tagFetishTonight She Was Going to Be 'The Man'

Tonight She Was Going to Be 'The Man'


She walked into the house and signed at the sight of the kids toys left on the stairs and their coats strewn across the hall floor. She could hear the TV blaring in the living room and the radio playing to itself in the kitchen. Taking off her jacket, she reached down and picked up the other coats, hanging them on the coat stand behind the door.

She looked at herself in the mirror on the hallway wall; she looked tired, her hair a bit fuzzy around the edges from waiting at the bus stop and her eyes slightly reddened from staring at her computer screen for 8 hours. She took a deep breath, lifted her chin and turned to walk down to the kitchen.

The sight of the dishes in the kitchen sink, crumbs on the side, beans slopped on the table and pans left unwashed on the stove made her boil. She picked up the pans, threw them into the sink and ran the water until the steam rose into her already red face... Taking a cloth she plunged it into the water, burning her hand. She wiped down the side, working the cloth heavily into the drips and marks on the granite before eventually turning off the water and left the pots to soak.

She wiped her hands on the tea towel and walked into the living room to find him. He was laid on the sofa, one leg up, one down looking at the TV mag with one hand in the top of his jeans and the other holding territorially to the TV remote. 'I'm just gonna watch the footy love, I've been up to my eyes all day.' He didn't even turn his head....

Looking around the devastation that had been her living room this morning; the wallpaper was half off one wall, the carpet covered in bits of ripped anaglypta and paint dust, the other side filled with the kids school books and bags and him. Laid there like a lump despite promising faithfully that the room would be stripped and ready for a weekend of D.I.Y. whilst the kids went to her mum's.

She walked straight out not saying a word and stomped up the stairs. 'Promises,' there were always promises. He'd take time off to do the decorating, they'd spend more time together, and he'd make an effort with the kids and the house when she was at work.

"OH YEAH! Who's the Man!" she heard him exult from downstairs, obviously his team had done something right for a change.

She stepped over the action men, 'my lil ponies' and rainbow of crayons on the landing, opened the bedroom door and scanned the room. The bed not made, last night's boxers in the middle of the floor and her lungs filled with the musty air that was dappled with floating dust exposed by the shaft of light venturing through the half opened curtains.

Flopping onto the edge of the bed she stared at her reflection in her wardrobe doors. From downstairs she heard him "Woohoo! Yes yes!"

"I'll give him 'who's the man!" she thought to herself. She stood up and smoothed the fabric of her dress over her hips and thighs, she'd show him who really was 'The Man'!

She went to the closet and pulled a dark pink wicker box from the back. She sat on the edge of the bed again with the box on her knee. She smiled a wickedly contented smile and lifted the lid placing it next to her on the bed.

This was her secret box of tricks.

Downstairs she heard the fridge door open, the tinkle of his Stella bottles and her ever-loving husband stomp his way back to the living room before collapsing with a thud onto the sofa again.

Putting the item she was looking for on to the bed, she stood up, unzipped her dress and stepped out of it as it fell to the floor. Walking over to her set of drawers she reached into the uppermost and pulled from it a small tissue wrapped parcel. She dropped the tissue on top of the dresser she held up her latest purchase between the fingers of both hands and smiled.

It was a purchase she had made some time ago, when feeling that their sex life had needed a bit of spice but hadn't had the inclination or the nerve to wear it, but it was the perfect outfit for today. Today she wanted to feel powerful, she eased herself into the shiny PVC, took her time with the fastenings. There was something exciting and empowering about the feel of the tightness enclosing her body as she added a pair of black silk knickers and, taking her 'secret' from the bed, stepped into it adjusting position and looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled...

She opened the curtains allowing the moonlight to flood the room and enjoyed the thought that somewhere on the street outside, someone had caught a glimpse of her. She lit two candles on either side of the bed and rummaged further in her wicker box, taking out a couple of choice items that would come in useful later. Finally she was ready.

