tagMind ControlToo Good to be True Ch. 01

Too Good to be True Ch. 01

bySilver Dust©

It was one of those hot mid May days. The kind of day that eggs could be broiled in the humidity, her t-shirt and jeans outfit showed that heat. Sweat pouring under her arms and forehead. The strap around her side bag soaked to the bone. Her brown hair curling from amount of sweat building up in its locks that it was starting to drip over her glasses.

The response from the doorbell ring takes a few moments, the door open and the brief blast of cool recycled air giving an instant relief. Preparing her practiced script, "Hello my name is Greta, and I am a freshman at the local college and we are raising money for our math team."

The air continues to exit the door, the man standing there, about 6 feet and in a robe. The back of the house full of half unpacked boxes his look buries into her. "What are you selling?"

"Cookies, five dollars a box," holding up the order form "are you interested?"

"Yeah I will buy three boxes, but can you come in real quick? In looks like you could use a glass of water and break from the outside." She does a little hop as she comes threw the front door. A smile explodes across her face and she walks into the living room. Boxes everywhere but a couch is in the center of the room. She lightly sits down. The man comes back with fifteen dollars and a glass of water. He hands the glass of water but keeps a hold of the money "Cute shirt, do you want a tip?"

"Thanks its one of my favorites and well we are not supposed to take extra money." Her eyebrow raises, she could use the extra money. "But what would it involve?"

"Well I am psychologist and I am doing my research on the reaction of eyes to flashing lights. All you would have to do would is stare at a light for about 20 seconds and I will give you ten bucks."

A little hesitant, but she blows a puff of air out her lips pushing her long brown curls into the air. "What do I have to lose? Nothing, bring on the flashing light."

A grin crosses his face. The man scurries threw some boxes and finds it. It look's like a little box hooked up to a laptop computer. He asks "Age, weight, height?"

"I am 19, 115 pounds, 5'6." Greta watches as he types this into the computer, his leg starts to shake a little.

"You're helping me so much with my research that is why I am excited. Now just stare into the light." The light starts to blink slowly at first. Then it speeds up, slows down, fast, slow, fast slow. Then blank, just light nothing but light.

"Greta!" she snaps out of it. "You zoned out, it's completely a normal response. Can you tell me what you saw?"

"The world just became all white light, nothing more." She shakes her head, she feels light headed and tired. Yet strangely excited, "how long did I zone out for?"

"For about twenty minutes. Here is your money" He hands over a wad if bills "Greta before you leave I just wanted to tell you- never mind."

"What did you want to tell me?" her back straightens. A surprise, she wonders as she looks deeply into his green eyes.

"You are a very pretty girl, with a stunning body you should- that would be wrong to say."

She leans forward, here large breasts giving into gravity "I don't care just tell me, you're the first man that has ever been honest with me."

"You should wear clothing that shows it off better." Her head darts down and looks at the old math team t-shirt. A frown crosses her face as her eyes shrink into a slant.

"Oh my god this shirt is horrible! It completely hides how amazing of an upper body I have. I cannot believe I would ever wear anything like this. Is it ok if I take it off?" She places her hands at the bottom of the hem of the shirt.

"That would be fine Greta for you to take off your shirt." With one motion the shirt is thrown to the floor like a piece of rancid meat. She looks down again at her fruit of the loom bra.

"This hides my amazing body just as much as the shirt. No wonder I never felt sexy before! Can I please take this off also mister?" She grabs at the clasp behind her bra ready to remove it.

"Wait a second Greta, I will let you take off your bra in front of me but you have to make me a promise." The grin grows across his face.

"Please tell me mister, it feels like pain on my chest."

