tagMind ControlToo Good to be True Ch. 08

Too Good to be True Ch. 08

bySilver Dust©

"Greta you can stop now." Eric grunts as he takes the final turn into the driveway. Her head pops up with a bright smile. He stops the car and presses the automatic clicker; the garage door starts to slowly rise. Looking over at her face, he reaches over and pets the side hairs of her face. "I hope you had a wonderful anniversary."

"Yes I did master, I can't believe I have only known you for a year. Although I am wondering when I will get my desert," she responds and leans over again. He takes her head and guides it away back to its upright position. At the same time he drives into the garage, stopping the car.

"Your desert will be the fucking of a lifetime baby." Eric open the driver side door and then walks over to the passenger side sliding his hand under the handle. With a slight lift the door pops open. She steps out leading with her black heels with stockings running up her legs to a flowing backless red dress with one hell of a plunging cleavage line. He takes her extended hand feeling the velvet fabric of her opera gloves interlacing with his bare flesh. They lightly kiss for a bit and he runs his hand up her dress. Feeling the wet panties he slowly inserts a finger underneath then. Masterly he rubs her clit, playing with her clit ring and kisses her neck.

"Oh master, fuck me right here!" She gasps as her cunt starts to grind down on his hand. He thrusts two fingers deep into her and her eyes open wide. Eric can feel her hands guide down the side of his shirt to reach the top of his pants. She undoes the buckle and pulls down the zipper. Eric steps back and puts his pants back on. "Master please, I need your cock in me right now! Please fuck me!"

"Not yet babe, lets go into the living room." He walks to the door on the side of the garage. Her hand grasps onto his arm and he turns around.

"Lets do it right here, we have never fucked in here before." She looks up her eyes wide open. "Please."

"Why are you not listening to me? I said in the living room, this place is dirty." He rolls his eyes and opens the door. She follows behind him into the dark living room. Like a cannon flash the whole rooms lights up. He sees Kim and Julia in matching nun's outfits. If one could call them a nun's outfit. Both outfits where black and white latex, it started with a nun's hood, to a leather collar with a large metal cross hanging from it, to a black corset with a large white cross on the abs, then a black leather garter to black latex stockings with white 6 inch pvc boots, and his eyes go back up to see black latex opera gloves. He smiles and looks back at Greta "What a great surprise! That is why you wanted to fuck in the garage, so you could have me all to yourself.

Julia walks over and starts to kiss Eric as there mouths enter lock. He feel Kim's hands slide down his side to hear his zipper being pulled down. The warm latex raps around his cock and pulls it out. Greta then walks over and strips off his shirt and starts to kiss his neck. The three of them guide him to the couch and place him on it. They continue to kiss him as Julia sits on him taking his arms and placing them above his head. At the same time Kim slides down his legs.

Then a click echoes threw the room as Eric feels cuffs locked around his hands and feet. His eyes dart up as he sees Greta attaching his lashed hands to a chain hanging from a stairwell banister. Then a pinching around the base of his cock as Kim places a small cock ring around the base of his penis. "What the fuck are you girls doing! Untie me now."

The three of them stand up and walk to the kitchen not saying a word. Then Eric hears Greta's voice "Phil we have him for you honey."

"Honey! What the fuck is going on!" A man, arm and arm with Greta enters. He looks to be in his late thirties or early forties with a receding hair line already starting to grey. "Ok ladies you can end this now and I won't punish you."

Kim and Julia both bow slightly as he walks by and state clearly "We have done as you requested lord."

The man stands in front of him and looks him deep in the eyes. Eric swings his head around then blurts. "I don't care who the fuck you are! This ends now, boomerang fuck!"

The three girls all giggle. Julia smiles and looks at Kim "Lord said he would say those stupid words. I can't believe that he thought we would fall for it."

Eric looks back at the man. He then speaks "Hello Mr. Stoneberg, as you see I have changed your root commands. All empires must fall Mr. Stoneberg."

Eric starts to pull at his bindings with all his might, the man speaks again "Mr. Stoneberg I gave you a chance a few months ago to be my partner. But you were just rude to me and told me, what was it again? Oh yeah it was to fuck off."

"How did you do this?" Eric asks looking at the girls that used to be his, "I made everything flawless."

