tagMind ControlThree Virgins Ch. 03

Three Virgins Ch. 03


"Matt, are you okay? You seem a little off," said Lara.

And he was. Matt didn't know what was going on. Yesterday, he was able to control Lara's emotions, though he only toyed with that briefly. Today, they were sitting in a cafe, having a nice lunch, and Matt thought it might be fun to get her a little excited in public. But nothing.

He woke up late, not having any classes to attend to that day. It was about 12:00 when he finally left his crappy apartment. He got a call from Lara (they exchanged information the day before) and they met up at that little cafe to get to know each other better. Matt was a sexually frustrated guy, but he certainly wasn't past dating. The problem was, it was Shelby he wanted, not Lara. But everyone deserves a chance.

Even so, she was a very tempting girl. His libido got the best of him, and he delved into her mind. He could listen just fine, but there was nothing he could touch. She was in control of her own mind.

"Yeah, fine." he replied.

"You don't sound fine." There was concern in Lara's voice.

He was barely listening. "How could that power just disappear?" he thought to himself. He eventually let it go, and started to drift back to reality.

He was just listening to Lara talk about herself for a while. She may have looked interesting from the moment he met her, but that didn't match her as much as he'd thought. She spoke strangely, as if there was no filter for what she decided to say. She would go on tangents, and some of her sentences didn't really make sense.

"I think my favorite animal are cats- catwoman, bad movie, you seen it? Halle Berry. Blehck! I don't like cheesecake- cows, are they really happier in California?"

It was almost like she was a different person from the one he met yesterday. "Maybe it was just my powers that made her interesting..."

He felt bad for it, but he wanted to leave. Then came the message.

"Matt? Matt, is this you?" said a bodiless voice.

Matt looked around the cafe. Nobody was talking to him but Lara.

"Matt, I'm speaking to you in your mind. This is Yanni, from Chemistry. Can you hear me?"

"Uh... yeah," he thought.

"Great. Listen, I tried talking to you a few hours ago, but I guess you were sleeping. Can you come to the Science Building in half an hour? I need to talk to you."

"What for?" he asked skeptically.

"It's best if I tell you in person."

Then it hit him. How is this happening? She must have powers too! But how could that be? The explosion... that must be it.

"Okay. I'm in the middle of something, can you give me a hand in escaping?" he said, now anxious for the answers.

"Sure, how can I help?"

"Call me. 555-1138. Got it?" There was no response. But ten seconds later, his Star Wars ringtone went off.

"Sorry, I've got to take this," he told Lara. "Hey, what's up. Oh my gosh, are you serious? I'll be right there!"

Without a word to Lara, he jumped out of his seat and left. She stood up to speak, but sank back down into her chair. Now she had to pay for the whole lunch.


Matt arrived at the Science building at 1:30. Yanni was waiting for him in the cafeteria. She seemed pretty confident to him, surprising, especially after the incident in class the ay before. He sat down with her.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Quite a bit. We can start talking about it once Kerry arrives."

"Kerry? She's involved too?" And that is when she showed up, looking rather disappointed. Earlier that morning, she had an amazing sexual experience. Yanni spoke to her telepathically, telling her to meet up here. She had plenty of time before needing to arrive, so she went back to her dorm to get some release. But nothing worked. No matter how hard she worked herself, no orgasm would come.

"Hey," she said somberly.

"Okay, let's talk," said Yanni. "That explosion yesterday gave me powers. I'm not sure how or why, but it did. I've discovered that I can control people's minds, and I can speak telepathically. I can also listen to people's thoughts. For example, Matt you're thinking about..." she searched his mind, but nothing came up. "Funny, I can't read you." She looked around the room and picked a different target. A busy looking student with a laptop. "...which can be expressed as a+bi..." so it still worked. "I guess I can't read you two. You must have powers also. Would you like to tell me about it?"

Matt spoke first. "Yesterday I could do the mind control thing too, but that seems to be gone today. But I know I've had telekinesis. That hasn't changed. Watch." He looked over to the refrigerators with the Gatorades and Vitamin Waters and whatnot, and made the doors open and close a few times. "I can still read thoughts, too."

