tagMind ControlThree Virgins Ch. 04

Three Virgins Ch. 04


(I'm afraid this chapter is going to be a tad low on sexuality. I apologize for that, but I promise good and fruitful adventures in the future.)


"Shit! What just happened to me?"

That was the first thought Kerry had as soon as she walked out of the science building. She had the sudden urge to fuck someone. She'd still never had sex in her life, but she felt that if she didn't get something into her vagina soon, she would burst. That's why she was checking out Matt's body.

Kerry had asked if she could tag along to see a movie with Matt. But now she had something else in mind. "Go ahead, naughty girl. Let him pop your cherry," teased The Slut. Accompanied by that was a strange muffled noise.

For the first time, Kerry felt attracted to a shorter guy. He wasn't short by much, maybe only an inch. Nonetheless, he was in fact a short guy. Kerry was the type who normally developed feelings for men in the 5'10" - 6'4" range. Being 5'7", it seemed like a safe range. Those were The Slut's standards before the incident.

Past his acne, Matt looked like he could be a movie star. At least, that's what the over-zealous sex-machine side of Kerry believed at this point in time.

"Go ahead, splurge."


Matt always thought that Kerry was in fact the hottest girl in the entire school. More accurately, the hottest girl he'd ever met. It wasn't just her looks that made her hot, it was her determination to do all the things that she did. She was so involved. One day she'd be singing a beautiful song, the next she'd be playing the part of a divorced woman dealing with alcoholism. The very next afternoon you could see her on the top of a pyramid of women. She had interests, and that was sexier to Matt than any amount of flirting.

But at the moment, all Matt could think was, "Don't look at her boobs, don't look at her boobs, look at her gorgeous round breasts- NO! Dont' look at her breasts."

He was not quite as surprised at the sudden burst of libido. Sure, he was a virgin, but he was also a guy. The urge to fuck something came at a lot of random times. Now just happened to be a very inconvenient time. He was trying to absorb all the information he had just received when the thought occurred to him, "I bet sex with Kerry would be amazing."


"So what do you want to see?" Matt asked.

"I don't know, what's out?" Kerry asked, still staring at Matt's butt.

"I'm not sure, I haven't been up to date on that. We can play film roulette."

"What's that?"

"Well when you buy a ticket, there's always a theater number for whatever movie. So if we go to a theater with fourteen screens, we pick a number between one and fourteen. Then we walk up to the window and say, 'Two tickets for whatever is in theater blank.' Then we go see that movie." Matt forced himself not to make eye contact so as to avoid accidentally drifting southward on her body.

"Ooh, that sounds adventurous." There was a flirtatious tone in that sentence that Matt was too distracted to notice. "Let's do it." That time, it got Matt's attention.


"Film roulette, let's do it." She had noticed her sudden impulsiveness, and corrected it.

"Yeah, good. Great. Let's go."


The number they had picked was 10. They never looked at the title of the movie on the ticket or the marquee. They successfully made it into Theater 10, waiting to be surprised by the movie.

"I wonder why no one's here," Kerry remarked.

"Either it's been out for a while or it sucks eggs," Matt ascertained.

It was the latter. It was another unmemorable horror flick. Needless to say, nobody else showed up by the time it started.

They sat in the very back of the theater, where Matt always sat when he saw a movie. He thought that because he had glasses, it would put more of the screen within his visible line of sight if he sat in the very back. Also there was more leg room.

Kerry had decided to wear her only pair of tight jeans that day. On the walk to the theater, she could feel herself getting remarkably aroused. She was sure that her panties - which had already been previously soaked from the Choir practice that morning - were receiving another flood. When the house lights of the theater went down, she very slyly slid her hand farthest from Matt to her crotch. To her surprise, there was the slightest hint that she was starting to soak through to her jeans. "I must be very hydrated," she thought.

Against all urges, she removed her hand from the area. The trailers had started, and it was dark, but Kerry still absent-mindedly let her auburn eyes trail off to look at Matt's pants. Lucky for her, there was an obvious bulge pointed straight in her direction.

