tagGroup SexTom, Rachel and I

Tom, Rachel and I


Tom was the bartender at the bar that I worked at briefly, while going to school. He was not really my type but I guess the "bad boy" image that he presented, for me, being so cautious all the time, was appealing. Short blonde hair, tattoos and tall with a muscular build. I was almost the opposite having long black hair and a well tanned, petite, athletic build.

I was dating someone else at the time but found myself flirting with Tom when our shifts overlapped. He responded to my flirting by asking me if he could drive me home one night after our shift ended. I told him that my boyfriend usually picked me up but that I would tell him that I was riding home with a girlfriend.

I felt guilty about lying to my boyfriend but I didn't let that diminish the excitement I was feeling.

I waited for him at his van while he locked up. When Tom came out to the lot, I was surprised to see that he wasn't alone. On his arm was the other bartender, Rachel. Tom saw the surprised look on my face and told me to relax; he always took Rachel home.

I sat in the back while they had the front bucket seats. There wasn't a seat, just a sleeping bag rolled up on the carpet which is where I sat. They were laughing and having a good time; I was feeling left out.

Tom pulled off the road and parked in a small field. It was obvious that I was getting nervous and Tom informed me that every night he and Rachel stopped here to smoke a joint on the way home. He lit up and passed it around. I wanted to fit in so I took a hit. The hot smoke burned my lungs but I held it and after a short time I was feeling the effects.

Tom turned up the music and he and Rachel came into the back where I was sitting; to finish smoking. Tom sat next to me, leaned over, and kissed me. I was startled, but in my present condition, I didn't resist. As he kissed me he ran his hands under my tank top and released my bra and my breasts. I still didn't resist. He took my breast in his mouth, flicked my nipple with his tongue, then sucked and licked on the outer area. I felt myself melting away under his spell.

I looked over to see Rachel, hand in her shorts, pushing her fingers deep into her pussy. She moaned loudly while she pinched her nipples with her other hand and watched Tom and I.

Tom laid me on my back and pulled my shorts off, leaving my soaking wet panties exposed for both of them to see. I should have been embarrassed but I didn't care anymore. Tom's two fingers found their way to my mound and pushed my panties deep into my pussy. He used the cloth of my panties and his fingers like a cock to fuck me until I shook violently and cum gushed from my pussy. Tom then; removed my panties.

Rachel had removed all of her clothes and Tom soon followed. He wrapped the crotch of my panties around his cock and stroked it until it glistened with my warm cum. He gave the panties to Rachel, who sucked on the remaining juices, inviting Tom to fuck her. Tom mounted Rachel and pushed his enormous cock into her pussy. I moved closer to them to avoid missing any of this surreal scene and Rachel grabbed my head and pulled it to her breasts. I'd never touched a women like this before but knew from my own experience what she wanted. As I sucked I watched Tom's cock enter her rapidly, wishing that he was pushing that large cock, instead, into my aching pussy. I reached between them and found Rachel's hard clit and rolled it between my fingers and she arched her back to put more pressure on her clit and to take in more of his glorious cock. A few more thrusts and Tom, with a moan, shot his first stream of cum inside her wanting pussy, he pulled out and spewed cum all over her stomach and breasts.

Tom fell to the side, spent for the moment, but Rachel wasn't done. I was sucking her breasts when Tom came on them and eagerly licked the cum clean from them. The taste of Tom's cum coupled with the aroma of Rachel's pussy drove me mad. I repositioned myself with my mouth on Rachel's pussy and her's on mine. We sucked and tongue fucked each other into a frenzy. By now Tom was up again and had positioned himself behind me, guiding his gigantic cock slowly into my pussy. I almost fainted when the head of his cock brushed over my G-spot while Rachel's teeth nibbled my clit. Tom was fucking me hard when I felt his cock begin to jerk inside my pussy; I knew he was going to cum. He pulled out, grabbed his cock and came all over my ass. With his hot cum running down the crack of my butt and Rachel biting on my clit, I came: hard. Warm liquid ran from my pussy soaking Rachel's face. She swallowed all that she could and then had her own shattering orgasm.

We never repeated the events of that night and soon after, went our separate ways. I broke up with my boyfriend and went on to other adventures...

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