tagMatureTommy's Neighbourhood Ch. 03

Tommy's Neighbourhood Ch. 03


I have to apologise for how long this has taken. Unfortunately I simply don't get much time to write. To top it off, I've had several stories on the go, since developing another fetish on top of my love for tits. To top it off, Tommy's Neighbourhood hit a bit of a wall for me.

I originally had a strong plan for where I wanted things to lead, but as I wrote, it no longer seemed right. So this chapter is kind of a re-write, and a lot of elements are still present that lead towards the original plot. It's probably not hard to work out what I originally planned.

Hopefully one day I'll get a chance to turn my original ideas into a different series, but more importantly, I hope that Tommy is still well received.

Still no luck with an editor, but that's probably my fault. My work is finished so slowly that building any contact with an editor is difficult. I've done my best to edit it myself. I'm sure I'll inevitably get the 'spelling/grammar error' comments.

I hope this is long enough, I know it's probably no more than an entree for those that have waited so long, but it's the best I can do. Hopefully you don't have to wait as long for the next one, but making promises won't help anyone.

* * *

Tommy was woken by someone, his mother he assumed, bustling around in the kitchen, probably cooking breakfast. He groaned and rolled over, flattening his morning glory against his hip. He wasn't going to get much opportunity to deal with his erections now that he was sleeping in the lounge, which would mean a very difficult week at school. He needed to take a leak, but knew that wouldn't be happening until his hard-on went down. Usually he quickly jerked off to a magazine, but he couldn't do that in the lounge. He headed into the bathroom and waited for a moment until his dick was soft enough to urinate.

He walked through the kitchen, mustering a tired smile and a wave for his Mum as she cracked a couple of eggs into a bowl, obviously making omelettes for breakfast.

"So, do you still have study or homework to catch up on today?"

"No, I'm up to date in every other class. I might see if Brian is free to catch up."

"Great idea, you have fun today; I think you earned it with your hard work yesterday."

Yesterday had been pretty fun as well, though his Mum didn't know about that. He'd spent quite a bit of time with his dick inside Miss Bush's snatch. He finished breakfast and cleared the table, including his Mum and Aunt's plates, and then set the dishwasher running. He called Brian's number, "Hello?"

"Hey, Brian, how's it going?"

"Tommy, cool... hey, what are you doing today?"

"Nothing much, I was calling to see what you were up to? I've done all my homework so I'm free to catch up."

"Great, come over. My Mum has been asking why you haven't been around. I don't have anything due until Wednesday. I'll just check with her, hold on..." about 10 seconds passed, "yeah she said great, she'd love for you to come over."

"Ok, I'll be there soon. I'll see if I can get a lift."

"Great, see you then." Tommy hung up and went looking for his Mum. Brian's Mum had more money than his Mum, meaning Brian usually had the latest games and DVDs, so when they were together it was usually at Brian's place. Brian's parents had split up and Brian's Dad had moved out, but it appeared Brian's Mum still had quite a bit of money either from the divorce or her job.

Tommy's Mum was in the laundry, "Hey Mum, do you think you could give me a lift over to Brian's?"

"Ok Tommy."

On the way back to the kitchen to grab the car keys, Aunt Pam called out from the lounge, "I can take him over if you want. I was going to duck out to the store anyway."

"Ok, but you just drive carefully." Ever since she'd been driving, Aunt Pam had driven Grandpa's old car, a beautifully maintained 1970 Charger. Tommy didn't consider himself a car nut, but he liked muscle cars, something that ran in the family, apart from his Mum. He'd been about 8 when his Grandpa died, but he still remembered how he loved the rides his Grandpa used to take him on in that car. Once he'd even sat on his lap and steered the car out the drive. His Mum hadn't had a great relationship with her father though, and as a result he hadn't seen his Grandpa often. Aunt Pam still took Grandpa's car to the same mechanic, and Tommy never saw it in anything less than an impeccably polished condition. He'd never heard her call it her car though.

He hopped in the Charger and Aunt Pam drove away safely. Once she was a couple of streets away, he felt the car surge ahead as Aunt Pam put her foot down on the accelerator. He expected that, Aunt Pam loved the car, but she drove it like she meant business as well, all the more fun she usually said.

* * *

"I'm glad you called Tommy, I was so bored, and besides, it's been ages since we hung out."

"Yeah I know. I've just been struggling at school you know?"

