tagNonHumanTorrey & the Vampire

Torrey & the Vampire


The moment Torrey found out that a vampire had moved into the old Killen mansion, she decided that this was something she had to go see for herself. Not that she really believed in vampires, but her best friend swore that the tall, built and gorgeous, guy that had moved into the old mansion, just had to be one. He was only seen at night and he was just too handsome to be believed.

And if he really was a vampire?

Torrey smiled to herself. Well then, there was only one way to find out if all those stories of their sexual prowess were true.

She shoved four of her vampire romance books to once side of the dresser fishing for her hairbrush as she planned the best possible way to catch a man's attention in a hurry. She found her brush under 'Kiss of Blood', her favorite novel and dragged it through her rich mahogany mane. The stuff went down to her waist and shimmered with gold in the sun. It was her best feature. Too bad she had to do this at night.

What the hell was she going to wear? 'Let's see, a short skirt? No, too obvious..."

Never mind that, what excuse would she have for being there in the first place? She bit down on her full bottom lip and frowned at the mirror. Her dark chocolate gaze narrowed. She had to come up with a good excuse – in addition to an eye-catching ensemble visible at night.

She moved to her closet with a hip-rolling sway. There was no hiding all those years of hula dance her mom had insisted on, just as her high cheekbones and the slight exotic tilt of her eyes betrayed her island heritage. She opened the closet door and her brand new frost white string bikini fell to the floor.

Torrey nibbled on her bottom lip and frowned. She hadn't had a chance to wear that bikini yet...wait a minute... Wasn't there a pool at the old mansion? She scooped the bathing suit off the floor and grinned. 'Bingo'.

Torrey pulled the sarong from her sleek tan and curvy body and cleared her throat. "My goodness sir, I had no idea that anyone had moved in! Can you ever forgive my intrusion on your privacy?" She picked up the bikini and smiled. "Perfect!"


As Torrey snuck through the hole in the back fence of the mansion's partially wooded property, the sweltering summer night air carried the sweet scent of wild jasmine. Even with only her light robe over her bikini, she quickly became damp with sweat. When she came out on the lawn and faced the huge in-ground oval monstrosity of a swimming pool she was more than ready to do a few laps. The pool was gorgeously lit with underwater lamps, the water glowing an unearthly rippling blue.

Heck, even if there hadn't been a vampire to tempt, a night swim in all that glowing blue would have been tempting all by itself.

Torrey strode to the diving board, and dropped her cream satin robe. Shoulders back and head up, she strode to the diving board's end, tossed her arms back and lunged upward and out. The board made a satisfyingly loud rattling bounce as she propelled from it. Her sleek body hit the cool water with a dignified splash.

She had to work hard to keep from grinning as she slid through the cool water. If all her noise didn't bring the vampire out his house, nothing would.


After three dives and several laps back and forth – and still no vampire, Torrey sighed in defeat. Pouting in annoyance she climbed the pool's ladder, left the water and strode around the pool's edge to fetch her robe by the diving board.

She picked up the robe and stared up at the half moon floating over the trees lining the vast property. Oh well. She'd tried her best.

Warm hands closed around Torrey's hips with possessive intent. "Well, well... Looks like I caught a sexy little intruder." The hands slid across her bare belly above the string ties to her bikini bottoms. A soft growl echoed in her ear. "Mmm, Island girl, my favorite flavor."

Torrey gasped softly and turned her head to look up, and up...

The chiseled face and black eyes of a grinning man stared at her from over her shoulder. He was a full head and a half taller than she was, and blindingly handsome. His long hair fell past her shoulder in gleaming black waves and curled on her breast. The rich aroma of aroused male and warm leather swamped her senses.

She swallowed. "Oh, ah...hi," she said in a breathless whisper. 'Damn, there really is a hunk!' She had always had a thing for dark, dangerous men, but this guy was incredible. "I was um..."

"Swimming in my pool?" Pure mischief gleamed in his midnight gaze.

"I didn't mean to bother you..." Her breath caught in her throat. 'Liar, liar pants on fire'! Or in her case, panties.

He raised a brow. "Oh, didn't you?" He cupped the back of her head in his palm. "Alas, I find you quite disturbing." With gentle pressure he tilted her head back and leaned in to capture her lips in a soft but determined kiss.

She opened to receive him and was rewarded with the wet heat of his tongue.

He explored her mouth with thorough interest and his muscular arms closed and tightened around her. The heat of a large and firm erection pressed against her back.

