tagSci-Fi & FantasyTiptoeing - A Genetic Mutation Ch. 04

Tiptoeing - A Genetic Mutation Ch. 04


After completing his barrage of tests and enjoying the gratifying session with Tiffany Harry was exhausted. He changed into his clothes, slowly walked out through the main lobby and head to his car. Although it seemed Tiffany was ready to continue their little session, Harry wasn't sure his toe would take it.

Hopefully Harry would get some information from the doctor about his condition in the next few days. He had been seeing some more coverage on the genetic mutation in the newspapers and even on TV now. The tabloids were already jumping into the fray with outlandish coverage on a series of toe rapes that allegedly were happening in several cities. To hear them tell it, it was no longer safe for a woman wearing a skirt to bend over anywhere.

Some shoe companies had announced their intention to come up with a shoe more capable of accommodating the aroused adult male. Harry had to wonder what those shoes might look like. All the pictures that came to Harry's mind were incredibly obscene.

He finished driving home, climbed out of the car, locking it behind him. He slowly walked down to the mailbox which he found stuffed full of letters. Harry grabbed the big stack and slowly headed into his house. Too tired to look at the mail right away, he tossed the letters on the kitchen table and headed into his room. Kicking off his shoes, he fell onto his bed and in just minutes he was fast asleep.

Suddenly he found himself wandering through a very seedy part of town, triple X theaters lined each side of the street and there was neon flashing everywhere. Oddly, instead of the assorted massage parlors featuring scantily clad women ready to give a massage and anything else you can negotiate, instead there were nail salons. Women wearing hot pants, high heels and halter tops were chiding the men to step in for their special pedicures.

Harry had never been in a nail salon but had known Connie to visit one, but those had all been geared toward women. All these were obviously for men. Intrigued, Harry walked past a few of the women and stepped inside. The lighting was low but as he looked around he saw a bunch of stations were women were working on men's feet. Well, not their feet, but their big toes.

Hearing the moans and groans around him he saw one man with shoe strings all laced up and down his erect toe. In another booth a man with a condom on his toe was slowly working his foot between the two fleshy globes of a woman's ass. Out in the middle of the room there were two women locked in a passionate 69 while several men sitting around them slowly stroked their own toes. One of the men suddenly moaned loudly, stuck his leg out toward the women and as his toe spurted his cum, they were covered with the glistening globs.

He suddenly heard a familiar voice panting, "Oh yeah, give it to me, yeah, real hard, just like that."

Stepping up to an area behind a curtain he paused, wondering. The woman moaned again and Harry was sure. He grabbed the curtain and pulled it back. Connie was completely naked, kneeling at the edge of a bed leaning on it so her hands were free. Three men were on the bed around her where each of her hands were stroking up and down on one of the men's erect toes, while she ran her tongue all around another man's foot and toes.

In addition to the men in the bed, two men sat on chairs behind her, one with his erect toe sliding in and out of her pussy while the other slid his toe in and out of her ass. Several men sat at the back of the room, their toes glistening with wetness, but flaccid. Harry could see several puddles of cum on her back.

It was like a car wreck, he wanted to look away but just couldn't so he watched as one by one each man, straightened out his leg and came, spurting their white cum onto her body, into her mouth, into her ass and deep into her pussy. As they finished they moved back, thinking Harry was the next paying customer.

Connie looked over to Harry and said, "Oh Harry, I understand now. Come on, please fuck me, make me cum again." She climbed up on the bed, rolled onto her back and spread her legs.

Mesmerized, Harry moved closer and then placed his foot on the bed between Connie's legs. She grabbed his throbbing, erect toe and guided it into her wet pussy. Harry watched the white cum ooze out around his toe as it slid into her soaking wet opening. Feeling dizzy he wanted to turn, to run out of there but Connie had grabbed him by the ankle and was moving herself back and forth over his toe.

A pressure built up in the ball of his foot and then the pleasure shot through his toe and he came, mixing his cum the all the other semen the men had deposited in her. After coming, he jerked his foot away and saw the white globs of cum sticking to the strands of hair on his foot.

Suddenly he slipped on the wet floor and fell to his knees in front of her. Connie grabbed his head and pulled it up between her legs moaning, "Yes Harry, eat me, eat me now."

Harry suddenly opened his eyes and found himself in his room. Still completely dressed he was covered in sweat and when he looked down at his foot he noticed a damp cum stain in his bedspread. "Damn, a wet dream at my age?" he moaned.

He got up and pulled off his wet clothes. Glancing at the clock he saw it was still just two am, so he quickly went into the shower, washed off, and then remembering his dream, he brushed his teeth. After rinsing his mouth a number of times he flopped back into his bed. In a few minutes he drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

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