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Time Stop Abuse


Dan was a virgin, he wasn't particularly bad looking, just he lacked the confidence to speak to any girl who hadn't already accepted him in her "friend zone". He'd turned 18 just the other day, and was starting to get annoyed with the constant urge for sex, especially because he couldn't satisfy this craving either... The weekend had just ended and Dan was dreading another day at school with all his sexually active friends, who often mocked his virginity. As he headed towards his bus, he stumbled, almost falling on his face. An elderly man chuckled, and Dan shot him an evil glance. The man apologised for laughing at his plight, and offered him a strange package, which Dan accepted just to get away from this man... He stuffed it in his bag, and had to run to make it to the bus in time. All the seats were taken, and Dan was forced to stand. The longer he stood, the more intense the yearning to find out what was in the package from the old man became... As the bus rounded the final corner to his school, he practically leapt out of the door to get to his locker, and thus his package. As he ripped open the binding, his heart dropped as he pulled out a watch that looked like it hadn't been used in several centuries, nevertheless he put the watch on, as he'd never had a watch, and wouldn't say no if the opportunity presented itself. He headed to the first period; Science, so far today hadn't been the best.

As he sat in the lesson, he remembered the gift, and absently started fiddling with the buttons on the side... Suddenly Dan glanced up, something was wrong... there was something missing. He immediately noticed as he glanced around the room, nothing was moving, no noise, as if the world had stopped... He stood up, wondering if he was in some strange dream, a beeping noise pulled him out of his reverie, and he glanced down at his now flashing watch, to see text, reading "STOP" Dan smiled, wondering if the watch was the source of this freak occurrence... He ran into the corridor, glancing around, nothing, everyone was stuck in a pose, he found it almost funny. Then his virgin mind overtook all other forms of thought. What could anyone want more than being stuck in a school with hundreds of sexy girls, all frozen and ready to be touched and more... He approached his classroom door, re-entering and grinning madly as he saw his high school crush... Holly Briston. As he approached her, he started noticing her pert breasts, her slutty skirt rapped high around her perfect thighs... He glanced furtively back and forth, before poking her casually... No reaction. He smiled and lightly brushed his hand against her breast. Happy that she wasn't going to move, he started to unbutton her shirt, and saw her laced red bra, unable to resist her any longer, he ripped off the rest of her shirt, exposing her amazing body, stuck in a seated position... As he pulled her bra down, he immediately got hard, her large nipples almost mocking him... As he grabbed her breasts, he picked her up, and laying her on top of her desk, started pulling her skirt down her long legs... He smiled as he noticed her bra and panties matched, and tore them off with vengeance... He smiled as he took in the gorgeous sight of her slit, and her well shaved pussy beckoned him in. He could resist it no longer, and stood up and slid his raging hard-on inside of her... Trying to contain himself, he pumped back and forth... Looking down at her frozen smiling face, he came almost instantly... Kneeling down he pulled her clit with his teeth, toyed with her nipples, and preceded in eating her out for the next half hour...

After cleaning himself up, he dressed her again, and placed her back in her seating position, returning himself back as well to his original seat... remembering the watch, he started clicking buttons, until the flashing stopped, and in green letters he read "GO" he kept his eyes fixed on her, as everyone sprang back into life, suddenly she screamed in pleasure, attracting many odd looks from her class mates, Dan realised that she'd just felt his entire sex session in the space of a second... The teaching continued, unknown to all what had just happened in that room. Dan grinned madly, and imagined the many fruitful school days that would follow with this kind of pleasure on a regular basis, all he had to do now was not lose the watch.

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