Torrey sighed in pleasure. 'Oh Lord, the boy can kiss!' She rolled her hips from side to side, rubbing against his leather pants, and rigid cock.

He groaned and released her mouth a breathy chuckle that curled her toes. "Minx..." He grasped her around the waist and turned her to face him. "Let me see you." Jet black eyes hot with interest stared into hers from a strongly masculine face with a square jaw and a pointed chin. His full mouth was pure sin. His midnight hair fell in waves well past his incredibly broad shoulders. His open dress shirt framed a well-defined chest lightly furred and tanned to perfection. Corded arms held her securely.

'I have died and gone to heaven.' Torrey sighed. No vampire on her book covers ever looked this good.

He grinned showing the slightly over-long points of his teeth "So, are you willing to pay the price for this little invasion of my privacy?"

Torrey sucked in a breath. "Price?"

"Oh yes. Watching that sweet body of yours has stirred quite an appetite. I think you should let me have a taste, as payment."

'Oh hell yeah!' She feasted her eyes and licked her lips. "That sounds like a fair exchange to me." Impulsively, she captured his jaw and kissed him.

He answered her kiss with enthusiasm and his arms closed tight around her, lifting her from the ground.

Encouraged, Torrey curled her fingers under his silky hair then slid her hands down his throat and over his chest. She stopped at a masculine nipple and plucked lightly at it.

He groaned into her mouth, set her down on her feet and grabbed her arms to push her back. "Naughty girl!"

"Who me?" Torrey grinned and darted in to lick at his nipples.

"Yes you!" He rolled his eyes and chuckled, holding her back as she struggled to attack his nipples. "If you keep that up I will have to resort to putting you in handcuffs."

Torrey straightened. "Handcuffs?" Her stomach clenched at the naughty thoughts that flashed in her mind. "That sounds, kinky."

His brow rose. "Do you like kinky?"

Torrey smiled. "A little."

"Oh, well in that case..." He suddenly bent and lifted Torrey over his shoulder, then started walking away with her.

Torrey yelped in surprise. "Hey where are you taking me?" She stared down at his leather-clad sculpted backside. She absolutely adored a man in leather pants and this guy had an ass to die for. "Do you have a name?"

The handsome man laughed. "I'm Jacob, and I thought I take you someplace a little more private to be kinky."

"Oh, okay. I'm Torrey!"

"Hello Torrey, welcome to my home."

'Hot damn!' Torrey grinned as he carried her away from the pool. She didn't know if he was really a vampire but at this point in time who cared?


Jacob carried Torrey into a huge bedroom commanded by a massive king-sized bed. He kicked the door closed then promptly carried her right past the bed. He tilted forward and let her slide down his long muscular length in the wide doorway leading to the bathroom. "Stay right here."

Torrey's feet hit the floor and she grabbed his shoulders for balance. 'God, she loved a man in charge.' Unable to resist she leaned up and kissed him hungrily.

Jacob laughed and pulled back. "Eager are we?" From somewhere within his clothes, he pulled out a pair of narrow-bladed stilettos.

Torrey caught sight of the blades and a shimmer of alarm ran up her spine. She abruptly released him jerking both her hands behind her back. "Oh shit!"

"Don't be afraid." Jacob smiled and lifted one long finger to trace the graceful curve of her cheek. "These are just props to enhance our mutual game of pleasure." He darted forward to give her a quick kiss on the lips.

"Props?" Torrey's shoulders relaxed and a soft sigh escaped her lips. He'd worried her there for a minute. "Oh, okay."

In a quick movement he turned and stabbed the blade hilt-deep into the doorframe on her left about a foot higher than her head with the handle angled upward. He stabbed the other blade into the doorframe on her right.

Torrey tilted her head in confusion. 'What the hell...'?

"Let's play." Jacob leaned forward to capture her mouth with his. His arms slid around her hips.

Torrey threw her arms around his neck. God, he was such a good kisser... She leaned in tight and rubbed her breasts against him.

He reached back and his hands closed around her wrists. Cool metal encircled one wrist, followed by ratcheting clicks.

Torrey jerked back. "Huh?"

Jacob lifted her trapped wrist from his shoulder and looped the other end of the handcuff to the stiletto handle in the doorframe. Before she could react, he caught her other wrist and enclosed it in another handcuff, looping the other end around the other stiletto handle spreading her wide in the doorway. He stepped back to admire the view. "Very, very nice."