"Yeah, I heard Miss Bush held you back after school on Friday. How did that go?"

"Ok. She grilled me, and my Mum found out about it all, but I think it'll be ok now. I have to get my grades back up still." He thought about the 'grilling' he'd received from Miss Bush yesterday, wishing he were there right now, sampling her busty, lusty delights. "So do you have any new games?"

"Oh yeah, let me show you," he said excitedly. Brian led the way back inside the house. Tommy thought of the last time he'd been here. Brian had ended up ditching him on a sleep over, and instead he'd ended up sleeping with Brian's Mum, Vicki all night. At first it had made Tommy pretty uncomfortable around Brian, who didn't know, but things had eventually gotten back to normal, though Tommy hadn't seen Vicki since the morning he'd left. He looked around as he entered the house, expecting to see Vicki everywhere, but they made it all the way to the den without seeing her.

Brian fired up his PS3, loading up his latest favourite, an apocalyptic wasteland game. Tommy felt quite nervous, wondering where Vicki could be.

* * *

It had been a few hours, and Tommy and Brian had taken turns on the PS3, playing different games and even switching to two player games occasionally.

Brian was showing him the latest first-person-shooter, which wasn't really appealing to him, when he happened to look down the hallway and saw Vicki walking towards the den. She smiled at him and he smiled back. Then she gave a cute little wave and Tommy didn't know how to reply. She was wearing a very low-cut, billowy, white blouse and a tight pair of hip hugging jeans, with just a strip of her midriff showing. She crooked a finger at him and beckoned him.

"I gotta use the bathroom, back in a sec," Tommy said, but Brian was so engrossed that he probably hadn't heard. He stood up and went to the hallway, trying not to let his boner show. He wasn't successful though as Vicki reached out and grabbed it, pulling him in close to her.

She whispered, "Where have you been you naughty little boy? It's been weeks since you stuck your big pussy-pleaser up my snatch, and I've been thinking about it ever since." She squeezed his rod in her hand and dragged him through the door into Brian's room. She pushed him onto Brian's bed and started tugging at his waistband. He quickly undid the button and let her pull down his shorts and underwear, letting his big cock spring free. He wasn't fully hard, but even having it out in the open gave it a surge of blood.

She was still whispering as much as she could, though he could tell she didn't want to as she said, "Oh Tommy, your cock is so big." She wrapped both hands around it and started jack it softly while gripping it tightly. "I'm going to have to get you over when Brian is away so I can have it all night again." With that, she placed her mouth over the end and sunk down on it, sucking him in. Her wavy hair caressed his balls as she worked her head around on his cock, bobbing up and down, with her fat lips caressing and sucking. She slid her tongue around on the underside, licking up along underneath the helmet that was his knob. He fell back flat on the bed and groaned. Her mouth was like velvet, and after the frustration he'd suffered from being interrupted by his Mum when he was with Miss Bush, it felt great to finally have some attention on his cock. He slid his fingers along Vicki's scalp, threading into her hair and encouraging her movements.

She moved one hand down to caress his nuts, softly weighing them in her hand before rolling them around between her fingers. Tommy felt the first stirring of an orgasm, as his balls twitched. Vicki must have sensed it as she stopped sucking him and let his big cock pop from her mouth quietly. He looked up at her and saw her struggling to pull down her blouse enough to get her tits out. First one incredible globe was out, and then the second, jiggling to her movements. She looked into Tommy's eyes and whispered, "Spray your spunk all over them stud. I want to rub your man-cream into them." She wrapped a hand around his cock and started pulling on it again, wanking it for all she was worth and looking intensely into his eyes, while her other hand molested her tit, squeezing and twisting at her nipple, pulling it away from her. Tommy felt the stirrings growing, getting closer to popping, when he heard-

"Hey Tommy! You've got to come see this bit, hurry up man."

"Shit! / Fuck!" Vicki and Tommy both swore at the same time, louder than they would have liked.

"Quick, get back out there." Vicki helped him pull up his shorts and tuck the head of his cock above the waistband to hide the awesome boner she'd given him. "I'll think of something to get us some alone time."

He hurried back to the den and sat back down gingerly, trying to hide his hard on. He looked at Brian who was focussing on the screen. Brian had just wanted to show him a boss fight and Tommy almost blurted out how boring that was and annoyed he felt, but remembered in time that such an outburst wouldn't make sense without Tommy explaining what he was getting up to with Brian's Mum.

