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Tiffany was a good girl 21. F cup tits. Still a virgin. And wasn't that smart. She didn't no what to wear that much. So she went to work in pink bra's and panties. And guys stared at her. She sleeps naked. Loves to sleep. And loves to walk during midnight. One night she was looking for her friend in a ally. She was wearing a silk bra, and silk panties. It was cold and her nipples got hard. In the ally she could barely see. And she heard a noise coming from deeper in the ally. She walked closer in, and heard a noise coming from deeper in, she went in and couldn't see anymore. She couldn't see where she came from. There was a slither behind her, but she was to distracted looking around. Then she felt something slimy rubbing her panties. She started to turn and sees nothing. She looks down and sees purple pulsing tentacles looking at her, she backed and then they grabbed her arms and legs and pulled her in the air.

She was scared to look. but she felt one pop off her bra and felt two slimy tentacles squeeze her tits, they rubbed her nipples, and then two more came and started sucking them. Two squeezes. And two sucked. Tiffany moaned, and felt something take her panties off. Tiffany tried to pull her legs to each-other and the more the tentacles sucked the weaker she got. Her legs got weak and the tentacles could of pulled her legs away easily enough but they wanted to show her she was pathetic and weak. One tentacle choked her, and then she felt something rub her pussy.

Tiffany screamed "No not there please stop let me go"

One small tentacle sucked her clitoris, making her pussy a bit wet. Then one tentacle pounded deep her her virgin pussy. She screamed and made the tentacles grow stronger. She started crying of the pain cause she was barely wet. The more she cried the harder they fucked her.

Tiffany started thinking to herself " I thought these things were fake, I thought they weren't real" She's never seen tentacle porn. But they were real.

One went in her ass and Tiffany felt her pussy bleeding. And she wanted to die cause of how hard they raped her, they came inside her virgin pussy. And they dropped her to the ground.

She thought to her self "Its over"...

But it wasn't. They made noises.. And then a portal opened up. Showing the hugest tentacle shes seen. It was 10 times bigger "Fatter" it looked straight at her pussy and started digging in, blood stared coming out again, and she cried and screamed until one went in her mouth. Then it started fucking her tearing her apart. It fucked her for a few minutes. Then it came inside her killing her.

She wakes up in a strange place. laying on the ground feeling weak. Then she felt her tits throbbing, and felt them grow 2X bigger. She got up looked at her self and saw she was wearing a red shirt ripped up all to the point to where some of her breast was hanging out, and she looked down more and saw a ripped up red skirt ripped up to the point to where some of her pussy was showing. She looked and saw she had her perfect body back too.

She looked and saw a few signs saying: Welcome to Fuck Hell. Another sign said: Obliviously you've been fucked by a boss tentacle and came in you and you died. Another sign said: You have a hole new virginity back. To the point to where you were never raped and fucked by anything in your life. You can get out of here but it will take along time. Another sign said: Here are some of the creatures that will try to rape you: Blue tentacles, Red tentacles, Green tentacles, blue half see through blobs, ghosts, dogs, gas, strong ghosts, ogres. And some new ones. In small letters she didn't see was "If they get you they'll never stop so you'll have to struggle to get free" Another sign said there are portals at the end of the hall ways, Go through them and you'll appear in a twice as long hall way. There are 4 in total.


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