tagMind ControlToo Good to be True Ch. 09

Too Good to be True Ch. 09

bySilver Dust©


"Oh god Greta I love you more every day!" Phil screams as Greta's warm mouth wraps around his cock, she looks up at him as she sucks him barely fitting under the desk. He reaches down and unbuttons her blouse exposing your beautiful breasts. Then a beeping is heard as his phone starts to ring. "Hun you have to stop now, I have a call."

"But I haven't seen you in months." She pouts as he picks up the phone. He can feel her soft fingers rapped around his cock slowly stroking.

"Oh, hi Julia... Yeah Greta just got back and will be looking over the finances... Good Eric got three more... Well I will see you in building three." He hangs up the phone and pushes the chair back. She stands up her tits swinging around. "So what do you think of the ranch now?"

He smiles putting his arm over her shoulder. She smiles "I can't believe you turned a seaside summer camp into a porno studio."

He leans over and kisses her lightly. Then grabs her ass, "We should most likely go over to building three, but should we hurry over fiancé?"

He picks her up by the waist and she raps her legs around, she smiles and says "We can do some wedding planning and maybe a little honey moon warm up?"

They both start to kiss and he pushes her skirt up then her panties to the side. He slowly guides his cock into her moist pussy. Greta groans as the massive rode slowly enters her. "Oh Phil make love to me."

He carries her over to the couch and lays down on top of her. She feels his thrusts into her and she pushes back up always wanting more of his cock. She grabs his ass to force him to fuck harder and the two kiss deeply. At the same moment both of them release. He rolls to the little bit of space on the side of the sofa. She runs a hand over the side of his face feeling his smooth skin, her engagement ring feeling cold to his skin.

"Honey, I know now I will not have the time to all the videos as before. But can the next one I do be a big cock gang bang?" She kisses him lightly.

He smiles and kisses her lips, his warm lips so inviting. "Of course honey. Of course"

She smiles and snuggles into him. Then a knock is heard at the door. Phil shouts "Come in please."

Greta sits up her breasts falling to the side. A huge man walks in and towers over Phil. Phil walks over and shakes his hand. "Hi Paul! This my wife to be, Greta. She just finished her MBA."

Greta walks over and shakes his hand, her hand almost disappearing into its massive size. He looks down at her and smiles. His deep voice echoes through the room "Congratulations Greta. Now get naked!"

She looks and Phil and steps back smiling, "Here's your present Greta."

Her eyes dart around then she licks her lips. She removes all her cloths extremely quickly standing before him the nude. He pulls and leash and collar out attaching it to her neck. He orders "On your knees whore and get me hard."

She drops to her knees and fishes his dick out. Soft it was already 8 inches long and she sucked it in. The thing starts to push on her mouth and throat as it gets larger. She pulls it out and starts to cough "That thing can't be real!"

"Oh whore it is, I have never found a woman that it fits into but your lover over there says you love large cock." He smiles and raps his large hand around the back of his head and pushes back towards his cock again. She sucks on just the head of massive phallus. She then pulls off and licks down the entire 17 inches of the shaft to suck on his balls. Each being close to the size of tennis balls, she pulls each one into her mouth one at a time. At the same time her hand slowly goes down and starts to play with her clit. She moans across his rod and smiles.

"Which hole do you want to try first whore?" She leans back and spreads her pussy lips. He motions with his hand and she flips over and gets on all fours. He slowly starts to push the head in.

"OHHHHHHH CHRIST! Your tearing me apart." She feels the giant phallus splitting into her and grunts. She tries to thrust back but she can't.

"That's only 5 inches bitch." He rams with all his might and laughs "I think you can only take 9."

He pushes again and she pushes back trying to bring it in her. "We are at 7 bitch, are you sure you want more."

"Bring it on sir ohhhhhhhhhh" He groans as he starts to screw his cock deeper into her. She wiggles her behind trying more and more to get it into her.

Her eyes pop open and she screams "Stop! It's too much!"

He stops and smiles "You did good whore, you got a full 12 inches, much better then I thought. Phil I owe you 20 bucks."

She looks over at Phil and he is smiling just playing with himself watching the scene. She blows him a kiss and the looks back at Paul as he start to pull out and thrust into her. He reaches down and plays with her tits and then smiles again. "I want to try that wonderful asshole of yours."

He pulls out and starts to push into her asshole. She grunts and he pushes with all his might getting a full 9 inches into her. She then starts to pinch her asshole around his cock. His eyes open wide and she screams "Cum for me jackass."

He pulls out and erupts cum all over her back and ass. She smiles as his giant balls unload. He puts his cock away "Well I need to be at the studio. Nice to meet you Greta."

He walks out the door and Greta stands up. She walks over and hugs Phil she kisses him and says "I think we are going to have a good life together."

Phil smiles "It's almost too good to be true."

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