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Three To Get Off Of Despair


I was undecided in which category posts this story because it could have been posted in several of them; the story has incest-taboo, group sex, erotic couplings, first time and lesbian sex. But I decided to post it in the Loving wives category, because that's what is it. Is the story of a loving wife giving her husband a chance to make their dreams come true, and with his, hers. Thanks to Vin de Luca for her help in editing this story and her suggestions to make it better.




We were each working in our computers I was on the den-office and she, as usual after dinner, in our bedroom tucked in bed semi upright with her head and back supported in pillows and with her lap-top on her knees. We don't have children and when after six years of marriage we consulted with several specialist and tests were made to both of us we were surprised by the results, neither of us could have children.

We were bereaved, six years making love almost every night trying to get her pregnant and all for naught. But, what the hell I'm saying? How can I say that it was all for nothing? And the pleasure we had? And the exploring of our sexual whims, everything we learned about ourselves, everything that made us fly? Yes that's right, everything is truth. We used to fly together when making love or fucking but after that day in the last clinic we weren't the same.

Oh yes we still make love, sometimes, we still love each other but with the passing of time. we have been married for twelve years now and no possibility of bearing children, our horniness for the other has abated somewhat; we make love once, twice a week, thrice every two weeks it depends, on what? You may ask. Oh, it depends on "Sorry, I'm very tired today", or "oh I have a terrible headache". Traditional, isn't it? Now, don't get me wrong most of the times are me the tired one and she who has the headache. So she it's not the only to blame, it's a fifty-fifty.

For a time we talked and we considered adopting one or two children; after long and heated conversations, that no discussions, we decided we were to comfy living alone and children, not being ours, would interfere with our lives, personal, professional and others things such as voyages and vacations. For a time seeing the results it would had been better if we had adopted, at least we would had continued to have interests in common.

Now every day except weekends we see only once a day in what might be called a food modality; at dinnertime we see the news on TV with a little talk about our day on the side, and after we go to our computer to surf the net, work or whatever. Everything recounted doesn't mean we are quarreling or upset with the other, we love each other, but less passionate, more calm; our marriage today is like a good pair of shoes, used but still in good shape and very comfy to use without even thinking of discarding them.

That's why many times, when I'm in the den, I go to the bedroom just to kiss her and then go back to my computer, or maybe I prepare a cup of tea and take it to her, things like that. Another think we have in common is the confidence in each other and the respect for our privacy. I never ever log in her computer to see what's in her files or folders and she does the same with mine; so the first time I went to the bedroom, I don't remember why and saw, paying no greater attention, what she was looking I didn't give it any significance. She was looking a page with the picture of a well breast-developed woman.

A gossip page I told myself and left the room. Things went thus for months I saw my wife several times looking very interested to pages with women, not usual in her, at least that's what I thought, showing how little we men know the loved ones with whom we live. She had, most of the time, been only interested in the advances in her profession on trials and new laws the net brings to her and reading mostly such stuff.

One day particularly hard for her at work she came home late in the evening looking very tired and defeated so I told her to take a hot bath and go to bed that I was going to bring dinner to her in bed. She did and I cooked an Italian risotto with dried tomatoes and mushrooms. Hydrate the tomatoes and mushrooms take a while so I went to the bathroom and told her dinner would take around forty-five minutes; she told me "its ok love I'll wait in bed."

So I went to the kitchen to my pans and pots and in forty minutes I had an exquisite "risotto a la italiana" I put everything on a tray including a glass of white wine and went into the bedroom with her dinner. She was fast asleep still reclining on the cushions with her laptop open on the side. I said we respect profoundly the privacy of the other and I do. But what was in the monitor made open my eyes as big as the pans I had been cooking.

In the monitor was running a video but not any kind of video, it was a lesbian porno show in which at that moment two women were sixty-nining. I went back to the bedroom door and kicked to the open door with my foot as by accident and saying, "Here my love dinner is ready"; she woke up with a start and seeing me by the door looked quickly at the monitor and blushing deeply closed the laptop before, she supposed, I could see what was in display. And that's when I thought something was wrong.

