tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTom's Christmas Present

Tom's Christmas Present


344. That's how many days she's lived in this apartment complex. Of those 344 days she'd masturbated for me 327 times. Once a day mostly...though she'd hit twice a day three times. Valentine's Day, May nineteenth, and August second, what is the significance of those last two? No idea.

Honestly, despite the fact I have seen every beautiful angle of her, I have never spoken to her, and never seen her closer than twenty-five feet away, she was jogging and I was grabbing my mail.

I suppose it's because I'm a peeping Tom. Though in truth I didn't try to peep. I work from home, and my apartment is situated right beside hers with only a 30 foot space from my office window to her bedroom window.

Before she had even finished unpacking she'd laid out on her bed and masturbated. I had been so shocked I hadn't been able to move until she'd finished, rolling off the bed and wandering out in only her white cotton tee.

At first I didn't know if she knew I was there, so I'd left all my lights on to show her she could see in my apartment, like I could see into hers. But she kept doing it. Sometimes after lunch, sometimes after a jog, sometimes after work. Always without looking at me, always without checking to see if I was there or not.

At one point I began to question if she was blind and perhaps did not know I was there. One day she'd waved at me while grabbing something off her dresser. She knew I was there. She knew I was able to see.

As the months had gone by of her coming in and masturbating for me, I must admit I grew a bit of an addiction to her. Gorgeous. She was simply gorgeous. Her brown hair tossed over the pillow. Her creamy skin glowing in the evening sunlight. Her beautiful breasts, I had made a study of those round globes. A large C, I guessed, perhaps even a D, they were just heavy enough that they drooped a bit without her bra. I didn't mind, but then, I'd always been a large breast fan. They bounced sometimes as she angled herself to align her fingers deep within her pink wet pussy.

And I'd done something awful. I had started working my schedule around hers. I aligned my office hours to conclude just as she got off work, in order to not be distracted at work. I'd wait for her to "finish" before I went out for the evening. Frankly I just wanted to watch her.

Every time she moved I wanted to watch.

It was horrible, and I felt guilty, but I couldn't figure out how to stop myself. I had a long term lease on my apartment, breaking it would cost far too much. All I could hope was her lease was up in another few weeks. But in truth I didn't hope for that. I hoped I could get the guts up to talk to her. To make her more than a vision in my life.

Saturday she closed the blinds. I thought at first she went home for the holidays – but she comes in and turn the lights on. It's been four days. I guess she got done with me watching.

It was Christmas Eve and I had been poking around on the computer. I was about to turn it off and head in for a movie when I saw her car pull in. She waved at me as she grabbed things from her trunk. She looked amazing as the snow fell around her, like an angel getting kissed by moonlight. Her athletic body, her tight ass, her hair tumbling in chocolate curls down her back and over her shoulders under a fuzzy white hat.

I watched as she closed her garage, then started the shut down on my computer.

I was literally standing up to leave when she pulled open her blinds. I froze. She was dressed in a red teddy, white fur lining the edges, a Sexy-Santa lingerie outfit. She smiled at me out from under sooty lashes behind the double pane glass of her window.

I smiled back, nervously.

She grinned and looked down at her gorgeous body and back at me, I could see the blush rise up her breasts, throat, and into her cheeks.

She stepped back and I realized she had rearranged her room, positioning the bed so it was better angled for my view. She smiled and bent down and lifted a bag that appeared to be filled with several small boxes. She turned around and set it on her bed, bending over more than she needed and dug through the bag. I looked at the curve of her ass beneath the white fur trim, a thin strip of red velvet stretched over it. She caught me taking in the shapely curve and gave it a little wiggle before standing up, holding a box wrapped in green and silver. She opened it, and pulled free a bright pink vibrator, and slipped onto the bed. I'd never seen the toy before, and I'd seen a lot of her toys. She leaned back on the pillows. Red satin, new sheets.

