tagNonHumanTogether Forever, My Darling

Together Forever, My Darling


Alexandra woke with a start, a moan escaped her mouth. She had had the dream again. The same dream she'd had since she was 19. Dark red, blood red colors filled her slumber. Always she woke the same way, gasping and moaning. She moaned again at the familiar throb between her white thighs. Sliding a hand down to her pussy she explored herself, she was wet, very wet. Pondering she sat up, trying again to remember details of her dream. All she could remember was a shadowy figure, tall and male. But sometimes there was a beast, one that growled as it ravished her and howled as he filled her with his seed. Both beings had the same clear, piercing blue eyes. She moaned again with longing and clutched at a breast.

She slipped from the bed and stood shakily. Her legs weakened slightly by her dream lovers attentions. It always felt so real, his mouth, hands, body on her and his cock, hard and thrusting. She sighed deeply and walked toward the door and caught sight of herself in her full length mirror. Naked. She always slept this way. Her body was lovely. Creamy white skin from head to toe, long dark brown hair, dark eyes that seemed to glow right now. Her breasts were full and presently tipped with hard rose colored nipples. Teasing one as she watched herself she briefly remembered her dream lover sucking them. Feeling her pussy moisten once more she slid her hand down and stroked her smooth shaven lips. Feeling the wetness seep through her labia, she moaned again and touched her clitoris. Sighing with frustration she stopped and walked from the room to the kitchen for a glass of water. It wasn't real she told herself. As she had told herself many times before over years. She must just have a very active imagination. And true, she did have a fascination for vampires and werewolves so that was probably the cause of the darkly erotic dreams.

To the creature who watched and followed closely behind her as she walked, she was the vision of utter loveliness. Raoul had never revealed himself to her when she was awake. He feared her rejection if she knew he was real. A creature of the night. An ancient Nosferatu. Over 500 years old but looked to be a man of 31 when he revealed his human form to his victims and others of his kind. Tall and muscular, dark blond hair that shimmered with a preternatural sheen. His eyes were like blue diamonds and he knew that his victims were often entranced by them before he took them. Allowing them some measure of peace before he drank their life from them. As a wolf he was just as handsome, his luminous gold fur and blue eyes flashing. His strong jaws filled with white, sharp teeth.

He watched her, Alexandra, and breathed a deep sigh. He had been watching her, visiting her since she was 19 and he knew now she was 27. He was deeply in love with her. With her it seemed he had found a kindred soul, in her dreams with him she opened to him in every way and he felt himself drawn to her unlike he had ever been with any human. He truly believed she was the one companion he had searched for in his human life, and then unhuman life. Five hundred plus years of loneliness until her.

He watched her drink the water like someone who had been without water for quite sometime. He smiled softly knowing she was slightly dehydrated from their lovemaking. But his eyes grew hungry as he watched her drink, a single drop of water escaped her lips and slid down her throat and between her full breasts. He moaned audibly and held his breath suddenly at the realisation that she had heard him.

Alexandra stopped drinking, put the glass down on the bench in front of her and looked around with eyes filled with fear and something else, perhaps hope.

"Is someone there?" She said in a clear voice, feeling slightly stupid for speaking to an obviously empty room.

He stared at her with something close to fear. Knowing that this could be the moment that she rejects him forever. He would never force her to be his companion for eternity. He desired her to come him because she wanted to, because she loved him as he loved her.

"I am here Alexandra" He said, his voice sounding calmer than he felt.

Her breath caught in her throat, her heart raced and her pussy throbbed just once.

"Who are you? Where are you?" She asked while turning and looking all around her.

He came and stood right behind her. Being so close to her was driving all his senses mad, he wanted, needed her in everyway. He decided to reveal himself fully.

"I am right behind you" He breathed.

She turned slowly and the moonlight coming through the window behind him fell across her nakedness. She looked pale and luminous as the moon itself. Her breasts heaved at the sight of him, her eyes filling with confusion and something that looked like relief.

"Raoul!" She whispered, her eyes going over every inch of him. He was all but naked, except for the long, black satin pants he wore. He looked devastatingly sexy. His eyes kept drawing her to them. She moaned, he was so manly and animalistic. Her mind flashed with delicious memories.

"My love" He whispered in reply, watching her with eyes that were glittering with the desire he felt.

"But..b..but you're a dream " She stammered and realised as she was saying that she was wishing with all her heart that he was not a dream but real, in every sense.

"It was the only way I felt I could come to you, without scaring you....I have watched you and loved you for so long" He trembled as he spoke. The violence of his desire and depth of his love making him quake.

Her eyes suddenly gleamed with tears. "You love me?" She couldn't believe her ears. She had thought herself in love too for so long but had ridiculed herself for being in love with someone that surely didn't exist. And yet here he was in her kitchen, telling her he loved her.

They stared at each other for a long moment. Both breathing audibly now as they remembered the passion they'd shared so many times. Her nipples hardened under his gaze and the sight of them made his cock ache with longing.