"Here dear let me pamper you I see you are very tired" I said as nonchalantly as I could.

"Yes, thank you love I'm very tired, it's been a hard day." She answered not certain if I had seen anything on the laptop.

"Yes my love you eat and drink I brought you a glass of wine, so you could go back to sleep, I'll take care of everything." Saying that before her apprehensive glance I put the tray beside her on the bed and took her laptop and put it on the dresser knowing it wasn't logged out but feigning absolute disinterest.

Later in the den, before I went to bed I could hear her, the springs of the mattress telling me she had gotten up; go to the dresser log out the laptop and returning to bed; all with the stealth of a thief or a person doing something that does not want others to find out.

Next day after my wife had gone to work and before I did the same I committed a sin I never thought I would be able to; I went to the dresser in our bedroom and careful not to disturb anything on my wife's laptop I opened it and logged-in betraying my wife trust on me and violating her privacy. I could not resist I had to know why she had slammed the lap shut at my presence and what was she looking at.

I took a look at the history record and I only could find the usual pages and links associated with her work and general interest. I did not want to keep poking in her carpets so she wouldn't notice my trespassing, I logged out and went to work. That day I couldn't work as usual thinking in a way to get information about her new interest in women bodies and specifically in porno.

And it wasn't the last time I saw her seeing women scantily dressed bodies on the net. From the day I saw her laptop with lesbian porno I tried to spy on her without her noticing trying to ensure that what I had seen was not accidental, it wasn't just the curiosity of one-time thing.

No it wasn't. Definitively she was interested in women bodies. But only beautiful women bodies. My next thought was how could I learn if she was lesbian inclined. If she watched porno and that was the cause of our diminishing sexual activity as a couple. I knew I was exposing my marriage to end in disaster if she found out I was violating her trust and her privacy. On the other hand she was being dishonest with me if she had those inclinations and kept them a secret.

Chapter 1

Before telling our complete story and our venturous present let me present you my wife and myself. I'm Richard, but everybody calls me Rick (I did never mind the diminutive, I know who I'm) and thirty five years old; my wife has a very beautiful name, Elizabeth thirty two years old and she had been called, Eliza, Elisa, Beth, Betty, Liz and several others by different people, I call her Lizbeth and so we are Rick and Lizbeth to ourselves. We are common people.

My wife is a lawyer in a medium size company and gets a healthy pay check every month and I 'm chemist engineer; I work as a consultant and as a part time professor of chemistry in our town college I get paid two checks per month and between the two do not take home what my wife earns. Money never being an issue in our little family, there was a time while she finished her career and established her reputation as a lawyer, that it was me the only one who brought money home; so if she earns now more than I do I do not feel I'm less than her I do not feel threatened and my manhood does not suffer for it.

Regarding our physical appearance so important for some, well she is of medium height five- five, slim with medium sized breasts and a good pair of toned legs, she runs five miles twice a week and her best feature is a pair of ice blue eyes that went violet in the throes of passion; her face otherwise is cute with shoulders length coffee brown hair; she wouldn't win in a Miss America contest but who cares, she is my Mrs. America.

In contrast, no I'm not an Apollo, I'm also medium size in everything and when I say in everything I mean everything. I'm five- ten in height and not as slim as when I ran in College, I just love risotto or macaroni al carbone, Italian style. My legs are toned because I run with her, not on a par with her mind you always a hundred feet behind her and giving my maximum to finish without falling dead at her feet; something she finds very funny. I have dark honey blonde hair cut short and black eyes that when I'm angry become bottomless pits. And as for some the most important thing is the dick, my penis, my cock, you name it, is a very satisfactory in between seven to seven and a half inches long and five and a half inches in girth. That's all and that's who we are.

