To Catch a Cheating Wife


"If we find him, he'll want to get at me again."


"He'll want my tits out again. You know he'll suck my nipples until I'm going crazy."

"I know."

"He's going to want to fuck me."

"Any man would."

"Can I fuck him?"

"Do you want him to fuck you?"

"Oh Yes! I wanted him to fuck me that first time, but was afraid I would lose you."

"This time, I'll watch but won't interrupt."


The Hot Spot

One week later, I was sitting alone at the bar in "The Hot Spot". I was alone because my wife was out on the dance floor with Ramon. He didn't know I was present so with my wife having obviously come here to find him again, he wasn't the least hesitant to take liberties with Wendy.

This time it didn't take him three songs to have Wendy's mound pressed firmly against his very hard erection. He rammed it against her as soon as they were on the dance floor. He also didn't hesitate to pull her blouse open so that her nipples were completely exposed. As before, I occasionally saw him whispering in her ear, but this time, my wife was not pulling away. Instead, she was rubbing her cunt up and down his erection.

After a couple of songs, he took her out the side door toward the same parking lot where the benches and the pond were. I followed a discreet distance behind, this time without the baseball bat I had had before.

When I approached, I saw Ramon kissing my wife. Her mouth was wide open and their tongues where exploring. When he broke the kiss and moved to open her blouse, she helped him. It only took the two of them ten seconds to get her blouse off. Her big tits bounced and heaved from her excitement. When Ramon's mouth engulfed one of her already swollen nipples, she moaned.

With his head buried in her tits, she looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back as she pulled his head deeply into the large valley between her mounds. She began to moan. Her moans changed to gasps when his hand thrust under her short skirt and quickly found her naked cunt. I had persuaded her not to wear panties. I saw Ramon's head jerk upward in surprise when he felt the wet, naked cunt beneath his hand.

Again, he leaned over and whispered something in my wife's ear. She nodded her agreement eagerly. Wendy raised her hips and allowed Ramon to unzip her skirt. She held them up letting him pull the skirt off. Her bra quickly followed, and Ramon had my wife naked save for her heels. I was so hot there was no way I could keep from extracting my cock and stroking it as I watched him stripping off his own clothes.

My wife laid back on the bench, raised her arms over her head, and spread her legs. Ramon hooked them over his arms so he could lever them back and open my wife's cunt fully. When her feet were high in the air, he moved deep into her sex saddle and nailed his rigid 7-inch cock into her waiting cunt. I could hear my wife moaning as he began fucking her.

Her feet jerked wildly in the air as did her big tits on her chest. Raman fucked her slowly at first, and then began to pick up speed. Wendy grunted every time the cock slugged into the bottom of her excited cunt. I heard her gasp, "Hurry, Ramon, Fuck me faster... harder. Give it to me... I'm about to cum."

Then from Ramon: "Take it, Wendy. Can I cum inside your cunt?"

"Of course, Lover. That's what a cunt's for, Baby. Shoot it in me. Cum in my hot cunt. Fuck it. Hurry... aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.... shit... I'm cummmingggggggg!!"

My wife wailed in orgasm as the stud in her slammed his meat deep, hammered in his short strokes and pumped her cunt full of hot cum.

As they dressed, I heard Ramon say, "I want to fuck you again. I'm still hard."

"Oh...I like that. Let's go to my house and you can fuck me in my bed. My husband won't be home until after midnight."

"Ok. I'll follow you. Don't lose me in traffic, Honey. I can't wait to screw your hot cunt again."

I was already lying on the back seat when Wendy got in our car. When she pulled out of the parking lot, Ramon's car was right behind us.

"Are you Ok, Honey?" Wendy asked. "I would just die if you felt badly or were jealous."

"The only thing I am is hard as stone. That was unbelievably erotic."

"MMMmmmmm It was, wasn't it. I'm sure Ramon is going to fuck the shit out of me when we get in our bed. You ok with that too?"

"I can't hardly wait. I'll watch from the patio. Just leave the blinds open enough."

"They're already open. Next time we do this, it's your turn."

"My turn? What do you mean?"

"I mean you're going to pick up a hot woman for us both to enjoy or if she's not bi, I'll watch and play with my pussy while you fuck her. How would you like to nail Raye Cantlin?"


Thirty minutes later, I was on our patio watching Ramon getting ready to mount my more-than-ready wife. She had put on stockings at his request. Once he had her on her back, he moved his head between her gaping thighs and ate her pussy. As soon as his tongue flicked over her engorged clitoris, my wife howled and exploded in an intense orgasm.

That was too much for Ramon. His cock surged and he quickly mounted my wife. She reached between her thighs and guided his rampant prick into her throbbing cunt. They both groaned as it sank into her depths. Having already cum once, Ramon fucked my wife for 15 or so minutes before he poured his load into her cunt.

They rested and later Wendy sucked his cock until he was hard and once more he turned her onto her back and drove his newly hardened prick into her vagina. He got her off once and then turned her onto her knees, hoisted her ass high, and nailed his cock into her gaping cunt. Wendy loves doggy and immediately screamed for him to fuck her like a bitch in heat... which she was.

At 12:30 AM, Wendy told him he had to leave because I was due home soon. As soon as he was out the front door, I was in our bed between my wife's thighs. Her cunt was literally awash with semen and her secretions.

"Want me to wash up before you fuck me, Honey?"

"What do you think?"

"I think you want to fuck your slutty wife's cum-filled cunt. Do it to me, Stud. Don't ever stop fucking me!!!"


Story written by RLM.

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