tagIncest/TabooThree's A Crowd Ch. 04

Three's A Crowd Ch. 04


Our little plan worked. Soya Milk and Cornflakes hid sperm and vaginal juice stains perfectly. Of course, it earned both of us a good telling off and some extra chores to do after school that evening, but it got me out of a pretty pickle. It also meant no swimming as well and thus, very little opportunity to talk.

Rain interfered with swimming again the next day. The day after, Mel bailed me up behind the school caretaker's shed at lunchtime. "Make sure that Danny comes to the swimming hole after school!" she told me.

Alarm bells started ringing in my brain. Something had got into my sister. She had become a totally different person; one with a dangerous streak, and I was becoming a bit scared of her. In the belief that Mel wanted to be alone with Danny, I protested, "You can ask him yourself, can't you? Why should I do your dirty work for you?"

"Thank you, brother! After I saved your butt the other morning!" She glanced quickly around to make sure that nobody was looking, then quickly undid my pants and slipped her hand inside. "Ok, our butts… C'mon Joel," she wheedled, "you're ahead of Danny now. He's your friend isn't he? Don't you want him to catch up just a little bit?"

"You want me there as well?" I stammered.

"Of course, silly! You've got a lot to show him. Not everything we did the other night though…no, not yet. We can't go spoiling him by showing him everything at once, can we?"

My heart lurched in my chest. I felt sick with apprehension, but wildly excited as well. "Oh, Ok then!" I gasped.

Mel squeezed my rock hard erection. "Come here," she breathed. Her eyes had a wicked gleam to them. She pulled me closer to her, lifting up the front of her school dress with her other hand. Quickly pulling my dick out of my underpants, she pushed it into the gap at the top of her thighs and closed them tight around it. She had her panties on, of course, but it still felt amazing. She nestled her forehead into the crook of my neck, murmuring, "I can't wait to do it again like this, like we did the other night. I think about it all the time."

"Me too, " I mumbled, experimentally rubbing my shaft against her.

"Ooooh! That's lovely!" Mel whispered, "I wish I could feel you properly…here!" She slipped her hand under her skirt and pulled the gusset of her panties to one side. My dick slid easily in her slippery wetness. "Aaaaaaaaah!" she sighed deeply, "So nice!"

Just then, the bell sounded, summoning all the kids back to their classes. Mel and I hurriedly tidied our clothing and took off in different directions so that we would arrive at the school entrance separately.

We were waiting at the swimming hole when Danny arrived. The weather was warm enough for him to walk to our rendezvous dressed only in his shorts and carrying a towel. We, on the other hand, were required to be more modest in public. I stripped down to my swimming shorts immediately Mel and I got there, but she still kept her tracksuit on.

Danny guessed that something was afoot, but Mel teased him, talking about all sorts of inconsequential things, keeping him on tenterhooks. The feeling of anticipation built and built. The air crackled with tension. I remember I was thinking that Mel had better do something to ease Danny's growing sense of anxiety, or he'd go off 'pop', when she suddenly laid on her back and invited us to take her tracksuit bottoms off.

Danny swallowed hard when he saw that instead of her swimsuit underneath, Mel was wearing just her panties. Together we slid Mel's tracksuit down her legs and over her feet. Danny simply could not tear his eyes away from the rounded mound at the fork of her thighs and the dark shadow of her hairs behind the virginal-white cotton material.

"Can you guess what I'd like?" Mel said softly. She held her thighs closed tight and languorously rubbed them together. Her fingers crept down her belly and idly toyed with her pubic curls inside her knickers. Without giving us a chance to speculate, she crooned, "I would like you two lovely guys to stroke my legs all the way up from my ankles, right up until…until you find what you find! And, there's no need to rush, there's plenty of time."

By some miracle, Danny didn't cream his pants there and then! He was literally drooling! I felt more in control, but not by much!

Taking one leg each, Danny and I caressed Mel's calves and her shins, her knees and her thighs. And as we slowly moved towards the apex of these soft and smooth, yet shapely muscular columns, my sister spread her legs further and further apart. When we finally reached our goal, we gently ran our fingertips enticingly close to the tight leg holes of her panties.

Mel sighed. "Mmmmmm, that was very nice…I think you two deserve a reward."

She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her pants and pushed them down at the front. Danny's eyes were bulging in his head as he watched her. "Oooops!" she giggled when she revealed the first hint of her dark, luxurious bush, and then pulled her panties back up again. The pained expression of disappointment on Danny's face deserved a photograph…but our family did not own frivolous things like cameras.

"Here!" said Mel, taking her hands right out of the way. "You two do it."

Danny's hand was shaking so much he could hardly take hold of the cotton material. Again, he was bug-eyed as we exposed Mel's glorious, hairy crown. The moisture between her legs made the gusset of her panties stick briefly to her pussy when we started to pull them down her legs and we had to tug them quite hard. When we finally got them off her, without thinking, I brought them to my nose and took in her scent.

