tagLesbian SexTo Serve A Princess Ch. 05

To Serve A Princess Ch. 05


Lord and Lady Gaufrette, escorted by their son, Sir Roger, arrived the next day and the Lady Gaufrette gushed over how beautiful the castle looked, now that it had been dressed for the wedding. Sir Roger made his polite welcomes and immediately went looking for Velvet. He found her in the near field, attaching a new door to the smokehouse.

“Hello, Velvet.” Her skin crawled when she heard the rasp of his voice. “Did you forget me?”

She turned to Roger, mallet still in hand. “Why, hello, Sir Roger.” She gave the requisite bow. “Welcome back. Did you have a good trip?”

“Yeah.” He leered, his hard eyes sweeping her from head to toe. “I thought about you the whole way here.”

“That’s nice, but you should be thinking about your bride.”

Roger closed the space between them so fast that she had scant time to react. His iron-strong fingers gouged the flesh of her wrist and her fingers opened involuntarily, the mallet bouncing harmlessly in the dirt. “I am thinking about her. AND you.” His teeth flashed as he spoke, lips curled back in anger. “You see, I plan on fucking you after I fuck her.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Well, if you don’t, I’ll make sure that she pays.”

Velvet felt the blood drain from her face, her breath caught in her throat. “You wouldn’t dare!” She hissed.

“You don’t think so? Why don’t you ask some of the girls around here? They can tell you what happens when someone refuses my charms.” He wrenched her arm, making her grunt in pain. “You want to stay with your precious princess, you’ll fuck me, wherever, whenever and however I want.”

“Sir Roger!” The warrior released her arm at the sound of Sir Gordie’s sharp voice. Gordie’s eyes flew to hers and she gave a small nod, then returned to bore into Roger’s. “Is there a problem?”

“Naw, Gord. Just a little … “ He sneered at her, adjusting his now-tight crotch. “Misunderstanding.” He turned, heading for the stable. “I’ve got to check on our horses. See you later.”

Gordie waited until he was far enough away before grabbing her arm and wincing at the purpled marks that were already arising. “That piece of shit! If he thinks that he can come into my castle and hurt my friends … ”

“Gordie!” Velvet exclaimed, unable to hide her amusement. “You cussed!”

“I did?”

“Yes, you did!”

As soon as she began to laugh, he reluctantly joined in and with moments, the dark, evil feelings had passed and she returned to her job. Sir Gordie watched as Sir Roger left the stable, heading for the castle and hoped that he could protect his princess and his friend.


There were no more quiet nights after that. Rosebud’s rooms were filled with wedding presents and an endless parade of wedding participants marched through, leaving the wedding gown, stockings, veils and the like in their wake. Rosebud was extremely grateful to Velvet, who doggedly stayed with her as Roger insisted that he be present at any and all fittings that concerned the wedding. After all, he said, it was his wedding, too!

Velvet knew better, especially after she was a little late for a scheduled fitting of stockings and found the princess backed into a corner, his hands quickly moving upward under her dress. He had been purple with anger, but was unable to dislodge Velvet from Rosebud’s side and had grudgingly acknowledged her presence from then on.

The day of the wedding, the castle was bursting at the seams with villagers, merchants and other royal members who had been invited to share in the joy of the king and queen at the marriage of their only child, Princess Rosebud. The only people who didn’t feel joy were sitting in the tiny upper solar, their fingers intertwined as they silently gazed at each other.

Rosebud noticed the pains that Velvet had taken to be beautiful on the day of her marriage. She was wearing a pale yellow skirt dress with a brightly colored shawl that covered her shoulders. Her thick black hair had been curled and lay in luxurious waves around her face. The queen had done her make-up and the effect took Rosebud’s breath away. The only thing that had remained the same was her eyes. Those gorgeous dark brown eyes melted at the sight of her and Rosebud’s heart felt warmed. I can do this. She chanted inwardly. As long as I can always see me in your eyes, I can do this.

Velvet didn’t let Rosebud know that she HATED the dress. She had wanted to wear pants, as she always had, but Queen Rosamund stated that pants were not part of wedding protocol and once she set her mind, it could not be turned. But when she had seen the look in Rosebud’s eyes when she’d come into the solar, she forgot about protocol. Rosebud was wearing her gown and she looked as if she had stepped out of a fairy tale book. That thought was tempered by the reality that she was soon to be another’s bride.

Neither woman spoke. Their souls spoke to each other as their fingers stroked and mouths touched. Rosebud’s heart quaked as she felt Velvet’s tongue search and find hers, lovingly wrapping it in hers. Velvet imagined that there was music and she was squiring her bride around the dance floor. Rosebud moved close, melting into the strong arms of her lover, swallowing back tears that threatened to fall and ruin her make-up.

