Too Big To Resist



Jake's hands reached around and wrapped under my chin, he lifted my head up from the bed and then slid his fingers around my throat. He gripped gently at first but then slightly tighter as he began to fuck my ass.

He lifted his hips up from my body and began to thrust his dick back and forth, stretching my tight asshole wide with that hard, fat cock.

His big balls swung forwards and hit against my cunt every time he thrusted his dick into my ass. His hands held me around the throat, yanking my head up. He was not quite gripping tight enough to chock me but it was certainly pressing hard against my throat. My screams had become slightly deeper in tone and with more grunt as my airways were squeezed.

He too was groaning loudly as he reamed my asshole with that massive dick.


Now just for a second, stop and picture this scene. A big breasted middle aged mother is naked on the bed with her teenage son, who apart from being well built and muscular, is also hung like a fucking horse. Both mother and son are getting hot and steamy on this cold and stormy night. The bedroom is echoing to the loud orgasmic screams of the mother, mixed with the loud grunts and groans and the hard, unmistakable slapping noises of two people having sex. The bed is creaking under the strain and the frame knocks rhythmically against the wall.

The son has his massive 12 inch dick ramming in and out of his mother's gapping asshole, pounding and anally fucking his mother with all of his substantial energy and might. This is no ordinary fuck..this is hardcore incest with a horny mother that just can't get enough of her son's big cock!

Outside, the wind and rain continued to lash against the window as Jake kept on pummelling my ass for well over ten minutes.


Jake seemed never to tire, just relentlessly fucking the shit out of me. In contrast, I was completely exhausted. My whole body felt so weak and almost to the point where I could have just closed my eyes and gone to sleep, but there was no chance of sleep yet, as Jake slammed it up my ass.


Jake's hands were now placed against my bum and he was spreading my cheeks apart. I felt a wet blob of his spit landing on my well fucked hole and being forced into me as it slathered over his cock and was then thrusted up me. I looked over my shoulder to see Jake picking up the big bully dildo from the bed and then slapping the big rubber shaft against my rippling butt cheeks.

"LIFT UP MOM!" He commanded as I felt his hand pulling my hips upwards from off the mattress.

I struggled to pull myself up, getting onto my hands and knees was quite an effort, my arms were heavy and tired from holding my weight up for so long tonight. I again looked over my shoulder and saw Jake bringing the dildo underneath my legs.

" gonna...stick that?" I asked, trying to fill my lungs with air.

He looked along my body and met my eyes for just a second and then he replied,

"I am gonna stick it up your pussy Mom!"

Seconds later, he had rammed the big toy deep inside my dripping wet cunt and was using his free hand to slam it in and out of me. His other hand was beating against my ass, spanking me hard as he DP'd me, his huge donkey dick still exercising my asshole deep and wide.


I was now screaming louder than ever, my cunt and ass being ripped apart by a huge dildo and of course, Jake's 12 inch whopper. I arched my back and laid my head on the bed, my sensitive nipples just pressing against the thin material of the bed sheet. I closed my eyes and tried to relax the burning muscles of my insides. I tried to surrender my body to my big dicked son, as he continued to use his massive weapon and his fast pumping hand to wreck my holes.

The bed now slammed back and forth against the wall as Jake drilled his hard, young frame against my well fucked body, causing violent shudders of the bed.

It was the hardest fucking I had ever had. His stamina and pace was simply astounding. He had been banging his dick into my ass for nearly thirty minutes, kneeling behind me and working me over.


My screams only egged him on. He was battering my cunt hole with that dildo, fisting and screwing it so deep inside me. He made me orgasm three times in the space of a few minutes, sending gushes of my fuck juices squirting out from beneath my bent over, busty body.


His hand was so sticky and wet as it smashed against my pussy every time he forced that dildo to the depths of my hot cunt.

It was approaching the three-quarter hour mark before my first anal experience with my son came to an end. Finally, he told me he was gonna cum and seconds later I could feel it blasting into my bowels and probably further. He coated my burning butt with all of his hot spunk, it felt like someone had poured a glass of water right up my ass.