"Are you coming to bed or what?" she yelled down checking her reflection in the mirror and admiring the way the candlelight reflected off her pvc-clad body... Downstairs she heard him groan and him shift position on the sofa.

"er..just coming " he said and she heard various thumps as he padded around the living room turning off the lights Hhe knew she was pissed and he'd probably come upstairs thinking that she would just be giving him the cold shoulder or maybe another 'we have to talk' conversation. Not this time.

She stood at the end of the bed. Framed by the window behind and listened to his heavy footsteps climb the stairs. Annoyingly he went straight to the bathroom and kept her waiting for another 5 minutes. "He'll pay for that too" she thought to herself.

Finally his footsteps shambled along the landing and the bedroom door opened. He stood in the doorway for a second. As his vision adjusted to the combination of moon and candlelight he had to look twice to take in his wife's appearance. He couldn't believe what he saw "What the fuck?" he half gasped, half laughed.

"Get in here. NOW and shut your mouth" she snapped and pointed to the floor in front of her.

"Look, what is?" he stuttered but took another step into the room.

"Here, NOW" she repeated, she wasn't shouting but her voice was calm and strong, like a primary school teacher reprimanding a naughty child.

Still in disbelief, he walked slowly towards her. "Get on your knees" she said, her face just a few inches away, her eyes never leaving his.

"Look I'm all for a bit of fun" he sniggered nervously, "But" He didn't get another word out as she put her hand roughly over his mouth

"Get on your KNEES" she repeated. He looked at her and saw something in her eyes.

"Alright I'll play along, but if she thinks" he thought to himself and awkwardly got to his knees in front of his, suddenly different and a little bit scary, wife.

She leaned over him, and putting her mouth next to his ear, whispered "You've told me lies and you have broken promises and because of that you are going to have to take the consequences." She stood up and smiled. "Now, do you see what I have?"

How could he miss it? It was right in his face, a fat rubber cock. Just what the hell was going on?

"You know what you are going to do now don't you?" She said, her head leaning to one side as she stroked his hair with her right hand. Taking the firm rubber dildo in her hand, she said calmly "You're going to suck my cock. You're going to take it all and you are going to suck it hard."

He couldn't believe this, had he fallen asleep on the sofa watching football and somehow conjured this up out of his subconscious, this couldn't be happening. Not his quiet wife behaving like some kind of dominatrix?

"What?" He shook his head trying to understanding the words, "What?"

"I said. You are going to suck my cock, because you are my bitch and you deserve to take it whatever way I want to give it" She lifted his face with her fingers. "Now stop talking. suck it!"

He didn't know what to say, he was totally taken aback by this new woman in front of him. His wife was a quiet woman, worked hard, got on with what had to be done and usually just 'stopped talking' when pissed off. But suddenly here she was, dressed in a tight pvc corset that hugged her figure into a perfect hour-glass, her large breasts only just covered by its ample cups. She looked amazing, like he'd never seen her before, but this?

The sight of his wife with a huge strap-on dildo was something he'd never dreamed of seeing, ever. He was almost afraid to admit it, there was something erotic about this new side to her, but he was 'the man' after all and was there something wrong with admitting that?

"Look, I don't mind playing and you look, well you look hot but there is no way," he attempted to say.

She grabbed his hair and yanked his head to one side, " You are going to do exactly as you are told because I told you to, now open wide" she said calmly.

Before he knew it she had pushed the firm tip of the pale pink rubber into his mouth, he was so shocked he didn't move. She leaned over again and said "Suck me." Her hand tightening around his hair.

He was confused, aroused but almost ashamed to be. Here was his normally mousy wife stood in front of him taking control of him and he didn't know what to do other than obey.

She stood there smiling, enjoying, watching her normally macho 'man's man' husband wrestle with his internal demons. She knew he wanted to give in but she also knew he liked to think of himself as unshakable. But she knew she had shocked him to the very core and she was loving feeling so in control of the situation and him being 'all at sea' for a change.