They moved together to the unheard music of their hearts, pausing only for small kisses and meaningful touches, content that what was precious between them would remain so.

Three knocks rang on the door, followed by two more and Sir Gordie stepped into the room, closely followed by Queen Rosamund and Lady Gaufrette. Velvet maintained her security position beside the door.

“Oh, my dear, you look stunning!” Gaufrette moved around the young woman, casting her eye upon the gown. “I believe that I will be hearing the pitter-patter of little footsteps soon!” She winked and Rosebud looked away, turning to smile at her mother.

“Are you ready?”

The princess smiled. “As ready as I will ever be.”

Lady Gaufrette frowned but pulled a small box out of her pocket. “This is for you.” She added, “From Roger, of course.”

Rosebud accepted the present and opened it, knowing that Lady Gaufrette had purchased it, not Sir Roger. Nestled on a bed of white sheep’s wool lay a bride’s brooch, fashioned of gold and diamonds. Lady Gaufrette pinned it on Rosebud’s breast with a smile of satisfaction from the queen. “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue! This is the new part.”

“Thank you, Lady Gaufrette.” She kissed her cheek respectfully.

“And here’s something old and something borrowed.” The queen motioned to Velvet who was holding a box that she had received from Sir Gordie. Inside was a breathtaking jeweled tiara. Everyone in the room gasped at its beauty. “This is my first tiara, handed down from my grandmother from her mother before her. It belongs to you now.” She watched as her daughter knelt to receive the ornament. “It is very old and it is only borrowed because as queen, you must pass it down to your son or daughter for the next generation.”

Mother and daughter shared a moment of tears before Queen Rosamund straightened, dabbing her eyes. “I think we should get going, your majesty.”

The queen heeded Gordie’s wise words and after kissing her daughter, quickly headed out of the door, followed by Lady Gaufrette and the seneschal. Velvet grabbed her hands, squeezing gently. “Are you really ready?”

Rosebud smiled, her eyes meeting Velvet’s. “You know, no one asked me if I had something blue.” She uncovered her right hand. Velvet saw the ring that she had given her, their wedding ring and remembered that it had sapphires in it. Rosebud lifted it to her mouth and tenderly pressed a kiss to it before replacing her glove.

“I love you, my princess.”

“And I love you.” Rosebud took a deep breath. “Now let’s get this over with.”


The wedding went off without a hitch. Sir Roger swaggered out of the chapel with his new bride on his arm, sneering evilly at Velvet who remained stone-faced as she served her princess. King Simon took Roger aside and had some terse fatherly words with him while the queen convinced herself that her daughter was verbally well-versed in art of male-female intimacy. When both were satisfied, both sets of parents bade their newlywed children goodnight.

Velvet escorted Rosebud to her rooms to dress and prepare for her wedding night while the men toasted Roger in the hall below. Again, no words were spoken. The wedding gown was removed and a nightgown was donned. The make-up was mostly removed and the hair was released, cascading onto her shoulders. Rosebud watched her lady-in-waiting moving as if she were in a trance, attending to the care of her wedding gown and laying out lacy undergarments for the wedding night.

Suddenly, the door burst open and Sir Roger came stumbling in, accompanied with several drunken compatriots. “Time to seal the bargain!” Someone shouted out and the others crowed in agreement.

Sir Roger turned to his new bride who arose at his entrance, then turned his inebriated eyes to Velvet, licking his lips. “Your services are no longer needed this evening.”

Velvet turned to the princess and bowed low, remaining there for several moments out of deference to Rosebud. When she arose, Rosebud’s eyes were brimming with tears. “Strength in our love.”

The princess heard the whisper and returned a nod. Roger finished the last of the ale presented from his friends and after chasing them out, gleefully slammed the door in her face.


It was midnight when Sir Gordie found her in the stable. She found excuses to remain outside, not caring to hear Rosebud’s cries as Roger pierced her veil of womanhood. He stood back and watched as she cleaned each stall, shoveling out the soiled mess and replacing it with fresh hay. The animals enjoyed her presence and seemed to be calm around her, but none understood the tears that coursed down her cheeks. But Gordie did.

“Velvet, what are you doing here?”

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m cleaning the god-damned stable!”

“Come away.”


He grabbed her arms, gently wrenching the shovel out of her hands. “Come away, love. It’s late and you’ll need your rest tomorrow.”

She nodded in defeat. “I can’t sleep, Gordie. I don’t want to hear them.” Velvet paused. “Let me jump in the pond to clean up and I challenge you to get me drunk.”