He watched the hall as he saw Vicki leave Brian's room and head for the kitchen, blowing him a kiss then hefting her titties for him as she saw him ogling her.

* * *

The next hour was pretty boring, until Vicki called them out for sandwiches she'd made. Brian ate his like a duck, gobbling it down while barely chewing. He then hurried back to the den, "Jeez man, you're eating slow."

Tommy replied with a half-hearted laugh.

When Brian was gone, Vicki said hurriedly, "I have an idea. I can get his father to give him a call, and while he's on the phone, I'll say I need to duck to the store and I need your help with the bags." It seemed pretty weak to Tommy, but he was all for anything that gave them 5 minutes alone. He gave her an excited smile, then finished his sandwich and headed for the den.

The phone rang just as he walked away. Vicki answered it as he walked away, "Hello... Oh hi, how can I help you? ... Oh, uh, let me check." He was halfway down the hall when Vicki called him back, "Tommy, your Aunt Pam is on the phone, she wondered if you were free to come home and give her and your Mum a hand with something?" Gah! Looks like he was missing another chance to blow his load, this time with Vicki.

He tried to think of a good excuse to get out of it, but came up with nothing. "Uh, yeah, I guess I can head home now," he called out dejectedly. He ducked down to the den. "Hey Brian, my Aunt Pam is coming over to get me, it sounds like they need help with something. Thanks for today, it was fun."

"Oh absolutely, any time Tommy. I'll see you next time." He then turned back to the game.

Tommy wandered back out to the kitchen, where Vicki was downing a glass of red wine, with a sour look on her face. Seeing Tommy, her face brightened slightly. "Hi Vicki. Sorry about this, I don't really want to go, but my Mum... and my Aunt..."

"That's ok Tommy, we'll get another chance soon; I'll make sure of it. That is what you want isn't it?" she waggled her eyebrows at him and shook her tits from side to side.

He grinned, and grabbed his cock through his shorts, "Oh yeah Vicki, definitely."

"Well next time I'll make sure we can do this with fewer interruptions."

As soon as she said that Tommy heard a car horn and knew Aunt Pam was outside. "Well, I better get going. See you next time Vicki." He called down the hallway, "See you tomorrow Brian."

"Yeah man, have a good one."

* * *

Monday was torture on poor Tommy. On one hand, he was learning to deal with the big secret he kept from his best friend, Brian, the fact that he'd had sex with Vicki, Brian's Mum. On the other hand, Tommy hadn't had a chance to masturbate at all yesterday, and had been interrupted with two different women over the weekend.

When Tommy first thought of that he'd taken a moment to smile. He'd been with two smoking hot older ladies in the last week or so, something he never would have considered to be a possibility in his wildest dreams.

Unfortunately though, the lack of release had Tommy's cock rising to every occasion. He couldn't look at any of the girls around school for fear of becoming aroused; instead he stared at his feet, wherever he went. He had Miss Bush again today, and he wouldn't be able to avoid staring into her eyes, or checking out her impressive tits. Luckily though, she was his last class of the day, so he could loiter at his desk, slowly packing his things, if he needed time for a boner to dissipate.

This was the first time he'd be in class with her since he got together with her over the weekend. It made him nervous. He'd always had trouble in her class with becoming aroused, and now that he could see his fantasies coming true, it would be even worse.

When he walked in, he noticed she wasn't dressed unusually at all, but then her beauty had always shone through whatever she'd worn anyway. She was working on something at her desk and didn't look up as students started filing in. Tommy took his usual desk and got out his materials, determined to follow the class and not get caught daydreaming about Miss Bush like usual.

Overall, throughout the class, Tommy was pretty successful, he kept up much more than he had been in the past. He still fantasised about Miss Bush, but somehow he was able to tear his mind away occasionally. He thought he caught a few slips by Miss Bush, licking her lips as she looked at him, sure she was checking out his crotch when she thought the class were otherwise occupied. Speaking of his crotch, it had been tented from the moment Miss Bush stepped up from behind her desk and Tommy had seen the tight, professional business skirt she was wearing, it was another staple, and one he'd often imagined sliding up above her hips to get at her tight little butt. He'd had a moment of terror when she'd asked him to come up to the board to write an answer up there. In the past she'd never singled him out like that, and the terror must have shown on his face, as she'd quickly selected someone else. Tommy just knew he'd never have been able to hide his state from the rest of the class if he'd had to stand up, he couldn't be more grateful to Miss Bush for recognising his problem. By the end of class, all the glimpses Tommy had of Miss Bush bending over, stretching high and leaning forward had him hard and ready to burst.