Yanni looked impressed. Then she looked at Kerry.

"I'm sorry, this is all very overwhelming. I thought I was the only one," she said in her cute Texas accent. "But if you must know, I can do quite a few things. It started with freezing time-"

"So that was you," Matt said. Yanni gave him a look for interrupting. "Sorry, go on."

"Then I was able to change things about my body. Other people's too. I didn't know about the reading minds thing."

"Would you like to give it a try?" Yanni asked.

Kerry looked around. Across the room was a professor, eating alone and seemingly grading papers. She tried her best. To her surprise, she heard from the aged mind,"How I could use a harlot right now. Oh the things I would..." Kerry got shivers from the utter creepiness and stopped listening.

"Yeah, I've got that."

"Have any of them faded?" Yanni asked further.

"Well, I did the time freezing thing this morning. Let me check the body thing. Mind if I use you?" she directed at Yanni.

"Not at all." And with that, Yanni's cute and short hair started to grow. It reached shoulder length. She smiled and started playing with it a bit. "Oh my gosh this is so cute!" Fortunately, nobody had noticed.

Matt cleared his throat. "Ahem. What did you bring us here for, Yanni?"

"Hm? Oh! Right. I think these powers could be useful if we work together, don't you think?

"What did you have in mind?" queried Mr. Higgins.

"This may sound crazy, I know. But I want to start up a prostitution ring."

"Yepp, crazy." Matt said.

"Completely!" Kerry said, with a hint of The Christian peeking through.

"Wait! Hear me out. We all need money, right?" The two listeners nodded. "So let's get some under the table cash! You two will be the workers, and I'll be the manager. Kerry, when you stop time, we don't stop. So we can literally knock out countless clients in no time at all. I control them into buying, and you deliver. It's genius!"

It did sound appealing to both of them.

The Christian was screaming, pulling on her bonds. She was desperate to get out regain control. But The Slut just stood there and laughed.

Matt loved the idea of sex for money. Especially if it didn't take time out of his busy videogame schedule. And with mind control, he could suddenly look like he belonged on the cover of GQ.

"Just one thing," said Matt. "How well does your power work?"

"Kerry, would you mind freezing?" She did as instructed. Yanni pulled out her laptop from her backpack. "Can you unfreeze particular objects?"

"I can do quite I bit, I'm coming to see."

Yanni opened up the computer and went to a movie file. She took the video of her sister and Hannah and put it on her computer just in case they needed a little sample. But at the same time, she needed to stretch the truth. She needed to become a businesswoman.

"Two girls, straight as arrows one minute, gay as they come the next. Enjoy."


The video began with a very close and personal view of Yanni, who was turning the camera on. She then ran out of the room in a hurry. Left in the frame were Hannah Burns and Melanie Carmela. But Matt and Kerry didn't know that.

The two girls were staring into each other's eyes. Mel had reached for the remote, and Hannah and placed her hand on Mel's.

"Mel?" said Hannah, still lost in her close friend's eyes. The sounds of pornography could be heard from the TV.


"Do you ever watch porn?" asked Hannah.

"Not really." And she meant it.

"How do you masturbate, then?" Hannah had broken the trance and taken her hand away.

"I don't. I don't think I know how to do it right." replied Mel, slightly embarrassed.

"That's crazy!" Hannah said. The porno was starting to really get into it. "Do you want me to show you?" She was looking into Mel's eyes again.

Mel, not thinking clearly, her arousal higher than she'd ever felt it, thought it would be great. "Sure."

Hannah smiled, and pulled the recliner level on the side of the couch. Mel did the same.

"First you need to be comfortable with your body." Hannah demonstrated this by caressing herself everywhere. Her face, then her neck, her navel, her belly button, her thighs, and her lips. "You don't have to be, but it's best when you're completely naked. One-hundred percent. You mind?" Mel absentmindedly shook her head.

Hannah stood up, giving Mel a full view of her tall and slender figure. She took off her fuck-me-pumps, making her about three inches shorter. Then she took off the little strip of cloth that made up her top. No bra. Her breasts lay in full view, her nipples hard from the AC recently turned on. Hannah wasted no time in slipping off her short-shorts. She wore no panties either. She was always ready to go.