He gave my bum an few final hard slaps before he withdrew his massive cock and fell on the bed beside me. The huge dildo that he had been pumping in my pussy, was now left just hanging there, about seven inches of it suspended outside of my wet pussy.

My ass, now felt so gapping wide and my rim burned like fire. His cum dripped out of me as I desperately tried to regain my breath.

I collapsed forwards onto my big boobs, unable to support myself on my hands and knees for a second longer. We both breathed heavy and groaned in the afterglow of the hardest and longest fucking we had so far had.

"Oh baby....fucking you...really...fucked that ass...oh my nearly fucking killed me...ohhhhh.."

Jake then rolled over onto his side and took hold of my left hip. He pulled my backwards and got us into a spooning position.

I could feel his heavy and hot breath against my neck and his still semi-hard, but very wet cock, pressing against the flesh of my fat ass.

His arm was draped across me and his fingers lightly stroked my stomach.

"Oh Mom," He said after a few moments composure, "That was amazing...shit I love fucking you up the ass!"

I turned my head to my shoulder and met his gaze. He smiled widely and I replied,

"Well son...tonight..we crossed the final sexual fucked my ass and got me DP'd..What a good boy you are!"

I opened my mouth and directed my tongue towards Jake's mouth. We were soon locked in deep and very passionate French kiss which we indulged in for quite some time. Finally, with his protective arm wrapped around me, we spooned and I quickly began to fall asleep.

Just as I did, I could suddenly feel his monster cock beginning to get stiff again, pressing harder against my butt.

"DOWN BOY!" I called out, "You can get back up there tomorrow."

Jake pulled me closer against his young, well developed body and hugged me tight. I drifted into a deep sleep with the lovely feeling of that big dick wedged against my ass.


Chapter Five

'Secrets and Lies'

Some weeks went by after the night of the storm, when my son first took his horny mother up the ass. Since then we had been fucking relentlessly. My whole life was just about getting my big boy into bed and taking his massive cock inside me.

Then one weekend, we had to temporally suspend our non-stop fucking and attend my cousins wedding. It was a long drive from where we lived, so I had booked us a room at the same hotel where the wedding was taking place...a room with a big double bed by the way.

My sister Susan and her son Tyler were also going to be there.

I had not seen my sister for many months, although we talked on the phone a lot. She had found herself in a very similar position to me. Susan had divorced from her husband just over five years ago and was a single parent. Her son Tyler was a year older than Jake. They were like two peas in a pod, the family resemblance was plain to see.

Last time I had seen Tyler, he had really becoming quite a strapping young hunk. Like Jake, he worked out regularly and played loads of sport. I don't know how my sister kept her hands off of him?

Growing up, we had always been close as sisters. We used to tell each other everything. About the boys we kissed and fucked, the secrets about our friends and, later on, the woe's of our marriages.

Since getting divorced, Susan had returned to her favourite hobby...Fucking men. Now if you think I am a dirty, sex-hungry slut, you should really meet my sister. Compared to her, I am virtually a nun!

She has got these incredible, big 38 double d tits and a big bouncy ass. Like me, she is a hot Milf, as the kids would say and she never minds exploiting it. Her sexual exploits with the random men she meets in bars and nightclubs, form the basis of most of her phone calls to me. I must admit I often get quite horny as I listen to her telling me about how she picked up some guy and ten minutes later was bent over the hood of his car, getting banged up hard by a nice big dick.

Anyway, Jake and I drove the three hundred mile trip to the hotel for the wedding, stopping off several times in some lay-by, so that I could climb on him and ride his big dick. It was such a turn on to see other cars whizzing by as I bounced my big ass up and down on my son's very large 'gear stick.'

Finally we arrived at the hotel. It was just after 1am and we were both pretty exhausted. The frumpy looking woman at the check-in desk looked at us with a rather curious smirk and a surprised frown as she handed us the room key-card. She must have thought that Jake was my toy-boy lover...If she had of known he was my son, she would have had more than a surprised look on her face, that we had booked a double room!!