Torrey jerked at her wrists. The daggers didn't budge and they were too high up for her to get the handcuff off of. She wasn't going anywhere. She shot an annoyed look at the tall insufferably smug man and stomped her foot. "I call foul. This is not fair!"

Jacob laughed out loud. "I thought you wanted to play?" He jerked off his white dress shirt revealing a beautifully sculpted chest. "Kinky, remember?"

"But..." The words dried in Torrey's mouth. All that brawny muscle... He was incredible, all lean and sharply defined male. She felt light headed from the view. She tugged at her bonds. She wanted to run her hands over his chest and tangle her fingers in his chest hair.

Jacob opened the top of his leather pants, showing a yummy trail of black hair went all the way down – and stopped with his erection still tucked temptingly behind the leather. He set his hands on his hips with cocked one foot forward. "Like what you see?"

Torrey's head shot up. "Can I see more?"

Jacob's brow lifted and a smug smile bloomed on his face. "Not just yet."

"Oh come on, you big tease!" She tugged on her restraints and moved her body forward, trying to get closer to him.

Jacob threw back his head and laughed. "Frustrated are we?" He put his hand behind his back and pulled out a small blade. "I'm afraid you'll just have to be a little more patient." He flipped it expertly around his hand and smiled at her.

'Another knife?' Torrey swallowed hard and frowned. "Didn't anyone tell you not to play with sharp objects?"

Jacob gripped the dagger's handle and stalked over to Torrey with an arrogant smile. "But I like sharp objects." Determination and anticipation shone from his eyes. "And I think it's time to show me what you have." He pulled out the front of her bikini top and slashed the front open. A second quick slash released it from her neck.

Torrey gasped. He'd moved so fast she hadn't even seen the blade touch her suit.

Jacob gripped the suit top and pulled sharply, yanking it free. He tossed the top over his shoulder and across the room. His hot gaze focused on her breasts. "Well now..." He licked his lips. "I think you like being scared."

She glanced down. Her nipples were as hard as rocks. He was right. His little scare had turned her on something fierce.

"Now, to do something about..." Jacob's hands dropped to her bottoms. "This." He pulled the strings away from her skin to slash each side then yanked, tugging then tossing the fabric away, leaving her vulnerable to his hot gaze. "Oh, now that looks appetizing."

Excitement coursed through her veins. Was he going to lick her pussy? God, she hoped so! Her legs trembled in anticipation.

He wrapped his arms around her and his hands closed on the voluptuous softness of her ass. "Mmm, nice." He dug his fingers in to pull her hips against the hardness trapped behind his leather pants. "Very nice indeed." A deep growl escaped his chest. "I'm going to enjoy having you."

'God, his hands...his dick...his scent...' Torrey groaned. "Hurry up and have me, damn it!"

"All in good time." His smile was laced with masculine triumph and feral anticipation. "I think I'll begin with a taste." His head dipped to take a nipple into his mouth. He sucked and bit down with tender aggression.

Torrey gasped and a breathy moan that sounded embarrassingly needy escaped her throat. She felt his hands release her ass and realized that he was tugging his boots off even as his tongue made mad passionate love to her nipple.

She groaned. "God yes, take it off!" The fact that she couldn't touch him, couldn't run her fingers along the smooth contours of his body was a torture that threatened to consume her.

Jacob switched to her other nipple and sucked strongly. He tugged his pants down.

Torrey mewled in impatience, she couldn't see a damned thing; he was too close! But what this man and his oh so talented mouth was doing to her nipples had to be illegal in all fifty states! Each suckle sent tiny fingers of white hot pleasure coursing through her. Passion coiled low in her stomach, building, and building... She moaned unashamedly.

Jacob released her breast and abruptly dropped to his knees. "Now, let, see... What do we have here?"

Torrey's breath hitched in her throat. Her stomach muscles quivered.

"Well now..." Sitting down on his haunches practically under her, Jacob gripped her thigh and lifted one leg over his shoulder, spreading her open. "Oh look, a wet creamy pussy!" He glanced up at her and smacked his lips with hunger blazing undisguised in his black eyes. "Looks delicious."

Torrey panted in anticipation, but damn it, she still couldn't see his dick!

Jacob leaned forward and his tongue took her cunt in one long lick.

Torrey gasped and bucked. "Oh, shit!"

Jacob's hands locked on her thighs to hold her in place and settled in to feast. Wet sucking and lapping sounds filled the room.

