tagSci-Fi & FantasyTiptoeing - A Genetic Mutation Ch. 06

Tiptoeing - A Genetic Mutation Ch. 06


Harry sat locked in the doctor's office for about twenty minutes before he heard someone unlock the door and step inside. He had hoped it would be Tiffany but it was another woman, a short woman with short, straight black hair trimmed neatly above her shoulders. Harry slowly stood up and turned to the woman.

"Mr. Topher?"



"Call me Harry please."

"Okay Harry, I'm Juliet. I'm here to show you to your quarters and then show you around to the cafeteria and other areas set aside for your comfort."

"I thought Tiffany would take me around," Harry replied.

"No, she is busy right now."

"Busy? But..."

"She is busy working with a number of other patients, now please, follow me," she said, waving her hand for him to follow.

Harry got up and followed Juliet through the lab and into a doorway labeled "Private." They then stepped into a carpeted hallway that looked like a corridor in any fine hotel. Juliet turned to the right and headed past a number of doors.

Harry asked, "How many rooms are back here?"

"Well we are only using the first level where there are twenty eight rooms. Levels two and three have thirty rooms, so that would be eighty eight in all. She stopped a door numbered twenty two and pushed the keycard into the slot. Opening the door, she stepped back letting Harry pass her. She then followed him in.

Harry walked over to the vanity and turned on the water. Leaning over he filled his hands with cold water and splashed it over his face. Grabbing a towel he dried his face and turned toward Juliet.

She pointed over at a small refrigerator and said, "Besides the cafeteria, we have a refrigerator stocked with some drinks. There is a microwave over here," she continued showing him the microwave. "Of course the bathroom and shower over there."

Harry moved over and sat down on the bed looking up at the TV. He looked around for the remote control but couldn't find it. He looked at Juliet and asked, "And the remote?"

"We haven't got the TVs up and running right now, hopefully by tonight. We do have a video room with a large assortment of DVDs. If you like I can show it to you now."

"No, I'd like to just relax here, at least until Tiffany is free. She can show me around."

Juliet's face suddenly got angry and she stomped over to the bed beside him. Staring him in the eyes she said, "I am so tired of Tiffany this and Tiffany that. Why I can do anything she can."

"I don't think..." Harry started, but Juliet reached down and grabbed his right ankle.

"I do think," she said, pulling off Harry's shoe and then stroking his toe through the sock. Pulling off his sock she said, "Don't you see, anything she can." She then kneeled and took his toe in her mouth, sucking hard on it as it grew.

Harry felt his toe stiffen up to a full erection as Juliet sucked him hard. The suction was incredible, feeling like nothing he had ever felt before. It hadn't been long since him and Tiffany had sex, but as Juliet began running her fingers over the ball of his foot he closed his eyes simply enjoying the sensation. After a few minutes he felt the pleasure shoot down his toe and he came once again, spurting his cum into her mouth.

Before he could do anything, she stood up and straddled his leg, kneeling over him. Holding his foot, she positioned herself so his shrinking toe was on her clit. Moving his foot in a kind of circular motion, she guided his toe over and around her clit. She began moving her hips back and forth a few times before moaning loudly. She then let herself fall forward on top of him and gripping him on each side with her hands, she humped his foot for a while before finally relaxing.

Looking up at his face she said, "You see, anything. You still want Tiffany?"

Harry paused for a moment and then pushed Juliet onto the bed. He grabbed her legs and spread them apart, crawling up between them. He moved his face between her legs and shoved his tongue into her wet opening, tasting her tart flavor. Moving his tongue around inside her for a few moments, he pulled it out and slid up the slit until he found her clit. Sucking it between his lips while he ran his tongue over it again and again, he moved his head back and forth.

She responded some, but nowhere near as fervently as when she was humping his foot. He continued sucking and licking on her clit until his jaw ached, then finally he sat back and pushed his foot in between her legs. His toe was not erect, but just by rubbing his flaccid toe over her clit and pussy lips he watched as she began to respond. After a few moments she arched her back, moaned loudly and came again.

"Resting his head on the pillow he said to Juliet, you are just like her, just like Tiffany then."

"You mean my thing with your toe? Yes, I am turned on by it, but I am nothing like Tiffany."

"Well to be honest your toejob was the best I've ever had."

"And just how many toejobs have you had."

"Counting this one?"

Juliet nodded.


"Well, there you go, I'm not like Tiffany. Now why don't we clean up and continue our tour."

"Okay, but I still need to see Tiffany."

"Okay, okay, we finish the tour and I'll take you to her."

Harry nodded and walked over to the bathroom where he grabbed a towel and tossed it to Juliet. He then grabbed another and cleaned off his toe. Returning to the bed, he pulled on his sock and shoe and then nodded to Juliet that he is ready.

"Just one more thing before we continue," she said. Then she walked over, stood up on her tiptoes and gave him a kiss. "Are you ready?"

"Now I am," Harry replied, walking over to the door. He took a deep breath and then opened the door, watching Juliet step past him.

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