"That was your first mistake Mr. Stoneberg, you believed it to be flawless. I won't lie to you; I stumbled upon this by accident." He takes Greta's hand into his and there fingers interlock. She rests her head on his shoulder, "And the first thought was to end this whole thing but I talked to all these women individually and found one thing in common. Do you know what that is?"

"That I took advantage of them?"

"Not that at all. They were all happy with the change you forced upon them. They said it was the best thing to ever happen to them." He leans over and kisses Greta lightly on the top of the head. "And in turn the best thing to ever to happen to me."

"Now your going to take over my operation and do the same thing as me? Bullshit, you can't keep me locked up forever." Eric smiles.

"Very wrong, and very correct. The best thing to ever happen to me was the mutual love me and this young woman share. Second, I don't plan to replace you, you will still run the psychology side of everything, and until Greta gets her MBA you will run the business side. I will just be your art director. But before we make this plan happen I will give you one chance to tell your story." Phil steps closer to him.

"I won't ever do anything you say!" Eric then shuts his mouth. Phil nods too Kim and Julia. Kim walks over and pulls Eric's keys and wallet out of his pocket. Then the two of them head upstairs.

They come back down with a lap top and a small strobe light. They set it up right in front of him. The man walks over and boots the computer up and runs the program. Eric screams "how the fuck do you know how that works."

"The girls remembered everything while they were in a hypnotic state." Kim walks over and hands the man the driver's license and he types the information in. "Now just look into the light Mr. Stoneberg."

Eric shuts his eyes. He then smiles the latex fingers under his nose and on his forehead, they spread apart forcing his eyes open. He glances upwards to see out of the corner of his eyes dark sunglasses over Julia's eyes. He glance forward again for a second then a flash of light, so relaxing, so intoxicating. More flashes faster and faster, he gasps "please god no!"

Then just whiteness.

"Mr. Stoneberg, now tell me your story." Eric shakes his head and looks at the room just as before, everyone standing in front of him. He pulls on his arms and legs and there still tied.

"No! Ha your hypnosis failed!" Eric lets out a sigh and looks around, "what are going to do? Kidnap me?"

"It was successful Mr. Stoneberg, that was the answer we wanted. We placed one simple command in your head. You know Mistress Raven?" Julia moves right in front of him. She removes the glasses and walks forward her hips swinging ever so slightly, Eric's head falls to its side. "Yes I know Mistress- I mean Julia."

She leans over and kisses him ever so lightly on the lips. He gasps as they are pulled apart, "Mistress may I have another."

"Not until you tell us your story Eric, then you will be rewarded so well." She sits down next to him and raps her hand around his cock, she skillfully slides it up and down is massive shaft. His eyes pop open as her hand goes down and pulls the cock ring off relieving what felt like tons of pressure. She then places her hands at her side and looks into his eyes "I will do more, once you do what the lord tells you to do."

He looks back at the man again, and then his head darts back to Mistress Raven. "God I love you."

He looks at the lord again and starts to talk "I was professor at a university were I was doing research on hypnosis. I discovered that a certain pattern of light, that any common strobe light could emit, would make any person fall into a hypnotic state."

"I thought hypnosis only worked on willing subjects?" Kim asked.

"Yes, but somehow this test maneuvered around that. Well when I gave me initial research to the university they thought it was crap. I was up for tenure and I was turned down."

"Then you continued in this research?" Kim asks as she walks in front of him.

"Yes and no. I knew the procedure worked but I wanted to make money. Also I have never been really good with the ladies and I thought it would finally give me a fighting chance." Eric looks over and Mistress Raven, just staring at her beautiful body wanting to please every inch of it.

"Good, you may release him. Eric you now belong to Mistress Raven, and we are partners now." The man states, Greta and Kim unlock all his binds and he jumps over on top of Mistress Raven kissing her all over. She pushes him off and he falls to the floor looking up stunned.

"Yes we are partners, why did you push me mistress?" Eric stands up.

"On your knees, now Eric! We will have to work on some training later. But we must give your reward first." A grin grows across Mistress Raven's face. Eric drops to his knees. Raven pulls a knife out and hands it to Kim. "Kim cut off Eric's cloths."

Eric stays perfectly still as Kim walks over and slowly slices the knife down his shirt then removes it. Then cuts both pants legs down the seam and throws them to the side. Lastly she takes the cuts the sides of his boxers leaving Eric in his birthday suit. Kim walks over and places the knife on an end table then walks back to Ravens side. She turns to Raven "Mistress he is naked."