That night, I got stuffed good and hard by my well hung son. The people in the room next door must have been kept up half the night by our loud incestuous fucking.


My phone rang early the next morning, it was my sister asking what room we were in.

"Oh..I am not sure really, it was so late when we got here last night, I didn't really notice...I am just getting you down in the restaurant for breakfast in ten minutes!" I told her, lying through my teeth.

In truth of course I knew exactly what room we were in but I could hardly let her come and knock on the door. Not only was I butt naked, with Jake's dried cum all over my tits, but he too was nude on the bed, sporting one of his giant morning hard-ons. Imagine her coming into the room and seeing this little sight!

"Jake, wake up..we gotta get dressed...Susan is downstairs waiting...come on you big bastard!"

I took a firm grip around his throbbing cock and beat his meat a few times..that soon woke him up!!

"Oh yeah mom...jack me off...mmmmm," He said, sleepily.

"No time baby..we gotta get ready."

He let out a longing sigh as I let go of his dick and jumped off of the bed. I hurriedly got dressed, after I grabbed a towel in the bathroom and wiped the spunk from my boobs.

When I finally got downstairs, Susan and I chatted over breakfast. I must say she was getting better looking with age. Her long blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders and draped over her big tits. Her bright blue eyes sparkled under the lights of the restaurant. Her skin was so perfect and unblemished. It was hard to believe she was really 41 years old. Her figure was so slim and toned, I know I was not too shabby for my years, but my older sister was looking like the ultimate Milf...I guess it was all those men she had been fucking since her divorce that kept her looking so young?

"So tell me what's been happening with you?" She asked.

"Well," I replied, "Not a whole lot really..It's just me and Jake, you know!"

Susan looked at me with that rather quizzical expression that she has always done. The look that says, 'I know you have a secret'.

"SO" She asked after a few moments.

"What?" I replied with a shrug of the shoulders.

"Who is it then?" She asked forcefully.

"Who's who?" I replied.

"Oh darling, it's written all over your face. That big smile, the glow in your cheeks, the tone in your voice...Who is it that' know...Keeping you HAPPY?"

Susan had always been good at this sort of thing. I could never hide very much from her. I smiled at my inquisitive sister and replied,

"Oh..well...its'...just some guy!"

Susan studied my face closely, her blue eyes trying to search my soul.

"Just some guy." She repeated. "Yeah right it is...your smitten babe..I can see it...and by the looks of things, he is certainly taking care of business!!"

"What do mean?" I replied with a giggle.

"Oh come on Julia..I know you..Remember when we were younger and you used to come home from dates with some guy..I could always tell right away if he had fucked you..your face always gives you away..Look at you, I mean your positively gleaming."

I struggled to restrain my give-away smile and tried to play it cool, but there really was no hiding anything from my sister, so I gave in.

"Well alright, as you seem to know anyway..yes I have been seeing someone and yes he is taking 'very good care' of me, thank you very much!"

Susan let out a 'Whoo Whoo' which attracted some looks from neighbouring tables.

"Lucky old Julia," She said, "What's his name then?"

I hesitated for a moment, trying to think of some random name but my lips opened and blurted out, "Jake" before I could think what I was saying.

"JAKE." She confirmed back to me..."You mean you're having sex with some guy who has the same name as your son?"

It seems I had escaped my little slip-up. I simply smiled and nodded my agreement.

"That must sound a little strange when you're telling him to 'fuck me harder Jake." She laughed as she pictured it in her mind.

At least she had not put two and two together. Yes that's all it was, some guy who happened to have the same name as my son.

"Well yeah...I guess it is a little strange...never really thought about it like that before," I replied, lying.

"Well honey," She said after a moment's pause, "Think about it from your son's point of view. He is in his room late at night and through the walls he can hear you getting a good seeing too and you calling out the same name as his...must be pretty weird for the handsome little fucker."

That last part caught me a little of guard and I was still trying to recover myself from the name slip up.

