tagNovels and NovellasTime Travellers from the 1960's Pt. 06

Time Travellers from the 1960's Pt. 06


Ch.11: A Much Needed Holiday (Part 3): Sex On The Beach)

They went to the nudist beach the day after, agreeing to meet there with Lynne and Nick for another swinging adventure. This time it would take place in the sand dunes, as long as they could be private enough and everyone showed up. Ted and Louise need not have worried at all. As both had expected their newfound friends were there before them, on the beach before the dunes. Nick stood on the beach with no clothing over his privates, flying his kite amongst other nudists, while Lynne sunbathed naked on her towel.

"Hi," said Louise as she approached Nick.

"Lynne is over there," he said. "I am pleased you've come," he flattered Louise, genuinely.

"Yes I have seen her," said Louise, "over there."

"Hi Louise," said Lynne. "Ted I'm really glad you've come. I don't think we really finished last night. I am looking forward to round two!"

They talked for a while, relaxing, sunbathing, but all were ready for some dirty action. None of them would relax properly until their adventures resumed. Ted had spent the last hours fantasising about the next time, and so had Louise.

"Let us go back into the dunes, and find a nice private spot," suggested Lynne, which was readily agreed by all of them. They brought their towels and bags with them off the beach and into the dunes, and soon selected a good place where they were not overlooked by anyone, although there would be no way of preventing other people from the beach walking past. That gave an extra excitement or sense of danger to them all. If any passers by came close they could always cease their activities, or slow down so no one could tell what they were doing. Ted and Louise both had an exhibitionist streak in them, which meant thy found pleasure in the knowledge that people who accepted or appreciated their behaviour might be able to see, but neither liked the idea that disapproving people should observe them.

Louise settled with Nick, cuddling and sunbathing together on their towels, taking off her bikini top and bottom as soon as she sat down. Nick had remained completely nude while they walked into the dunes.

A few feet away Ted lay down behind Lynne, who had remained naked. They did, however, have a large towel draped over their lower parts. She faced away from him, pretending to all passers by, who may pass, that she was sleeping or sunbathing, while he delicately entered her cunt from behind, lying against her on his side, so he could see her back and the back of her head. To all outsiders it may have appeared that they were a couple lying next to each other in the sun. Her passage was already moist, and she whispered to him to gently fuck her, taking all the time he wanted. His cock was hard and strong and he loved this open air adventure. Occasionally someone walked by on the dunes and glanced towards them in the dunes, unaware of what they were actually doing. She whimpered quietly and he thrust as he explored her lovely warm body with his hands.

For a while Nick fucked Louise too. Lynne was watching as her husband fucked his new friend on their towels, and Ted could see too when he looked beyond the lovely body he caressed. Throwing caution to the wind, Nick and Louise's towel was coming off as Nick spread her legs and mounted her in the traditional manner. No one noticed whether any passer by might have seen this open display, but if anyone did they did not stay to watch. Full of passion and excitement at the naughty thing they were doing Nick came fairly quickly and afterwards he pleasured Louise with fingers and mouth for a while until she came strongly.

Now Ted became more urgent, still fucking Lynne from behind in the sideways position, with the towel over their lower parts. Nick and Louise come closer and watched as Ted fucked Lynne. They calmed it right down once or twice as some people passed by, unaware in the distance. To The watching Louise and Nick it was more obvious what they were doing now. Then Nick decided to intervene. He encouraged his wife to lick his penis while Ted continued to fuck her, and Louise stroked her husband while he moved against Lynne. The towel slipped and it became completely obvious what was going on. Some passers by did happen to appear on a distant dune. They glanced, but they were not rude enough to stay and watch. Ted did not care any more. He would not have cared if the whole world were watching. Ted fucked Lynne very hard towards the end, while she pleasured herself with her fingers, bringing herself off to a gasping conclusion, while he squirted his seed into the condom inside her.

"Wow!" they all said as they came around afterwards. Nick quickly fucked his own wife, while Ted brought Louise off, on top of her, without climaxing himself, having already expended himself. What a day. It was proving to be! They relaxed and chatted, resuming their sunbathing, drinking the fluids they had brought with them. When finally they were ready to leave the dunes, they walked together back along the beach and shared a taxi back to their hotel. They parted at last to shower and do their own things, promising to get together at the bar later that evening. Maybe, if they felt like it they would all end up together in one of their apartments for more adventures later that evening!

Ch.12: The End Of The Dream

This modern new world angered her. It wasn't new at all. Its pretence at being new was largely a sham.

"You wanna know something Ted?" declared Louise.

"Yep, what?" asked Ted looking up from the computer screen he was playing with, having been shown how to play computer games and feeling it to be a wonderful, unlooked for toy of the future. He had never imagined that such developments would have been possible.

"I don't like this place too much," she said.


"Not at all. It doesn't feel like home," she said.

"But it's our city. The same one we left. They might have knocked a few buildings down, and the new ones might not always be as great as the old, but it looks the same to me. There's a few more automobiles on the road, and a lot of things have changed. But when the day breaks it feels the same."

"You know what's the worst Ted?"


"The people are different. They don't think the world's getting better. And you know what's the absolute worst?"


"A lot of them don't care."

"There were plenty of people like that in our day too," said Ted. "So nothin's changed. Don't get too wound up about it."

"Don't you agree with me at all, Ted?" asked Louise.

"Yeah. I do know what you mean, of course I do. I feel it too, but its probably not as bad as you're making it. Nobody could predict exactly what it was gonna be like. They've made great leaps forward in so many things, many things I never imagined. Like this computer and all the incredible things you can do with them. Amazing! None of us thought we could get all our predictions right. That was the challenge, to accept the future, however it may turn out. It was an adult gamble. We knew the score, and we accepted it. We've not done so bad. There's much to admire here. I'm sure we'll get used to it. We have to learn and to accept. That was the deal, and we have no choice in the matter. We have to accept it. We can't turn the clock back, can we. We have made some great friends. We have met and enjoyed other swingers. We have met plenty of like minded people. The ideas of our past are still fighting for this world. Progress is still being made; it just isn't as easy as we once thought"

"No we can't turn the clock back," said Louise. "But I'm beginning to wish we hadn't taken the gamble. I think I prefer the world we came from. We had more hope then and the fashions were cooler. We had more vision than these people seem to have. They seem to have given up on most of the things we wanted to bring about. They've let all the bad influences dominate their world, all the things we warned about in our time."

"I know what you feel, I feel it too," admitted Ted. "Sort of disappointment. But that's the challenge for us. Anyhow this is our world. If we'd have stayed in our time we'd have arrived in this world in our fifties. We'd be living this now, we would not have escaped it."

"I would have liked to have lived in the optimistic world for a bit longer, even if it did turn sour," said Louise.

"Look at it this way, honey. We've got a head start on where we would have been. Maybe some of the improvements we expected and hoped for are still on their way. Maybe we just got the timescales wrong. Maybe those changes are still in the future. There are good people here in this day, who are probably working towards rectification of the mistakes this generation have made. We're in the position now where we can help them. We can still guide the future. It's as if we came from our past and the present still contains the same old problems. Instead of living the nice comfortable life we wanted we find we've just gotta keep on struggling like before."

"That's such a good way of putting it Ted. I hadn't thought of it like that at all, but you're quite right. I do love you Ted."


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