tagToys & MasturbationTonight Ch. 02

Tonight Ch. 02


I hear you lift the lid of our toy box and I hold my breath in anticipation. There are so many things to choose from, and I can only imagine what you must have in mind. I test the restraints again and try to be patient as you take your time. I hear you musing, picking up one toy, putting it back, picking up the next.

My clit is still throbbing from your amazing tongue, and I am aching to feel you inside of me. I know that you are not ready though. You always take your time. You wait, tease, pleasure me, torture me and then when I can take no more, then you thrust into me. I am waiting...impatiently and I hear you close the lid to the box. I lick my lips. I want to taste you again. I want to taste your lips, or better yet, I want to feel your cock on my lips.

Feel your soft tip as it enters into my lips. I almost groan in the frustration of having to wait. Then I hear the dresser drawer open. Finally. I know it must be one of my favorite toys. We keep the lube in the dresser, and for you to be in there you must be planning to play with my ass. "Mmm," I moan softly as I feel your weight on the bed again. You pull one of the pillows from the headboard and place it under my waiting hips.

You chuckle softly as I struggle against the restraints again. I want you, and you know it. I hear as you open the jar of lube and then moan again as I feel you applying the cold gel to my asshole. "Oh yes," I say softly as you circle my hole. You chuckle again and softly slap my pussy.

"Be patient," you say, almost reproachfully. I know the rules. No talking, I have to wait. I have to be at your mercy. That's fine. I bite my lip as I push my hips against your circling digit. I feel one of your fingers enter my pussy as you push the other one gently against my asshole. It pushes in, Finally! I want to move against you, but I have to be patient. I feel the fingers inside of me, they are touching as you begin to move slowly in and out of me. You push two into my pussy and work the lube deep into my rectum.

I feel something else now, different. You have removed your fingers from my pussy and you are now dripping oil down between my labia lips. I feel the cool oil dance over my still aching clit and drip slowly into my hole. Then you pour some directly into my hole. You put your two fingers back in, and then a third. You are stretching me. I feel you put more lube on my asshole as you put a second finger in there as well.

I begin to pump my hips in response to your caresses. You push into my pussy and I push forward, you pull out of my ass and I pull back. I want to keep going, but you finish and reach across my body for something you have laid on the bed.

I feel the coolness of the rubber as you push my fat anal beads into my ass. I lick my lips in anticipation. I love it when you fuck me with the beads. They are solid, not the string, but rather connected by plastic. I push against you as the beads get bigger and bigger. They are tight now. You are down to the last bead, and it feels almost as if you might not get it in. I take a deep breath and push even harder.

Finally. They are all in. I feel so full, but you are not done. "Hold those there," you say softly as you reach across me again. Now I feel you at my pussy. You move my large vibrator over my clit and turn it on to its lowest setting. I moan and push my hips up, I want to feel more. Please, oh please, I want to beg. I don't have to though, now you are pushing it inside of me.

I have never been this full before. Between the vibrator and the large beads I feel tight, stretched and unbelievably aroused. You start to move the vibrator in and out of my pussy slowly. I feel it grinding against the beads. Then I feel something else, I feel a second body on the bed.

"I invited a guest," you say softly as I gasp. No! Someone else! No! I'm yours, I want to say, only yours. I feel as this second person pulls one of my nipples into their mouth. I feel a hairy chest move against my own and I can't help but moan. I don't care about the second man anymore, you are moving faster.

The other mans lips move to my other nipple and suck it in. He bites down and sucks it further into his mouth. You are now pulling the beads out slowly and I can feel them pop. Everything is so tight, "OHH!" I moan louder as you push them back into me quickly. Then you are back to the vibrator again, pumping into me. I am pumping my hips, bucking while the other man is now straddling me and rubbing my tender breasts.

I hear his breathing get quicker as he turns around and watches you begin to pump the beads and the vibrator in and out of me simultaneously. Then I feel it, his fingers on my clit...

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