She twisted the vibrator and I collapsed down, watching as she slid the vibrator inch by inch up her white lace-trimmed thigh highs, but this time was different. Her eyes were locked on mine.

I let a breath whistle over my teeth, and watched as her eyelids fluttered, the humming device buzzing up her perfect thigh and toward the red swatch of cloth between her legs and covering her perfect pussy.

She shivered as the device thudded against her outer pussy lips, her head lolled to the side, but she kept her eyes on me. My palms began sweating, and I bit my lower lip and smiled, hopefully encouraging her. She slid her other hand up, shaping an "O" and making a gentle "jerking" motion with it.

I felt the blood rush to my cheeks and shook my head no, holding my hands up, showing they were empty, I was not masturbating myself.

I watched her swirl the toy in slow circles, between her thighs, over her pussy and away again. Her eye lids fluttering shut, she swallowed, and opened them again, watching me.

She hummed the device close then away, closer and away, closer and away, again and again.

It was obviously stimulating her. She shifted her hips, pushing into the toy and pulling away. It stimulated me. I found my own hips adjusting in time to hers. I wanted so badly to feel our loins connected, her pussy tight and thrumming around my pulsing cock.

I watched as she arched her back, her eyes squeezing shut and saw the hot liquid of her girl cum soak her velvet panties, darkening them.

"Oh god," I breathed, closing my eyes.

I exhaled and counted back from ten, trying to ignore the throbbing in my balls. So perfect. So amazingly beautiful.

When I opened my eyes she smiled at me. She half nodded at me and I raised my hands, showing her I still hadn't released my throbbing and aching penis. She pouted and crawled forward on the bed, her hips swaying sensually from side to side as she neared the end. Then she half smiled.

She leaned back on her knees and made a bump over the spot between her legs, I laughed, she was asking if I was hard.

I nodded and she pointed up. I quirked a brow at her, mouthing "what?" It was her turn to laugh. She made motions with her hands she wanted me to stand up and show her.

I blushed, but stood, showing her the giant tent in my pants.

It, apparently, did something for her, and she bit her lips, shivering again, and appearing to possibly orgasm just from the sight of me. I laughed, again, and sat back down.

Her hair dangled over her shoulder as she straightened, calming some. She dropped on her belly and grabbed the bag again, pulling free a second box, this one wrapped in blue and red. She bit her lip and held it up and out. "Shall I open it?" She mouthed.

I smiled and shrugged, mouthing "If you'd like," to try to be coy.

She smiled. And slid the top off the box. Another new toy, this one was blue, and much smaller than the pink one, she slid it on her finger and smiled, swinging her legs around and aiming her pussy at me again.

I smiled as she slid the fur trim up her flat belly. She grinned at me running the little nubby toy on her finger across the low part of her tummy.

I slid my hand down giving my hardened soldier a tap, but focusing on her hand as she slipped it under the edge of her velvet panties. God I wanted to be in her room, I wanted to be that hand.

She slid her hand into her panties and I watched her fingers work, flicking back and forth. I saw her mouth open and begged to shove my aching cock into it.

She hissed, and I could hear her cries of passion through the closed windows as she came a second time.

The snow was coming down harder, and fog unfortunately was starting to roll in. I frowned, saddened the weather may ruin this perfect gift she was giving me.

She discarded the toy beside her, still laying back, as the snow fell harder and harder. I frowned.

I could see her moving on the bed, going up on her knees. I could make out her shape, but it was getting hard to see details. I knew I wouldn't be able to see her beautiful pussy when she showed it to me. I sighed. She had gotten another box and had moved over to the window. She held up the present, silver and gold, and tipped it to show an extremely large tag hung from it. I squinted, trying to read it through the heavily falling snow.

"For you," was printed in large block letters, followed by "From me."

But it was the beckoning with her finger that made me jerk up from my chair. I stood there, staring at her for a few long moments. Beautiful. Perfect even.

I turned the light off over my computer, and took a step back, staring at her still, she was almost blocked out by the snow, now.

I turned and walked out of the room.

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