My husband pulled me by the wrist down into our refurbished basement. He unlocked the door with a click, opening it into a 10' by 8' room. "Impatient much?," I say tauntingly when he gives my wrist a large tug into the room. He says nothing, but lets go. I look around the room. He has added some things. Now there are pictures on the wall. Erotic pictures of couple having sex of every kind. My body starts to hum with arousal. He goes over the table shaped object in the middle of the room and pulls the sheet off of it.

I can't help it, I gasp. Taking advantage of my open mouth, my husband slips a plug gag inside. My eyes go wide, jumping from him, to the specially designed table he created and back.

After I had told him my fantasy about a month back, he had spent a lot of time down here. It seems I had just found out what he had been doing.

At the top, the table looks similar to a masseuse's table, with the donut shaped head rest with a hole in the center. The body part is a little wider than usual and at the place where my hips would fall, the table splits off into two thin legs. And all along the cushioned table there are clamps for tie down straps.

A shiver runs down my spine. I can tell he has planes. He has been rubbing the globes of my ass as I take in they new toy he had created. A groan escapes me, muffled by the plug gag, as he squeezes my ass hard.

"Strip," he orders, and I do. My clothes get thrown into the corner and he slaps my backside, a silent order to head towards the table. He reaches from behind me and I feel his rough finger slide into my almost wet cunt. The friction make me gasp around the gag. He uses his fingers to help lift me up onto the table. "Lay on your stomach." I do as I'm told, wriggling a little as I do. He pulls out he finger and gives me a sudden slap on my ass, a silent command to stay still.

I hear him walk away and turn my head to watch. Out of the corner of my eye, I see he open open of the drawers and pull out two tube-like shape, one black and the other red. I hear a cap pop and my eyes widen again when I realize what he had grabbed.

I watch as he squeezes out some lube onto he hand. He slides a finger, coated in lube, into my anus. I wriggle again and again he pulls out to slap my ass. Once I stop, he starts again with his finger, sliding in to his last knuckle. Then he pulls out and squeezes some more lube onto the plug and between my cheeks. When I feel the plug enter my ass I tense up. He waits until I relax and slides the plug all the way in.

I'm breathing faster now and I can only listen as he attaches a strap around my pelvis to hold it in. He pulls back to observe his work and nods to him self. He his pleased with his work. "Stand up and turn around" he demands. The soft tone does not lessen the command. I slowly slide back, off the table and stand. My mind is running so fast as I think about the gag in my throat, the plug in my ass and the more that is to come.

He slides two fingers into my cunt, this time from the front. I lift up onto my tip toes to relieve some of the pressure, as I gush onto his fingers. I use my hands and his fingers to slid back onto the cushions. When my head reaches the top, he pulls his fingers out and lightly pushes between my breasts, telling me to lie down and wiping his fingers off on my chest.

I try to relax, a somewhat difficult task as I was breathing hard and the plug shifted with every move I made. When I finally relax, I realize I still had to keep my ass tight or it would fall into the hole. I turn to get his attention so I can show him his miscalculation. When I look over though, I see him carrying over a pile of straps and I suddenly don't care about anything else.

He smiles when he sees the look on my face. Walking down to the leg stands, he slides a strap into each clamp and then returns to my feet. He grabs my ankle and Riggs it down to the proper place, then wraps my ankle with the strap and tightens it down until I cannot move my leg at all. When he moves to the other side my leg is already in place. He smiles. He knows I'm watching. The strap tightens over my other leg and now I can't move that leg either. Next he wraps a strap around each thigh, just above my knees. Now my legs are completely immobilized. He runs his hand along my inner thigh and up between my legs. He cups me there and I can feel my juices coat his hand. Moving up towards my head, he pushes down on my breast. Realizing I had curled up to get a better view, I started to lay back down. At the same time, I fell a sharp pinch on my nipple and immediately jump back up. He pushes me back down and repeats the action on my other breast. When I lift my arms to pull the shirt off his still fully dressed body, he grabs my wrists and begins to strap them down. When he leans over to tie the second one down, I feel his arousal through his pants.

I lift up to tell him to take off his clothes, only to remember the ball gag. This might get frustrating. There are still more straps to tie but when he hears me moaning, he seems to move slower. He does up the one above my hips and the one just below my breasts. After he lightly nips at each nipple, he steps back between my legs.

He kneels down and I feel his rough, wet tongue on my lips. My pussy floods and I nearly jump out of my skin, but only my head and shoulder move because the rest of my body is completely tied down. As he slides his tongue in and out of my slit, i feel a pull in my ass the the plug slowly slides out. I hear him squeeze another dollop onto the plug and feel him insert it back in. Once the holding straps were back on, his tongue came out and he scratched at something on the plug. Suddenly I hear a buzzing and feel it start to vibrate. I scream around my gag as I suddenly come. When the shudders finally subside, I see him smiling.

He walks around to to my head. As I try to return my breathing to a normal pace, I feel him push my head down and clamp the final strap tight over my eyes. Now I cannot see or move anything. The plug is still vibrating in my ass, but beyond the buzzing I hear my husband unzip his pants and unbutton his shirt. They hit the ground with a muted thump. I feel his hot breath on my breast and he engulfs me with his mouth. I mewl and do the best I can to push it further into his mouth. He bites down lightly on my nipple as his hand pinches the other.