Mel was chewing on her index finger, pressing her thighs together tightly to prevent from going at herself right then.

Hannah took her hoops off her ear lobes. "Just in case you decide to go hard." She winked at her friend, then laid back on the reclined couch, naked from head to toe.

"Love your body," she reiterated. Her hands now met her other previously covered parts. Her inner thighs were met, as were her nipples, frozen yet warm.

"Use your imagination to warm yourself up. Take your finger and pretend its a perfect cock. Not too veiny, not too small, just perfect for an amazing orgasm." She spoke in a very seductive tone, and brought her finger to her mouth. "That's what I normally do, but today I'm going to change it up." Even Mel could tell that this was an act of flirting. "I'm going to pretend it's a nipple," said Hannah.

Her fingers slid past her lips, and she lost herself, flicking the tip of her own finger with her tongue.

Mel's breathing got heavier, and she began to love her body. Her hands roamed all over.

After about a minute, Hannah's finger was thoroughly soaked. "Now that you're warmed up, your tits need a little attention." Both of her hands, starting at her collar bone, slid down to cup her breasts. As her palms and her bottom three fingers massaged, her index fingers and thumbs tweaked her nipples. Hannah was really beginning to enjoy herself. She closed her eyes and let herself go for a moment.

Mel was biting her lip, not noticing how hard. This beautiful nineteen year old before her was masturbating, teaching her to proper method of self pleasure.

Hannah had finished with her breasts. "Now for the entree." Her hands slid just like before down to her very very wet pussy. While her left hand held her inner thigh, her right middle finger began to trace her slit up and down. "Let your pussy know you're there. Be gentle. Comforting. Teasing."

Hannah's eyes remained closed while this happened. But not long after it began, her eyes opened, and she looked at Mel.

"What the fuck, Mel?"

"What?" Mel was disoriented.

"Get your fucking clothes off, now. This is a hands on lesson."

Mel didn't need to hear it twice. She was on her feet instantly, practically tearing at her clothes. Her shirt, her bra, her jeans, her panties all fell to the floor. She stood there for a moment while Hannah looked at her. Her cute breasts had been jiggling as she undressed, and her heart shaped face was blushing.

"Good girl. Now do what I've taught you so far." That's just what Mel did. She loved her body, she truly did. She became more acquainted with it. Her collar bone was smooth, and so was her skin. She'd never really felt her perky little breasts before, but she loved them. Her nipples were the cherries on top. Then she felt the smoothness of her stomach, and her thighs. Her pubic hair was in the way of her nearly dripping pussy, but she'd take care of that later that night. Then she began to trace her pussy lips.

"Perfect." said Hannah. She leaned back into her place. "Why don't you get into the chair across from me so you can see what I do?" Mel complied.

"Now we take one finger and push just past the lips, up near the clit." She did just that. Mel followed suit. Her sensitive womanhood responded with a pulse of pleasure.

"Now, just watch." said Hannah. She began to slowly rub her clitoris, which had presented itself long before this moment. She gasped every few seconds very quietly as pleasure spoke to her mind. Mel watched, miraculously becoming even hornier at the sight. She did just what Hannah was doing.

Hannah's pace increased, just as her passion did. Collectively, their arousal grew exponentially. Hannah's pace became fast, then hurried, then crazy, then frantic. She began to whimper and moan, writhing as she did so. Mel was no different.

Hannah tried to speak. "And there's... ooohh... different positions too."

"Ohh... oh yeah? Oooohh..."

"Yeah, like this." Hannah left the couch and went to the floor, lying completely on her back with her knees bent. Her pace did not slow. "Try it... unh!"

Mel went to the floor and laid on her back. She found this to be similar to the slight angle provided by the chair. "Show me more... ah!"

Hannah rolled over and got on her knees, holding herself up with one arm as she reached underneath herself and fingered her dripping pussy doggy style.

Mel did the same, and found it to be even more blissful than the other two positions. "Oh my god, yes."

"I haven't showed you... uh!... my favorite one yet- oh fuck!" Mel gasped.

"Oh god, please do... uhhhuhhuhhh!" Mel moaned.