She watched in fascinated delight as his lips moved up and down the shaft of her new cock and was happy to discover the added bonus of the base of the shaft and the strap grinding deliciously against her clit "now this was more like it" she thought and smiled as she saw her husband glance up at her face, his eyes a mixture of desire and confusion only increased her desire.

"There's a good boy, take me right into your mouth. Suck down, how does that feel? Bet you always wanted to know how it felt when a cock is being rammed into your throat."

She arched her back and felt his gag as the hard firm dildo pushed into the back of his mouth. Her bewildered husband was now tasting the rubber of the strap-on mixed with the lube his wife had so kindly slicked over its surface, the combination of the sight of his wife so dominant, so in control and clearly loving watching his embarrassment was far more of a turn on than he would ever have thought and even the humiliation of being on his knees with her strap-on sliding back and forth and inching deeper into his throat was becoming strangely erotic and he couldn't help but feel his own cock hardening.

She'd noticed that his attention to her cock was becoming more enthusiastic, "Ahh" she thought, " He's getting too comfortable". She grabbed his hair pulling back his head and put her face in front of his.

"Tut tut, you're not getting turned on are you? Are you starting to love it? Well then. Stand up", she watched him with the same look a scientist might give an interested specimen under a microscope. Putting her hands on her hips, her legs wide she looked him up and down "Is your cock hard?"

He blushed! He couldn't believe he was blushing in front of the woman he'd been married to for 6yrs. He instinctively looked down and she laughed at him as she saw him fight the urge to place his hands over the tenting in his jogger bottoms.

He went to pull her to him in an attempt to regain some control of the situation but she pushed him away and turned, walking around the bed. For the first time he saw the items that she had placed there. He shook his head then stopped when she looked at him, what was she thinking???

"Get undressed!" she ordered, her voice deep and so very different from her normal light sing-song voice "and bend over the bed, legs apart."

Her husband's face was a picture. His mouth kept opening and closing but the words wouldn't come out. She smiled at him again but it was a smile of power and intent. She walked over to him, grabbed the front of his stained t-shirt and pulled him over to the bed.

"I said, get undressed! Now! You've fucked with me once too often, now it's my turn. Get undressed!" she repeated.

As he stood there pulling at his clothes, trying to figure out how he had got into this and whether he should be trying to get out of it. He couldn't deny that he was intrigued and, more to the point, turned on by his new confident and intense wife. She'd never been this interested in doing anything other than just roll on and roll off sex as far as he could remember. Being on his knees in front of her, clad in this pvc corset, being told what to do was new, exciting and a little scary. But what did it mean for him if he 'let' her do this to him??

As he kicked his feet free from the bottoms of his joggers, standing there embarrassed as his wife looked at his not so 'six-pack' stomach and hard cock that threatened to touch it, he knew that it was obvious that she had the situation completely in her control.

She walked around him slowly, looking him up and down, tracing her fingernails over the skin of his chest, shoulders and back. She placed her mouth next to his ear and whispered "Put your hands on the bed."

He hesitated and she pushed him. "Put your hands on the bed!" she repeated.

He did as he was told. Feeling so vulnerable wasn't something he'd experienced before. He didn't know if the pounding in his chest was because he was excited or scared or what? He kept his eyes on the black fabric of the duvet cover, trying to sense what his wife was doing now, was she really going to do what he thought she was?

As she stood behind her husband his lily white ass stood embarrassingly open in the air, he was completely at her mercy and she felt exhilarated. She picked up one of her little toys from the box. Her suede flogger was another thing she'd bought when with her girlfriends, playing along at those parties. She'd bought it when she'd had a couple of glasses of wine and thought she'd have the nerve to use it, but it had sat at the back of the wardrobe with everything else, but not now.

