tagLoving WivesTom and Tammy Explore

Tom and Tammy Explore


Tom knew just how fortunate he was to be have one of the most beautiful woman in town as his wife. He was thinking this as he lay there slowly working his cock in and out of her tight, wet pussy.

Tammy's shapely left leg was over Tom's stomach and her right leg was sandwiched between his legs. She was on her back while he was lying on his side. Together they formed a "T". This way he could watch her lovely face and play with her pert 32-inch tits. And they could both play with her clit.

They had been fucking now for over 25 minutes and Tom could easily last a good 45 minutes or more, allowing Tammy to get off several times. That is he could that long as he did not think about, or as long as they did not talk about "it".

"It" was the one thing that would make him cum quicker than anything else. "It" was something that made them both hotter than hell. "It" was something they both wanted to happen but yet, were afraid to let happen.

Slowly as Tom pumped his thick 7-1/2 inches in and out of his wife's pussy, Tammy moved her manicured fingers of her right hand over her engorged clit. Tom moved his hand from her right tit and moved it to her smooth left leg. Up and down his hand moved, matching the speed of his cock. He smiled as he watched his wife's face as they both worked towards her 1st climax of this love making session.

Just as Tom asked her if her cunt was feeling good, Tammy's hand begun to pick up speed while narrowing it's focus to just one very small area of her vagina's outer lips. The area was just to the side of her clit, it's most sensitive spot. Tom knew from experience that she was getting very, very close to her orgasm. Her knew her hand would be stopping in one spot and shake, no shutter would be a better description, as her orgasm over took her body.

As his wife reached her peak Tom would slow the pumping action of his cock to a crawl until her ass settled back down onto the bed. Then he would resume the same fucking action he was at prior to her cumming. Soon Tammy would be fingering herself again as Tom went back to playing with her tit. Tammy said that his hand on her tit along with his cock in her pussy and her hand fingering her clit "connected the dots". Providing her with a feeling she could not describe but loved.

As Tammy was again playing with herself again she would run her fingers over the side of Tom's cock as he slid in and out of her. They both liked the feeling. She loved feeling the firmness of his cock and he like the light teasing touch she applied to him. After a few strokes she would go back to her clit.

Also every now and then she would take his cock out of her and run it along the outside of her pussy lips, spreading her moisture up and down the length of her hot hungry cunt. Again they both enjoyed this as his firmness ran up and down the full length of her pussy. But the best feeling was when she placed his cock head at the opening of her cunt and he slowly pushed his way back into her. God, she loved the way he would open her pussy lips and fill her body.

Another 10 minutes had gone by with them doing the things they both enjoyed when Tammy, laying with her eyes closed, said "Oh, I can feel him now".

Here "it" is he thought. She was starting their fantasy. He felt a surge in his cock as she spoke.

"Don't you think he would feel good in me right now" his wife stated.

"Wouldn't his cock look good going in and out me"? she asked as her fingers began moving faster on her clit.

"Tell me Tom, tell me".

Tom was using all his strength not to cum as he answered his lovely wife. "Yes babe, his cock fucking you right now would look wonderful. I would love to see you being fucked by him, I would love to see you fucking him".

They could envision her wife being filled with the cock of another man, a man who did not have a face or a name. A man they both wanted her to fuck.

"I would love to be fucking him right now for you, I would love to be fucking him right now for me" she said.

"I know you would honey, and one day you will" he replied.

"The sooner the better would be very nice".

And when she said those words, he came. He came hard. He drove his cock deep into her and unloaded 3 good shots of cum into her pussy.

"Oh yes, fill me with cum. I want to be filled with his cum. I want you to see him pump his cum into me. Oh fuck me, fuck me".

Tom came again. She and this fantasy had this effect on him. Just the thought of his wife taking another man's cock as he watched was more than he could handle. Combine the thought and her words while his cock was buried deep inside her cunt and he could cum 2 and some times 3 times within minutes.

Tammy also came again, and then again. The fantasy was also too much for her to handle without having several orgasms.

Tom was 27 years old and he worked at the local lumberyard as the assistant warehouse manager. His job consisted of 10% paperwork and 90% supervising the loading and unloading of both trucks and railroad cars. The job kept him in pretty good shape, Tom stood 5 foot 10 inches tall and weight 178 lbs. Both he and Tammy were natural blondes. He was clean-shaven, his face that is, and he kept himself neatly trimmed below. Tom was not lacking in the male equipment department. He packed a very long lasting 7-1/2 inch long and 6-1/2 inches around cock that Tammy adored.

Tammy, who spent her days filing paperwork for the local Allstate Insurance office, was a 25-year-old 5 foot 7 woman with a very, very nice body. She measured 32, 24, 35 weighing 128 lbs. As mentioned before, she was a natural blonde with shoulder length hair. Tammy did not shave her privates but instead like Tom, she kept herself neatly trimmed. But unlike many women she liked her smaller boobs and Tom simply adored them. In her opinion her legs were her best feature. Tom said it was toss up between them and the rest of her body.

Neither were virgins when they began dating 5 and half years ago. Tom was on the high school football team and had his share of cheerleaders and one teacher. His couple of years at Junior College brought a few more females to his bed.

Tammy, while not quite experienced as Tom, had her share of both boys and men. She lost her virginity at the tender age of 15 to a member of the same football team Tom was on. While she had experienced sex, her sex education really did not start until she and Tom became an item.

Tom and Tammy had been married for just over 4 years now. They had explored many sexual things during these years plus the time they dated prior to their marriage. Different positions, different locations, oral, masturbation, toys, watching porn, light bondage, role-playing. They even talked about swinging. But when their conversations turned to threesomes they knew they started to find what turned them on the most.

At first they talked about what three people could do with each other. They talked about including both men and women. But it was the talk about another man joining them for sex which excited them both. Tammy loved the idea of having 2 mouths and 4 hands exploring her body. And of course, having 2 hard cocks to take care of her would be icing on the cake.

The talk of her being taken by 2 men soon turned to her being with one man while Tom watched. Tammy would become so turned on by the thought she would become exceedingly wet whenever they talked about it.

Tom, who had excellent control, would lose all ability to maintain any type of control over his orgasms when the conversation turned to Tammy fucking and being fucked by another man's cock.

But it was just talk. Neither one of them had the courage to make it more than that. And neither one of them had any trouble with their fantasy remaining just that, talk.

And with that, they cuddled and talked once they calmed down after their orgasms.

"You would really like to see me with another man, wouldn't you Tom", Tammy asked as she lay in his arms.

Tom, moving to smell her hair said, "You know I would babe. I would love to watch your face as his cock went in you".

"I think I would be so wet that he would be able to go into me without stopping".

"I don't think you would allow him to back off. You would want him to fill your cunt and keep it full of his hard cock", Tom replied.

"Oh I love you honey. I sometimes wish we had the courage to try it", Tammy said as she snuggled deeper into his arms.

"One day we may get the chance", Tom said.

"How will we know?" Tammy wondered.

"We will know, we will know" Tom answered.

With in minutes they were both asleep.

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by Anonymous04/13/18

OK as a fantasy

This is an OK fantasy, but when it becomes the only fantasy, it is going to be trouble.
Oh well, you're in good hands with Allstate.

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