tagMind ControlTodd Thomas' Ghostly Misadventures Ch. 03

Todd Thomas' Ghostly Misadventures Ch. 03


My name is Todd Thomas, and I see dead people. And no, none of them look like Patrick Swayze, and absolutely none of them have ever helped me make pottery. Although there was that one that kinda looked like Whoopi Goldberg....

Um, anyway, yeah, ghosts. Pale, floaty, the whole nine yards. And, of course, ghost dick, and an insatiable libido. Confused? Go read some of the earlier chapters. I hear the guy that wrote them is super cool.

This next bit of story happens only a week or two after the second chapter. My black eye had long healed, and people had stopped making Fight Club references around me.

"Oh I know that movie" you say to yourself, "I can really connect with this guy!"

Ha, thanks reader! That makes me feel all tingly inside. You know, like chicken soup in the winter, or bronchitis.

So yeah, I suck at introductions. Let's just jump right in.


I was at the water cooler, shmoozing with one of my coworkers when "it" happened. We were just going over the finer points on whether Batman could totally kill Superman, when an angry voice filled the office.

"WHERE THE HELL IS TODD?" Emma raged, stomping through the cubicle aisles like a T. Rex in a butcher shop. She looked around madly, a large vein on her forehead standing out prominently. Her eyes locked on to me, standing by the water cooler alone, since my coworker had apparently been taking ninja classes on the side, and was probably hanging from the ceiling or something.

Emma stalked over to me, zeroing in with all the ruthless action of a predator looking for food. I felt my heart beating madly, trying to jump out of my chest, as she backed me up against the wall, her glare so hot I could feel steam rising around my head.

"Uh, hi Emma?" I tried, deciding to get the first words in. "You look lovely today. Did you do something with your hair?" It took all my willpower to stop my voice from cracking.

"Where the hell is that financial report, Todd?" She spat out viciously. "You were supposed to have it in my office yesterday!"

Shit. I had completely forgotten about that damn report. Ghostbusters was on and I had fallen asleep afterwards. I ran my hand through my hair, and tried to think up an excuse on the spot. "Well, you see..." I started, my eyes darting around, looking everywhere, anywhere, besides her face.

"No, YOU see!" Emma fumed, "If I don't get that report in by tomorrow, you can just pack your stuff and get out!" She stomped off to her office, ultimatum delivered. The entire office let out a collective breath.

"Wow, tough break Todd," my coworker said, appearing by my side. I didn't look, but I assumed he was busy putting away his smoke bombs and a grappling hook. "She's been acting real bitch for the past week, huh?" He gave me a cheeky grin, and ambled off to his cubicle.

I flipped him the finger behind his back, but his last comment stuck with me. Emma had been acting more stressed out than usual, pushing us to work harder and whatnot. She had gone from cool and efficient, to tense and critical. I decided to pay Emma a visit.


"What is it, Mr. Thomas?" Emma said, looking up from the sheets of papers spread all over her desk. Her previous rancor had dissipated, leaved her looking tired and weary. Her hair, which was usually carefully arranged, was disheveled and hung limply. Though she had used makeup, I could see dark rings around her eyes. Whatever was making Emma worked up was really taking its toll her.

"I'm just here to give you that report you asked for," I said, holding my hands up in a pacifying gesture, one hand clutching a manila folder. "Sorry it took so long to put together". I put the file on her desk, and look at her with concern.

"Are you okay?" I inquired, genuinely worried about her. Emma may have been strict sometimes, but she was still a damn good boss. Plus, all that sex I got from her really improved my job satisfaction.

She let out a sigh, and her shoulders slumped. She looked like she was weighing her options in her mind. She looked at me, and then she told me.

And then I got mad.


I stormed my way down the hall, heading for the elevators. Blood pumping in my ears, mouth a hard line, I must have look more pissed than I realized, because people who saw me coming gave me lots of space. It may have had something to do with those red spots floating around the corners of my vision. I mashed the call button for the elevator, ignoring the stares of those around me. When the elevator came, I rode alone, all the way to the top.

I thought back to what Emma had told me. Apparently, Emma's boss "Ms. Weathers" was pushing for a promotion. By "pushing", I mean threatening to fire Emma if she didn't increase sales by 10% every quarter. She was running Emma ragged just to get a raise. Just thinking about it made my blood boil.