"Do I smell nice?" Mel asked me.

"Fantastic!" I mumbled, suddenly realising what I had done.

Mel held out her hand for the scrap of material. She opened them out, uncovering the damp, slightly stained inner material of their gusset. She brought her panties to her nose and inhaled deeply. She looked straight into my eyes. For an instant, Danny ceased to exist. It was just Mel and I alone in a cocoon of silence. She put out her tongue and licked her own body's secretions.

Danny reminded us of his presence with a deeply despairing groan. Mel beckoned me right up close to her. Putting her lips to my ear, she whispered, "Don't look so shocked, Joel! I always suck my juices from my fingers after I have made myself cum…thinking about you."

Then, she beckoned to Danny. As he leaned forward, she reached for him and rubbed her knickers around his nose and lips. "Do you like my smell?" she demanded.

He gurgled something approximating "Yes!"

"Good!" she smiled happily and spread her legs wide apart. "Now, Joel has something to show you, haven't you Joel?"

I took Danny on a guided tour of all the things Mel let me see on that night. I showed him her outer lips, darkly pink and puffy with her arousal. I parted the fuzz-surrounded outer barriers to reveal the soft hued, inner folds, already shiny-slick with her sexual moisture. I took him down to the entrance to her innermost secrets, spreading the little aperture open and running the tip of my finger around its soft slippery perimeter. Then I drew back her hood to expose her fiery pleasure spot; and showed him her reactions when I caressed it.

Mel bucked her abdomen and gasped, "Let Danny do it!"

Disappointment and jealousy flooded through me. Nevertheless, I coached Danny on how to give Mel maximum pleasure, then sat back to watch. Judging by Mel's reactions, the bastard did it very well, making her spread her legs to their maximum extent and lift her pelvis in jerking, ecstatic thrusts for more of his attentions.

I was astounded at how much lubrication flowed from her vaginal opening and down between her spread buttocks to moisten the wrinkled entry to her bottom. Mel got enormously wet! Forgetting all the taboos that had been drummed into me since childhood, I slid my hand in below Danny's, between her quivering, flexing thighs, and rubbed her in the moisture there. Driven by the rhythmic clenching of Mel's buttock muscles, the puckered little lips seemed to suck eagerly at my fingertip, but I was not yet ready go any further.

Mel hissed, "Joel! I want you up here!"

Reluctantly, I left Danny unsupervised to answer my sister's call. She hauled me down to her. "Oooooh! This is awesome!" she moaned and kissed me deeply. Her hand slid up the leg of my shots and grabbed hold of my dick. She whispered hotly, "Quick! Take your shorts off, Joel! I've been dreaming about doing something special with you ever since the other night!"

While I struggled to get out of my shorts, Mel unzipped her tracksuit top and shucked it right off. She was completely bra-less underneath. Her nipples looked ready to burst. "Kneel astride my chest!' she begged.

Eagerly, just as I was about to do as she asked, Mel arched her back off the ground and hung there letting out a loud "Oooooooomph!" Thinking that she was cumming, I held back, knowing that flailing arms and legs would shortly follow. Then I saw that Danny was holding his hand rigid at an unusual angle between Mel's legs and he was staring at her intently with a worried expression on his face. I scrambled down to see what had gone wrong.

The stupid fool had overstepped the mark! Without Mel's invitation or even asking her, Danny had shoved his big middle finger deep up inside my sister's pussy. And even worse, a bright red trickle of blood was seeping out around the finger that was still plugging her.

Flailing limbs ensued indeed, but not those induced by pleasure. With shouts and screams, using foul language that I had no idea she knew, Mel kicked Danny away. She went for him, punching and scratching and hissing like an enraged tigress. With a yelp of fear, Danny scuttled out of range and then ran off at high speed.

Mel collapsed in my arms, sobbing inconsolably. "I never wanted it to happen like that!" she wailed. "I wanted to choose the time and place and make it so perfect!"

I cuddled Mel and did my best to comfort her. But I had no experience of dealing with distraught women, so my efforts were rather ineffectual. She clung to me until she cried herself out then I gently supported her down to the river. Together, we bathed her soreness in the cool, clear water. Then we dressed and held each other until she felt ready to go home and act normally in front of our parents while hiding the hurt she was feeling.

The smack in the chops I gave Danny the next time I saw him got me into a heap of trouble at school. And not a little pain as well, because I cut my knuckle badly on one of his front teeth and it got infected. My refusal to divulge why I hit Danny got me a good strapping from my father. Isn't it strange how 'unchristian' violence only applies to people outside one's immediate family? And when I still declined to tell, I was grounded for a month and sent to the Pastor for counselling.

But, our parents still went to their regular governance meetings, which meant that Mel and I could be alone together.