He pulls up and licks the bite mark before walking back to my core. When he taps hard on the plug my butt cheeks squeeze tighter than they ever had before. I here him chuckle again and feel him turn off the switch. I moan a complaint and he laughs again. "Don't worry, I will turn it back on I just wanted to make sure you are paying attention." He slides a finger into my cunt and feels the juices soaking me. Reassured, he pulls them back out and pokes them into my belly button. With a sharp tug on my navel, I tense my stomach and he continues. "I am going to take you hard and fast and you are going to come over and over until we are both so tired neither of us can stand." He grasps my hand and says, "Squeeze my hand if you want that." Practically a puddle, I do as he asks, perhaps squeezing a little tighter than necessary.

"Alright beautiful, here we go." He flips the vibrating butt plug back on and slams into me. I see stars and my stomach clenched and unclenches rapidly as I come for the second time. After what felt like an hour, I come back to reality. He is slamming into me faster now and I can feel him starting to lose control. That he as made it this long is impressive, but I know he can't possibly last much longer. With every slam, he hits my g-spot and I can no longer think. Without my sight or the ability to touch him with my hands, all I could do was trust him to give me what I needed. And knowing that just aroused me all the more. As I feel his cock start twitching and hear his grunts, I know he is nearing his limit. My pelvis is so tight a pin drop could have made me lose it. Yet he kept pumping. Suddenly he let go of my hips with hand and I feel him pinch my clit. I explodes and felt him spill himself at the same time. My body spasms, milking the cum from his cock. All we can do is pant until the world rights itself.

As I start to come back down, I wonder why he hasn't released me yet. Then I realize he is still hard inside me, buried to the hilt. He must have been doing more down here than just building this fantastic table. Now I can feel him tugging at my belly button with one hand and holding my hand in his other. "When you can hear me squeeze my hand," he told me. When I figure out how to reconnect my numb muscles, I do as he asked. "Good," he said, "because we are not done yet."

He lets go of my belly and hand and pulls his still hard cock out of me. I whimper, surprising myself with the sound. "Don't worry, Beauty. We are definitely not done." I heard him pad over and open a drawer again. When he walks back, I feel him switch off the plug and detach it from the strap. Before he pulls it out though, I hear him squeeze a another dollop of lube onto something. After the plug comes out, he lays something along the crack of my ass. This is much longer than the plug. I tense up and he slaps my ass from below, but I can't help it. This is longer than anything I had done before, but my gagged protests go unnoticed. He rubs the lube from his hand as far in her ass as his fingers could go. The plug is longer. I hear him lube it up as well. I am tense again, but he takes his time, gently coating the longs plug into my ass. "Do not let it fall out," he tells me before backing away. I feel the clamps tighten. They had loosened while has strained against them during my orgasms. When he tightened the one by my head, I smell the cinnamon lube and nearly lose my focus on the plug in my ass. Cinnamon is my favorite and he knows it.

When he circles back, he clucks his tongue. Despite my best efforts. The plug has slipped half way out. "Well now I have to punish you." He slaps my ass hard, slamming the plug back in. I scream, but the gag muffles it. Slap. Again he lands Ruhr on the plug. Slap. Slap. I am in tears now and the edge of pain is enough to bring me to the edge. The rest of my body weeps with me. I am so tensed, but I am also wrung out I don't know if I can do it again. "I think that should do it," he says. "But just to be sure..." she felt him clip the plug into place with the straps already in place.

Slowly, he slide his rock hard cock into me. I want to tell him to move faster like before but it is muffled by the ball gag. When he is settles all the way in with a grunt, he leans over my body and pushes my breast together and sucks my tits into his mouth. His hips gyrate as he bites down lightly. His hips begin to move slowly, an inch out and back in, two inches and back. Finally, he lets go of my breasts and pulls almost all the way out before slamming back in. I try to scream again and I feel so full I might burst. Every hole is filled and he is completely in control. My fantasy come to life. He is starting to lose it though. All I cane feel is the gag in my mouth, the plug in my ass, and him, all of him in my cunt. He slams harder into me and I feel him hit my g-spot again and again and rub against my clit with every thrust. The scent of cinnamon and sex fills my nose I suddenly feel his cum spurting into me. That sensation makes me lose it. I come undone while he comes inside me.

I can do nothing but breath. He collapses on top of me before pulling out and starting the release me. First the plug and it's straps, then the straps on my body. Finally, he undoes the plug gag and slides it out of my mouth. I want to tell him I love him but my mouth feels strange from having the gag in for so long. "Let me tell you about my creation while you get the feeling back in your body," he said to me. "It has more than one use. I can also have you lie on your stomach with your leg up. In that position, I could have you suck me until I release you. Or I could take you from behind. And if I choose to have you with your legs down, I could fuck you right here.". With that he slid his fingers into my ass. Well the explained the hole under my ass. He pulled out his finger and cupped my face. "What are you thinking?" he asked me.

"I'm thinking," tell him, "that I know what I want for my birthday. I love you."

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This story would benefit from some spell-checking and revising. Need to correct things like "he had planes," "He grabs my ankle and Riggs it down," "Again he lands Ruhr on the plug,"
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