tagBDSMTied Up and Vulnerable

Tied Up and Vulnerable


He calls me and tells me to be naked and on the bed within 15 minutes. He wants me to keep the light on as well. He's currently on his way home. Before I can respond, he's ended the call. Shit, I have to do this or I know he will punish me. The last time he did that, I couldn't sit down for 2 days. I hate this so much! Being naked and on display in full light is not my idea of hot or sexy!

I know I have to do it so I slowly remove all of my clothing. I lay down on the bed and breathe through my nose, trying to calm myself down and let my heart beat and breathing return to Normal. I can feel my hands are sweating also. I shut my eyes hoping this will help me too. And that's when I hear the door open. Shit! He's back. My attempts at calming down are now lost and my heart is hammering in my chest so hard I'm worried I'm about to have a heart attack.

The front door opens and closes & I hear his footsteps, they are slowly getting louder and louder, until... he's stood in the doorway, with a big grin on his face. Instincts take over and my hands immediately fly over my face. I can't help it. He races over and his hands pin mine above my head, forcing me to look at him. I am truly terrified and he doesn't look impressed. He'd worked so hard to stop me from being like this. He opens the drawer, for what I don't know.

He turns around and not only has he got rope, he has a blindfold too. Rope? Blindfold? Why? What's he going to do to me? He slowly eases the black blindfold over my eyes and raises my head slightly so he can tie it. He gives me a quick kiss and then runs his hands all over my body. I squirm because my body is sensitive as it is, but with the blindfold it's made even worse. His hand reaches my ankle and I feel him wrap the rope around it. Several moments later he tests the knots by pulling my ankle gently. He does the same to my other ankle.

I feel his mouth on my legs and I start to tingle at the sensation. This blindfold is making everything feel so much more intense than it usually is. His lips slowly trail up my thighs, sometimes licking as he ascends my body. I breathe deeply through my nose. His hands land on my boobs, squeezing them and rubbing my nipples with his thumbs. I immediately begin to squirm and try to push his hands off of them. Big mistake.

I find my hands are again pinned above my head. Seconds pass and I feel the rope again, this time on one of my wrists. I feel my arm stretching as he ties it to the headboard, and repeats the process with the other wrist. I am now completely and utterly helpless. Completely under his control. My heart is racing and I'm already so wet. I'd dreamed of this with a guy since my early 20's and now it was happening.

I feel his lips rub against my mouth teasingly. And then I feel a nip as his teeth meet my bottom lip. His hand runs very slowly down my stomach to my pussy, where he cups it with his whole hand. He was going to find me very slippery down there. He pushes two fingers inside and rubs my clit with his thumb. By this time, his mouth has descended on my nipple and my breathing had grown slightly faster in response to all of the sensations. He pulls his fingers out of me and tells me to suck.

I do so, willingly. Pretending his fingers were his cock instead. He moves his fingers down to my nipple, still sucking the other one. His thumb is still on my clit and I feel the sensitivity in it climbing at a rapid pace. My squirming becomes worse and he suddenly removes his thumb. It's as if he knew I was close to an orgasm. His mouth and fingers also leave my nipples.

And then, I hear the rustling of his clothes being removed. I take deep steadying breaths. "You look good like this" he says to me. "The things I could do to you." They words alone sent a fresh trail of wetness between my legs. Again, I feel his hands running up my thighs. And then, I feel his breath between my legs.

I immediately squirm knowing full well what's coming. He's going to lick me. Without any warning his mouth was on my clit, and two fingers deep inside of me. I wanted so much to grab on to his hair. The downside to being restrained was not being able to touch.

His mouth just wouldn't stop. My breathing accelerated rapidly and before I knew what day it even was, I was cumming in his mouth and calling out his name.

I felt the sweat starting on my forehead. But he didn't stop. His fingers kept going inside me, pressing against my g-spot. His fingers getting faster and rougher every second that passed. I felt that familiar discomfort, the urge to wee. But I wasn't going to, it was building and building and before I knew it I was squeezing and screaming as I soaked the sheets. My body shaking uncontrollably, my breathing frantic.

He pressed his body against mine and held me until everything slowly returned to earth again. A few minutes later he was kissing me with our tongues battling against each other. His cock rubbing up and down my slit and teasing my clit as he went. After doing this a few times he slipped inside me. I couldn't believe how soaked I was. Every thrust making the wet sounds. He picked up the pace until his breathing was ragged and his finger found my clit to help me cum with him.

He probably lasted 10 minutes before I felt his hot cum rush inside of me. As soon as I felt it, I came.

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