Matt was still trying as hard as he could not to stare at her breasts. She wasn't even wearing anything revealing, but ever since she was that white shirt during the incident, he could hardly get those breasts out of his head for a moment.

The movie began, and the title came up. Now realizing that it was a horror movie, Kerry came close to Matt. "Oh no, I'm no good with horror movies. Sorry but I'm definitely going to be freaking out the whole time."

"Hey, don't worry. I'm here for you," he said with a comforting smile.

"Oh my, what a sexy smile he's got. I wonder how those lips would feel on your pussy." The Slut made it so difficult for Kerry not to jump on him right that second. But that mumbling sound got louder...

The movie began, and lo and behold it was a slasher movie. Matt, being desensitized from watching so many movies, never flinched. Kerry, on the other hand, buried her face in Matt's chest every time a scary part came up, and grabbed his thigh just a touch too close to his fun parts. His erection never died out the entire movie.

About half way through, Matt could hardly stand it any longer. "Okay, keep your cool. You're just going to get this out of your system," he thought to himself. "Maybe we just unzip her jeans a bit." Very slowly and quietly, Matt did just that using only his mind. She didn't notice.

Kerry was trying to think of an idea of her own. "If I can't control him, and I can't freeze him in time, all I can do is change his body. But then he'll know I did it..." Clearly, she could think of nothing. Matt had an advantage over her.

Matt had just begun to subtly unhook Kerry's bra when a similar thing happened in the movie. The obligatory sex scene had just begun, and a young actress's breasts were bouncing across the screen. Then he formed a new plan. "Well, this isn't very important, so I'm going to grab some popcorn. I'll be right back." And with that, he stood up and left the theater, leaving Kerry all by herself.

Unbeknownst to Matt, however, Kerry slid her hand to her pants to pleasure herself while he was gone. At first, she was surprised to find her jeans unzipped, but she dismissed it as having done it to herself and forgetting. She slid her damp jeans down just a bit and rubbed her now familiar womanhood. In spite of being unable to release herself earlier, she tried again.

"It won't work, sweetie. You'll need his cock in you if you want to cum." urged The Slut. Then the mumbling came, even louder. This time, a few words could be made out. "... don't... it's... have...!" Kerry gave up yet again and pulled her jeans back up.

Matt had gotten the popcorn as well as an Icee and some napkins. He returned just as the sex scene ended. He returned to his sit, putting the Icee in the upholder between them. This plan was a bit of a long shot, but it was worth a try being that horny.

"Ooohh an Icee!" said Kerry.

"You can have some if you want, I got it large."

"Thanks!" She reached to grab it, and Matt gave her a little more force than she intended, knocking the cup over and spilling the Icee all over his lap and hands.

"Oh fuck that's cold!" He yelled.

"I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed.

"Can you wipe my hands off? I can get the rest after that."

"No, don't worry I'll get it all," she replied frantically. She reached across him to get the napkins, allowing him a tiny glimpse down her shirt. She grabbed the bundle and started to clean his lap first. That's when she realized that this was her chance.

Kerry started to get closer to his crotch where some of the mess was. Not wanting to make more of a mess, Matt kept his hands away, unable to grab the napkins. She tried to seem natural when she started to rub him clean, but slowed down a bit every time her hand went over his erection.

"...please...!" said the voice.

Kerry continued rubbing his jeans with the napkin long after it was clean. She had even cleaned his hands. But he didn't stop her. "Still not all of it," she said, hoping the poor excuse would pass.

Matt couldn't believe that the plan was working. His surprise tripled when she slowed down. She did this because she had reached her breaking point. She could hold it no longer. She stopped, looked into his eyes, and said, "Matt, I want you."


Yanni simply hoped for her plan to work. "Why wouldn't it?" she thought. So she made her move to leave the building to make it to her next class. Then she passed by the Chemistry room, and couldn't help but peer inside. It empty except for... Greg!

She burst into the room. "Alright, what the fuck happened yesterday?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"Some weird shit has happened since that explosion. You got away scot-free and you're the only one I couldn't find until just now. It might just be a bad hunch, but it tells me that you know all about it. So if I'm right, spit it out."