The first time after the incident, Mel only wanted to cuddle. That was fine by me because I knew she was still devastated at losing her cherry that way. The second week was very different. Mel was well aware of the heat I was taking on her behalf and wanted to show her gratitude. I think her hormones were raging big time as well. I know mine were.

It started when she kind of nuzzled her nose against the side of my neck and said, "I was going to do something very sexy with you when Danny did that to me."

"Tell me," I answered sleepily. We had been lying together for some time, fully dressed in our pyjamas, and I was almost nodding off.

Mel nuzzled against me again; "I'd sooner show you."

I was instantly alert.

My erection surged to a tingling hardness as Mel pulled my pyjama pants down. A lock of her hair brushed across my most sensitive parts as she pushed them over my feet, making me jump and almost lose control.

'Kneel over my chest, Joel," Mel murmured huskily. "And take my top off."

Mel's eyes fixed her gaze on my rampant prick and the rest of my appendages while I undid her buttons and slipped the garment off her. Then she took hold of my shaft in both hands rubbed it across her firm-soft flesh and squeezed and stroked until my scrotum began the manic contractions that blasted my hot sperm in pearly streams all over her lovely rounded breasts. Mel cupped my nuts gently in the palm of her hand while she extracted my every drop of jism with the other. And then she pulled me down on top of her so that my chest slipped and slid against hers in my slime, and kissed me with such deep feeling that my eyes prickled.

"Was that Ok?" Mel asked me when she finally let me breathe.

I told her, "More than 'Ok'! It was amazing! Where did you get the idea?"

"It came to me after I left you that night three weeks ago. I've been dying to try it ever since."

"There's something I've been dreaming about too."

"What's that?"

"Hang on a second and I'll show you."

I cleaned us both with a handkerchief and lay face to face with her. Watching her reactions in my sister's eyes, I ran the flat of my palm along her side to the waist of her pyjama bottoms. When I tried to push them down, her eyes clouded over and she whispered, "No!"

"Why not?" I asked. "Don't you want me to…?"

'Yes, I do," Mel replied. "But things are different down there now…ruined."

I kissed the tip of her nose. "You will always be perfect to me."


Without giving her the chance to finish, I rolled Mel half onto her back and pulled her bottoms halfway down her thighs. She squeaked in protest and clamped her legs together. But that did not prevent me from swooping down and burying my mouth against the deliciously damp, fragrant springy hairs that crowned her lower belly. I looked up Mel's body to her face. Her expression was one of wonder and pleasure that I would want to kiss her between the legs.

I kissed her again and said, "Ever since that day I smelled your scent on knickers, I've wanted to kiss and taste the real you."

"Oh, Joel! It's so lovely to hear you say that." Mel's eyes glittered with tears. "But, I'm not ready yet…give me some more time…please?"

Hiding my disappointment, I got up alongside her again.

Mel hugged me to her, saying, "Just to prove that I want to share in your dream…" She slipped her hand down between us and into her pyjamas. A few seconds later, she brought three damp seashell-smelling fingers to my mouth and slid them between my lips.

I tongued her sweet, slightly salty juices from them and whispered, "More!" but just then, we heard the sound of our parents' pickup coming up the track. Fortunately, they had to stop to open two gates to get the truck through and then close them again afterwards, which gave Mel plenty of time to get to her own room. But, before she left, she surprised my dick massively erect again by bending over and swiftly kissing it on the tip.

In the morning, when I woke from an erotic dream just before dawn, my dick was doing its regular start-of-the-day stretch. A beautiful girl, not Mel, had been licking my shaft from top to bottom like a lollipop. She knelt astride my face with her blonde-fuzzed pussy within inches of my tongue, but, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't quite reach it.

Somehow, I got the feeling that somebody visited my room during the night. Sure enough, tucked under my pillow I found yesterday's pair of Mel's panties. The faint, seaside aroma led me to them; and probably sparked that dream! Holding the soft cloth to my nose and picturing my hard shaft parting the wet pink entrance to Mel's nubile body in my mind, I masturbated slowly to a luxuriously intense cum. And when I spurted, I caught my bubbling fluids in the knickers' gusset, where they would mix directly with hers.

I gave her panties back to Mel during the first break at school. They were still damp with my cum. She smelled them swiftly and whispered, 'I love the smell of your sperm, especially when it's mixed with my scent." Then she pushed them into her pocket. I guessed it was only the first time she would bring them to her nose that day.

If fact, I saw Mel and Danny standing close to one another, well away from everyone else, at lunchtime. He had been building bridges by giving her small bunches of flowers after school nearly every day. Heaven knows how he came up with them; he must have stashed them in a jar of water somewhere cool until after the final bell. Of course, Mel had to dump them before reaching the farm, but the thought was there and it had clearly won her over. She reached into her pocket and lifted something to his nose.

I decided that it was politic that I too made friends with Danny again.

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