tagNonConsent/ReluctanceToni's Torment Ch. 3

Toni's Torment Ch. 3


The two men looked at the sobbing housewife and laughed to themselves. They had put her
through the ringer in the first hour and weren't done with her yet. Tom reached over
and pulled her onto her back.

"What's your fucking problem?" he asked.

Toni continued to sob uncontrollably. Tom looked at his partner. "I need a drink man.
Let's give her a break." The two men got up and went downstairs for some beer.

They talked and laughed about their latest conquest and drank a couple of beers, until
they saw Toni coming down the stairs. She was clothed. Her makeup was running and her
hair was disheveled.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?" asked Tom.

"Home. I've done what you asked." Replied Toni.

"No the fuck you haven't my dear. You're here for the fucking night." Said Tom as the
two men approached her.

Toni began to back up as the two large men approached her. Tom reached out and grabbed
her wrist and twisted it. Toni screamed.

"You'll fucking leave here when we say you can leave. Not one fucking second sooner.
You fucking got that?" he screamed at her.

Toni just stared at the floor.

"Now get out of those fucking clothes, NOW!" Screamed Tom.

Toni froze for a second until Tom twisted her wrist a bit. "Do it now, you dumb bitch,
or we'll do it for you."

Toni hesitated for a second and that was all they needed. James grabbed her from behind
and held both of her arms. Toni screamed in surprise. Tom approached from the front.

"Want it the hard way eh? You'll get it the hard way." sneered Tom.

Tom grabbed the front of her dress and began to tear it. Toni tried to fight,
but the men were too big. Her dress in taters, Tom then ripped open her bra and tore
off her panties. Toni tried to fight and kick, but she could not stop the two men from
stripping her. She was now nude before them.

Tom grabbed Toni by the back of her hair and asked, "You want to keep playing hard baby,
or relax and enjoy the fun?"

Toni was sobbing again. Tom slapped her and asked her the question again.

The slap shocked her and made her angry. "Fuck you asshole." was her reply.

Tom laughed and pulled her hair back. "No, fuck you bitch." Was his reply.

James pushed Toni down on her knees, twisting her arms behind her back holding them
both with one hand. Toni screamed in pain as her arms were pinned high on her back.
Tom got on his knees in front of Toni while James was behind her on his. Tom was still
holding her head by the back of her hair.

"Open" was his command. When she didn't, he slapped her and pulled her hair.

"Open up bitch. He commanded again while raising his hand. Toni weakly complied.

Tom shoved his cock into her mouth so fast it surprised and almost choked her. He
held her head in place with a strong grip on her hair as he began to force fuck her mouth.
Toni struggled to get away, but their grip on her was too strong and fast.

She suddenly felt James large hard cock probing her opening. She struggled to move
away from it, but James held her arms to tight. James reach down and spread her legs and
raised her ass up a bit. He found the opening to her pussy and pushed his cock in.

Toni's pussy was already full of two loads of cum and a bit stretched from the last fucking
she had gotten. But the suddenness and intensity of James attack on her pussy caused her
to scream. James was impaling her with his huge black cock and her pussy was stretched to
the limit trying to accommodate the assault.

Tom and James were not being gentle. They weren't making love. They were force fucking
the housewife, and they didn't care if she enjoyed it or not.

Toni struggled to get control of the situation. These men were too strong. She could
barely get a breath in while Tom was fucking her mouth, and she was feeling weak from the
struggle. She thought if she'd relax, they'd relax and this ordeal might end soon.

She began to suck and lick on Tom's cock. She wanted him to cum and then she could
concentrate on James and get him off and get this over with. She felt Tom stiffen in her
mouth as she began to work him. She heard him begin to grunt and pump harder and harder
into her mouth. She sucked and licked harder and harder.

Tom stiffened and pumped his load into the housewifes mouth. She sucked and drank and
swallowed and felt him begin to soften. "One down", she thought.

