tagMind ControlToo Good to be True Ch. 02

Too Good to be True Ch. 02

bySilver Dust©

"Ding Dong, BANG BANG."

"What the fuck is that," Eric mumbled as he rolled out of bed. The sound was coming from the front door. It sounded as if the police were trying to get in. Eric stepped out of his bed and fell forward over a half unpacked box. "Shit!"

He hadn't unpacked nearly as much as planned as he rummaged threw stuff just to find a robe and a pair of boxer. He finally stepped into the hallway to turn on the light and walk downstairs. The person at the door had not stopped at there pounding. If anything they had only gained momentum. The vexing sound just drilling into his head as Eric stepped down the stairs with many more full boxes then empty ones filling the living room. He unlatched and open the door; she flew threw rapping her arms around him.

"Master! I am so sorry but my roommate would not leave me alone until I introduced her to you." Eric was stunned; it was the girl from earlier in the day. And she had followed every single one of his orders. She was wearing 6 inch strappy sandals, a tiny baby blue pleated skirt and a black skin tight tube top. He could already feel his robe starting to rise. To Eric's side already was the one thing he did not expect. A beautiful Korea woman standing right there and angry, somehow she has slipped into the house without him noticing.

"What did you do to my friend? She looks like a whore now!" is what came out of this girl. She stood there, hands on her hips ready to fight.

"Kim, do not talk to my master that way! I am sorry master but she would not leave me alone until I brought her here. She thinks that you messed with my mind." Greta looked up scared. Eric looking around the room placed his eyes on the computer still set up from earlier that day.

Calmly Eric looked Kim into her eyes, "Kim I did nothing to Greta. She volunteered to be part of harmless experiment and that's it. We got to talking afterwards and she realized she liked an alternative lifestyle more."

"What did this experiment involve? Drugs, chemicals electrodes?" Kim starting to walk between Greta and Eric preparing her strike on him, "because I never heard of an experiment that turns a girl into a whore in under an hour."

"As I said before Kim the experiment did nothing to her. If you want to try it, all it involves is being a will participate and just staring at a flashing light. Do you want to try?" Eric walked over to his computer, already booting it up. "If you don't trust me just try it yourself Kim."

She opened her mouth then said nothing "I will call your bluff buddy. Ok flash some lights at me."

Eric motioned with his hand to the sofa. She sits down slowly looking at Eric typing away at his computer "Kim what is your age, height and weight."

"20, 5'4, 102 pounds. Do you want my sign also?"

"Ok take three deep breaths and stare at this little light for me Kim." She inhales and exhales each time her shoulders relax a little more. The sound of one solo click on the keyboard echoes threw the room. The light begins to flash it goes for about 30 seconds then one last flash. Kim slumps forward and her eyes stare forward while her jaw is slightly opened, her little breasts pulling her torso down.

"Master what happened to Kim?" Greta asks walking over to her running her hand over here eyes with no response. Her eyes still focused on the place were the light used to be. "Master please tell me, is Kim ok?"

"My pet it's only a side affect of the test. Sit down next to Kim Greta," Greta sit down a little nervous but always still trusting her master. "Greta, boomerang fuck."

Instantly Greta slouches forward and her eyes glaze over just staring straight away into space. Eric lets out a load sigh. He places his hand over his chin lightly stroking his stubble. "Kim, tell me what made you want to meet me?"

"When Greta came home dressed like a whore I was shocked. When I asked her why she just kept talking about how great her master was. She then proceeded to show me all her new whorish outfits. She grabbed a garbage bag and started to throw away all her old cloths. That is when I convinced her to take me to you." In a complete monotone that witness on a court would be proud of.

Eric paused for a couple of minutes then looked towards Greta "What commands did I place in your head last time?"

"That I will constantly crave cock, that it feels natural to be submissive, that it brings me great pleasure and happiness to follow your commands, and that I will only feel like me if I show off my body."