Gordie smiled. “I’ve never met a challenge that I haven’t won.”


“Why do we have to go there? I own five castles!”

“My father said that it was my choice and my choice is the Sister Estate.”

“I’m your husband and I make the decisions.”

“Not when you’re married to a princess, you don’t!”

Velvet heard the raised voices and winced at the ache in her head. It was bad enough that she’d lost Gordie’s bet and now her head felt like someone had hit her with a mallet without having to add the din of raised voices. She quickly realized that one of them belonged to Princess Rosebud and after hurriedly pulling on some clothes, she stood near the partially opened door.

“Listen, you little whore, don’t think that your precious daddy can protect you once we reach my castle. You don’t ever tell me what to do.” He had Rosebud by the neck of her nightgown, twisting the material so that it was tightening around her neck.

Velvet cleared her throat, giving them time to separate. “Good morning, your majesties.” She swept into the room, ignoring Roger’s withering glare and threw the drapes open, welcoming the bright rays of the sun. “May I help you dress for the journey?”

“You may help by getting the fuck out of here.”

Velvet continued to ignore him, heading for the bed. The pristine sheets were smeared with blood and she had to force herself to do her duty, pushing aside the fact that it represented Rosebud’s deflowering. She yanked the sheet from the bed and hung it outside the window, declaring to the world that the princess had been a virgin and that she was one no longer. Roger looked arrogant and Rosebud appeared embarrassed.

“Would you like me to choose a dress for you, princess?”

Rosebud turned to her lover and Velvet was struck by the anguish in her eyes. She wondered if he had beat her as he took out his long pent-up passions on her but she still looked like she was trying to hold her head up, not allowing his boorish behavior to get to her. The problem, Velvet knew, would be once they left King Simon’s protection. It was Roger’s right as husband to command his wife and a choice he could make would be to beat her. Roger had already proved that he had a propensity for that so there was no doubt. Velvet hoped she could protect Rosebud.

“Yes. I will go and wash up now.”

Roger grabbed her by the neck and pushed her against the tallboy. “You owe me a fuck.” He growled, his forearm pressing against her neck. She felt him reach around and jerk her pants down, then fumble with his own. A sharp pain ripped through her loins as he sank his penis into her unprepared asshole. Her scream of pain was choked off in her throat and she grabbed the furniture, fighting to hold on while he viciously raped her.

Thankfully, he didn’t last long. With a series of grunts, he flooded her anal cavity with his seed and quickly pulled out, tending to his clothing. Velvet bit back tears as she yanked her pants up and went through the motions of choosing Rosebud’s traveling dress, her asshole pulsing in pain.

“That was great, Velvet.” He smirked. “Next time, I’m going to pound that pussy.”

Velvet closed her eyes and fought a wave of nausea down, then pulling the mask back in place, chose clothing for her princess.


When they reached the Sister Estate, Sir Roger immediately took control, ordering guards around and disgusting Rosebud’s attendants by dragging her into the kitchen for a quick fuck. The princess was too ashamed to look anyone in the eye and retreated to her room, choosing to spend the hours in forced solitude. Velvet attended Rosebud and learned that there was a secret door in the princess’s chamber, allowing her to evade Roger.

Sir Gordie kept her busy and out of sight as much as possible, leaving the security of the estate in her hands before he had to return to the Main Estate. However, neither of them knew that Sir Roger was extremely angry at not being able to find her and had decided to drink himself into a stupor. When the sun set and the guards went to their appointed positions, he launched himself on a mission to find her. And find her, he did.


The combination of the door slamming open and his growl caused her to scream. In the midst of bathing, she snatched a towel up to cover her bare breasts and turned to face him.

“I knew if I waited long enough, you’d come back here.” He staggered over to her bed, fumbling with his pants and freeing his semi-hard penis. “You owe me another fuck. In fact, you owe me two. Get over here and suck my dick.”



“I said, no.”

“Fucking bitch! I’ll show you!” He scrambled across the bed and grabbed her hair. Velvet screamed again. “I own you!”

“Roger! Stop!

Sir Roger whirled, smiling drunkenly at his bride. “Come to join the party, my dear? Oh, no. You don’t want to join the party, do you? You just don’t want me here at all!” He laughed at the look of horror on Rosebud’s face. “What’s wrong? Didn’t think I’d find out about your trysts?”

“Roger, leave Velvet alone! She’s just protecting me!”

“I suppose she’s just protecting you when she’s sucking on your pussy.” He laughed at the expression on their faces. “Well, I’ll keep your secret. Only if Velvet lets me pound her pussy.”

“No, Roger. I’m your wife. You can’t touch her.”

“I can and I will!”

For Velvet, the world went black.

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