Finally, class finished and the other students began to file out. Tommy meanwhile was trying to concentrate on the last few notes to be made, trying to come up with thoughts that would help his erection subside. He was startled by Miss Bush, "So Tommy, I take it you're finding things hard right now?" He looked at her and his heart jumped and his cock jerked, she had taken the opportunity to unbutton the top few buttons of her blouse and she now looked at him over the top of her glasses, biting the top of a pen. Her impressive cleavage was peeking out the gap she'd made. The sight of her was like electricity to him. "Why don't you come up here and talk to me?"

He stood up, manoeuvring the tent of his trousers out from under his desk, and walked to the front of the room, his tent swaying left and right as he walked. He wasn't very tall, but looking slightly down at her while she looked up at him over her glasses was great. "Thanks for not making me get up before Miss Bush, I... sort of..."

"I know Tommy, it's my fault really, I should have known. Don't worry about it, I'll keep you safe. But it looks like you're having trouble. Do you want me to take care of that for you?" She looked pointedly at his bulge.

"I--" he was interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Shit!" Miss Bush swore in a low voice. Tommy looked towards the door. He couldn't tell who was there through the slim window set in the door, but he was panicking anyway. Often while class was in session the doors were locked from the outside so no-one could interrupt. "It's Ms Stern." The Principal. "Grab, your things, I'll have to deal with her. I'll see you later Tommy." He walked back to his desk, glancing again at the window, but Ms Stern must have moved aside as he couldn't see anyone there. As he packed, he saw Miss Bush swiftly re-button her blouse and head for the door to let Ms Stern in.

"Miss Bush," Ms Stern swept past Miss Bush and walked to her desk, waiting for Miss Bush to return to her seat. Miss Bush looked at Tommy from the doorway, waiting for him to leave. He held his bag in front of him as he walked out; his erection was waning from the panic, but there was still a bulge visible. Miss Bush closed the door behind him. He stepped away from the window, but decided to linger a moment. He wasn't one to eavesdrop, but he was worried about Miss Bush, as Ms Stern hadn't looked happy.

He couldn't hear exactly what was being said, but as Ms Stern's and Miss Bush's voice rose he could hear phrases, "Interesting curriculum..."

"... what..."

"... see you. I've been through your file..."

"... misunderstanding. It was just easier to accept it..."

"I don't care. I've got my eye on you Brenda, and if you think for one moment that you can sneak around me the way you did with Principal Grayson, you're in for a shock because I can tell you right now that..."

That sounded bad. Tommy was sure Ms Stern must have seen something, as it sounded like Miss Bush was in trouble. It sounded like they were nearly finished, so Tommy moved away, as quickly and quietly as he could.

* * *

That night, as Tommy took the trash out, he heard a bit of a racket next door from the Hancock's house. Heather and Roger, or to Tommy, Mr and Mrs Hancock, had lived next door for as long as Tommy could remember. He was pretty sure Mr Hancock had some important sales job, as he often spent time away, and his mother and Mrs Hancock would often spend time to talk and hang out when he was away. She was probably his Mum's best friend.

The fence between the properties was in disrepair, and a few palings had fallen off. From the backyard where Tommy's bins were kept he could see the Hancock's bedroom window. Ordinarily he wouldn't have looked, but the argument he heard caused him to look through, and what he saw made him look more closely. Mrs Hancock has always been a little crush of Tommy's, even since he'd been a little boy, and Mrs Hancock had always treated it as cute. But he hadn't really ever considered just how sexy she was. She was wearing a black lace bra that covered about half of each breast but left her stunning cleavage completely uncovered. Over that she was wearing a black gauzy robe that only hung down to just below her bum, but it was pulled completely open at the moment. Her panties matched her bra, black lace, and they were cut high on her hips. Her dark hair hung free over her shoulders, the locks just reaching the tops of her breasts, though Tommy knew that her hair was probably longer at the back. She looked awesome, literally, in that she inspired awe right now. She was angry, and it had obviously been her voice that Tommy had heard. She looked to be berating someone, as her hands would move from her hips to gesture and point, then move back, pinning her robe open as if she were listening, then she would start up again. She was intimidating.

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