The elevator arrived on the top floor, after what felt like an eternity. I stalked down the corridor until I found a door with a plaque that said "Carol Weathers, Finance Director". I took a deep breath to steady myself, then went in.

The door opened to a reception area, with chairs and a secretary behind a desk. The secretary behind the desk was a young looking guy, who couldn't have been past his late twenties. His head was propped up by his head, over his desk. To the rest of the world, it would have looked like he was particularly engrossed in today's crossword puzzle. No one else would have seen the ghost pumping in and out of his head.

The ghost didn't look particularly strong. It was visibly male, but with lean arms and squinted eyes that looked like he had worn glasses when he was alive. Nevertheless, it was gripping the secretary's head as hard as it could, its face pinched in concentration, thrusting his dick into the guy's brain.

The secretary's out of focus eyes and blank expression were all the encouragement I need. As long as I didn't make too much noise, or touch the guy, he wouldn't snap out of it until the ghost was done. I walked slowly across the carpeted floor, making sure not to bump into anything.

I headed for the door in the back of the room. Under the frosted glass window, was another brass plaque, proudly announcing Ms. Weather's office. After a quick glance over my shoulder, to make sure the secretary was still occupied, I opened the door, and slipped inside.

The first thing I noticed about the room was how large it was. I had thought Emma's office was big, with a window and large oak desk, but this one made it look like a broom closet. The whole place was done in futuristic aesthetic, all pure whites and glass, very ultra-modern. Behind the clear glass desk was Carol Weathers.

She had golden blonde hair, pulled back in a businesslike bun. Her suit jacket and skirt were a dark navy blue, and her crisp white blouse was unbuttoned enough to show an impressive amount of cleavage. Her eyes, a piercing grey, were focused on a document on her desk. She hadn't even bothered looking up when I had come in.

"Well?" she said, scribbling something on a piece of paper, eyes glued to her desk. "What do you want?" I decided not to play her game. I crossed my arms and waited. If she didn't have the courtesy to look at me, I didn't feel the need to feed her ego.

She continued writing for about a minute, before she put down her pen with an irritated huff. "I said, what do you wan-?" she trailed off, finally looking up. Her brow twisted in confusion, as she tried to remember if she knew me. "Who the hell are you, and how did you get past George?"

When I didn't say anything, opting instead to start towards her, she started to worry. She reached for the phone on her desk, presumably to call security. Before her hand could touch the receiver, I whipped out the glass jar I had hidden in my back pocket, and unscrewed the lid.

Gorgeous swirled out of the jar like a great perverted genie. He stretched a powerfully muscled arm, and grabbed Carol's head. With a soundless grunt, he thrust his already erect cock inside her head.

Immediately, her body went limp. Her arm flopped bonelessly onto the desk, just a few inches from the phone. All expression drained out of her face, and her mouth hung open.

I quickly locked the door to the office, and made my way over to her. She was sitting in a sleek and contoured swivel chair. I grabbed on to the back of the chair, and pulled her away from the desk, giving me unobstructed access to her body. My breathing grew shallower as I pulled open her suit jacket, accidentally popping off a few buttons in the process. Her blouse soon followed. Now her breast were exposed, restrained only by her bra, a lacy delicate thing, which was a surprising shade of red.

I pulled down the cups of the bra, but kept it on. Her breasts spilled out, still supported on the bottom by the bra. They were rounded, a creamy shade of white, and nearly as large as Emma's. I gave a nipple an experimental twist. Carol inhaled quickly, and I could smell that she was getting aroused. I leaned down and gently bit one, while fondling the other. In my mouth I could feel her nipples responding to my touch, hardening in between my teeth.

I reached a hand down between her legs, and stuck a finger into her pussy. I could feel the muscles inside her clench around my finger, even though her face didn't show any reaction. She was definitely wet, but not as wet as I would have liked. That was fine by me. I had a few ideas on how to get the proper lubrication.

I quickly unbuckled and pulled off my pants, stroking my growing erection. I put one hand on her shoulder, and pushed her farther down into the seat, until her head was level with my waist. Gorgeous ignored me, and continued thrusting into her head, despite the fact that his incorporeal body was halfway through the back of the chair.

I brought my dick up to her mouth, and rubbed it around her lips. I watched in pleasure as her lipstick rubbed off onto my dick, staining it in random spots. When I was fully erect, I grabbed a handful of her hair, and thrust my dick into her mouth.