Hannah took her hand off the floor and erected herself, her knees still glued to the ground. She faced Mel, straddling an invisible being, and Mel copied the position. They looked into each other's eyes.

"This one is perfect... for when you're fucking- ah! It really helps... ooh!... when you want to cum..."

"I've never gotten to cum before... unh! unh! yeah!" said Mel, practically screaming.

"Looks like you're about to!" yelled Hannah.

They both inched towards each other, never breaking eye contact. Their hands rubbed their pussies furiously, and their breathing could barely keep up.

"Ooh! You got it now?" Hannah asked.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oooohhh, yesss!" Mel replied.

"Then don't mind if I... if I... c-c-cummmm!!!!" screamed Hannah, becoming high pitched upon her last word. And at that same time came Mel's first orgasm. Together, they both shrieked, convulsed, and fell backwards. They writhed in pure pleasure, knowing nothing but the feeling they were experiencing. After thirty seconds of shaking and squealing, their orgasms finally subsided. They lay on the floor panting.

They both propped themselves up on their elbows, and looked at each other again. They got up all the way, sitting criss-crossed and naked. After a moment of staring at each other again, Mel pounced.

Hannah fell backwards, receiving strong and sensual kisses from her petite friend. She returned the favor, knowing no boundaries to her desire in that moment. Their tongues intertwined and their breasts mashed together. Their nipples touched and poked at each other.

Mel wasted no time, and planted her mouth onto Hannah's teat. Her had dove down to her shaven vagina, and began to re-stimulate the hardly neglected clitoris.

"Ohhh yes! Go inside of me, baby!"

Mel slid her middle finger into Hannah's pussy with ease. This caused Hannah to gasp and moan louder. As Mel began pumping, Hannah began confessing. "A part of me has always wanted this, baby. I may be a cock vacuum, but I'm a pussy worshipper at heart! Ooohh and I can't - ah! - wait to return the favor!"

Mel's mouth left Hannah's moistened nipples and kissed their way down to the waterfall of Hannah's opening. Immediately, her tongue got to work, swirling around her clit, pushing into her opening. Hannah's screams from before were nothing compared to now. She came quickly, flooding Mel's face with more juices.

Hannah pushed Mel backwards, and she was now on top. She held Mel's wrists to the floor and started grinding on her bare thigh. A trail of Hannah's wetness slid down Mel's thigh and mixed with her own. The smell of sex began to permeate the air of the living room.

"Ooh... Hannah you are so fucking sexy. I wish we had done this earlier."

"Oh yeah, baby. We'll be doing this a lot more. Now what would you like me to do to you?"

"Pleasure me..." breathed Mel.

"Oh but how? There's so many ways." teased Hannah.

"Lick my wet pussy, you naughty girl."

Hannah was kissing her way down Mel's body when the camera ran out of space.


Matt's erection was nearly bursting through his jeans, and Kerry's arousal had reemerged. The Slut was begging for release, but Kerry didn't know how.

"Quite the power you've got, Yanni." said Kerry after a gulped. She looked flustered.

"Very powerful," Matt noted,"but here's the thing... I'm still a virgin."

"Yeah... me too." added Kerry.

"So what?"

"Well I don't want losing my virginity to be a loveless paid gig!" said Matt, firmly. "I think it's a great idea, but I can't do it until I lose my virginity."

"I agree." Kerry said. The Slut may have been gaining power, but The Christian still saw windows of opportunity to peek through. This could be her chance to regain control.

"I understand." said Yanni. "Then I guess that's all we have to talk about."

Kerry unfroze time. The cafeteria of the Science Building came to life once more. "Well if you change your minds or you lose your innocence, you know how to call me." Yanni tapped her head.

"Yeah." Matt stood up. "Well uh... I'm going to go to the movies, you guys see anything interesting lately?"

"No but... you mind if I come along?" asked Kerry. "I haven't been in such a long time."

"Yeah, sure. Why not?" Matt said, smiling. He'd just gained a new friend. They started walking out of the building together.

Yanni watched them leave. "I can't read their minds, but can I...?"

As Matt and Kerry walked out of the building, they each felt the sudden urge to fuck the brains out of anyone.

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