"Greta I am adding to my list of commands to you that you will also now constantly crave pussy or any kind of sexual attention especially from Kim. It will also make you very satisfied to follow Kim's orders. Lastly it will make you uncomfortable to tell other people about me."

"Yes master"

Eric throws his head towards Kim "Kim you will admire Greta's change and wish to emulate her. You will also constantly crave cock, pussy and any kind of sexual attention. It will also bring you great pleasure and happiness to follow my orders and commands. You will enjoy domineering other woman but will have equal enjoyment being submissive to men. It will make you uncomfortable to tell other people about me. Lastly when ever you hear the words 'boomerang fuck' you will instantly enter into a hypnotic state exactly like this one and not remember the 30 seconds before."


"On three you will come out of the hypnotic state. One. Two. Three." Instantly the two of them came to attention "Kim are you ok? You seemed to of zoned out"

She shakes her head about then stares Eric directly into the eyes. She starts to mumble then says "I feel great."

Looking over at Greta "I love that outfit, I can't believe I thought it was whorish and horrible before."

"Well Kim if you like that maybe you should thank master." Greta stated smiling at me.

Kim glanced over and just spurts out "Thank you... master."

A flush goes threw her body. Her hands slowly glide down and slide over her legs till they reach the top of her jeans. She just unzips them and looks at her white panties "Master these panties are horrible. What should I do about them?"

Eric just smiles "Why don't you ask Greta."

"Greta give me a new pair of your panties!" Greta reaches into her back and rips the panties out and hands them to Kim. Kim just snags then from Greta's hand, stands up and holds it in the air. "That was fun. Greta undress me."

Greta stands and pulls off Kim's blouse exposing her bra then unclasps the bra throwing it to the floor. Her small white breasts stand upright with pink nipples attention. She then pulls her pants down to her ankles. Remembering Greta removes Kim's flip flops before pulling the pants down, and then pulls the old panties down. Kim smiles at Eric then Greta "do you two like the view."

Greta aw stricken "I love it Kim, I just want to lick every inch of your body. I will do anything for it!"

"Very nice Kim. Are you a virgin, are you on the pill?"

"Yes and Yes master." Kim nods. A smile crosses Eric's face and he walks over to her. He slowly pulls the g-string over her crotch. Black and transparent he lightly glides his fingers over her cunt. She falls forward slightly and mouns. He then slides two fingers under the flap of fabric and finds the clit. She falls into Eric's arms.

"Because I am horny tonight I am going to fuck your hairy cunt. But from now on I want you to shave like Greta. On second thought Greta should shave you."

"ohhhhhhhh, Yes maaaaaaaaaaster,"

"On all fours now my pet." She drops to all fours and Greta stands to the side. He pushes the little strap over her panties then places his cock at the entrance of Kim's pussy then looks over at Greta. "Play with yourself Greta. Once the pill is working for you I am going to be the first to fuck you bareback."

Slowly Eric starts to enter Kim. She pushes back on his cock as he enters her nice and slow. Immediately Greta's fingers go under her panties and skirt and play with her swollen clit. Eric slowly enters Kim all the way. Kim bites her lips and digs her nails into the carpet trying not to scream in pleasure. But then he just starts to pound.

"Oh oh oh! Fuck me master please fuck me harder!" Eric takes the cue and just pounds her again and again. Her hand fall forward and her face into the carpet just screaming at the top of her lungs "Make me your slut! I am your slut, pleaseeeeeee fuck your sluttttttttttt harderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

She starts to cum again and again. Eric pulls out of her and walks to the front "Beg for it on your face slut!"

"Please cum on my face master pleaseeeeeeee!" Eric can't take it he jack it off all over her face and tits her. Glob after glob of cum lands on her face and tits.

He smiles "dress yourself and go home now sluts. Kim go shopping and buy some slutty outfits."

The two of them dress each other and run out physically shaking, with cum still all over Kim's face. Eric smiles, locks up the house and heads upstairs. "This is like taking candy from a baby."

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