"Hey, my son's not a little fucker, he is a nice and kind boy." I rather abruptly pointed out.

"Oh yeah, I know he is," She replied, "I'm just saying, he is a very good looking boy nowadays...I bet all the girls are after him?"

I shrugged my shoulders and dipped my eyes down from my sister's gaze.

"I don't really know...Yeah I suppose they are."

"You suppose they are!...Let me tell you if I was his age again and he wasn't my nephew...well...HMMMM MMM!"

I tried to feign surprise and replied,

"Susan behave yourself..That's my son you are talking about!"

"Yeah I know..But come on..." She replied.

We both laughed.

Just then, I saw Jake and his strapping young cousin Tyler come in the door of the restaurant and walk over to our table. I took instant note of my nephew. It had been sometime since I had last seen Tyler and boy had he grown. He was slightly taller than Jake, with dusky brown hair, dark eyes and an innocent looking face. He was wearing a white t-shirt that clung to his tight young body, the definition of his Pecs and abs showing through the material. Standing next to my son, they could so easily have been brothers rather than just cousins. Here was two really hunky, teenage studs.

Jake quietly came up behind Susan and wrapped his hands over her eyes,

"Guess who?" He asked.

Julia giggled and replied. "My gorgeous, sexy Nephew."

Julia jumped up and embraced Jake, wrapping her arms around his neck and slapping her lips against his. I could see her doing what she always did around men, pressing her large cleavage against his chest. Jake too had wrapped his arms around her lower back and was tightly squeezing her body.

My nephew, Tyler, leaned down and gave me a peck on the cheek, "How you doing Aunt Julia?" He asked me in his rather shy voice.

"Yeah fine darling." I replied.

I could smell his musky aftershave that was pretty intoxicating, as he sat down on the chair beside me.

Finally Susan and Jake released their grip on each other and took their seats at the table.

The rest of breakfast passed pretty uneventfully, we all chatted and listened to each other's news. Every so often, under the table, I could feel Jake's foot, lightly stroking against my leg. Looking across the table he would give me a quick wink and a little smile. Looking at my son, knowing how amazing the last few weeks had been, it was hard not to respond to him, but as much as I told my sister everything, this was definitely one secret I would have to keep.

Just as we finished eating, Susan looked at Jake and said,

"So honey, what do you think of your Mom's new guy?...I hear his name is Jake too?"

Jake darted a quick glance across at me and hesitated before replying,

"Errm Yeah...He is..alright!"

Susan had noticed the pause and the uncertainty in Jake's voice.

She looked at me and then back at Jake.

" don't sound too sure." She said.

"No..He is ok...quite a good guy really." He replied more confidently this time.

Under the table Jake had felt the kick I had given him in-between his answers, realizing that he needed to play along.

"Must be pretty strange having your Mom dating a guy with the same name as you?" She asked.

Jake again hesitated too long before answering,

"No not really...It's just a name."

Susan returned her glance to me and I gave her my famous guilty looking smile. She raised her eyebrows and gave me one of her 'I know you are lying' looks, before standing up from the table and simply giving it a "HMMMMM" under her breath.


Later that day we all got dressed up and went downstairs to the Grand Ballroom, where the wedding was taking place. This particular relation of ours had managed, over the years, to fall out with most of the other members of our family. This meant that apart from Susan, myself and the boys, the rest of the wedding guests were people not really known to us. So, the four of us sat together through the ceremony and afterwards at the reception.

Sitting next to Jake, listening to all those marriage promises and commitments, I couldn't help but wishing that I could marry my son. I mean there was no-one else in my life who made me happy, no-one else who understood me like he did. He had been there when my marriage ended and now of course, was fulfilling all the duties that a husband should with his wife, especially in the bedroom!!

I had to control my urges all day long. Jake looked so handsome and manly dressed in his smart suit. I was so proud of my son and jealously clung on to his arm all day. My pussy was wet and I was horny, I wanted him to scoop me up in his strong arms and carry me up to our room, where I could rip that suit off and have his 12 incher back inside me.

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