"Get lost, weirdo."

She tried to read his mind to gather information, but nothing was there.

"I know you have something to do with this!"

"Oh, yeah? And what's your evidence?" he inquired.

"I can't read your mind!" she screamed.

After a quiet moment, Greg smiled. It was a big old shit-eating grin that only infuriated Yanni even more. "I see your hair's grown longer since yesterday," he observed.

"Tell me, now."

"How about a trade?"

"What do you mean?"

"You do me a favor and I give you information," Greg said, still holding his ugly grin.

"Whatever, I just want to know what's going on," Yanni said, calming down a bit.

"I don't know, you might not be up to the task."

That set her off again, but she tried to contain it this time. "There's nothing I can't do."

"Take off all your clothes."

Then it all came rushing back. The trauma from yesterday's experience, the years of being teased and being called The Flat Stick in high school. On a normal day, she would have simply left and never looked back, challenged or not. But there would be no more normal days for her. With her newfound powers, almost all of that insecurity was gone.

"Deal." She removed her articles of clothing one by one. Greg had sort of hoped for some excitement from her part, but understandably none of it came. He gazed upon her skinny figure. Her breasts, although very small, were proportional to her twig-like body. Her new hair did lower the severity of her frame, but did not change it. Being unshaved and malnourished (but only by looks, not in actuality), she was by no means a very attractive girl.

"Now let me fuck you," Greg said excitedly.

"No way, pig."

"Fine. Worth a shot."

"Are you going to talk or not?" she asked, her arms crossed.

"I'm performing a bit of an unorthodox experiment. I didn't want to make it public so I just sort of chose the three of you on the spot."

"You know I can sue your ass for this, right?"

"I'm not finished. I'm testing the three of you just for a month, then you can go back to your normal lives."

"What are you trying to find out?"

"If I tell you, the data might be at risk."

"Oh fuck off!" Yanni yelled. "If I could use any of my powers on you... why can't I do that by the way?"

"Instead of giving you the long and painful explanation, let's just say I have some potions that more or less work."

"How is any of this possible?"

"It's not, Yanni. But I found a way."


Time had frozen without Greg and Yanni's knowledge. Back at the theater, Matt and Kerry were on the floor completely naked. Matt was positioning his cock blindly against Kerry's entrance, not thinking for a second. Kerry awaited the blissful moment.

"Oh at last! The moment I've been waiting for all your life! Let him take you, sweetie, let him do all that he desires! Let him throw you around like a rag doll! Let him-" The Slut was interrupted by the mumbling voice.

"NOOO!!!" Screamed The Christian. "Darling this isn't you! You have to fight this! Please! Remember your mother!"

That was all it took. Kerry pushed Matt away, much to his disappointment. Why did she do this, you ask? The answer is simple.

Helen Donahue was a very young girl when she was raped by several men. On the very day of her eighteenth birthday, her "loving" boyfriend drugged her and let his and her friends abuse her. The amount of men Helen took that day she'll never know, nor will she want to. All she does know is that one of the bastards got her pregnant. She told Kerry once she had turned eighteen after raising her to be a god-fearing woman. That is what The Christian reminded her of.

"What's the matter?" asked Matt.

"I can't do it, I'm sorry. I have to go." She gathered her clothes quickly and left. Matt instantly lost his arousal. That left him with only his true emotions. He was worried about Kerry. He was worried about what would happen next. He was worried that he wasn't in control any more than he was before the accident. Most of all, he was worried that his life was about to take a turn for the worse.


Kerry lay in bed that night, contemplating her virginity. She had stopped listening to both The Slut and The Christian, who were bickering non-stop. The decision was hers to make, and she wanted to make it with her own thoughts. There was the side of her that truly did want nothing more than sex all day every day. But there was also the side of her that never wanted to experience what her mother had. Rape.

Kerry didn't know something that Yanni knew. It was a little piece of information that would lead to the thought Kerry was about to have.

Kerry, supposedly of sound mind, told herself, "It's not rape if I say yes."

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