legs and thought about it moving her up body slowly. Instead of scaring her, the thought turned her on.

She heaved a huge sigh of relief when she suspected that she was alone. She wasn't sure she could have stood much more of that.

He returned quietly. "Time for your second task. Are you ready?" Morgan asked. He untied the blindfold and let it drop around her neck. Sharon blinked her eyes a few times to adjust to the light. She nodded, unsure if she was allowed to talk yet or not.

Morgan thrust his arm deep into the bag. This time, he didn't linger. He pulled out a piece of paper and read it, "You'll pick a place on your lover's body, which will have an act for you to perform."

He grinned at her. "This one will take a little work." He left again, but was back in a minute or so. Sharon pointed at his thigh. If she was going to be without her pants, so would he. Morgan undid the belt on his jeans, then popped the button and pushed them down to his ankles. She could see his excitement in his boxer briefs. He was practically ready to break out of their cover. She read the words on his thigh silently. "Take off her underwear without using your hands."

He grinned at her as he saw her reading. She wondered what the other places on his body had said, but she didn't ask. Perhaps they would save those for another day. Morgan wasted no time. He kicked off his jeans and climbed onto the bed with her. He walked towards her on his knees.

He leaned in and kissed her. The passion of the kiss surprised Sharon. He was usually gentler and soft about his kiss. Now his tongue was pressing against her lips, and she parted her own lips to let him in. The kiss was sloppy and filled with desire. It must have been contagious, because she could feel her own building desire as she kissed him back. Her tongue wrestled with his. She smiled to think that he couldn't touch her for this task. He would be limited in his own abilities to please her.

The kiss continued for a few minutes. No longer banned from speaking, she moaned into his mouth as he continued to kiss her. She watched as he started to touch her and then stopped. He broke the kiss off and started to slowly trace down her neck with his mouth. He planted little kisses along the way.

Sharon wondered if he would be this oral when he took off her clothing. The thought of his mouth all over her excited her more. She could feel her own desire burning in her as well. Her breath was more labored and ragged now, thinking of what he was going to do.

Morgan's mouth slid down between her breasts. At least she'd had the foresight to wear a snap in front bra. He bit at the snap for a second. It didn't work. He tried again, to no avail. Finally he bit on both sides and pushed it together with his teeth. Not a move that the dentist would approve of, but it worked. The bra fell free.

Morgan licked the skin between her breasts, broad laps with his tongue. He pushed the bra out of the way on both sides, using just his tongue too. Once her breasts were free, he began to lap on the left breast. The cool air and the wetness reminded her of the sensation of the ice cube earlier. She smiled as she watched him trace the edge of her areole. After that, he took small bites at her nipple. He took it between his lips and tugged on it.

The nipple responded. The flesh became firm and then hard. Morgan lapped at the small rock until it stood at attention. Then he moved to the other one and did the same thing. He had both of them ready and waiting. At this point, Sharon was sorry that he couldn't use his hands to manipulate them, but she wanted to win this task. She arched her back so that her breasts stuck out further. Morgan knew what to do and continued to play with them.

Finally, he moved between her breasts again and began to kiss a trail down her stomach. He stopped and licked at her navel. Sharon writhed, knowing what was going to happen. Morgan's mouth slid down until it reached the waist of her panties.

He tugged at the waistband, hoping to pull it down, but they didn't move. Sharon realized that he would have to start at the legs and pull to move the panties. Morgan must have realized the same thing, because he was between her legs in a few seconds.

He was in no hurry to pull down the panties though. He began trails of soft kisses from her knees to her inner thighs. He let his tongue slide through the leg openings and gently lick at her own opening. She gasped at the sensation. His tongue didn't try to enter her. He just slid back and forth over her opening, preparing her for what was to come.

Finally, slowly and gently, he began to tug at the right leg opening. The panties relented and started to move. He pulled down the right side to below her hip and then did the same with the left.

He repeated this three times, each time licking the skin that had been revealed. She could barely contain the excitement. She wanted to let go and climax, but she knew that wasn't her decision in this game. Morgan was in charge.

Finally the panties were down to nearly her knees. She pulled one leg up and it slid out of the panties. Now they just hung from one leg. Morgan went between her legs again. He kissed the insides of her thighs, and then licked her opening. She drew a quick breath. He licked it again, and then again.

She could feel that her juices had started flowing. That was always a sign of her own arousal and her nearness to orgasm. Morgan knew that too, because he licked her in earnest. Each time, his tongue slid a little deeper inside of her. Finally, he slid his tongue inside of her. She could feel his hot breath between her legs as he penetrated deeply into her. She watched his head bob as he moved in and out of her, letting his tongue press against her own pleasure areas.