She placed the suede straps on the spine of her husband and pulled it gently down his body, she saw her husband tense up as he tried to figure out what she was doing. She played with the flogger across the skin of his back for a while and let it fall between the cheeks of his ass. Again, she saw him tense and then relax.

She was feeling so different, so much stronger. He was here for her pleasure tonight and that was all there was to it. She flicked the flogger across his bare cheeks, left and right, left and right, soft and then harder until the skin reddened. She tilted her head and enjoyed the sound of the suede gently hitting his flesh.

She was going to fuck him, for all the times he'd fucked her over, broken his promises and generally just pissed her off. She was going to get hers and he was definitely going to get his! Reaching over to the second item she had plucked from her box, she poured slick oily lube over her rubber cock, sliding her fingers up and down her shaft and made a point of pressing the base hard against her clit. She was so turned on she shocked herself.

Her fingers still slick from the lube, she ran her hands over his ass, hearing him gasp a little, he must have known what was coming but refrained from moving. Did he just want to see if she'd chicken out? A game of chicken with a strap-on dildo. She laughed out loud.

"You've been a bad boy, do you know that? You've not done what you said you would, you've played the big man for long enough. Tonight you are going to get fucked like the little woman and you're gonna take it like a man!" She said without a hint of disbelief in her voice.

To her genuinely surprise, he didn't move except for lifting his head slightly and saying quietly "Yes Miss."

She laughed slyly to herself

She took her middle finger and played with lube across his anus and rubbed softly and slowly. Then with the tip of her hard cock she rubbed up against him, applying pressure and then releasing, all the time her hands massaged his buttocks and back. Finally she applied enough pressure so the tip slipped inside him and she saw him tense up and gasp. "Put your face on the bed" she ordered, he did as he was told without question.

She gently moved forward and backwards and with her right hand dripped some more cold lube down the crack of his ass. He moaned, he'd actually moaned. Was it pleasure? Was it pain? Perhaps it was a hint of both??

She pushed the veined dildo further into the tightness of her husband's ass and began a slowly pulsing movement, she was fucking him. She was fucking him and he was taking it. She was thrilled, exhilarated and so fucking horny. She shifted position slightly so that her grinding against the dildo and his ass made the straps rub deliciously against her. This was new, complete control and the pleasure was hers to take.

"Now take your hand and rub your cock you bastard" she said. Her voice breathy with effort "and you can only cum when I say you can, if you cum before I'm going to stop and ram this thing down your throat! Do you understand me?"

He nodded into the bed cover, "Yes" he said, his voice muffled. She leaned back so she could watch his hand wrap around his hard cock and the rhythm he beat out of it match her own rhythm as she fucked his ass.

She could feel the heat building in her body, her clit throbbing so hard. She heard his breath, rasping, he was getting close to cumming. She recognised the sound that normally was in her ear with him thrashing around on top of her, but this time she was in charge. She was ramming her cock into his ass and she was going to cum!

"I'm going to fuck your ass until I cum" she said grabbing his ass and ramming her full length into him, he gasped again and pumped harder on his own shaft. Finally she knew the throbbing in her clit was about to explode.

"Cum, you cum right now!" she yelled. She threw back her head and felt the rivers of pleasure burst from her. For a second it was all too much and she thought she must surely pass out. The waves slowed and the throbbed ebbed and she saw her husband convulse as his own cum exploded from him.

For a few seconds they stood breathing hard and unable to move. Then she slowly pulled the length from his body and pushed him to the bed. There he lay panting until she knelt on the bed next to him. He rolled over and looked at her, he was spent. But there was one last thing.

She took her finger and wiped it over the end of his now flaccid cock... on it was the shiny residue of her husband's own orgasm. He watched her with tired but wary eyes, she lifted it to his lips and rubbed it across them.

"Now lick it off and remember next time you fuck your wife off, she's going to get hers!"

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Wish that my wife would do this

My wife can "be the man" anytime she wants to!

Extremely HOT and very well written!

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