Tom pulled back and sat in a chair across from Toni and James. James had a hold of the
housewife arms still. She turned to him and asked if he'd let her go. She wanted to ride him.

James smirked and let Toni go. He pulled out of her and laid down on his back, his huge
erect cock standing straight up. Toni straddled him and grabbed his cock. She could not
believe how it felt in her hand. She felt in control. She felt in charge as she lowered
herself onto James.

His size still startled her as she began to fuck him. She thought she'd fuck him like
this for a few minutes and he'd cum. Then she'd be done with this. Her husband never
lasted longer than a few minutes once she got on top.

Toni put her hand on James huge chest and began to pump on his cock. She still could not
believe how big he was. How it felt in her pussy. James was hitting areas unknown to her
and against her will, she began to get off being on top of the huge black man.

James could see her reaction, feel her reaction. Her pussy was beginning to ooze juice
like he'd never seen before. Toni kept her eyes locked on James as she began to rock back
and forth riding his huge black manhood.

"Cmon baby, ride my cock. I can see you love my cock." James began to say to her.

Toni fought the feelings washing over her, but she failed. His cock was immense. It was
hitting areas never before touched by anyone, and she felt stirring building up again deep
inside. She began to ride him hard and fast.

James grabbed her ass and began to pump back against her. Toni sighed and her eyes flew
open as she rolled her head backwards. Toni was feeling it again. Another intense orgasm
was building. She began to feel James cock get stiffer. She knew he was getting closer.
She began to hope he'd hold out. Let her cum first. She could feel it welling up from deep
within her body.

Toni lowered her head and looked at James. Her mouth was open wide forming a large O as
she began to clamp down on his cock. She began to scream.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!!!! Oh God! Fuck me, please fuck me!" she screamed over and over
again as her orgasm spasmed out of control. She felt James lift up and begin to shoot his
load into her. She looked over and saw Tom was stroking his cock hard again.

"My lord, he can't be hard again." she thought as wave after wave crashed over her until
she collapsed on top of James. He let her lay there for a minute and then he pushed her
off onto her back. She laid there in a sweaty heap until she felt Tom mounting her.

Her pussy was full of cum and her pussy had already been stretched by James, Tom's cock
slid right in. Toni was exhausted, but she still spread her legs and raised them around
Tom's waist so she could get more of him into her.

Tom fucked her slow at first and then began to fuck her with deep long strokes. Toni
began to fuck him back and moan on every deep stroke. She felt him stiffen and knew it
would not be long until he shot his load into her. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders
and began to fuck him back as hard as she could. Tom grunted a few minutes later and Toni
felt him empty his seed into her.

He rolled off of her and moved to her side.

"God you're and awesome fuck baby." He whispered in her ear. She felt his hand caressing
her pussy. It was wet, hot and swollen from all the fucking it had received. She could
not believe what had happened this night.

She'd been forced to fuck two men and gotten off on it. She was a slut. She was a whore.
She shook her head.

She looked over at James and saw he was stroking his cock again. "Lord he cannot be ready
again." she thought. But her was. James got up and came over to her. He picked her up and
carried upstairs to the bedroom. He laid her down on the bed and laid on top of her.

He mounted her and began to fuck her with slow steady deep strokes. She was amazed that
she could still take it. Amazed that she was being fucked for the whatever time and still
responding. She raised her legs and began to kiss James deeply as he fucked her with his
massive black tool.

He fucked her and fucked her and fucked her until she felt like she was lying in a pool
of water. The loads of cum and pussy juice had oozed out of her and were a large puddle
around her ass.

She suddenly felt James pick up his urgency and she raised her legs to take him deeper
as he emptied into her again. She felt a small orgasm rake her body as he finished cumming
in her. She kissed him deeply as he collapsed on top of her.

She was exhausted. She laid there reflecting on what just had happened and could not
believe it, could not fathom what had really happened to her. She closed her eyes and
drifted off to sleep.

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