"My darling I have waited over 500 years to find a companion such as you. You know what I am and never been afraid of me, even now you are not afraid. You know me as no one ever has. And I believe I know you more deeply than anyone has, am I right?" His eyes searched hers.

"Yes" She said softly. She still couldn't quite believe he was here, standing before her. "I tried to convince myself you were just a dream, I've needed you so much but not allowed myself to hope" Tears stained her cheeks.

"My love, do not cry. I am here for you now, as I will be for eternity". He watched her eyes as the meaning of what he was saying came to her. She stared at him.

"Alexandra will you be my companion, for eternity? Leave this life and begin a new one with me? I will love and take care of you forever. I will show you things you've never seen before." His heart pounded as he spoke, he wasn't certain she would say yes. His whole being hoped.

"With you for eternity.." She let her voice trail off. She knew what he was asking. To give up her life, her human life. To be with him as if she were his wife. She knew instantly that she wanted it, all of it. She loved him.

"Yes, Raoul..yes I will be yours forever!" She cried. She moved toward him and he grabbed her into his powerful arms. Crushing her soft body to his hard one and kissed her till they were both breathless. The satin of his pants giving them both teasing pleasure as they moved againts each other. He broke the kiss and gazed at her before picking her up in his strong arms, carrying her back to her room, to her bed. He lay her down and just watched her for a moment, taking in the sight of her glorious nakedness. Knowing she would be this way for eternity after tonight. Her breasts heaving as she breathed with her arousal. He breathed in and smelled the scent of her arousal and he growled quietly. His hands went to the waist of his pants and pushed them down his hips, never taking his eyes from her. He saw the desire in her eyes increase as she saw all of him. His lean powerful body. Muscular chest and arms, narrow hips, strong thighs and legs. She moaned as she looked at his cock. So hard and glistening in the moon lit room. Precum already beading at the tip. She wanted badly to lick it off.

She sat up and beckoned him to her, when he got close she leaned and licked the small drop of precum and moaned when it slid down her tongue. She heard him moan and she took him between her full soft lips, sucking softly while she looked up and saw him look back at her, wild desire alive in his eyes.

He let her love him this way till he could no longer stand it, he wanted all of her. He pulled her gently to her feet and kissed her hard. They both moaned as they shared his taste. Falling back onto the bed they kissed for some moments, revelling in the reality of their love.

He caressed her body all over, making her moan and cry out in sheer delight at the sensations he caused her. His large hands found her full breasts and cupped them. He bowed his head and lovingly licked her nipples, grazing them with his teeth to make them harder and causing her moans to become little screams. She moved sensuously beneath his pleasurable torture, begging for more without uttering a word.

He moved lower, raining soft kisses over her belly and tickling his tongue into her belly button. She giggled in spite of her great need but moaned deeply as his hand slid down and squeezed her mound gently. He gasped as he discovered how wet she was already. He lifted his hand and smelled her juices before licking them into his mouth. He growled and thrust his face between her thighs, she parted them eagerly as his tongue slid into her like a snake, licking and tasting. She gasped and moaned repeatedly as his tongue came out and did delicious things to her clit. Long licks, up, up and up. Sensations so intense she couldn't think and all of a sudden she was blinded as her orgasm exploded. She felt him lick her and tongue fuck her as she came, she cried his name as she spasmed and trembled under his masterful mouth.

As she began to calm he moved back up her body and kissed her again "You are so beautiful my darling" He breathed. "Do you want me Alexandra?" He asked in a voice full of arousal.

She knew what he was asking. He meant everything. And she wanted it. To be his for eternity.

"Yes my love, I want you, I need you" Her eyes once again filled with tears, but also shon with deep love. He growled and kissed her hard, sucking her lips while positioning his hard cock at her pussy. He rubbed it teasingly through her slit and against her clit and smiled as she trembled and moaned in response. Suddenly in one movement he thrust into her, growling loudly at the feeling of her tightness all around him. She cried his name and he felt her body tremble and knew she was climaxing again. He moaned as she spasmed around him and began to thrust into her, slowly and steadily. Looking into her dark eyes as he did. She lifted her hips to meet his thrusts and pulled him down to kiss him deeply as he began to fuck her faster. She moaned into his mouth as his hard cock began to pound her, she cried out. He watched her as he fucked her passionately.

"This is it my darling" He whispered hoarsely "I will make you mine forever, we shall never be apart. I love you Alexandra" He fucked her harder and harder, feeling his climax building. He heard her scream her love for him as she came again and he sunk his sharp teeth into her neck, taking her warmth into him as his climax gripped him. His seed filling her pussy with heat as he sucked liquid heat from her.

After a moment he slowed his movements, holding her gently in his arms as as she trembled and watched him with trusting eyes. He brought his forefinger to his neck and slowly cut the artery. Her eyes showed her understanding. He lifted her and whispered "Drink, my Alexandra". He felt her mouth open and fasten to his neck. He held her tightly and with love as she sucked her life back into herself. After a few moments he gently lifted her away and lay her back down. She looked at him with smiling eyes.

"Together forever, my darling" She whispered.

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