Abruptly, he pulled away. She could see a trickle of her juices on his chin as he grinned. "We still have one challenge to go."

He put his hand in the bag and pulled out the next slip quickly. "Do not climax until your dominant says that you can."

She cursed mentally. She could sometimes climax two or three times during a single lovemaking session. Now she would have to wait until he told her that she could. Sharon knew that Morgan would drag it out and make her wait. She just hoped that she could finish the task and not fail at the last one.

Morgan was still on his knees, and he tugged off his t-shirt. He had rounded pecs that were covered with a light dusting of hair. Without the t-shirt, she could see his own arousal, which was now sticking out of the waistband of his boxer briefs. Perhaps he would climax quickly and then allow her to do the same.

Morgan walked on his knees back to Sharon and then sat back on his haunches. He licked a finger and then ran it between her legs. Sharon moaned. She bit her lip and tried to think of something else for the moment. He ran his fingertip back and forth across her lips and then parted them and slid his finger inside of her. She wanted to buck her hips to meet him, but instead she tried to still herself.

Morgan took his time, sliding the finger in and out slowly. Her juices were flowing now, and she could feel them running down her thighs when he pulled out. He slid two fingers inside his mouth and plunged into her again.

With two fingers, he brushed up against her pleasure, and she could feel the warmth build inside of her. Perspiration began to cover her forehead. She tried to think of anything else, but the pleasure was building. She watched as Morgan slid the fingers in and out of her, knowing that he'd be entering her soon.

He added a third finger now. She felt full, but he always did three fingers to prepare her for his own thick member. The addition of the third finger pressed against her moving in and out of her. Her own desire was building. Morgan seemed to not pay attention to the fact that she was getting close.

Perhaps he wanted her to not complete this task successfully so that he could continue the game. She wasn't sure. He certainly was trying all the tricks he knew to make her climax.

He pulled his fingers out. Sharon felt suddenly empty. She wanted that feeling again. Morgan tugged down his boxer briefs. He didn't even take the time to remove them. He must want her as well, Sharon thought.

Guiding it with one hand, Morgan pressed against her opening again. She admitted the head of his dick. He waited there and then slowly pushed himself into her inch by inch. She felt it when he was pressed full against her. Their bodies were forced against each other, and Morgan kissed her. She gasped as he started to pull out, and his tongue found hers as she did.

His first few thrusts were slow and gentle, ensuring that she could take all of him. However, after a minute or so, Morgan began to increase his pace. He thrust deep inside of her and moved out quickly. The motion was so intense that Sharon had her legs wrapped around him without realizing that she'd done that. They were moving together in a fast-paced rhythm. He bucked his hips as he pressed against her, and he grunted as he pulled almost all the way out. He rubbed up against her pleasure zone with each thrust, and she wondered how much more of this she could take before she failed this task. She could tell that she was getting close.

The only way for her to succeed was to make him climax first. She dug her heels into him and pushed with him on the way down and slowed his movements on the way out. Morgan was grunting now, and Sharon knew that he was close.

He thrust again, and she bucked her hips towards them. They met together with force, and Morgan cried out. She could feel his spasms inside of her, pushing him even deeper into her. They lasted longer than usual, and Sharon thought he had to have spent every drop inside of him. She tried thinking of other things, but she knew the time was short before she would do the same.

Morgan didn't pull out after his orgasm. He began thrusting again, not as hard or fast as before, but still fueling her desire with each push. Sweat ran from his chest and arms and fell on her hot skin. The thought of mixing all their body fluids only drove her closer to climax. She could feel the warmth building inside of her. She could feel the heat of her own body against his cool skin. She knew that she only had moments left before she would join him.

Finally Morgan whispered to her. "Now you can."

It was as if he had told her to climax. The reaction was immediate and intense. The heat spread out across her like a wave of pleasure. She cried out as it flowed throughout her entire body. He still had not stopped thrusting into her, and she bucked her hips so that she could meet him in this pleasure.

It was several minutes before the heat subsided and she felt like she could breathe again. Morgan rested too, still inside of her. Finally he pulled out and left the room. Still feeling satisfied, Sharon wasn't sure what he was doing. He was supposed to release her from the handcuffs now.

Morgan returned with a washcloth. Sharon was surprised to see that he was still hard. Normally they were one-time and done, and he looked ready for another round at the moment. He gently wiped at the sweat and the juices until she was clean. He kissed her gently.

He grabbed his jeans from the floor and pulled out the key. He found the lock and unleashed both of her hands from the restraints. It felt good to move them freely.

Morgan kissed her gently. "I don't have to ask if you liked it," he said with a grin.

Sharon came up out of her revelry long enough to tell him, "I've already thought of some ideas for next time."

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