Raven walks over and lightly pets Eric's face. He rubs his check against the hand and smiles. She guides one of her fingers into his mouth and he lightly sucks it in. Eric rolls his tongue around it and she pulls it out. She looks deeply into his eyes "You know what would make me really happy?"

Eric shakes his head.

"Would you do anything to make me happy?"

Eric nods.

"What ever makes Phil happy," Raven points at the man holding Greta in his arms. "Makes me happy."

Eric nods.

"And I want to fuck you but one thing would me really happy if we did it at the same time as we fucked."

"Yes anything ma'am." Eric spurts out his erect cock about to burst.

"While we fuck, Kim fucks your asshole with a strap on, making you the meat in a love feast."

"Mistress it makes me so horny to think about being between the two of you." Eric says and looks over and Phil, a giant smile growing across his face. Phil lets go of Greta and she slides down and undoes his pants pulling his semi hard cock out. Greta starts to lick the head of penis then sucks on it. His cock slowly growing to life.

Kim walks into the other room and comes back wearing a large black strap on. She lubes it up, she turns towards Raven "She we start ma'am?"

Raven nods. Kim helps Eric up and then stands behind him. She slowly rubs the end of the strap on the entrance to his asshole. She leans over and sucks lightly on Eric's neck. Raven walks around to his front and grabbing his hard cock in her hand. She starts to kiss Eric lightly and rubs the end of his cock at the entrance of her pussy.

"Oh, ma'am please can I fuck you." He moans as she continues to rub her clit with his cock head. Raven leans over and whispers in his ear.

"Only when Kim starts to fucks you, may you fuck me." He starts to feel the cold object enter his asshole. Then he slowly starts to enter Raven's pussy. The two of them enter in perfect unison. As he feels his ass being spread apart, the entrances slowly become completely full.

The three stop for a moment, then Eric feels Kim start to slowly pull out of him. He slowly pulls out but can't hold back. He thrust in again with all his might. Kim responds with a similar thrust. Raven starts to scream "oh fuck me good my pet, fuck me!"

He starts to pound into her as his asshole receives the same punishment. She jumps up and raps her legs around him and he braces her against the wall as Kim continues to pump into him. Eric screams "oh ma'am I want to serve you forever!"

He grunts and screams and she does too. Then Raven lets out wail "Oh I'm cumming!"

Her body spasms and she lets her legs fall she whispers into his ear "cum in me right now."

Eric just releases with one final thrust, he feels as if his entire body is emptying out in her. He continues to thrust as more and more cum is released into her. His own liquid fluid starting to drip out of the side of her cunt, he feels the strap on pull out his asshole. And hears it drop to the floor as Kim removes it. He pulls out of Raven, his cock now completely limp, and hr falls onto the floor.

Panting he looks over at Greta slowly still sucking on Phil's cock. Her entire body is lit up as she sucks him in. She just moans and grunts and slowly one of her fingers goes down and she plays with herself as she pulls him in deeper into her mouth. She starts to time her bodies involuntary thrusts with her fingers as she slides down Phil's shaft.

"She, really loves you." Eric states between pants. Phil smiles and looks down at Eric, his cock now completely gone into her mouth. He reaches down and lightly grasps her free hand as she continues to suck him in. He taps her shoulder.

"Oh honey I am so horny can we please fuck?" Greta moans as she pulls her fingers out of her pussy. She pivots around and gets to wall fours pointing her pussy high into the air. He walks over placing his cock at the welcoming heat of her vulva. He starts to thrust into her. "Oh Phil please fuck me harder!"

Phil starts to pound into harder and harder. The slapping of his balls echoing across the room as they continue to fuck, Eric then feels a tapping on his shoulder and walks over to them. Raven pushes Eric to his knees his mouth only a couple of centimeters from Greta's asshole and Phil's shaft.

Raven nods, and Eric sticks out his tongue. He slowly starts to lick around the outer rim. Greta screams "Oh what a nice surprise!"

Phil then looks down and smiles as the tongue slowly enters into Greta's asshole. She starts to thrust back and fourth back and fourth. She then finally presses down her orgasm washing over her body. Eric pulls out and steps away as Greta spins around and sucks in Phil's cock. Phil grunts "her it comes, oh yeah!"

He unloads and it lands all over Greta's face and tits. Smiling she accepts it all, the gooey mess coating her face and tits. He steps back and just smiles at her "I love you more every day."

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