Now let me go back in time around seventeen years. We were on High school I was a senior on my last year and she was a freshman, one day I saw her on the corridors and I told myself, "That's my mate"; yes like any other mammalian. I don't believe in the romantic notion of "love at first sight" I believe in the more primitive feeling "lust at first sight" that is ingrained in a brain area called the anterior cingulate cortex and is regulated by testosterone and estrogen in humans and which function is matchmaking. Later, much later comes, not always, the other sentiments we know as romantic love.

So to her I went, waited till she was alone and introduced myself, "Hi, I'm Richard, Rick to my friends and I would like to be your friend; say, could we go for some coffee or something?"

Her spontaneous laugh was like the tinkling of crystal, "You crazy? you don't know even my name."

"Yes, sorry what's your name before I call you "Beauty girl"?"

She laughed again and, "My name is Elizabeth, Elizabeth Murdock and my friends call me by several nicknames, Eliza, Elisa, Beth, Betty, Liz and several others, you may pick your choice."

"What if I call you...Lizbeth, that's ok with you?"

"Well at least is different..."

"Yeah that's my second name "different", what about a soda, you game?"

"Nah, can't, I have to go to class now and after class I must go to the library; thanks anyway, it's not usual a whole senior pays attention to a little old fifteen freshmen, meaning me."

I was delighted; her sense of humor was refreshing. "Hey, are you making fun of me?"

Her burst of laughter was contagious, "no I don't but if I was what would you do? Don't speak to me again? Don't invite me to a soda? What big senior school student?"

With a twinkle in my eyes I told her, "No, I would take you in my arms and kiss you for all the school to see."

I had to give it to her, she didn't back out, she just said "You wouldn't dare."

"No, you are right I wouldn't shame you, you kissing a perv senior like me." And at that we laughed together, the first of many to come.

From the next day on we entered into a daily routine that would last until I finished high school. We met at the end of the school day go for a soda and later I would walk her home. Of course sometimes this rhythm was broken if either of us had to do something out of the ordinary.

But we had always a bug around us, like a fly around honey; my little fifteen years old sister. Carla.

She had been a pest to me since she was a toddler; don't get me wrong I love her very much, but as every brother knows little sisters have an amazing ability to always be in the middle in the most inopportune moments. That was the karma of my life. I had taken care of little Carla when our parents were working; then it was me who had carried and brought her to and from school since her first year.

Now at fifteen, being in the same classroom as Lizbeth, Carla was her friend and tried to be with her most of the time; as I learned many years later my sister had a crush on her friend, an amorous interest in her friend and so she was always trying to be in the middle. She was no longer a little girl that I could shake when I was too bothered and wanted to get her out of me.

So that year to the end of school and the whole summer, whenever I was with Lizbeth, Carla was in the middle. Later I learned Carla; at that time a closet Bi-sexual, had during the next three years until they graduated, attempted to make Lizbeth experiment with her. Later she became, or so she said, a full-fledged in the closet lesbian.

After High school I went to the University to become a chemist and to get a Master in education. My relationship with Lizbeth was normal, that of two good friends. I liked being with her but for the next two years my principal motivation was to get my university careers ahead on my way to a good economic future that would allow me to think of a serious relationship and a family.

I talked with Lizbeth of my plans and she was in full agreement with me. We didn't make plans together or pledge but without saying it was clear to us, were going to be together in the future. And that moment came. I asked her to be my fiancée the day she graduated and she said yes; she was eighteen and I was twenty one, she was going to enter Law school and I was ending my third of five years. We made plans, we talked marriage and children, I wanted to get I good job to be able to provide so she could continue her career in law and become a lawyer.

When I was twenty three and she twenty we got married, our families were happy for us; her and my parents knew we had been friends since High school years and could not believe that without having been formally engaged we had kept sentimentally faithful to each other. That same day my sister moved out of town without even saying goodbye.