Her mouth was hot and wet, even hanging loose. Her breath was like fire, scorching the tip of my dick. I groaned as I forced myself in deeper, sliding over her tongue. I felt her throat clench involuntarily at my intrusion, increasing the pressure on my cock. I pulled out slowly, savoring the feel on my shaft. Once half of my dick was out, I thrust back in, guiding her head with a fistful of her hair.

The room filled with sloppy, wet sounds, as I fucked her face. I felt myself getting close, so I pulled out, panting heavily. My dick was covered in saliva, with a thin strand suspended between her mouth and my tip.

I grabbed her by her arms, and pulled her up onto the desk, lying on her stomach. Papers fluttered to the floor, followed by pens, clattering on the tiled floor of her office. I pushed her skirt up past her hips, and admired the view.

Her breasts were pressed against the table, flattened into a round shape. Her arms lay in front of her, partially hanging off the edge of the table. Her ass was pointing in the air, in all its fleshy glory. Nestled between her cheeks were matching red panties. I pulled them to one side, and pushed my dick up to her pussy, which was engorged and dripping.

I rubbed my dick in between her nether lips, pushing in a little at a time. One I had teased her enough, I grabbed hold of her hips, and thrust myself in. Lubricated as I was I was met with no resistance, save her walls tightening at my intrusion.

I slammed my dick into her, opting to find a slow and hard rhythm. The room once again filled with the sound of flesh slapping on flesh. I pumped in and out of her angrily, thinking about how upset Emma had been. I really wanted to make this greedy bitch pay.

I pulled out of her as suddenly as I had started. My cock was now slick with two of her juices, and was quivering at attention. I had an idea on how to make her pay. Something I'd been thinking about for a while.

I grinned as I grabbed her by the shoulders, and flipped her over on the desk, so her back was now on the glass, and her ass was hanging off the edge. I held her legs, and lifted them up to my shoulders. I spared a glance at Gorgeous. He was still going strong, entirely unconcerned with my erratic movements.

I grabbed my dick with one hand, and lined it up with her anus. With my other hand, I sent in an exploratory finger, testing how tight she was. Her anus clamped down hard on my finger, preventing further progress. I pulled out of her, and spit on my index and middle fingers, and tried again, pushing slowly but steadily. Within a few minutes, I had loosened her up acceptably.

With bated breath, I put the tip of my twice-lubricated cock up to her ass. Grabbing her hips once again, I slowly pushed myself in.

Oh. Wow.

She clamped down so hard on my dick that I thought I was going to lose circulation. I gritted my teeth, and pushed harder, forcing myself deeper. Finally, she began to loosen up, and give way for my dick. It took a bit of effort, but I worked up a rhythm, pumping in and out of her ass as she rocked back and forth on the table, knocking over more papers.

Finally, I could feel myself about to climax. I grabbed onto her tits, and increased my thrusting, grunting with each movement. I slammed into her, and exploded. I felt rope after rope of semen shoot into her ass. I didn't stop thrusting until I was completely finished, pulling out of her with a sigh.

I collapsed onto her swivel chair, my body weak and sweaty. I pulled myself up, with an effort and collected my clothes. In a few minutes, both of us were clothed again. We were both covered in sweat, and the smell of sex hung heavily on the air, but other than that, no outward signs of my escapade existed. Gorgeous looked like he still had a few minutes left, so I passed the time by playing with her boobs.

"Not so mean now, you greedy bitch?" I said, mauling her breasts. "Stop taking advantage of people, huh?" I might have continued the one-sided conversation, but at that moment, Gorgeous came, spewing ectoplasmic semen into her brain, so I grabbed the glass jar, and scooped him inside as soon as he was done. I slipped out while Carol was still in a daze from the ghost semen.

The secretary was still zonked out when I left, although he had shifted in his seat. Now it looked like he was sleeping at his desk, instead of reading the paper. Either way, he didn't notice me sneak out and quietly close the door behind me.


The End! They lived happily ever after...oh wait, no, that's a different story. This one ends with a bit differently. Emma came into work the next day a much happier woman, as her boss had lightened the work load she was responsible for. There was much rejoicing throughout the office. I'm not kidding. We actually threw a party. There was cake.

I hope you guys enjoyed this one! As always, feedback is much appreciated. Yes, I'm talking to YOU.

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