Swamped with overwhelming sensation, she couldn't string two thoughts together. Her hands balled into tight fists in her restraints. Her long nails bit into her palms.

His wicked tongue speared her clit then settled in to lap with devastating intent. He wiggled a finger up into her hungry core, then a second. He curled his fingers and rubbed deep within, over and over, and over...

Climax rose hard and fast in a sudden and violent burst. Torrey threw back her head, and bucked against his mouth. "You talented son of a bitch!" The volcanic heat of release slammed through her in a molten wave that boiled in her core. "I'm cumming!" She howled.

Jacob sucked hard, drinking her cream with satisfied murmurs of delight. His tongue encouraged wave after wave of tiny merciless shudders dancing through her body, stretching out her orgasm to an impossible length.

Torrey collapsed in the doorway. "Oh my God..."

Jacob leaned back to look up at her and licked her cream from his fingers with a lascivious and thoroughly egotistical male grin. "Liked that did you?"

Torrey panted, hanging from her restraints. "What do you think?"

"Let's see." Jacob pursed his lips. "I think you loved it." He grinned.

She chuckled in spite of herself. That was one talented mouth. "Okay, I'll give you that one. It was fabulous." She tugged on her restraints and raised a brow. "Is it my turn yet?"

Jacob raised his brows grinning broadly. "Your turn? But I'm not done yet."

Torrey tossed her head in frustration, her mahogany mane flying. "Oh come on, you big beast!"

Laughter exploded from Jacob's sensual mouth.

Torrey tugged in hard at the restraints. "I want a turn!"

Jacob rolled onto his feet with sudden speed. "Maybe later." He caught her mouth in a hungry kiss.

Torrey moaned and felt his hands under her knees. He lifted her with ease from the floor. She gasped into his mouth. 'God, he's strong!'

Refusing to release her lips, Jacob encouraged Torrey to lock her ankles around his waist.

Torrey was all too happy to oblige. 'Oh yeah baby, bring it on!' Hot damn, she was going to get fucked! She still hadn't seen his goods, but she could damn well feel the heated length of his cock pressing against her wet and hungry pussy. He felt big, in fact, he felt huge. And solid... She moaned into his mouth.

Jacob's broad hands cupped her hips and the plump head of his cock pressed against the damp folds at the entrance of her body.

Torrey jerked her mouth away from his and looked. His cock was a broad thick and sharply curved column tipped with a violently purple flared head. "Holy shit you're freaking huge!"

"Thank you." Jacob grunted, and thrust. The purple head disappeared into her body, followed by half his length.

Torrey threw her head back and moaned. God he was stretching her! It felt good...it felt better than good! She squeezed her thighs. "Fuck me!"

Jacob groaned. "With pleasure!" He pulled back just a bit, and thrust, burying himself to the balls in one luscious stroke.

"Oh shit!" Torrey bucked in his arms and twisted. "Yes!" She tightened her thighs to feel him pulsing within her.

Jacob groaned, pulled back and thrust with ferocious power. Then thrust again, and again... He proceeded to hammer the hell out of her with fierce determination.

Torrey groaned and gasped in delicious agony. If this kept up she was going to explode by spontaneous combustion!

His thrusts slammed into her wet heat striking something deliciously sweet and brutally exciting deep in her core, again, and again, and again with merciless precision.

Torrey gasped and whimpered. Climax built with frightening power. The waves of violent pleasure surged higher and higher...

"Ready?" Jacob lifted one hand and licked his index finger. With a nasty little grin, he slid his hand under her and worked his finger into her anus.

Torrey yelped in surprise. "Oh no, you just didn't!"

"Oh yes I did." His grin broadened and he wiggled his finger. "And over you go."

Torrey's climax exploded in a firestorm of horrific intensity. She shrieked.

"Good girl." Jacob grinned and caught her hips in both hands. "My turn." His brows dipped in concentration and he slammed into her with punishing speed. Suddenly he threw his head back, his black mane flying, and shouted. "Yes!"

Abruptly he caught her around the shoulders and pulled her up tight against him. His mouth dropped onto her shoulder, his long teeth sinking into her skin.

The pain was swift and sharp. Torrey groaned. 'Oh shit... he really is a vampire!'

He swallowed as his cock throbbed within her body, filling her with his hot cum.

Impulsively she opened her mouth on his shoulder and bit down hard until she tasted blood.

He flinched, but he didn't stop drinking.

'So there,' Torrey thought with satisfaction. 'I'll wear your bite, but you're wearing mine too!'

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