As newlyweds our marriage had a few surprises for me; not the least important, Lizbeth was a virgin, not just technically virgin, she was a virgin in all sense of the word. Being in Uni I had many opportunities to bed other female students and had even bedded a couple professors, so I was not in a hurry to have sex with my girlfriend as a means to purify my body of any raging hormones (as some authors of erotica generally justify mother-son incest, the raging hormones, lol); we just kissed, yes we french kissed and it was very hot but I never went to touch her panties; if she would had asked I would have complied with, but she didn't.

As she was a virgin I had to be her teacher and with the knowledge I had acquired with some mature and very experienced women that task was a pleasure. I should say when I married I was a good lover always thinking of the woman pleasure before mine. I need to give credit to my "Molecular Physics" professor Madame Saint Etienne, Eloise, now back in France whom took me under her wings, in every sense of the word, when I was nineteen and not only taught me physics she taught me not only to fuck but to make love to a woman; two very different things.

In our first night together, the wedding night, Lizbeth was so shay she came to bed fully clothed; no, no misunderstand me she wasn't wearing the wedding dress; her mother had bought her a full bride trousseau in Victoria's Secret and she came to bed from the bath where she had changed clothes in full brides white regalia. Yes, she was beautiful in white, white meaning purity and if someone was pure, that was she.

But the complete outfit she was wearing consisted of a lace bra and panties set, white nightdress and over her nightdress a long to the floor silk robe, with white satin slippers on her feet. She was a heavenly vision. And taking off her slippers she lay down in bed waiting for me to take the lead.

I was wearing only my pajama bottoms with my chest naked so I turned around to be face to face with her and taking her face with my mind I asked her, "Tell me my love, your mother didn't talk to you about our wedding night?"

"No, she... she told me that you have experience and would guide me." She said in a tremulous voice.

I was glad my young wife was a virgin, not that the contrary would have prevented me to marry her, but I was irritated with her mother at least she could have explained her daughter the basics of a wedding night.

"Well my love, first of all you have a lot of clothing on you don't need in bed and less in our newlyweds bed. So let's get up and let's get comfortable after all I have seen you in the beach wearing a bikini, it isn't true?"

"Yes Rick but...but I'm a little nervous; this is a big day for me and I have never been naked with a man in my life."

"Right, but we know each other since our High school days and I promise you I'll be extremely careful with you my love."

"Ok. I love and I trust you."

So I took her hand and we got up from the bed. I hugged her and started to kiss her on her mouth and neck, little kisses with lots of saliva and tip of tongue, I caressed her softly trying to remember the lessons in love my beautiful french professor of "Molecular Physics" at Uni had told me when teaching me the fine arts of love in bed.

"Always be careful, always be tender, never rush a woman, give her time to get accustomed, take your time to excite her, to get hot as coals and never, never think of yourself first, always thing of the woman pleasure first and your own will be immeasurable, something out of this world."

I started to take off first her silk gown and then her nightdress and with only her bra and panties I hugged her and took her to bed. We lied down side by side all the while I was caressing her she started to respond my caresses with her own. We kissed and kissed and her breathing was getting rough by the minute. I caressed and caressed her breasts over her virginal bra feeling her nipples getting hard under the lace while I sucked them over the fabric. Soon I was displacing my hand down her tummy, stopping to tickle the navel and making her laugh nervously.

Little by little my hand was getting near her brief panties and caressing her mound over them in a non-stop trip down her legs to the knees and back up on the inside of her thighs. When I was nearing the juncture of her crotch she unconsciously opened her legs letting me caress her labia over the wet cloth. In that instant I knew she was excited and was the moment to the next step.

"My love, would you mind if I take off your panties and bra so I may be able to caress the skin of your body."

She nodded with her head and I, as delicately as I was able, took off her intimate apparel. I followed suit, pulling my pajamas bottoms down my body and pushing them away. I looked down knowing my cock was poking from between my legs, covered in precum. The two of us were looking at each other. She took my hand and pulled me onto the bed, and once on the bed I pulled her back to me so that we were face-to-face, bodies pressed together. I bent down and moved my lips straight to hers. It was magic.

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