tagSci-Fi & FantasyTiptoeing - A Genetic Mutation Ch. 05

Tiptoeing - A Genetic Mutation Ch. 05


When Harry awoke in the morning he remembered the dream he had the night before and as he sat thinking about it, everything came to him in vivid detail. The thought of his ex-girlfriend Connie with all those men at once, and then giving in and joining the men was simply so odd for Harry. He wondered what his subconscious was trying to tell him with that dream.

Before getting ready to head back into the Center for Tiptoeing, he turned on the TV to look for some news. As the picture flickered on he noticed a famous TV evangelist in the midst of a very emotional sermon. The evangelist was always a demonstrative speaker, but today he seemed to flail his arms around him in a much more intense manner. The best Harry could tell, the man was preaching on the nature of marriage in the eyes of God.

Remembering the clamor made decades ago about the definition of marriage, at the outrage spewed over same sex marriage and the people's response, Harry listened closer. After a few minutes wading through the abominations and damnations tossed to and fro he realized the preacher was basically preaching that the sexual act between a man and woman or a man and a man had to involve a penis for it to be considered part of a marital union.

Shaking his head Harry continued to listen as the evangelist stated that the use of the big toe during sex, whether erect or not, was not considered a natural act. The evangelist went on to declare it more an act of animals, comparing sex using a big toe with bestiality.

Harry quickly turned off the TV in disgust and simply sat at the bed a bit dazed by what he had heard. This was no fly by night evangelist, this was the preacher who had presented the invocation at the Presidential Inauguration that year. And now he was speaking so vehemently against the men whose big toes had simply changed, replacing their penis as their primary sexual organ.

Completely dismayed he finally got up, took a shower and pulled on his clothes. He hurried out to his car and drove to the Center noting that the traffic seemed much lighter than normal. As he pulled into the entrance to the center he noticed a large group of people holding up signs that said "Abomination" on them. Several people pointed in his direction and they started moving toward him so Harry quickly pulled past the entrance gate and noticed it safely close behind him. The group rushed to the gate shaking their signs in the air, he saw some shouting and other praying.

He continued up the long drive and then parked his car and walked into the Center. As he stepped to the desk he receptionist grabbed her phone and said, "He's here." She looked up at him and said, "I'm glad you mad it, several others got caught."


"Yes, by the mobs. But don't worry, you are safe here."

"Safe, you mean..."

"You haven't seen the news today?"

Harry shook his head, "No."

"Well, let the doctor explain, come on back, they are ready for you."

Harry followed her to the door and then followed her on into an office, presumably the doctor's office. She pointed to a chair and said, "The doctor will be in momentarily."

Harry nodded and sat down in the chair. He couldn't imagine what was going on, but apparently it had something to do with his "abnormality." Fortunately he was safe for now, but he began to worry about Tiffany, no Connie... actually he worried about both.

The door opened and Harry asked, "Doctor, what is..."

It wasn't the doctor, it was Tiffany instead. She closed the door behind her and locked it. She then walked over to Harry and lifted her skirt saying, "Hurry, we won't have time later."

Looking down at her pussy, the lips swollen and glistening he figured she had been masturbating or something. Either way, he felt his toe come to life and by the time he kicked off his shoe and pulled off the sock he had a full erection. He leaned back in the chair and raised his foot up between her legs.

Tiffany reached down and as she lifted his foot she spread her legs wide and squatted down, guiding his toe into her wet opening. Harry's toe slid easily into her and she immediately began pushing his foot down and then lifting it up again as his to slide in and out of her. Almost immediately she moaned, "Oh Harry, you feel so good inside me."

With Tiffany moving his foot up and down, all Harry had to do was lean back in the chair and enjoy the sensation of her pussy as it slid over him. He had wanted the first time he fucked her to be slow and easy, but certainly didn't mind what was happening here. Suddenly she pulled his foot up hard, driving his toe deep inside her pussy and Harry could feel her pulsating around his toe as she came.

She held him tight to her for a few moments and then slowly began moving his foot again as he felt some of her juices dripping down his other toes. After several more deep thrusts he began to feel a pressure building in the ball of his feet and then suddenly he was flooded with pleasure. He pushed his foot up to her, shoving his toe deep inside her once again as he came, spurting his cum into her.

Just as he finished, Tiffany let his foot fall to the ground. She moved over beside him, bent over and kissed him on the lips. Whispering into his ear, she said, "I've got to go now, before the doctor catches me."

She quickly moved to the door, unlocked it, peeked outside and then slipped through it. Harry quickly pulled on his sock and was in the process of working his shoe over his still, slightly hard toe when the doctor walked in.

"I guess Tiffany came in," he said.

"Excuse me?" Harry replied.

"Don't try and cover for her, I know what happened here. I'm just not sure how wise it is to have someone with her... ah personal tastes working in a lab researching your 'abnormality.'"

"And have you figured anything out about my 'abnormality?'"

"Well, yes we have. As you probably noticed, your right toe seems to have become your primary sexual organ, with the ball of your foot acting somewhat like your testes. We haven't figured out how this happened, beyond that it appears to be a mutation. We suspect it may be caused by a virus or bacteria."

"Like a disease?"

"We aren't sure but we are looking into it. That is why we are going to need to quarantine you..."

"Wait a minute, quarantine?"

"We will just need you to stay here with us. We have a number of rooms connected to the back of the lab. We will ask you to simply remain here in either the lab or the room we assign to you."

"But what about my clothes and..."

"Tiffany will get with you to make a list of things you need. She will then need to go to your home and bring those, that is if we can keep her from, ah... servicing all the patients."

"Patients, there are others here?"

"Yes, we have been actively studying about twenty of you."

"I haven't seen any."

"Yes, up until this point we've kept the patients separated, but now that we are quarantined, well you'll be able to see and talk to the other patients. Actually we have a group session planned this afternoon. You will see for a fact that you are not alone in all this."

"But wait a minute, you say Tiffany has been..."

"In one form or another she has been with all the patients. It's kind of a dream come true for her, I just hope her proclivity doesn't get in the way of our research. Her sexual appetite is powerful."

"But all the patients?"

"Well, we've never had you all here together before. Look, I know it is a lot to absorb and I have a few things to take care of. You just wait here and I'll have someone show you to your quarters and show you around to the cafeteria and laundry and things. I'll get back with you later on today about further tests."

Dumbfounded, all Harry could do was nod his head. He remained motionless in his chair as the doctor left, closing and then locking the door behind him. Harry was simply too confused to realize the doctor had just locked him in the office.

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