"That your hands will not block the view of your breasts for me, understand?" "I promise that I will not block the view of my breast for you mister ever." "Ok, you may hand me your bra" his hand extends out. She franticly pulls at the straps until the bra falls off. She holds it away like a bag full of shit. He snags it away from Greta and she lets out a deep breath. Her creamy white breasts fall down a little, never ever seeing the light of a day. Her shoulders fall and she leaves her hands at her sides, hard brown nipples completely exposed she moans "thank you mister." As her head looks downward another look of terror goes threw her head "I can't believe theses shoes! I have to take them off." She bends over her fingers darting at the laces. "Did I tell you that you could take off your shoes and socks?" The tone cuts her. Her hands pull back and stares deeply into the mans eyes. "No," she whimpers "I will always ask in the future" "I think you need more guidance in your life, Greta. You seem to have a hard time controlling your urges." "Mister your right! I cannot control my urges at all but were can I get more guidance." Her eyes begin to tear up as they grow large. Her hands tighten into small fists resting on her knees. "I can help you Greta, but you have to promise to do what ever I say. It will teach you how to control your urges. All of them." "I promise to do what ever you say mister. Please help me! I cannot even listen to you when it comes to taking off my shoes!" Tears stream down her face as her head falls forward into her hands now crossed across her chest. "Its worse then I thought Greta, you already broke promise number one by blocking my view of your tits!" She freezes. Her head slowly rises to look into his eyes. In flash both of her arms at her side and she juts her chest forward. "Greta you must call me sir or master from now on! This is the only way this problem can be solved." "Yes master." She states and nods. "May I remove my shoes and socks sir because they make me feel ugly?" "Yes my pet, but only if you promise me this that from now on you will only wear sneakers when you work out for me and that will be 2 hours a day. Any other time you will be wearing sexy heels." Her arms start to shake with excitement she can barely untie her shoes. "I love to wear sexy heels, but I don't own any. Can I get some money to buy some master?" "Of course my pet, we can shop together." He kicks the socks to the side of the room as she looks down at her jeans "For you to remove those you have to promise me something else my pet." "Yes sir?" Every request becoming better Greta starts to shake. She cannot believe that she never made these changes earlier. "You have to promise me that everything you wear from now on, pants, skirts, shirts dresses must be as sexy as your heels." "That is amazing idea master!" She leaps out of the chair ripping her pants down to the floor and stepping out of them to stand completely still "what horrible panties!!" The matching pair of panties to her bra completely soaked, clinging to her pubic hair now visible threw the fabric. "From now on you will always wear sexy panties also my pet." "Yes master, these are horrible." She rips them off and throws them across the room. The man hands her a razor. "Now shave everything except a little triangle at the top of your pussy pointing towards the clit." She grabs the razor and runs upstairs to shower. When she comes back down the stairs the man is looking threw some boxes and she taps him on the shoulder. "Done master." She stands proudly in front of her. He reaches down and plays with the trimmed hair and starts to run his hand over her clit. She nearly falls on him resting her arm on his shoulder "ohhhhhhh master that feels good." "Yes my slut I will show lots of pleasure." The forefinger presses into her clit and she bites her lip. "I have some cloths you can wear for now." Out of the box comes a very small school girl uniform. Plaid skirt, white blouse but a pair of 6 inch platform shoes "put this on slut." Greta puts the cloths on that is 3 sizes to small. He pulls out a dog collar with a leash. "On your knees slut." She drops to her knees and collar is locked around her neck. "Now my pet are you a virgin?" "Yes master I am virgin and ashamed. Please fuck me master! I need it" Her hands clasped in prayer before him. He reaches down and pulls out his semi hard cock. She raps her lips around the head of her cock. She slowly pulls it into her mouth and her head starts to bob back and fourth. He grasps her hair and starts to push her head down on his cock. He pulls her off. Stand over her his cock hard and ready to fuck. "Are you on the pill slut?" He flips her around and raises her ass into the air. "No master. I am so sorry master! I will go on it immediately." "I will not fuck your pussy till you're on the pill. Till then my cock will use your asshole slut." With that he shoves his fingers into her pussy collecting the natural lubrication on two of his fingers. He then slowly inserts his fingers into her asshole. "Ohhhhhhhhh that hurts master, but I need your cock in me. Please lube me up master." He removes his fingers from her asshole and lines up his cock. It slowly enters into her ass. "Yeah take that slut. Mmmmmmmmmm your asshole is good." He thrusts into her then grabs her hair. He starts to pound into her ass again and again. "Oh oh oh oh, master thank you, may I please cum master please!" Her fingers playing with her clit as the cock rams into her ass. "Cum for me you slut." She falls over as the cock rams her ass. He pulls out and hot cum erupts from his cock. Glob after Glob lands on her porcelain white back and anus. "Thank you master, thank you." He hands her 500 dollars and smiles. "Here is some money to buy your new cloths. Here are your orders slut. First get on the pill. Second, throw away all of your old cloths and underwear. Third, give me all of your contact information. I will be calling you slut." He snags away her collar. She stands and walks towards the door. "Remember your loyalty to me slut." "Yes master." And she walks out the door beaming in her school girl outfit, the happiest she has ever been.

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